Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 8 Recap Featuring Abi-Maria Gomes & Pete Yurkowski


The new season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur is here! After an entertaining episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Abi-Maria Gomes and Pete Yurkowski from Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


After Coyopa and Hunahpu merged into Huyopa, there were two battling alliances. One was led by Jeremy and contained Missy & Baylor, Natalie and Julie. The other was led by Josh and contained Keith & Wes, Reed and Alec. Both alliances were fighting for Jon and Jaclyn who were in the middle for the third Tribal Council in a row. Josh approached them, attempting to convince them that Jeremy would be hard to beat in the end. Jon appeared to decide that they would go after Jeremy, but Julie suddenly quit the game. The remaining contestants were not made to go to Tribal Council and the tension between the two alliances was left hanging in the balance. Eleven are left.

DAY 19


The next day at Huyopa, Missy expresses her disappointment in Julie for quitting the game. She was “pissed”. In her confessional, she explains that they had their plan totally mapped out but now they have to wait for another Tribal Council to get rid of Josh. Jon and Jaclyn discuss that they feel uncomfortable making promises to everyone when they are going to have to pick sides. They have decided to vote out Jeremy, turning their back on their initial tie with Missy. Jon confesses that he doesn’t think Jeremy has any clue that they have flipped. His best path does not include Jeremy.


Jon and Jaclyn discuss their place in the middle. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, the contestants will be divided into two teams via a schoolyard pick. The two teams must race to load heavy puzzle pieces onto a cart. They then must push the cart to the base of a tower, where they use the pieces to build a temple. One person then climbs the temple to unlock a statue. The team then works together to hoist the statue to the top of the temple. The tribe flag will raise. The first tribe to have their flag raise wins a Survivor-style taco bar. “Chicken. Steak. Pork. Vegetarian. To wash it down: Beer, iced tea, margaritas.”


The Huyopa tribe reacts to learning about the taco reward. (Image credit: CBS)

The contestants are then divided into a yellow team and a blue team in a schoolyard pick that we don’t see. The orange team is Keith, Natalie, Reed, Jeremy, and Wes. The blue team is Jon, Alec, Baylor, Josh, and Jaclyn. Missy was not chosen in the schoolyard pick and thus has no chance for reward. The challenge begins and the tribe begin piling the temple pieces onto the carts. The yellow team begins pushing their cart first and have their cart almost at the end of theatrics before the blue team begins, who have their pieces balances awkwardly. Both tribes begin unloading their pieces and head back for another load, yellow maintaining a bit of a lead. They extend their lead, and by the time blue is back with their second load, the yellow team has the entire base of their temple completed. Yellow finishes the temple. Natalie unlocks the statue and the tribe pull it to the top of the temple. The blue tribe could never catch up. Keith, Reed, Jeremy, Natalie, and Wes won the reward. Jeff then informs them that they have to pick someone to send to Exile Island. They agree that it should be Jon or Alec, and they ultimately decide on Jon. They say that it’s a compliment and that Jon can handle himself. They depart.


The orange team maintained a steady lead for the entire Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


As they arrive at the reward, the winning team is delighted to see the food they won. They toast their margaritas to their win. Reed comments that he feels so bad that Josh can’t be with him since Josh has been wanting Mexican food. Wes confirms this. Natalie confesses that there are no alliances on the reward. If Missy or Jon had been there, there would have been strategizing the whole time. Keith tells them that they wanted to vote out Julie anyway and that they had no idea who they would have voted out. Jeremy confesses that he doesn’t buy it. He knows that they were targeting him. Keith is playing the game, but Jeremy doesn’t think he’s very good at it. Wes confesses that he should have listened to his father and eaten the food slowly. Soon, Wes was very sick. Keith openly makes fun of him for his poor decision making in that moment, joking to Jeremy that he doesn’t know who raised him.


Keith makes fun of his son, delighting Jeremy. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the Huyopa camp, the losing team collect snails. Josh confesses that he needs to take this opportunity to talk to Baylor one more time. He tells her that he thinks that she owes him one more vote because of all the times he pushed for her and saved her. He asks her to not vote for Reed or himself for one vote out of respect. Baylor confesses that she was uncomfortable in the situation because of how Josh was acting. He doesn’t seem very Christian, and she doesn’t feel like she owes him anything. Josh confesses that Missy is controlling Baylor, and he doesn’t think they are going to vote with him. Josh then approaches Jaclyn and tells her about the conversation he had with Baylor. Jaclyn says that it shouldn’t matter anyway because she and Jon are not voting against him. Josh says that he doesn’t mind seeing his name – he just doesn’t want to go out. He confesses that he hopes that Jon and Jaclyn are being truthful. All he can do is keep that relationship going.


Josh approaches Baylor about her vote. (Image credit: CBS)


On Exile Island, Jon confesses that he is lonely and misses Jaclyn. He says that Jaclyn has been helping him make all of the decision all the way, and he is glad that she can spend some time building relationships on her own so that she is not perceived as a tag-along. Jon finds the urn with the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol. It reveals that the idol is hidden somewhere on Exile Island. “This is huge”. He begins his search, sure that the idol must be on a peninsula on the beach. He searches the rocks with no luck. Then, as the tide rises, he begins to climb a tall rock structure on the peninsula that he had been avoiding. He begins to climb it and (seemingly) quickly finds the idol. He is obviously overjoyed and thanks God. He confesses that the idol is a game changer. Whatever he wants to happen is going to happen.


Josh finds a Hidden Immunity Idol on Exile Island. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 21


On the morning of Day 21, Wes remarks that the reward he received was not worth it. His stomach was was hurting and he kept waking up to use the bathroom. Alec remarks that he wishes he were able to burp and fart, saying that if he could he would make sure Baylor smelled them. Jeremy confesses that Wes, Alec, and Keith are rude and not trying to hide it. As a firefighter, sometimes they act like that at the fire house, but you don’t act like that around women. Have some manners. Baylor confesses that Alec treats her like his baby sister that he wants to bug. She’s over it. Missy tells her that he acts like that to all the women and that she needs to let it roll off her back. Baylor confesses that it’s not that easy. Keith insists that Baylor help collect wood, which irritates her. She feels like a slave. Keith says that if Baylor was his kid that she would have been beaten a number of times that day. Alec tells the girls to tend the fire, indicating that Baylor and Jaclyn were useless and that only Natalie would do any work. Jaclyn is insulted by his behavior and begins telling Baylor and Natalie that they lost her vote. They should be treating her with more respect if they want her and Jon to vote with them. Alec and Keith discuss that Jon is going to stay with the men. Keith suggests that they need to check in with Jaclyn, but Alec says that it’s not necessary. Jaclyn will do whatever Jon says. As long as Jeremy doesn’t win Immunity, he’s going home.


Keith thinks their alliance might need to check-in with Jaclyn. Alec doesn’t. (Image credit: CBS)


Before the Immunity Challenge, Jon returns from Exile Island and embraces Jaclyn. For the challenge, the contestants will take place in a simple memory challenge. They will be shown a sequence of symbols and then must repeat the symbols back to Jeff using an answer cube. One wrong symbol and you are eliminated. Last person remaining wins individual immunity. The challenge begins with Jeff presenting the first sequence: “Statue”, “Sun”, “Skull”, “Axe”. Everyone reveals “Statue” correctly. Jon reveals “Skull” instead of “Sun” and is eliminated. Reed reveals “Temple” instead of “Skull” and is eliminated. Alec and Wes reveal “Mask” instead of “Axe” and are eliminated. Seven contestants remain, and Jeff presents the next sequence: “Axe”, “Skull”, “Mask”, “Sun”, “Temple”, “Axe”, “Statue”. Natalie reveals “Skull” instead of “Axe” and is eliminated. Baylor reveals “Sun” instead of “Skull” and is eliminated. Jaclyn reveals “Sun” instead of “Mask” and is eliminated. Missy and Keith both reveal “Temple” instead of “Sun” and are eliminated. Only Josh and Jeremy remain. Josh reveals “Statue” instead of “Temple” and is eliminated. Jeremy wins immunity. Josh congratulates him. They depart.


Josh congratulates Jeremy on his Immunity win. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the tribe congratulates Jeremy on his win. Jon tells Jaclyn that he has the idol while they are hugging. Jeremy confesses that he thinks the alliance is set to vote out Josh. It all comes down to Jon and Jaclyn. He hopes he can trust them, but if he can’t he’s going to have to keep winning immunity. Josh’s alliance convenes and they agree that Baylor should be the one that they vote for. Josh confesses he is relying on Jaclyn and Jon. If they don’t help him then today is going to be his last day. Jon and Jaclyn reconvene and Jaclyn reveals that the doesn’t like the guys alliance anymore. She tells him about how rude they were to her while Jon was away on Exile Island. She also points out that the physical men in that alliance are going to be the bigger challenge threats in the end-game. Jon is still worried that Jeremy will win the game in the end. Reed joins them at this moment and Jon asks him who is going to go home. Reed reveals the plan to get rid of Baylor because she is annoying and doesn’t do any work. Jon tells Reed how much he missed “you guys”. Reed says, “I know! Two days is brutal!” Jaclyn confesses that Jon is thinking too far ahead. She thought that he would have her back more.


Jon asks Reed about the plan for Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

Keith then asks Missy, Natalie, and Jeremy whose turn it is to go. Missy calls him out and asks if he just does whatever Josh wants now. Keith then tells her that they plan on voting out Baylor because Baylor doesn’t work. He says that he tries to get Baylor to do work when she’s not working and then Missy will jump in and protect her and make it so that Baylor doesn’t have to do any work. Missy says that Keith protects his son as well. Keith says that he doesn’t in the same way that Missy does. Missy then approaches Baylor and tells her that Keith is targeting her. Baylor is notably disturbed by his and they are shocked that Keith told Missy this information to her face. Missy says that she needs to go talk to Jon. Baylor says, “Yes, you do.” Missy does so, approaching Jon and telling him that they need to stick to their plan to vote out Josh. Jon is quiet but then gives a small “Cool. Yeah.” Jon confesses that Jaclyn and him are not on the same page this time. Jeremy tells Natalie that she doesn’t trust Jon. Jaclyn says that she feels so comfortable with Missy and Jeremy. Jon says that he thinks it’s a mistake. Jaclyn confesses that, no matter what happens, somebody is not going to be happy.


Jaclyn tries to convince Jon to vote the way she wants. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins by asking Jeremy about the Immunity Challenge. Jeremy says that if he hadn’t won, people would have been writing his name down. Josh says that he felt the same kind of pressure. He knew his name was being tosses around. Jeff asks Wes if the alliances are known. Wes says that he thinks they are, revealing the alliance between himself, his father, Alec, Josh and Reed. Jeff asks Jeremy if that means the remaining six are in an alliance. Jeremy says that it could. Jaclyn says that she and Jon are in the middle. They’ve been approached by both sides. Jon says they haven’t been trying to be the swing votes, but it keeps being the case. Jeff asks Natalie what is the play when everyone is talking to Jon. Natalie says she is protective of the old Hunahpu tribe and she hopes that they stick together. She also mentions that when Jon is not at camp the men’s alliance mistreats Jaclyn. Jaclyn says that it is so frustrating to her that no one seems to care to talk to her about strategy alone. She and Jon talk. People should be smarter about that. She doesn’t feel respected by a few people. Missy comments that the younger guys act like it is a frat house. Keith says that they are not at the Hilton. It’s a normal body function. This is Survivor and things like that are going to happen. Reed says that he’s been respectful to the women out there and wants to be able to make his case to Jon and Jaclyn. He warns them that the singles might turn around and betray them. Jeremy calls Reed out, saying that they could do the same thing. Jon says that being in the middle is positive because it puts them in control of their own fate, but the weight of the game-changing decision they have to make is scary. They vote. Alec votes for Baylor saying that she can’t hang out with the “big boys”. Baylor votes for Josh, saying that she stopped trusting him at the first Tribal Council when Josh wrote her name down without telling her. Jeff retrieves the votes. No Hidden Immunity Idols are played. The votes are revealed: Baylor. Josh. Baylor. Josh. Baylor. Josh. Baylor. Josh. Baylor. Josh. It is tied 5-5. One vote left. Josh told onto Reed’s hand. Missy reaches out for Baylor. The vote is revealed: Josh. Josh gets up and kisses Reed. He then takes his torch to Jeff who snuffs it out. As he leaves, Josh says that he will eat a cheeseburger for everybody. Jeff wonders out-loud if this is a line in the sand or if tomorrow is a whole new game.


Josh is eliminated. (Image credit: CBS)


With Josh gone, Reed is willing to cheat, lie, and steal to stay in the game. He tells Missy and Jaclyn that Keith’s bag has a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol in it. He confesses that desperate times call for desperate measures. Baylor and Jon learn from their loved ones that Keith has an idol. The camp is thrown into chaos. Baylor confesses that things are about to get crazy.


Missy is not happy. (Image credit: CBS)









Another great episode! Another reason to like this season!

It baffles me the continued hate for this season. Things being said like it’s ‘the worst season ever’ or ‘the season that killed Survivor‘. Really? For starters we’re just over the half way point now. Let’s just realise that. You can’t judge a season based on 8 episodes. We’ve had so much drama and unpredictability so far that it’s been great. How many weeks ago were most people saying Josh was on a fast ticket to win? And then he is the first person to join the jury? What about Jaclyn? She was Miss Invisible at the start and now look at her? The absolute star of this episode. Then we have Keith and Wes, the comedy act who keep on giving. Alec, the absolute reincarnation of his brother, Baylor and Missy who have this fascinating story arc, Natalie who is just all kinds of awesome. Jon, an underrated strategist who is working with Jaclyn perfectly and of course the awesome man beast that is Jeremy himself. All the drama of Rocker. Nadiya going home so early in a blaze of glory. Some pre-game favourites in Val and Kelley being blindsided before getting a chance to shine. I just can’t fathom how anyone is seeing this season as bad. It’s not quite top 10 material yet, but it’s getting very close to inching its way in there. And I will defend it each week until everyone can see just how great this has been!

I just mentioned it, but seriously how awesome was Jaclyn this episode? Incredible to see her shine and help turn Jon into voting for Josh. Absolutely great. And now with Jon having an idol, they have become super powerful in this game. Will they win? Possibly. I think they are within a group of four people who can win this game right now. It’s just all about how they can work it to the end and not be targeted for their power.

Exile Island randomly appears again this episode after a week off? Interesting. It’s a bit of a waste of time still, and is really the only downside of this season. Oh, and the challenges, but let’s not get started there. How easy was that idol for Jon to find? Big downfall there, but hey, it’s going to add some drama to the game.

I’m counting down the days already; you know what I have to say next? BRING IT ON!



Finally! Some action at long last in Survivor 29, and it was worth waiting for. The Josh vs. Jeremy showdown culminated in many people’s favourite and solid pick to win being sent packing as the first member of the jury. It’s pretty sad, I mean, what’s not to line about Josh? He doesn’t burp or fart, and hasn’t been to jail (that we know of), so he’s a pretty successful guy all round. In all fairness, there wasn’t really a lot Josh did wrong. He formed a pretty strong alliance, but perhaps in hindsight these were with the wrong people. As much as burping and farting shouldn’t make someone flip on an alliance, the general demeanour of Alec, Wes and Keith can be seen as off-putting, not to mention the idiocy of being so up front with who they planned to vote off. Did Jon and Jaclyn make the right move? Time will tell, but based on the information they had, I believe so. Siding with an all-male alliance didn’t make a lot of sense. These guys will be challenge threats down the road. Whilst Jon seemed worried about having Jeremy sitting next to them at the end, they don’t have to do this and actually have other options for that role. Jeremy, although playing well, doesn’t have as much power as it might seem. Missy is the real power player, and is using Jeremy as a shield to hide behind. The dynamics and options on the Jeremy-Missy side give J&J options, not to mention they have an idol. The game is in their hands, and they can go all the way if Jon just listens to his much more level-headed partner.

So here’s hoping we can keep this pace up, although don’t hold your breath. This may have been the big turning point, and the edits of Wes, Reed and Alec don’t tell me they are players we need to be watching. Hopefully things do remain interesting, as San Juan del Sur is finally showing some promise



It’s a random season, and by now with the season in full swing and the merge alliances formed, now it seems like people have made their beds and laid in them. Sure it’s entertaining enough, but I really feel we are lacking some really good gameplay.

If I was just a casual watcher who isn’t comparing to other seasons, I feel I’d enjoy it a lot – however even though the last two weeks have been great, I am concerned the next weeks will just bring in a ‘Pagonging’ and until they get down to the final 6, it might be quite predictable.

That said, I’ve enjoyed the discourse between the girls and the guys. Am starting to really, really dislike Alec, and want him to be unceremoniously blindsided very soon. Really, he’s acting like a GRADE a prick.

Missy is also slightly annoying with her shit don’t stink grin. I don’t think Keith was wrong to call Baylor out, cause really the narrative is that she’s a bit of a princess. If you are on Survivor, and are lazy, expect to get called out. Why should some people do no work?

Totally crushing on Jon and Jaclyn. He’s so enjoyable to watch and very endearing. Very pleased he listening to his girl to vote with Jeremy and Co, and with the idol I hope they can take it all the way to the end. #Sorrynotsorry that Josh is gone.

Yes, he was a good player with game awareness, but I think the way he tried to guilt Baylor into going with him was all wrong – especially since he voted for her in Episode 1.

Mostly I like the people left bar Alec, but likeable doesn’t always make for good gameplay or entertaining episodes. We shall see!



This episode was absolutely brilliant! I loved it! There were scenes of camp life, strategy talk, a pretty decent challenge, and the discovery of a hidden immunity idol. Even though I don’t typically like the team reward challenges, I did enjoy this challenge; it combined elements from different challenges and make it pretty fun and interesting. Jon, my winner’s pick from pre-season found an idol so that made me happy. How could I forget the most important part of the episode, JOSH WENT HOME. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

I am going to run through the cast and see where they can go from here:

Alec: In each sequential episode he becomes more and more like Drew. Annoying and cocky. I don’t see him lasting long in this game. Hope he goes soon

Wes: #tacooverload. I don’t think anything else will come from him, so definitely not making a big impact this season.

Keith: I love Keith, but this was not a good episode for him. He pretty much handed Jon and Jaclyn over to the other side. He still has the idol so he’ll probably last a bit longer than the rest of his alliance.

Reed: On the bright side, at least we saw him. I guess that’s good.

Natalie: TWINNIE!! MY PONY!!! She’s on the right side of the numbers so that’s great. Hopefully she can last long enough to get me my money back.

Jeremy: Still here even though he was technically supposed to go last episode. Hopefully he doesn’t win, because that would such a predictable ending to this season. I think he will last a lot longer in the game based upon his gameplay and the edit he is receiving.

Baylor: She got more votes, that’s a shocker. (Not really) After a period of not liking her, I am liking her again. I want her to make more of an impact so I can have a strong opinion about her

Missy: A strong episode with Missy. She was able to communicate clearly with the people in her alliance where votes need to go, keeping Baylor close, and just playing a strong social game. I hope she lasts long, because I am enjoying her presence.

Now to the highlights of the season for me:




I’m sad to say that with this week’s episode this season has reached a frustrating point for me where I’m no longer confident that it will end up as a great edition of Survivor. By no means do I consider San Juan to be a bad season, it’s just so average at this point that I think it will forever be regarded as a mid quality season. When I first found out that the tribes were shuffling I was very sceptical, yet the change in game dynamics was interesting enough to keep me fascinated for the very brief period pre-merge. Now that we’re at the merge, I see that the tribe shuffle was what caused the downward spiral in the game. Julie’s quit in the merge episode certainly didn’t help, but this week should have been the game changer. Instead of the great merge power struggles that we’re used to, something feel flat. Arguably one of the biggest players of the season ended up going out with a whimper. Leading Into this episode we were treated to big time teases of a Josh vs Jeremy power struggle, but that never even ended up happening. The fact that the show was edited to make it seem like a battle was coming, when clearly nothing eventful would happen only leads me to believe that there is little drama to be had in the coming weeks.

Having passed what should have been the pivotal week of game play, here is the main issue I see with the Blood vs Water format. Playing in pairs is simply too boring to make for a dramatic game. Anyone playing with a loved one will try half as hard, be half as bold, and create half as much drama as they would playing on their own. Josh is the perfect example of this. When he was on his own he played hard. As soon as Reed came into the picture it was like he dropped to half speed in the game. Josh knew that it would come down to him or Jeremy, and he knew that the numbers could sway either way. The reason he suddenly stopped playing hard has to be because he had a loved one in his back pocket. After all, who in their right mind would need to scramble and scheme like their life depended on it with a guaranteed ally? We’re seeing the same lack of effort from Missy and Baylor, Jon and Jaclyn and Keith and Wes. Baylor had been target #1, and Keith’s loyalty has already been brought into question. In any other season they would be playing their heart out. I firmly believe that the loved one twist is keeping players too confident and too secure in the game.

You’d think that with the pairs being too confident to be interesting that those playing solo would be in a perfect position to be stars, but because of the tribe shuffle so close to the merge, no real alliances could be formed. We have Jeremy, Alec and Natalie all talking like they’re tight with others, but none of that is seen on screen. The pairs are eating up too much screen time. This makes sense, as loved ones can trust each other more, thereby giving them more opportunities to interact and discuss the game. After the tribe shuffle, the solo players never had this chance, so their games are becoming invisible. I’m not of the opinion that only a few are playing the game. I think the problem is the opposite. Everyone is playing the game, but the strategies are so varied that no cohesive alliance will ever form.

The problem I see with this season is not the cast. They are an interesting group of people that would work brilliantly in a regular season, but as I said the loved one twist means that we’ll never see the game or the characters develop as dramatically as we’ve become accustomed to. The only way that will change is if every pair can be separated like last year. The preview for next week with Reed’s sudden emergence as a real character and player could back this theory up. I can’t help but feel that we were robbed on Josh’s real potential had he been able to play on his own.



Since the merge, the struggle for power between Josh & Jeremy was the focus over the last couple of episodes. Tonight, we almost got the epic showdown between these two …… well, sort of anyway. Having dodged a bullet in the last episode by Julie’s decision to quit the game, Jeremy won Individual Immunity. Thank goodness for that!

So, it was onto ‘Plan B’ for Josh and his alliance, a showdown between himself and Baylor. She has become a target as she doesn’t really help around camp at all and complains most of them the time. I think Josh shot himself in the foot by trying so hard to win Baylor back. He should have probably known that that was never going to happen and should have worked on someone else in that alliance. The comments coming from Josh’s male alliance, mainly Alec and Wes, were so hurtful and disrespectful. They were playing like idiots and don’t deserve to get any support of the way they acted. I am glad that Jaclyn noticed that and switched her vote at Tribal Council. It was supposed to be simple, where Baylor was supposed to be voted out but thank goodness the guys screwed themselves on this one. Phew?!





I absolutely loved this episode! I was nervous from beginning to the end about who was going home, great editing.

Another great thing about this episode is that everyone got at least one confessional and Jeremy didn’t get 10! The fact that Josh got so few (4?) was the main reason I didn’t see him going home, I was so scared it was going to be one of the women which would have been so sad after misogynistic douchebaggery that happened earlier in the episode.

Talking about that; is Baylor really lazy and annoying? Honestly I don’t know, but the way Wes/Alec/Keith has been acting makes me sick. Every time Alec opens his mouth I feel like Wes after #Tacooverload. At least he’s got no chance in winning this game, same with Wes. Keith is a different story. Although we come from two very different worlds and probably have completely different views I still find him very very likeable. He is great around camp, awesome in challenges and gives some of the best confessionals this season. If he somehow sneaks his way to the final 2/3 he’s got a good chance of winning with the boys on the jury. Although completely ignored in the show right now, he still got that idol!

Natalie and Missy seem to be strong duo. They are great friends, both are strategic and smooth talkers. Natalie’s edit is a bit under the radar though, which is strange since she seems to be such a hilarious person + the fact that she seems to be making a lot of deals and everything such as. Because of her lacklustre edit she probably won’t win, but maybe the editing is tricking us? Missy on the other hand has has three great episodes in a row, loads of strategic and personal content. She is definitely one to watch out for. She is the GodMother of the season.

Jon and Jaclyn are interesting characters. Jon got a lot of personal content in the beginning and now he is getting heaps of strategic content plus he found an idol. Jaclyn on the other hand started out on the bottom and got absolutely no screen time the first three episodes. Now she’s had three great episodes however. Both this episode and the last one I think Jaclyn has had the best edit by anyone. I also loved her this episode, the fact that she convinced Jon to vote with Missy, Baylor, Natalie and Jeremy made me so happy I literally jumped up and down in my couch cheering. Thank you Jaclyn ❤

Jeremy got a bit of a cool down this episode with only 3?! confessionals. I like Jeremy, but for some reason I just don’t want him to win, and I don’t see him winning, but don’t fret Jeremy fans, you know he will be back for ASS/FVV/HVV in the future.

The reward challenge was super cool, great mix of brawn and brain to win. Was kind of hoping to see Natalie drunk during the reward, disappoint. I also gotta say, I love them hashtags! Seriously, I really do love them, I live for them.

Keen for SneakyReed next episode!



After last week’s episode I was pretty darn sure that Jon Misch was getting the winner’s edit and that belief was only strengthened last night. My suspicions were raised when it was Julie who looked to be the quitter. I thought, why then was Jon given confessionals about his Dad being sick? He questioned his decision to leave him and stated that he knew his Dad would want him to be out here, or something to that effect. If this wasn’t leading to a quit, then I personally think it could only be a ‘Sympathy for the Winner” seed. Aside from this, he’s been given a fairly consistent run of confessionals throughout and has been portrayed in a pretty positive light, despite being best buds with “the badass” for the first 12 days. He now has an idol and finds himself in a fairly solid position. Though he is placed towards the bottom of his alliance, a shake up is an absolute certainty in this season (given the threat that couples pose) and he definitely has the ability to go on an immunity run.

I was sad to see Josh go. Of the two titans (Josh and Jeremy), Josh was definitely the more likeable player and if this vote had have fallen in his favour, I think he would’ve been able to manoeuvre his way to the final tribal council without too much difficulty.

Jeremy finds himself in a strong position, though he’s sure to be the first member of his alliance targeted once the numbers start to dwindle. He’ll either need to constantly flip-flop between alliances (á la Tony Vlachos) or go on a very long immunity run in order to make it to the end. However, even if he does make the FTC, unless he’s able to drag a Goat (*cough cough* Jaclyn *cough cough*) he won’t win, as he’s too winey and condescending to beat anyone who’s even remotely respected by the other jurors.

Natalie seems to be doing a great job of shielding herself with Jeremy and I think she has enough game savvy to know that she’ll need to dispose of him before the FTC in order to get the credit she deserves.

Muffin also deserves a mention, as her game play continues to improve and once again she was able to protect her biggest ally, her daughter. She is definitely a dark horse, though she may be another that struggles for votes at the end.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 8th recap features Abi-Maria Gomes and Pete Yurkowski from Philippines! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Natalie (Abi) Natalie (Pete)
DARK HORSE: Missy (Abi) Alec (Pete)
NEXT TO GO: Jon (Abi) Keith (Pete)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Alec (Abi) Rocker (Pete)

Join us next week as we are joined by Joel Klug from Borneo and Gervase Peterson from Borneo & Blood vs Water to help us recap the ninth episode of San Juan Del Sur!



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  1. Nice recap.
    Ben, who is the 4th person you think can win? Obviously Jon, Jaclyn, Jeremy. Is Natalie the 4th? Or Missy?

  2. I’m really glad you guys aren’t determining that this is a bad season and are keeping an open mind; it annoys me how people are ranting about this season being bad. I mean, yeah, compared to the last to awesome season, this one’s a little lacking, but it’s still enjoyable. People should just stop hating on seasons and just enjoy that we’re getting a new installment of the great game of Survivor!

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