The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 8 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


So we’ve had our week off…I’ve told Noah his love of the Flight Attendants is ridiculous…and we should all love the Lolly Queens…the debate rages on…(I’m clearly right)…but in the meantime…we have another episode of The Amazing Race!

Previously on…The Amazing Race: The teams raced to Italy, drove Go Karts on old race tracks, painted and opera-ed their way to the pit stop…and T&T survived the non-elimination leg…

So we still have 6 teams left…who are they? Why do we care?

#1 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#2 The Cyclists (Kym & Alli)

#3 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#4 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#5 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#6 T&T (Tim & Tejay)

We are in Sicily! It’s race time! Also…the starting little…highlights of each team suck…where are the epic challenges!!!

Team Pearly Whites are going to get us started!

Fly…actually…Ferry…to Malta! When they arrive…they’ll need to pick up drinks from ‘The Bridge’s Bar’, and take them up stairs to get their next clue from the Knights of Malta

Malta eh? I like that!

Team Pearly Whites have won four legs…Jim says he’s ready for the thumb! Jim still scares me…


Ready for insertion…

The Cyclists and Lolly Queens take off to little fanfare…and little knowledge of where Malta is! We also find out that Amy injured her leg before the race started (so stop bagging her Noah!)…she tried to work out too hard…see…it’s all in the commitment…you’re just mean Noah!

The Wrestlers depart…and make fun of Amy’s leg…that’s to be expected…pricks! (Not really…I like them…)

The Soul Surfers depart…and briefly make us remember they still have an express pass…

T&T Depart…typical back of the pack conversations…

And all the teams get on a ferry together…no racing required!

Team Pearly Whites mention the Cyclists have gone off by themselves…that annoys the Wrestlers! In fact…everyone is in on it! Everyone is ready to U-Turn the cyclists….interesting!

The Wrestlers want Codenames for everyone! They decide on Sniper and Viper…Team Pearly Whites goes for Molar, and Cusped…The Lolly Queens are Cookies and Cream…brilliant!


Everyone having fun!

We get to Malta and the racing actually starts! They all race to the taxis! And get to the Bridge bar…with the Soul Surfers getting there first! They get a brief detail of the fact they can’t drop anything…and they have to clean anything up they break! The Wrestlers follow them in, as does everyone else…

So everyone is carrying stuff! Although Jim dropped stuff…so did Maya…they have to clean up their mess!

The Soul Surfers and Cyclists look like they’re doing better….Brooke is worried she won’t make it the whole way!

The Soul Surfers find the knights! Adam places his tray down…and…disaster for Bethany! She’s smashed her glasses only metres from the knights! Oh what cruelty! They then have to run past everyone else…that must suck! And have to clean their mess up!


So close! But broken!

Everyone else is still moving slowly…we’re just waiting for someone to break something!

There we go…someone just smashed it….one of T&T buggered it up! Oh dear!

The Cyclists don’t make that mistake! Neither do the Wrestlers! They get their next clue!

Proceed to the Boathouse at Zurrieq Valley Sea Inlet and search for their next clue

And…there goes Amy’s glassware…oh dear…


Not the Lolly Queen’s future careers…

And…the tension between the Wrestlers and the Cyclists starts! The Cyclists get a taxi and say they’ll call for one for the Wrestlers…the Wrestlers kind of don’t believe them…but they say they are calling…once they drive off…Kym says they shouldn’t…and Alli tells the driver to cancel the taxi…brutal…but all in the rules!

The Soul Surfers are carrying glasses again…T&T are getting their broom to sweep up the mess…and Amy drops glassware again…back in the bar…I feel I’ve cursed them now…

On the positive note…Team Pearly Whites finish and are off to the boathouse

Soul Surfers finish shortly afterwards…T&T get theirs done too!

The Wrestlers can’t find a taxi! The Soul Surfers can’t find one either…T&T find one easily!

The Lolly Queens drop their glass by bumping into each other…come on now! This is just ridiculous!

Team Pearly Whites get a cab…right in front of the Wrestlers…and then the Soul Surfers get one…and the Wrestlers are stuffed again! After a small dramatic break… they get one!

The First teams arrive at the boathouse…to find hanging thing-a-ma-jigs with times on them (7:30 or 7:45), which means the whole thing we watched seems a tad futile…I’ll be honest…I hate shit when there are start times for stuff that is just…not cool! The Lolly Queens should be really far behind and they won’t be…and I like the Lolly Queens!


Just take a hanging thingy…nothing special here!

T&T are also annoyed…as they get there first with the cyclists…but of course…must wait before they can do their speed bump…I get their frustrations! They do well to be ahead…and…they will be bunched up again before they get their punishment! The Cyclists and Team Pearly Whites get the other early times!

The Lolly Queens finally finish! And the remaining teams of the Soul Surfers, Wrestlers and Lolly Queens get their little thingy’s at the boat house with their times.

We’re briefly treated to teams sleeping on the ground in Malta…that’s unexciting! But luckily it’s 7:30am soon! The first teams get their clue for the morning…and it’s a roadblock!

Who is feeling Blue?

In this roadblock, teams must repel 20 stories off a cliff into the Blue Grotto (kind of like an underwater cave), and meet their teammate there and search for a clue


I’ll be honest…while it looks nice…it seems like a shit roadblock!

So we have our 6 representatives! Alli, Misti, Amy, Bethany, Robbie and Tim!

The first 3 teams set off at the same time…and Misti flies off it! Not literally…she repels fast…so does Alli! In fact…Alli passes Misti! Tim however…is…struggling!

So then the 3 dive in the water and search for the boat…and get the clue…this roadblock is pretty but…pretty shit!


These repellers Rock! Sorry…that was awful!

Brooke is over the Cyclists! She really wants to U-Turn the Cyclists!

The Cyclists do have the next clue though…they are in the lead!

Proceed to the Church of St. Scholastica and search for their next clue

There were lots of long words in there…I didn’t get them all…props to Phil for the pronouncing!

The Second group takes off! And as always…Bethany destroys everyone…Robbie does catch up…Amy narrowly behind…

As the Cyclists get off the boat…we get MORE LIVE PHIL COMMENTARY!!! He tells them they are in the lead heading to the detour…that must make you feel good knowing Phil is telling you you’re in the lead! They tell Phil to have fun! Of course he is! He has the best job in the world!


The moment Phil tells you you’re winning in the middle of a leg!

The second group hit the water…and Bethany is destroying everyone…to no one’s surprise by now…she’s just a beast! Amy passes Robbie in the water…proving Wrestlers need more water matches!


I feel a reference to Blues Clues is necessary with all the…blue

Brooke makes fun of Robbie for losing to Amy…so does Amy!

The Cyclists get to the Detour…and it seems they will have to blindly select a challenge!


Blind choice! Well…just read the name!

Flag: Grab a flag at the end of a greasy pole…one a yellow flag, one a green flag


Shine: Teams must re-shine armour that is no longer shiny


That’s cruel! And by cruel…I mean…can we do that more often? It will make the names seem much more important!

So…the Cyclists choose Flag! I think flag looks like great fun…but incredibly frustrating…I look forward to it!

Alli just walks out and gets the Yellow flag…gun!

Kym has the much harder task…the Red one is so far up!

T&T turn up at that task…without finding the detour…so they then realise they have to find the detour…and their impending speedbump…which they find after a minute!

T&T have to carefully paint a Maltese cross on 2 shields…once that is done…they can keep racing…


Like in art class…but more vicious!

We cut to Team Pearly White having a crack at the Detour task…who then realise…after several attempts…they never got the clue…oops…There’s somewhere Team Pearly Whites should’ve gone first!

Can they figure it out??? They need to make it to the Detour…so…back to the Detour!

Kym is continuing to try…but it’s hard…too hard for her…they’re off to Shine!

Team Pearly Whites, Lolly Queens and Soul Surfers then all fine the clue to the actual detour…with the blind information…

Lolly Queens and Pearly Whites are off to Shine…Soul Surfers are off to flag!

I bet Bethany gets the red one first try…

At the Speedbump…T&T start to make their shields!

The Wrestlers get their clue…and head off to Shine!

I’ll put it bluntly…Shine looks shit! Why wasn’t the Pole thing the Roadblock!!!

Everyone says it’s ridiculous and time consuming…

At Flag…Bethany doesn’t even have to get it in one…the Soul Surfers USE THEIR EXPRESS PASS! Well played! That’s a smart time to use it! And as a result…they are off to the Pit Stop!


Secret Weapon!

Proceed to the Pit Stop, Fort Manoel, the last team to check in…may be eliminated!



Back at the Speedbump…T&T have got through the shields…and have gone back to Flag…brave! And entertaining! That’s what we want!


B+ for effort!

The Lolly Queens…Queens of directions…have ended up at the wrong detour…so I think they’re trying flag as well…this is terrible for my favourite team…but I’m just hoping they’ll have a crack at it…I WANT FALLS!!!


Like so…

We get a few good falls from T&T…but Amy can’t run…so it’s off to the other Detour for them!

At the Shining…Team Pearly Whites are saying they’re used to cleaning things but not this strenuously! The Wrestlers are bothered that they are behind others…but then the Lolly Queens show up…and they feel a bit better about it!


There’s cleaning…nothing else at all to report!

It looks much harder at the Flag…where Tim is struggling to get anywhere remotely close to the Red flag!

We cut to the Pit Stop…and the Soul Surfers are of course comfortably number one…greeted with another fantastic greeter! They have each won $10,000…not bad at all! They’re so excited to be able to do this together!


Phil and his new best friend…also a guy holding the Maltese Falcon!

Back at the detour…the shining specifically…Team Pearly Whites are nearly done…but most of the others seem to be struggling…Brooke is particularly bothered…and after Robbie pesters her…she says she wants to try the other Detour…so they are off to do flags! Yes! I like flags!

The killjoys…also known at Team Pearly Whites…then get the clue for the Shining…that was unexciting! But they’re off to the pit stop!

T&T are still struggling at the flag…but they’re keeping at it! And the Wrestlers show up! I wonder if anyone will be able to get to that red flag!



Brooke asks question of the day…where do they come up with these sports?

Robbie then plants into the water…so does Brooke…then Robbie does again…and they decide it’s not for them and go back to the other task…I thought wrestlers would be good at taking water beatings…but apparently not!


More falls!

T&T are still bickering…and Tim is getting more frustrated that he can’t do it!

The Wrestlers turn up back at the Shining…giving the other teams renewed hope!

The Cyclists try…their armour needs more cleaning

The Lolly Queens try…they need more polish!

The Cyclists try again…they’re all good! And they are off to the Pit Stop

Speaking of that…Team Pearly Whites check in as team number 2!

The Lolly Queens…back at the Shining…get the clue! They are off to the pit stop!

Tim is still trying hard at the flags…but he’s really not getting close! Here comes his 25th attempt! Full sprinting….still no good!


One final fall!

At least they’re still willing to try this one over and over again! No…wait…no…they’re switching!

The Cyclists check in as team number 3…and show off their guns…


Yep…bigger than mine…and I’m referring to Alli’s

The Wrestlers need more polish…but seeing T&T turn up gives them a bit more energy and enthusiasm and hope!

Back at the pit stop…the Lolly Queens check in as team number 4! And Maya goes on a happy lap! She’s just loving life and the Amazing Race! That’s why I support them Noah…the happiest man in podcasting has to love the happiest team in The Amazing Race!


Happy run!

So it’s down to 2…the Wrestlers and T&T…

The Wrestlers…with a bit of butt kissing…get the nod from the judges! They are off to the pit stop!

They’re back to their old enemy though…taxis! They ask for T&T’s taxi…but their bags are in it…they need to find a taxi! Surely not? They ask some locals to call them a taxi…while T&T continue with the challenge…and finish! Surely not?

Here’s a taxi for the Wrestlers…they might still be in front! T&T jump in their cab…and it’s off to the pit stop…who will get there first?

Who will it be?

It’s………………….The Wrestlers!

They’ve arrived as team number 5! And there’s an incredibly awkward attempt for Robbie to tell Phil what team they are using his pecs…sometimes just tell them the news Phil…especially when they’re 5 of 6!


Don’t be confused…but his pecs are counting…

So that leaves T&T in last place…they are unfortunately eliminated from the race! Rough! But…that’s how it goes…and they even get a montage of them doing the race! That’s pretty good! They did do team Purple proud!


Back to our College Debts…

So that’s the leg…who is left?

#1 Soul Surfers – Used the express pass well…didn’t do anything wrong…Bethany dominated the roadblock…well played!

#2 Team Pearly Whites – Well they did everything well…you can’t fault that…

#3 The Cyclists – One of their off days…and they still managed 3rd…Looks like they’ve made some enemies though…that could be costly in the upcoming legs!

#4 Lolly Queens – Managed to stuff up both the glassware task and the flag task…but still did enough…they stay composed under pressure and that seems to be their strong point

#5 The Wrestlers – You never really know what you’re going to get with them…sometimes it’s great…usually it’s awful…but if it all gets put together they are still a huge threat!

Leg Assessment: Honestly…meh! The challenges were lame…and the best two weren’t very influential…the first glass task should’ve not resulted in times for a boat afterwards…and the Flag task should’ve been a roadblock…

Detour Assessment: One was exciting but nearly impossible…the other was just dead boring…but the whole blind detour part was interesting…I’d like to see that more with more distances between them…so teams are forced to persist with their choices!

Roadblock Assessment: Pretty…but…pretty pointless…Should’ve been the flags!

We’re down to 5…it’s crunch time! Time to separate the winners from the losers!

Tune in next week for our episode 9 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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  1. I agree that it was a smart time to use the Express Pass, but this was also the last leg Soul Surfers could have used the pass, according to the rules. Just like next leg is the last opportunity to use the Salvage Pass. Not that it will be necessary, most likely, but you never know.

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