The Amazing Race Oz–US Season 25 Episode 6 Recap


We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Episode 6 bitches!!!

Previously on…The Amazing Race: We all raced to Morocco, there was a U-Turn, Speed bump, and everyone getting lost…and Team Survivor’s torch was snuffed!

Sorry…I had to put the Team Survivor thing in…It’s Survivor Oz policy…

So where do we stand at the moment?

#1 The Cyclists (Kym & Alli)

#2 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#3 T&T (Tim & Tejay)

#4 Flight Attendants (Shelley & Nici)

#5 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#6 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#7 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

OK then…let’s go racing! We’re in Marrakesh, at a…rug store…so…let’s hope they all slept on those carpets!

The Cyclists are off first!

Deliver hay to a local stable, then get a horse and cart ride into Marrakesh, where you can feed a horse and apple, and pick up a Ford Fiesta

Wow…Ford are going hard on it this season! Also…another leg in Morocco…boooo!


Fords…more Fords

The Cyclists are happy to be first…they think they’re a strong team…they definitely are…

The Soul Surfers are off a minute later…and seem to take the lead quickly as the Cyclists can’t find a taxi that can take them

T&T depart, they haven’t done anything this hard, and are impressed they are doing so well against Professional Surfers, Wrestlers, and Dentists who body build on the side…

Flight Attendants are off…I don’t like them…we see that they had a meltdown and they’re possibly better now…ugh

The Wrestlers, Team Pearly Whites and the Lolly Queens (woo!) are all off!

The Soul Surfers get to the hay first…with the Cyclists right behind them taking hay

The Soul Surfers unload their hay, get an apple, and get to ride a carriage together!


So romantic through the backstreets of Marrakesh!

The Cyclists do that too…nothing special

The Flight Attendants (boo!) meet the Lolly Queens (woo!) and both seem to think that the horses are near where they started…not a good start ladies!

There’s a great quip from Kym at the horses…apparently their teeth aren’t that nice, so Kym suggests talking to a team she knows…cut to another shot of Team Pearly Whites…they really are making this season aren’t they? All stars already?

In any case…Team Pearly Whites are now 3rd…well played! The Wrestlers are behind them…Brooke body slams their hay…fantastic! They see T&T and tell them they need to go back…good to see they are getting sorted!



Smack down!

The Lolly Queens see the people finishing…so do the flight attendants…oops! Now they kind of what they are doing…

But the Soul Surfers are done and receive their next clue!

Drive to a pottery stand and search amongst all the pots for your next clue!

There better be a good challenge coming…

The Soul Surfers and Cyclists are off to the Pottery Yard…Team Pearly Whites and the Wrestlers aren’t too far behind…there’s already a clear division between the top 4 and the bottom 3 in this leg…

Speaking of which…the Lolly Queens turn up at the feed station…and take two random bags of hay…T&T arrive at this point and think they are wrong…they then find out this is true…not a good start! They’re both still looking for the hay station!

The Flight Attendants found it! And now T&T found it…they use the Flight Attendants to find the hay…and now they seem to be working together…the Lolly Queens come past, and after a small acknowledgement of ‘wrong hay’, they are on their way…move it ladies! In fact…they Lolly Queens still can’t find it…oh dear Ladies!!! Eventually they find it as T&T and the Flight Attendants deliver their hay…


‘Wrong Hay?’ ‘Wrong Hay’

The Soul Surfers are a bit lost on the road…and Adam quips the Cyclists are probably great at directions…and cut to the Cyclists arriving (now in 1st) at the Pottery stand…too easy!


They should’ve put it in a pot…that would be fun!

Finding the clue box is slightly harder…but they find it! It’s detour time!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks…each with its own Pros and Cons…in this Detour…teams must choose between

Camp: Teams must set up a traditional tent to the exact specifications of the locals


Cream: Teams must milk a goat until they get enough in a bowl…then turn it into goat butter


Neither sound like good viewing…let’s hope I’m wrong!

The Cyclists want to make butter…so I guess they’re doing the cream

Team Pearly Whites and Soul Surfers arrive at the Pottery Barn…Team Pearly Whites hate animals so they’re doing camp, while Bethany loves the cream…so the Soul Surfers are creaming it!

Back at the horses…T&T and Flight Attendants and Lolly Queens are all done!

The Wrestlers get to the Pottery…they’re doing cream

The Cyclists are the first to arrive at the detour…and this could be the best part…just grabbing a goat to squeeze milk out of! They get the hang of it quickly


Squeeze those teets!

Team Pearly Whites and Soul Surfers turn up as well…Jim is in control mode early on

Then we get what seems to be the theme of this episode…the Flight Attendants and the Lolly Queens seem to be struggling with directions…again! Come on Ladies! You need to PICK IT UP…sorry…wrong host! The Flight Attendants are deciding not to fight…so Shelley concedes and follows Nici…no idea if that’s good or not!

T&T find it with no problems though…They hesitantly choose Camp…as they’re worried they’ll puke if they see another goat…

At the detour…the Cyclists have enough milk for the first part…and then they need to churn butter using an animal skin…the Cyclists are thrilled…

Team Pearly Whites are gradually making up the camp ground…nothing interesting to report


So here’s a random Camel watching on

The Cyclists then find out it might take 45 minutes to churn the butter correctly…so they switch…no Cyclists! Don’t do that! Just stick with it!!!! The Soul Surfers think about it…but don’t switch!

The Wrestlers arrive…and Robbie becomes a smartarse while Brooke (sporting a great arse…) chases goats…including one that hilariously jumps the fence on her! Robbie is very very hesitant with them! But they get a goat!


Over the fence! Next give her the chair!

At the camp grounds…people seem to be well…struggling…and Alli especially is frustrated that the Cyclists switched…and after a few minutes of trying…they switch back again! Come on girls! Make up your mind!

They come back, and the Soul Surfers are happy they didn’t switch! Especially because I assume the Cyclists have to start over completely?

The Lolly Queens get to the Pottery Barn…they’re not last! And they want to do the cream one!

The Flight Attendants are lost…well and truly lost I think! They hope someone else is lost…not at this stage ladies!

At the goats…a local is singing…so Adam has a crack…so does Kym…it’s all a little bit funny…but the Wrestlers are struggling a bit…Robbie is less than useless at this…come on dude…you’re a freaking Wrestler!


Get that man a Dentist!

At camp…Team Pearly Whites are done…that was…uneventful but a little efficient! They’re now in the lead as they get their next clue

Drive to Terres D’amanar and search for your next clue

Team Pearly Whites think they smoked it…they destroyed it!


Winners are grinners

T&T arrive at the Detour and start to set up their camp

The Flight Attendants are still very lost…So they finally stop and ask for directions, and they seem to know now…3 hours later…my god!

The Wrestlers get through the first part of the Cream while the Lolly Queens arrive!

T&T are gradually getting through the camp!

The Soul Surfers decide to check their butter…they’ve made more than enough…so they can get out of there!


Authentic Moroccan butter….

Team Pearly Whites find their next location with little difficulty, and get their next clue…it’s a roadblock!

A roadblock is a task that only one member can perform

Who’s the one that slides things into place?

Teams must cross several swinging bridges and zip lines to get over the cannons…they also have a puzzle to solve in the middle

Umm…so there’s like no overtaking? Really? Disappointment much in place of several high action shots…lame!

In any case…Misti is doing it for Team Pearly Whites…they’re building this up to be hard…it doesn’t seem that hard…


Nice view though

Misti starts…and seems to get through half of it with no difficulty…seriously…what a shit roadblock! Now she’s at least at a puzzle that’s a bit harder…

The Flight Attendants finally arrive at the Pottery and can go to the detour…

T&T are still struggling at the camp…the Lolly Queens move on to the butter churning…and the Cyclists need to make more butter…Listening to the Wrestlers is entertaining…listening to Maya tell us she’s doing a PhD in Milk fat, and as such…using a different style based on force was interesting…I knew I loved the Lolly Queens! Through small talk between the Wrestlers and Lolly Queens, we find out no one knows where the flight attendants are

Scratch that about T&T struggling…they’re done!

At the roadblock…Misti gets the puzzle…so she can zip line on the massive one! That gets her home to Jim! And they get a clue (well…a postcard) telling them their Pit Stop Destination


It’s hands….hands

Proceed to the Pit Stop, Casbah Dif…the last team to check in…may be eliminated


You’re not allowed to walk there Phil!


Get down from there young man!

Team Pearly Whites leave just as Soul Surfers turn up…Bethany is doing the roadblock (I’ve concluded she’s just better than Adam at everything…even with one arm! Hence why she seems to get all the physical roadblocks still!) Adam says it’s all strategic…there’s one part that looks challenging for her…but she’s got it! The Puzzle is still a bit of a challenge!

The Cyclists finally finish the detour! They’re now down to 4th! But on their way to the roadblock! The Lolly Queens finish shortly afterwards, as do the Wrestlers! They’re all off to do some zip lining!

The Flight Attendants turn up just as everyone else is leaving! Oh boy…they have a lot of work to do! The Wrestlers feel a bit renewed now!

T&T arrive at the roadblock…they send in Tejay…he’s good at Puzzles…but not good at heights!

At the puzzle…Bethany has taken her shoes off so she can use her feet to help her…it works! And she’s on the final zip line! Well done girl!


Feet are the new hands!

The Cyclists arrive, Alli is on the course for them! Tejay is up to the puzzle…and is surprised it’s a little bit challenging

Bethany returns back to base! They’re off to the pit stop

Speaking of the Pit Stop…guess who’s checking in…Team Pearly Whites…and we are greeted with another glorious pit stop greeter! It’s a Moroccan farmer…playing a Moroccan banjo…with a chicken on his head…with a dove on the chicken…out…fucking…standing!


You will never be this awesome!

Also…Team Pearly Whites are team number 1!


Winners are still grinners!

They’ve won a trip for 2 to Brazil! That sounds awesome!


Just waiting for my date…

They’re back on top…Jim is very happy with that…to be fair…they killed it! Some great banter between Jim, Phil, and a chicken too! The chicken isn’t sure if it’s a million dollar smile!

Alli arrives at the puzzle, and Tejay is still there…so they decide to work together!

Then…true to themselves…the Lolly Queens miss the turn off! Which the Wrestlers do make it down! Eventually they realise the Wrestlers aren’t there! Seriously girls! This happens EVERY LEG!!!

Brooke is on the roadblock for the Wrestlers…and she’s freaking out already! Oh my…she really doesn’t like it!

The Lolly Queens do arrive…and Maya is up!

At the puzzle…Alli and Tejay are both done…so they can both get out of there!

Brooke arrives at the puzzle…and doesn’t know what to do…oh dear!

Back at the detour…the Flight Attendants are done (they did the cream one…we didn’t see anything of it)…I feel they are a loooong way behind though!

Brooke figures out the puzzle…as in she knows she has to do it…she clearly doesn’t get it though because she states it to us for the next 20 seconds…Maya turns up and gets straight down to business! Brooke keeps complaining…Maya tells her not to quit! Good support from the greatest team!

At the Pit Stop, the Soul Surfers check in for 2nd! Adam is incredibly proud of Bethany for everything she did today!

At the puzzle…Brooke gets it! See…what was there to even worry about! She zips on back to Robbie!


Zip line Selfie!

At the pit stop…the cyclists come in holding some kind of shirt up…we don’t see it though…but they are Team number 3!

T&T follow to be team number 4…and give us some great entertainment with the dove!


Oh look it…likes you?

At the Roadblock…Maya is done…and they are on their way to the pit stop! Don’t get lost ladies!

The Flight Attendants turn up at the roadblock…but everyone is gone…Shelley’s got to fly through it!

The Wrestlers arrive at the pit stop to be team number 5, with Brooke being piggybacked the whole way up! Phil congratulates them on making the halfway mark! I guess that settles that it’s halfway then!

The Lolly Queens arrive, with no issues! And they are team number 6!


And they got a new hat!

That leaves Shelley and Nici to come in last…it’s been a long day for them! Phil gets them to play with a dove…I don’t think it picks up their spirits…but they were better and got on…which apparently made them less competitive according to Shelley

So there you go…fight more!


Bummer…well…for you…

So who is left then?

#1 Team Pearly Whites – Back on top…still have the save…and were very very dominant!

#2 Soul Surfers – Another strong showing, just need to win a few legs now!

#3 The Cyclists – A rough day…but they still delivered the goods when it mattered

#4 T&T – Bad start…but recovered very well to end strongly

#5 The Wrestlers – They did ok…the Detour severely cost them but they got through with enough ease

#6 Lolly Queens – My Queens…stop getting lost! Seriously!!! It’s going to cost you soon! But they did dominate the Detour so…that’s a positive!

Leg Assessment: A very very very underwhelming leg…one of my least favourite ever…just…nothing interesting happened…nothing seemed hard…we didn’t go to a new country…it just…didn’t seem interesting…thank god for the Pit Stop greeter!

Detour Assessment: It was hard…which was good…it just was not very exciting at all!

Roadblock Assessment: Clearly done for the fantastic shots of the canyons, but it wasn’t very interesting at all, thank god for a small puzzle that didn’t do a lot but…well…it meant one team could pass another…once…

Lift your game Amazing Race! Make sure next week in…wherever…is good

Also…I hate that little final thing that shows a number of episodes…just show the next one! I don’t want to see some teams are dominating and others are barely in them! Seriously!!!

Tune in next week for our episode 7 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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  1. The chicken/dove/banjo combo was the greatest since the Puffin. Does Bethany make everyone else feel kind of inadequate? When does their Express Pass run out because although it was wise for them to get it, I can’t foresee them needing it!

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