Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 7 Recap Featuring RC & Craig Saint-Amour


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends RC Saint-Amour from Philippines and her father Craig, who was originally slated to appear on the first Blood vs Water with his daughter!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


The Hunahpu tribe was starving and out of food. They “decided” to trade almost everything they had for another bag of rice. They had to start over and face a night of storms without a tarp. No one felt it more than Julie, who claimed it was the hardest night of her life. Despite losing everything, Hunahpu pulled out yet another victory at the Immunity Challenge. Dale leverages a fake immunity idol with Jon in an attempt to stay in the game. Worried that the idol was real, the majority alliance of Baylor, Missy, Jon, and Jaclyn decided to split the votes between Dale and Keith. At Tribal Council, Keith was shocked to get votes, but it was Dale that was sent home. Keith was left confused and in the dark. 12 are left.

DAY 16


The next morning while the five remaining Coyopa members are at the fire, Missy brings up the previous night to Keith. She apologizes for keeping their plan from him, explaining that she had to protect her daughter from Dale’s idol. Keith tells her that they could have let him know. He tells them that “every other breath we don’t have to lie”. He explains that he thinks that their alliance could work but when they do things like that it makes it hard to trust them. In his confessional, Keith reveals that he does not want to make it work and that his intent is to separate from his alliance with Missy.


Keith is displeased with the deception that he faced at the previous Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


The Hunahpu finds tree mail which tells them to take all of their belongings to a meeting place. The time has come for the merge. Josh confesses that he wishes they had been able to vote out Jeremy before the merge, when they had the previous tribe configurations. Jeremy confesses that he had to take a back seat behind Josh and Reed, but now that the merge is happening he wants to “crush it”.


Natalie reads the Day 16 tree mail to her tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


The Coyopa tribe finds the same tree mail and celebrates the news of the merge. Jon jokes that he and Jaclyn are able to continue dating each other since they both made the merge. Jaclyn confesses her excitement to have made it to the merge with her boyfriend, and plans to feel things out once in the new tribe.


Jon and Jaclyn celebrate the fact that they both made the merge. (Image credit: CBS)


Reed confesses that the dynamics are complicated given the number of couples still in the game. The tribe digs into a huge feast. Jon confesses his excitement for the feast, listing off the things he was able to eat. Julie confesses that it was annoying to have Reed and Josh in control at Hunahpu, but now it’s tough to be alone when there are four sets of couples together in the game. Reed reads another note with a set of buffs. The merged tribe will live on the Coyopa beach. Wes confesses that the feast was the number one highlight of the game so far. He says to his tribe that they need to take all of the leftover food back with them so that they can feast again tomorrow. Julie grabs a bowl of trail mix, saying that she is going to take all of it with her. Missy says that it’s a good idea. Keith confesses that he is happy to be back with Wes after 16 days apart. He could care less about Missy and Baylor. The new tribe starts heading towards to former Coyopa beach with all of their belongings.


The newly merged tribe enjoys a feast. (Image credit: CBS)


Natalie tells Jeremy that they are each other’s loved ones. He smiles. Jeremy confesses that they all need to step their games up now. He talks to Julie, who says that it’s hard to see everyone with their loved ones. It hurts. Jeremy confesses that the only way for him to stay in the game is to get the numbers. Julie is just a number. He’s going to also need two couples. He approaches Jon and they talk about the control that Josh has over the game. They plan to take out Josh using a majority alliance of Jon & Jaclyn, Baylor & Missy, Jeremy, Natalie, and Julie. Jeremy then approaches Missy and informs her of this plan. They agree that they are “good” and hug. Jeremy confesses that seven is all that they will need. The tribe then sits around for a moment and come up with the tribe name “Huyopa”, which they add a hash tag to the front of on their flag. Josh confesses that Jeremy is gathering troops against the prospect of a couples majority. He needs to make sure that he gets the numbers before Jeremy does.


Missy and Jeremy embrace after being reunited on the new tribe. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 17


The next morning, Josh wishes Wes happy birthday. Wes says that Josh is the first one to wish him happy birthday even though he’s been talking to his father all morning. Keith then spears his son a crab and tells him to “enjoy your crab in Nicaragua.” Josh and Reed agree that Jeremy is doing a great job at the social game. Josh confesses that their best plan might be to get the four sets of couples to team up so that no one has to lose a loved one. He tells Reed that he plans to start using guilt on Baylor to get her to team back up with him. He will get Baylor and “Missy will transfer to me”. Josh approached Baylor and asks if they are good. Baylor says “as far as I know”. He tells her that they have the numbers. Baylor confesses that this part of the game is hard because her mom has a lot of strong alliances, while her only real strong alliance was with Josh. Josh protected her, and so it’s hard for her to turn her back on him. She tells him that she needs to digest. Josh and Reed agree that the situation is sketchy because Baylor is with Missy. They agree that it’s their only option.


Josh attempts to guilt Baylor into sticking with him. (Image credit: CBS)

Baylor then approaches her mom, Missy, telling her about her conversation with Josh. She tells Missy that she’s going to have to have an honest conversation with Josh. Missy tells Baylor that she is going to have to be a little bit phony. Baylor says that she needs him to respect her when she votes him out. Missy says that he will respect a blindside. Missy confesses that Baylor has a sweet heart and she’s going to have to learn how to deal with it. She tells her daughter that Josh is freaking out because he doesn’t have the numbers. Missy then tells Baylor to suck it up and smile to everybody, and tell anyone who approaches her with a deal that she needs to talk to her mom. Missy confesses that it feels good to have Baylor coming to her asking questions. She has been ashamed of some of the mistakes that Baylor has seen her make in the past, but now Baylor is listening to her. She’s back to being her kid.


Missy tells her daughter to suck it up and smile to everyone. (Image credit: CBS)

Josh confesses that their only option now might be Jon and Jaclyn since Baylor is under Missy’s spell. Josh approaches the couple while they Jon watches Jaclyn paint her canteen. He tells them that he and Reed would really like to work with them. Jeremy is dangerous. He’s a challenge threat. He’s talking to everyone. He’s a fireman with two kids. Who is the jury going to vote for? Jon confesses once again that he and Jaclyn are the power couple in the middle. Jon and Jaclyn agree that Josh and Reed seem committed to keeping the couple together and that they could get to Top 6. They also noted that Josh implied that they didn’t think they could win the game in the end as two successful Broadway actors. Jon points out, however, that they might be trying to use that skill to fool them and make stuff up. Jaclyn confesses that it is a very stressful decision.


Jon and Jaclyn discuss their options. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 18


The next morning, Jon loudly proclaims that he remembers there being a giant bowl of trail mix at the feast. A large number of people in the tribe agree. Josh indicated that he thinks he remembers seeing someone take it from the feast. Somebody says to start going through bags, and they do. Julie confesses that this is putting her in a tight spot, because she is the one who has trail mix in her bag. Everyone else has already eaten the food that they took with them from the reward and now they are scavenging for anything they can get their hands on. While the tribe is searching through bags, someone asks where Julie is. She’s off on her own lying on the beach. Jon takes the opportunity to dig into her bag, where he finds the trail mix. The tribe immediately starts eating it all, outraged that Julie was keeping the food for herself. Jon confesses that he is selfish and awful and that he cannot trust her in his alliance. They begin laughing as Julie returns to camp. Julie confesses that you could cut the tension with the knife. Things don’t looks so good for her right now.


Jon discovers the trail mix in Julie’s bag. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff takes back the tribal immunity idol, declaring that it is no more. He reveals the individual immunity necklace for this season. For the challenge, contestants must balance a ball on a disc attached to ropes. At regular intervals they will move their hands back on the rope, making it more difficult to balance. After 25 minutes, a second ball is added. Last person to have their balls balanced, wins individual immunity. The challenge begins. Jeremy goes out first after the a big gust of wind knocks his ball off. Jeff warns that it can happen that quickly. Keep your concentration. Less than a minute before the end of the first round, Missy’s ball drops. Julie’s drops right after. The second round begins with contestants about six feet away from the disc. The wind picks up and Reed’s ball drops. Baylor’s drops next. Then Alec is out. Jaclyn’s ball drops right after. Another huge gust of wind comes and Natalie cannot recover. Josh, Wes, Keith, and Jon remain. Ten more minutes pass without anyone losing their ball. A second ball is added. The begin the final round. Josh quickly loses a ball. Jon loses his right after. It is down to Wes and his father, Keith. They both hold strong for a decent amount of time, but Wes’ ball is the first to drop. Keith wins the first individual immunity. Jon playfully teases Wes for not being able to beat his old man. Wes seems happy for his father and smiles and laughs.


The Huyopa tribe balances their balls in the first individual immunity challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeremy confesses that he is embarrassed to be the first one out of the first immunity challenges, especially losing to Keith, Missy, and Julie. He thought he was going to be great at the challenges, but he doesn’t seem to be that good at them. While the tribe sits around a hot pot of “soup”, Alec loudly remarks that he sure would like some trail mix. The tribe goes silent. Julie looks uncomfortable. She confesses that she is feeling angry, lost, and confused. She talks with Missy, explaining this to her. She says that she can’t get her head in the game. She thinks she might be done. Missy tries to convince her to stay, saying that she is her loved one. Missy tells her not to quit yet. They need her. Missy confesses that Julie’s behavior has been obnoxious. They need her and she could mess up everything. Julie tells Missy that she will hold on for one more day. In her confessional, Julie confesses that she is fully aware that Missy is just using her. She needs to make a decision based on what she needs, not what Missy needs.


Missy hugs Julie after talking about Julie’s decision not to quit the game yet. (Image credit: CBS)

Jon and Jeremy talk about the alliances. They mention the fact that Jeremy is almost definitely Reed and Josh’s target. Jeremy says that he doesn’t understand why he would be the target, especially considering his performance at the challenge. He says that they are just making stuff up. They agree that Josh doesn’t have numbers so it doesn’t really matter. Jeremy confesses that Josh is the only person in his alliance that is playing the game. Once Josh is gone, it’s over. Josh confesses that he has to give Jeremy props because Jeremy is actually playing the game. It’s just frustrating because it’s opposite to what he is doing. Josh reiterates that they need to get Jon and Jaclyn with them and keep the couples together. This game is Blood vs Water, that’s what it’s all about. Josh, Reed, Wes, Keith, and Jon discuss the fact that Jeremy needs to go. Keith emphasizes the idea that Jeremy is going to come after them strong if they turn on him, so they need to get him out quick. Reed mentions that Jeremy is also intent on taking out the couples, which Jon finds very interesting. Josh and Reed reiterate that if they vote out Jeremy, everyone can keep their loved ones together and there can be a sense of camaraderie. When it gets down to eight, they’ll duke it out. Jon confesses that he is actually leaning towards going with Josh and Reed. He tells Jaclyn that he can’t trust Jeremy and that they need to get rid of him tonight. Jaclyn says that it’s huge for them to go the other way. Is it a good idea? Jon says that he doesn’t want to jump but that it’s the best thing for their game. He really likes Jeremy. It’s gonna suck. Jaclyn agrees with him.


Jon learns from Reed that Jeremy is intent on taking out the couples. (Image credit: CBS)

Sitting in the shelter, the tribe wonders where Julie is. Baylor notices that her bag is gone. Alec smirks and says that he thinks she heard him before. Natalie says that she definitely did. He says that someone had to say something. Missy tells Jeremy that Julie told her she wouldn’t quit. Julie confesses that she never dreamed that Blood vs Water would be so difficult. Being away from Rocker has taken a toll on her. Jeff Probst arrives and talks to Julie. She explains to him how hard it is to be away from Rocker and to see all of these couples together. She’s never been away from Rocker for more than four days. Everything is overwhelming. Jeff says that little kids spent more time away from their parents at summer camp. He asks if it has something to do with her being on the outside. She quickly says that she is. Everyone has judged her and isn’t giving her the chance. Between this and the absence of Rocker, she cannot stay. She feels guilty about possibly ruining someone else’s game, but she says that she can’t compromise what she needs because of what some strangers need. She is quitting. Jeff says that he will inform the rest of the tribe and leaves her.


Julie explains to Jeff why she has to quit the game. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff then arrives at the Huyopa camp, where the rest of the tribe is still sitting in the shelter. He calls them out and tells them to sit on a long log that is on the beach. They do so. He tells them that there is bad news and good news. Bad news: If you were in an alliance with Julie, she is gone. He tells them that Julie has quit the game. Jeremy confesses that she was his number and he needed her. He may be in trouble. Natalie is shocked. Missy says that she would have liked to have talked to her one more time. Josh says that unless you’re screwed by losing a critical alliance member, the quit actually helps your odds by getting you one step closer to the win. He confesses that he is happy that Julie is gone because it helps their alliance’s chances at Tribal Council. Jeremy says that he is extremely frustrated that Julie would quit after all the effort that they have put forth into making her comfortable. Alec says that Julie had life the easiest of anyone because she did nothing. She dug herself a hole. Jaclyn reveals to Jeff that Julie had been hiding trail mix from everyone. Jon says that she was so scared of living up to the fact that she was a selfish person that she couldn’t deal with it. Jeff then reveals the good news: No Tribal Council. Josh confesses that he feels that there is an 80% percent chance that the numbers are on his side. Jeremy confesses that Julie messed up his plans.


The tribe talks with Jeff about Julie’s quit. (Image credit: CBS)









Absolutely loved this episode and love this season!

I know there seems to be an extremely slim group of people who like this season but I think this is being shaped up into one great finish. This episode setup a perfect Jeremy vs. Josh battle and can you tell me the last time we had such an open battle between two people at this point of the season? It just seems so prevalent and something that is going to come to a head soon which is fascinating viewing. And overall this episode saw so many character moments at the merge which is rare now in modern Survivor. How long till we even saw the challenge? It was pretty much right at the end. Putting aside that it was a shit challenge, it was still a great episode that really had a challenge in it just for the sake of it, rather than being key which is seemingly the story arc of some episodes. It was great, and even the Julie quit sorta was there then teased away then back again suddenly. Added as well the whole #trailmixscandal business (worst. hashtag. ever) it just was a fantastic episode that really I feel people need to appreciate rather than dissing so much. I’m not getting the hate for this season. It’s great, and has the potential to get even greater.

Julie quitting was disappointing, and not really unexpected. But I just always feel like I need to jump to the defence of quitters because some people on social media just like to preach against them without even putting themselves in the situation of the player. We’ve had 441 players in the history of the show and only 11 quitters. That’s 2.4% of players in the history of the show. Considering the conditions and everything else players have to face out there it amazes me that we haven’t had more than that. And for people who have never played before to sit on their couch and go on rants claiming “I have tried out for this show since day 1 and would never quit” then I would love to see you saying the same when you are stranded on a beach in pouring rain for an entire week with one set of clothes and no possible way to get warm and/or dry while sleeping on bamboo sheets and see if your mental capacity isn’t challenged. It’s frustrating, yes it is. But don’t judge on something you haven’t personally experienced or personally understand properly.

Next week we seemingly have a shift into a ‘battle of the sexes’ and a possible Jon vs. Jaclyn situation. Editing this season in the previews has been all over the show so expect this to be different! As always, BRING IT ON!



Instead of just recapping the episode I decided to take a quick look at the storylines, or lack of, this season so far.

At first I thought the editing of this season was pretty bad. Now I am actually starting to think that the editing is pretty decent, they just don’t have a lot to work with.

What drives Survivor is character journey’s. We want to see them succeed and fail, fight, cry, laugh etc etc. Since this is blood vs water one would’ve guessed that the season would have plenty of this, but sadly this is not the case.

Here is a list of the storylines I’ve spotted thus far:
Jeremy and Josh: The battle of the Alpha Males.
Jon and Jaclyn: The Swingers + Jon’s dad
Missy and Baylor: Baylor the flip flopper and Missy everyone’s friend/enemy/rice queen
Female alliance? Yes? No?

And then the other major storyline we had so far this season is
Julie’s independence/redemption = FAILED

Keith has a lot of screentime because he is funny, quirky and all around a classic fan favourite, but he does not have a good storyline.
Wes is basically invisible, but he seems like an OK guy
Reed is Josh’s boyfriend, Broadway!
Natalie is a part of Jeremy’s alliance, Amazing Race.
Alec had to maw the lawn, Drew didnt’ , but they are both douches.

These ‘neglected’ characters basically have no screentime/confessionals compared to Jeremy/Josh/Missy/Baylor/Jon + Jaclyn is starting to get some momentum now. This lack of storylines is probably what is making people hate on this season so much. Personally I don’t hate it, but it certainly is lacking something.

Julie quitting was such a bummer, we lost an interesting storyline and a great confessionalist ( is that a word?). Her quit also cause the balance of power between Jeremy and Josh to tip more in Josh’s favour than before.

Next week looks very promising, my dream now is that Jaclyn turns into a mastermind and creates the black widows brigade 2.0



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 7th recap features RC Saint-Amour from Philippines and her father, Craig, who was slated to be on the original Blood vs Water with his daughter! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Josh (RC) Josh (Craig)
DARK HORSE: Jon (RC) Josh (Craig)
NEXT TO GO: Jeremy (RC) Jeremy (Craig)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Jeremy (RC) Keith (Craig)

Join us next week as we are joined by Abi-Maria Gomes & Pete Yurkowski from the Philippines to help us recap the eighth episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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