The Reunion: Jeff? Bryant? or Rosie?


It’s a Monday showdown on Survivor Oz today as we bring you a fight for the ages to finally see who is the best reunion host in the history of Survivor! Our resident reunion expert Anthony Rossi sits down and goes over the three reunion hosts in the history of the show and works out which host comes out on top! Will it be Brant? Rosie? Or Jeff? Click below to find out!

To culminate the Survivor experience, all the contestants from the seasons would meet together in one final episode for the season. This episode was dedicated to learning about the contestants after their experience, seeing how the contestants felt about what had happened and their thoughts, and even learning some behind the scenes knowledge. Over the 28 seasons we have 3 distinctly different people to host the show and each of them have had good moments and not so good moments. In this article I come to discuss where the hosts have succeeded and where they have not and in the end decide who has done the best job overall.

Bryant Gumbel


In the early stages of the Survivor Reunion, the wonderful Bryant Gumbel hosted the reunion show mainly due to the fact that he interviewed the contestants for exit interviews and other features for the today show. Bryant was really engrossed with Survivor in its early stages as the show began to grow. He hosted the first three reunion shows: Borneo, Australian Outback, and Africa. Bryant, overall he was a good choice to be the host, because he was willing to speak to all the contestants in every reunion and make them included. Each one of them got a decent amount of time dedicated to them. Some of the drawbacks of Bryant include his seemingly pointless questions like “Was Africa hard?” but this is most likely due to the fact that Survivor was still in its early stages. Bryant gets some harsh comments on the being the host, but I fell that he did a pretty good job.

Rosie O’Donnell


With being out-dated, Bryant Gumbel was replaced by the entertaining Rosie O’Donnell. Perhaps they felt that Bryant wasn’t that fun or entertaining enough. It’s pretty unclear. Apparently Rosie was the right fit for the show, because she is a big fan and was expected to bring a lot of entertainment to it. Out off all the Reunions, she definitely makes the biggest entry of them all by entering on a motorcycle with Colby Donaldson. That was pretty cool way to open up the reunion show. One of the downsides of this reunion is lack of Survivor we get to know about. We learn a lot about Kathy’s full bladder, the meaning of “Oh my heck”, and Sarah’s boobs. It was an entertaining show for sure, but not the most about the survivor experience or what is going on with the contestants after the show. Well, at least they each won a car.

Jeff Probst


Jeff’s time as a reunion host has certainly been interesting. He has asked little girls their opinions, placed the pre-jury members in the audience, and he has some ridiculous questions. In the end, Jeff has maximized what can be said in the short time that the Reunion is. He generally talks to most of the contestants and is able to address the most notable moments from the season. Jeff is able to deliver good quality Survivor content while still remaining entertaining. There have been some moments in which Jeff is not the best, like placing the entire pre-jury in the audience and not speaking to all of them.

And the Winner is…



This wasn’t really a tough choice. Despite all the crazy shit that Jeff has done over the years, he consistently delivers a great and entertaining hour of television. Considering he was there, he seems like he would know what topics to bring up and what to address in the short time that he has to work with. Even though there are some negatives, the positives completely outweigh them. If I was to rank them Jeff would be in 1st, followed by Bryant, and in last would be Rosie.

Do you agree with Rossi? Are you #TeamBryant, #TeamRosie or #TeamJeff? Let us know your thoughts below!



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  1. Bring Back Bryant!

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