Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top Ten Moments of Accidental Slapstick Comedy


Greetings to all Survivor Oz Readers! Another Wednesday another, another top 10! This week our lovely American Ozlet Bridget Velturo brings us an entertaining recap of some of the most slapstick tumbles and stacks we've seen from the contestants during the challenges and on the island. There's no doubt that in these Funniest Home Video esque pieces of footage, we've seen some pretty spectacular spills, but which will make the top 10? Read on to remember who went down unceremoniously and who had the best slapstick scene.

10. Deena and the Hanging Meat – Amazon


Anything where someone is hit in the head with a slab of raw meat has to make this list. The funniest part of Deena being whacked in the back of the head is that it was totally unexpected. Instead of the expression “that hit me like a ton of bricks”, we now have “that hit be like a raw meat carcass on a string” thanks to Survivor: Amazon, a much less cliché expression.

9. Brandon and the Flaming Arrow – Africa


This one is funny for both visual and subtle reasons (FLAMING arrow, yah get it?). It also happens right after golden-boy Ethan makes a perfect shot with his arrow. Unfortunately, the best part of this moment is the high-pitched scream that Brandon emits as he almost lights himself on fire, something that I can’t do justice with pictures and words.

8. Robb and the Stingray – Thailand


Another classic, everyone remembers our good friend Robb Zbacnik (2 B’s guys) and his encounter with the stingray. And most people remember it for the hilarious visual it created. What’s funnier than Robb’s spastic movements and wailings, however, is the fact that his other tribe-mates are completely unfazed by Robb’s peculiar behavior… meaning Robb freaking out was probably a daily thing (ah, why Survivor doesn’t provide 24 hour footage like BB I’ll never know.)

7. Erik Gets Clotheslined – Samoa


This one never gets old. I can watch it 100 times and it’s still just as funny. The visual of self-proclaimed “bad-boy” Erik falling is funny on its own, but the irony of him getting clotheslined by an actual clothesline is makes this moment even funnier.

6. Lisi’s Faceplant – Fiji


This one clutches the number 6 spot because it is Lisi Linares. I don’t know why, but if it were anyone else then it probably would rank lower. The fact that she hurt herself during a non-physical challenge has got to be a Survivor-first and the cartoon visual of the cloud of dirt puffing up around her is hilarious. Plus, you know that the Survivor editors love this moment as much as I do because they even give you a reverse shot of the face plant.

5. Coach’s Air ball – Heroes vs Villains


Coach: strong, resilient, a warrior, the dragon slayer…….. aaaaaand the guy who air balls four feet from the hoop with no defenders on him. The visual itself is funny, but the visual of Parvati and Courtney’s reactions to this failure is hilarious as well:


4. Sandra’s Faceplant – Heroes vs Villains


This moment is made all the more hilarious by the fact that it is Sandra. The woman can do the unthinkable and win Survivor twice, but she can manage to hop over a 1 foot-wide stream. Irony and slapstick comedy is a glorious combination.

3. Michelle and the Platform – Fiji


I wish I could have included the visual of Michelle happy-dancing on the platform before she falls because that is equally hilarious. But, alas, I ran out of room for images. For a split second this moment isn’t funny because, well, that’s a HUGE fall and Michelle is a small girl. But she gets up smiling, which means we’re allowed to laugh at it (which, thank GOD, because the visual is so funny).

2. Coach and the Inner Tube –  Tocantins


He can escape from Amazonians about to eat his butt and has EXTENSIVE experience throwing a ball underhand at a tile, but there is one thing Coach cannot do: jump two feet from a dock to an inner tube. Surprisingly clumsy for a Coach-Chi master don’t yah think?

1. Rafe Gets Dunked – Guatemala


This one never gets old. And the fact that it happens during a high-intensity, last round of an immunity challenge makes it even funnier. Rafe and Jamie are cruising across the ropes and the competition seems uber close. However, then Rafe’s balance decides to given out and PLOINK! Into the water Rafe’s head goes with his body hilariously at a perfect 180 degree angle. Truly the Holy Grail of slapstick comedy and a visual every Survivor fan remembers.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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7 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top Ten Moments of Accidental Slapstick Comedy

  1. This top 10 reminds me of the funny 115…

    • Suspiciously copied. But I’d also include Jerri getting dropped by Colby on the obstacle course.

      • Explain to us how this is ‘suspiciously copied’? The fact that moments that happened in Survivor are funny to two different people/websites means that it’s a copy? The Funny 115 does not own the rights to all things ‘funny’ in Survivor

  2. Great List! I actually laughed out loud

  3. Lisi’s faceplant should have been #1!

  4. Abi-Maria accidentally throws a coconut on Skupin’s head should be up there. Such a random but definitely hilarious scene!

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