Survivor Audition Tips – Let’s get more Super fans on the show!


It’s Monday which means it’s features time, and today we have a very special guest post for you which could always help you land a spot on the show you love! Today Kris Cameron from Survivor Audition Tips sits down and gives you some advice that you can use when it comes to putting together an audition tape and apply for Survivor, and perhaps find yourself in the middle of a deserted island fighting it out for a million dollars! Read on and learn and help yourself apply!

It’s already that time of year again – the time when Survivor opens up its casting application form for the next two seasons. As we want to see more true Survivor fans apply, this article will share some secret casting tips to incorporate into your audition video.

Will we always see recruits? According to Jeff Probst, the reasons more Survivor superfans aren’t cast is, “Because [we] don’t receive enough quality applications.”

Lynne Spillman, who’s in charge of casting for “Survivor”, has said in interviews that the show regularly receives tens of thousands of applications, but most aren’t from what the show considers to be good candidates. Thus, the show recruits, often models or actors (dubbed “mactors”) although those people still go through the casting process. To help true Survivor fans make their best audition tape, we created Survivor Audition Tips, which contains important video tips, example Survivor audition videos, and producer interviews so you can find out what the Survivor casting directors are looking for.

We’ll share a few secret tips with you:


Make the first 15 seconds count – Because the casting directors receive so many audition tapes, if you don’t catch their attention within the first 15 to 30 seconds, your chances of being contacted drop dramatically. Put your selling point at the very beginning of your tape!

Storyteller – Make sure to tell an interesting and memorable story about yourself. This may be one of the most important traits they are looking for. If you can tell a story about yourself and keep the viewer engaged, then you will have a great shot at being noticed. Survivor is all about the story and being able to convey what’s going on to the viewer.

20 second sound bites — If you’ve watched Survivor, you have seen confessionals (where the Survivor talks one-on-one). These confessionals maybe last 20 seconds and so should your video clips. Talk for 20 seconds and then change the scene. Keep it lively. Keep it condensed. Don’t ramble on. Figure out what you want to say in 20 seconds!

Be specific – Don’t speak in general statements. For example, you could say, “I want to make big moves” which is a general (and boring) statement OR you could say, “I will hide all the rice and blame the strongest player on my tribe, which will cause chaos!” The last statement is specific and a lot more interesting.

Three main themes — Sex, Conflict and Comedy. When casting Survivor players, they usually slot the players in one of these three main themes. Choose the one that best fits you and incorporate that into your video. If you don’t bring any of these traits with you, think of a scenario where you could. Using one of these three themes will help your chances of being noticed.

According to Jeff Probst, quoted in a People magazine interview, “I’d say we look for people who know themselves, do interesting things, and can present and articulate themselves well. Not everyone is going to be a young beauty like Morgan, and not everyone is going to be as large of a personality as Tony. We’ll cast a Kass, Trish, Woo or Tasha. We want people who are dynamic, genuine, and totally open to the adventure”.


Given the lukewarm reception for Blood vs Water 2 (sorry Ben I know you love it!), which is a season full of recruits, there is a feeling that seasons 31 and 32 will have a cast full of superfans that know how to play the game, but the audition videos must be good quality!

For more tips, interviews and example Survivor audition clips, visit our site:

Let’s get the true Survivor fans back on the show.


What do you think of this advice? Is there any other tips you think would be useful? Let us know below!



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  1. you can tell its a season of recruits. so many non-genuine characters in the season.missy, bayor!

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