Julie McGee Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 8 Preview

Exist interview - Julie

We’re back for another exit interview today as we chat to the seventh contestant eliminated from Survivor San Juan Del Sur Julie McGee! We also bring you a full episode preview of episode 8, as Noah Groves sits down and takes a look at what you can expect from tomorrow’s episode of the 29th season! Click below for more!

After her elimination from the seventh episode, Julie McGee sat down with Ben to talk about just why she quit and the backlash that has followed her since, being surprised at the support she has gotten over the negativity, just why there was a gradual build up of things that lead to her leaving, the behind the scenes elements from production that we didn’t see playing a factor in her quit, just where her alliance was and who she was working with in the game, her relationship with Natalie and Jeremy, who would’ve gone had she stayed in the game and where Jon & Jaclyn were at as well as just who between her and Rocker wanted to be on Survivor more and why she is on #TeamJeremy for the rest of the game.

Each week with our exit interviews we will also bring you a preview of the upcoming episode, as your favourite Ozlet Noah Groves sits down and gives his thoughts on what you can expect from the show tomorrow!


It is now time to bring back a new feature as I preview what is to come in the next episode airing tomorrow. These previews will use the ‘next time on Survivor,’ commercials, Survivor Live extended preview, deleted scenes and events that happened in the previous episode to look forward and see what is in store for us. Please note that only details learnt in the previously stated list will be discussed, if you consider things like what the challenge will be or who is competing in the dual and hints at people’s actions as a spoiler then you should avoid this feature. In saying that, absolutely no boot spoilers will be stated if somehow CBS slips up but the next voted out will be speculated on.

So what do we have in store for Survivor: San Juan Del Sur episode 8, ‘Wrinkle in the Plan’?


Merge episode part two continues as we hopefully will see some sort of conclusion or movement in the battle of the “J’s”, Josh VS Jeremy. Although just as things are building up on this rivalry, literally every sort of preview for tomorrow has focused on the battle of genders. Initially from the “next time on Survivor” segment I thought this would be a minor part of the episode and a red herring, but given that is the only thing in the previews it must be a major part of the episode. Given the similarities in theme on all the previews, I will talk through each of them individually and examine the new information learnt from each, starting with “next time on Survivor.” This segment features much of what will be shown later but emphasises on the rift between Jon and Jaclyn probably playing up the idea of another couple turning on each other. I don’t think ‘Jonclyn’ will split in too and can’t really see any other couples turning on each other, certainly not Josh or Reed but potentially Baylor against Missy. It will be interesting to see how much of the Josh VS Jeremy rivalry will play out in this battle of the sexes but I can’t imagine it being completely dropped.

The web promo also focuses on the fractured relationship between Jon and Jaclyn in which they are referred to as “the power couple.” Jaclyn claims that the guys on the tribe are really arrogant and that she doesn’t want to go with them anymore. Missy also mentions chauvinistic as a term to describe the men. From what has been gathered it seems more the women upset about the men than both views. Jaclyn, who seems like she will receive a large portion of airtime then claims that “someone isn’t going to be happy” and that Jon is not on the same page as her. It is possible they do split up with Jaclyn being voted out soon and on joining a majority as the edit between the two are quite off balance but I can’t see that really happening. I wouldn’t be shocked if the pair do flip from the men as an alliance of Jon, Jaclyn, Jeremy, Missy, Baylor and Natalie is definitely an alliance with some of the characters to receive bigger edits compared to the likes of unimportant characters like Reed, Wes and Alec.


Finally in the battle of the sexes we move to the Survivor Live promo from last week’s exit interview with Julie. This preview brings full circle the scene from episode 4 between Baylor and Alec which Survivor Oz host Ben seriously mistook as flirting. The scene was a random pop in that showed Baylor and Alec bickering and was gone in a second. It seems next episode they will be at it again and causing more tension to this gender war. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to expect to see Alec being booted out of the game tomorrow. We also learn that literally everyone in the game, except of course Missy, thinks that Baylor is lazy and doesn’t do any work, as Alec says “this ain’t no charity here!” Keith than proclaims that he would spank Baylor…stay tuned to see if he finally caves in and prepares the rubber glove for a good ol’ southern spankin’! In all seriousness, this doesn’t look like a good week for Baylor and could potentially lower our view at her chances of winning.

Let’s look at what is in store for the challenges tomorrow. That’s right, a plural as the reward challenge returns in a new and improved look. Gone is the dreaded Hero Arena duals that have haunted the pre merge and enter Huyopa divided into two battling for reward. This is the first time more than two people will have to work to earn whatever the reward may be. It is currently unclear if the two teams are randomly selected or via a “schoolyard pick” as Probst would say. The two teams are fairly even which probably comes down to ten capable players left in the game. On Orange there is Keith, Reed, Jeremy, Wes and the lone woman Natalie while blue is made up of Jon, Alec, Baylor, Josh and Jaclyn. That’s right, Missy wasn’t selected for the challenge. It is still not clear if Exile Island is still in play, let’s hope not, but if it is I would guess that is what Missy’s fate would be. Either that or she doesn’t get to compete and thus doesn’t get the reward. The challenge itself involves sliding some sort of puzzle pieces across a structure to something on the other side. As for the immunity challenge expect either a quiz or memory challenge as each player stands at their own podium. Challenges like this have a pretty equal chance of success and can be almost impossible to predict a winner.


Now that we are in the second half of the game and are drawing closer and closer towards the end, I attend to introduce a new aspect of the preview where I rank every contestant in order of who is most likely to win based mostly on the edit with gameplay as well. Unlike the power rankings which can also be ranked based on week to week performances and immediate futures this is solely chance of winning and is not necessarily where they currently stand or the order in which I think they will be booted. So someone who is ranked low could still become a third placer. The list stays much the same this week with Josh and Jeremy at the top while Missy rises slightly and a few slight variations such as Alec moving to the bottom. Julie was ranked ninth likely to win the game last week. So without further ado:

11. Alec

10. Reed

9. Wes

8. Jaclyn

7. Natalie

6. Baylor

5. Missy

4. Keith

3. Jon

2. Jeremy

1. Josh


Episode 8 ‘Wrinkle in the Plan’ will air Wednesday night 8pm EST on CBS in the United States and Thursday at 9:30 PM AEDST on channel Go! in Australia.


Episode 8 Preview


Julie the day after
Julie’s last words


Episode 7 secret scene

Our thanks must go out to CBS and Channel 9 for arranging these exit interviews for us. Be sure to check back in next week as we bring you the next eliminated contestant on the show as well as previewing the next episode and showing off more secret scenes and episode previews! Remember if you have a question for the contestant eliminated get it into us and we may choose it as the question to put to them during next weeks interview! Bring on the next episode!




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