The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 7 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Alright! It’s recap time!

Previously on…The Amazing Race…there was a kind of bland leg in Morocco…and the Flight Attendants were off the radar all day…and crash landed in last place! (I was thinking of making a joke about Malaysia Airlines…but it was just plane wrong!)

Even the recap of the previous episode makes it seem lame!

So we have 6 teams left!

#1 Team Pearly Whites (Misti and Jim)

#2 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#3 The Cyclists (Kym & Alli)

#4 T&T (Tim and Tejay)

#5 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#6 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

Note…the new start is this week! With teams doing challenges…I’m always divided on this…I always like it when they just show two nice things from before…not the same thing zoomed up though! So it’s at least better than that…

So we’re with Team Pearly Whites to start with!

Fly to Palermo, Sicily, Italy, and make your way to Teatro Di Verdura, where they’ll find their next clue!

Italy…I’m ok with that…except the stupid thing at the end of the last leg showed certain teams in locations with Buffalo and such that is…not Sicily related at all…I hate hate hate hate hate knowing a team won’t get eliminated because they’ve shown us them doing stuff on later legs! It ruins the fun!

Team Pearly Whites says this is the most fun they’ve had…Jim’s having fun??? He also said you have to talk more…on holidays you can have a fight and not talk for two days…but not on the Amazing Race! Remind me never to go on holiday with Jim! They go to a travel agent for tickets


“I’m having fun!” “Believe Me!”

Soul Surfers take off in 2nd. They’ve found it as a boot camp for couples in training but are happy with how they’re going!

The Cyclists are off 3rd! Kym is excited because finally we’re going somewhere she hasn’t been….well LA DI DA!!! I haven’t been to anywhere! (ok that’s a lie…I’ve been to London…but…I don’t brag about it!). It’s the middle of the night and apparently it’s a tad creepy

Team Pearly Whites get a flight to arrive at 8pm the next night! No clue if that will be for everyone yet (hopefully not…)

T&T are off fourth…They say they’re only bickering about stupid stuff…which is good…

Soul Surfers and Cyclists arrive at the Travel Agent…the Cyclists get the 8pm flight and the guy seems to imply there’s no quicker flights…that could be ominous…or pointless dialogue (there is never pointless dialogue!!!)

The Wrestlers are off…and are accurate in guessing Sicily is in Italy…very good! They’re missing Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and GTL…they really want to work out and tan! Shame…Robbie only has 7 ½ abs now…

The Cyclists sarcastically point out they love team Pearly Whites…and that they are the biggest threats…no shit Sherlock!

T&T get to the Travel Agency…and the guy says them and the Soul Surfers are on the 8:40pm flight…so 40 minutes behind!

The Cyclists park next to Team Pearly Whites…and decide to leave them a nice message in their dirty car window…Team No Fun…that could also catch on as a name…Then they draw amusing smiley faces!


It’s a shame they never would’ve seen this til the episode screened!

Team No Fun…it’s true! But…Team Win…that could work!

The Wrestlers and Lolly Queens arrive and get on the 8:40pm flight so…they’ll be 40 minutes behind with the others

And…we’re in Sicily!

The 1st flight arrive…and the 2 teams seem to be working together and saying the view at Sicily airport is amazing!

So…the two teams are sharing a cab and working together! The Cyclists say it’s necessary…which is fair

The teams seem to be getting on now…Team Pearly Whites are a bit happier with them now…

The Second flight arrives…and it’s all chaos to the taxis!

Robbie wants Pizza…cliché!

The first two teams arrive at the theatre…and the group with the clue won’t return until 6:30am (or 6:40am or 6:50am for later teams!)! But they’re free to dance the night away with the musical group! The cyclists are excited to be joining in! Even Team No Fun joins in!


Party time in Italy for Team No Fun!

Everyone else joins in too…it looks like great fun!

And the next morning arrives!

Proceed to Villa Costanza and search for your next clue!

So…the first two teams take off at 6:30am…

The Wrestlers and the Lolly Queens head off at 6:40am

The new best friends call for two taxis so they can head off…but the Cyclists say that should be the end of their little relationship!

The Wrestlers and Lolly Queens can’t find taxis…and now T&T and Soul Surfers are looking for taxis!

It seems none of them can find any…which frustrates Bethany…

At the front…the top 2 arrive at Villa Costanza, and a roadblock is in order!

Who wants to put their foot to the florio?

A Team Member must race up the Mount Pellegrino in Go Karts in under 4 minutes and 7 seconds to receive their next clue! They will then get driven back down by an Italian professional racing driver in a fancy car


Go Karts and Phil…the start of a great day out!

Seems interesting…it will be fascinating to see if that time is hard to get…

Looks like it’s Kym and Jim (ha!) who will be racing…so this will be entertaining!

The Lolly Queens get a taxi! Woo!!! You go Lolly Queens!!!

It looks like the Soul Surfers and T&T have got taxis as well…leaving just the Wrestlers to get more and more frustrated! It’s always a taxi that kills them…well move from the corner you are standing on!!! At least they got a mile run in!

And the first two are racing!!! It looks amazing!

On Cobblestones would be rough though!

Both Kym and Jim seem to be flying up the mountain!


That’s now on the bucket list!

My Lolly Queens arrive! And Maya is up to race!


“Pretty Fly for a Food Scientist!”

The Wrestlers phenomenally find a taxi! It took them 40 minutes to get a taxi so…there’s time to make up!

The Soul Surfers and T&T are now at the Road Block! Adam and Tejay are up…

Jim and Kym are still racing…and Jim seems to be trying to block Kym at all possibilities…but Kym passes him a few times! Then Jim passed Kym! They both get through with several seconds to spare! Great racing from both though! And then they get driven back in some great classic cars! With a phenomenal view!


A view of the mountain…not the view of Jim…nice car though!

Maya takes off by herself…I don’t know how fast she’s going…not fast enough is the answer! In fact…by 25 seconds! It might be easier with others!

Jim and Kym meet back up with Misti and Alli (those names work really well together!) and can open their next clue…it’s a detour!

A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with it’s own pros and cons. In this detour, teams have to choose between cultural related activities!

Painters: Teams must restore a fresco…while on their backs…on top of a scaffold


Posers: Go to an iconic theatre…hear 10 opera singers sing short parts of 10 famous operas…find their outfits in a room, and put their name and opera in the right order of what they performed


I can’t paint…but it seems quicker!

In any case…Jim lets us know heats for the go karts only seem to run every 20 minutes…which is handy insight into how hard this thing is! Also…not getting it is very very costly!

So there’s 4 of them on the track here! Adam, Tejay, Brooke and Maya! It’s on!

Brooke and Adam gun it from the start! There’s already a bit of a gap so the others have to go faster!!!


Te Jay even gets a road sign to point out where he is!

Brooke and Maya look like they’re quicker…and get through with 20 seconds to spare…it Adam and Tejay also scrape in with seconds to spare!

So we’re all even at the back!

On the drive back down…everyone seems to be going quick except Brooke’s driver…who seems to be getting mocked by her…


He was a bust!

The Cyclists and Team Pearly Whites arrive at the painting activity…that looks intense! It’s hot and tight! Everyone’s sweating except Misti…who glistens!


Painting on a roof…

The Soul Surfers and Lolly Queens get to the detour and decide to do painting, where we learn the all important fact that only 4 teams can do the painting one! Fine print eh?

T&T want to do the Painting as well, but aren’t sure how many teams are there…the Wrestlers just decide to do Posers.

At the painting…Team Pearly Whites are very precise with everything as it matches their dentistry work…the Cyclists keep bashing arms and are getting tired holding their arms up!

There’s a tight race to get to the Paint place! In fact there’s 3 teams in a massive footrace! T&T overtake the Lolly Queens and along with the Soul Surfers…get the final two spots…leaving the Lolly Queens with no spots…and forcing them to change detours…


All fit through the door!

Booooooo! Screw you T&T!!!



The Wrestlers are our entertainment then as they turn up at the Opera! It’s a spectacular theatre…and they are really concerned they will be overawed by it…especially when they start singing! They nearly decide to change…but go and check the room…and…realise…that’s not too hard at all! They only needed to get the outfits really…that would be much easier for me!


Watching on in terror

At the painting…Team Pearly Whites try…and…the judge is not that impressed…the Cyclists try…and…it’s not right either!

The painting looks so much harder…I would’ve definitely done the Opera!

The Lolly Queens arrive…and with the Wrestlers…watch the Opera singers…I stand by that being the easier task! Robbie asks Brooke if she wants to collaborate with the Lolly Queens…she says no


This is totally my new Wrestling outfit!

At the Paints…Team Pearly Whites get the nod of approval! They are off to the pit stop!


New careers…again!

Proceed to the Pit Stop, Villa Niscemi, the last team to check in here…may be eliminated!


I bet Phil has a really nice house like this!

The cyclists finish too! The race is going to be on to the pit stop!

The Soul Surfers and T&T look like they’re struggling a bit more! It’s incredibly tough for them!

At the theatre…The Wrestlers try….and they haven’t filled in one box! So it is not complete…simple stuff!

The Lolly Queens try…and one of them is wrong! So the two teams look to work together! That’s smart thinking! Especially given the other task still looks incredibly hard!

So we get more opera!

The Pit Stop race is on! It’s between the Cyclists and Team Pearly Whites! They’re both talking up how much they want to beat the other one!

It’s all good for Team Pearly Whites! They get to Phil first! Who announces this is the 300th leg of the Amazing Race! That is exciting for them! They’ve won a trip to…Ochos Rios! (Jamaica, for those who weren’t sure like me and had to Google it!)


Jumping for Joy from Team No Fun!


The swag…

The Cyclists narrowly arrive in 2nd, with Team Pearly Whites there to cheer them in! It’s tight…and it looks like these will be the big 2 to the finish!


Kym points out she came 2nd

At the Painting…the Soul Surfers’ work is denied…and they must keep going…while T&T are missing several lines…they’re all struggling…they hope the opera is hard…

The Wrestlers and Lolly Queens work together….and…..They’re both correct! They’re both racing to the pit stop! The Wrestlers are a little disappointed they let the Lolly Queens go first…but the Wrestlers generally pass people in the race to the finish!

It’s still tough work at the painting…but Soul Surfers are done! They are off to the pit stop as well! T&T finish as well…so they’ve got to move!!!


Unflattering camera shots!

At the pit stop…we get the Lolly Queens finishing for third (woop woop! Woop woop!) and the Wrestlers follow in 4th place…and give us some…creative Opera!


This will also work with my new Wrestling act!

So it’s down to 2! The Soul Surfers and T&T are both stuck in traffic…so they have to hope for the best! Who will make it there first?

It’s dramatic….it’s….The Soul Surfers…they are in as Team Number 5! Leaving T&T in disbelief as they arrive shortly afterwards to see them at the mat! The news is not so good for T&T…they are the last team to arrive….HOWEVER…it’s a non-elimination leg! They have survived! Barely! They will have a speed bump…but they are still in!


Oh no…last!


But….relief at the news!

So we’re all checked in…who is where?

#1 Team Pearly Whites – Strong, dominant, precise…it’s all still coming up gold for them!

#2 The Cyclists – Almost as strong, almost as dominant, almost as precise…but they’re doing damn well!

#3 Lolly Queens – My queens! It looked like they were in a lot of trouble but they’ve defied the odds, smashed out the Detour…and are right back in the middle of the pack!

#4 The Wrestlers – I love the Wrestlers! They’re just good fun! They chose differently…and after looking at the whole task…saw it wasn’t too bad! Well played!

#5 Soul Surfers – Not a great day…but they still have the express pass which is a plus!

#6 T&T – Not a great day…that’s what happens when you overtake the Lolly Queens…but…then they went to the other one that was better so…thanks for that and…as a result I can’t really boo them anymore!

So that’s the leg! It was pretty good actually…I did enjoy getting to experience the culture of Sicily!

Roadblock Assessment: Racing go Karts up a traditional course…fantastic! The reset time was huge too so there was room to move if well…teams were a tad slower than they actually were!

Detour Assessment: Challenging! And two very diverse tasks…and while everyone thought the painting was quicker…it was the Opera that was faster!

Overall an enjoyable leg! Keep on racing!

Tune in next week for our episode 7 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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