Survivor: The Ex Factor

ExFactorAritcle Monday is the day that brings you features and today Ozlet Bridget Vellturo brings an interesting article about a possible twist of Survivor that could bring for one hell of a season! How does the idea sound of getting couples to play together who previously had formed relationships? Juicy? Exciting? We think so too! But just which couples would you put out there to battle it out between each other? Click below to find out and see if your favourite ‘ex-couple’ has made the list!

Way WAYYY back in 2003 (Survivor: Thailand as a reference for you all) Big Brother, Survivor’s summertime sibling, introduced a twist into the game known as “the Ex Factor”. Various types of exes from college sweethearts to a seven year-long relationship lived and competed together resulting in one of the most cutthroat and entertaining seasons of Big Brother to date. The added twist of the exes led us deeper into the back stories of the contestants as well as kept constant conflict in the house. Here at Survivor Oz, we LOVE to ask, “what if?”, in this case the question is “what if Survivor did “the Ex Factor”? And what if they did it with returning players? I, for one, see this as a great opportunity to bring some people back who would be entertaining to play and the drama the twist will inherently provide would produce some new and intriguing strategies. Will the exes barely be able to live on the same beach as each other? Or will they use their presumed distain for each other to hide an alliance? Here are some former Survivor couples who, after anywhere between an onscreen hook-up to a relationship lasting year, went their separate ways and who I think would make a great cast for Survivor: The Ex Factor.

NOTE: I didn’t count showmances that I wasn’t sure were legitimate or not. For example, Candice and Adam were definitely a showmance, given we see them kiss on screen, as are Rob and Amber. For showmances such as Parvati and James, for example, although there is much speculation, we cannot fully confirm it happened.

NOTE2: I chose to go with a 16-person format like the old school seasons. This gives us a better chance to get to know each player.

Candice Woodcock (now Cody) (Cook Islands, Heroes vs Villains, Blood vs Water) and Adam Gentry (Cook Islands) (Showmanced)


Part of what made BB4: The Ex Factor so interesting was the range of relationships, past and present. It would be interesting to see how these two interact considering Candice is now married. I doubt John Cody will be very happy with the fact that Candice is playing once again with Adam and it would be interesting to see how she deals her former fling: will she join forces with him or turn her back?

Todd Herzog (China) and Spencer Duhm (Tocantins) (Dated)


After almost a four-year-long relationship, it would be interesting to see the dynamic between these two. Also one of the only flaws I found with BB4: The Ex Factor was that they included no same-sex couples. This would improve upon that original fault.

Kat Edorsson (One World, Blood vs Water) and Hayden Moss (Blood vs Water) (Dated)


It would be interesting to compare and contrast the relationship between these two in Blood vs. Water and in the Ex Factor. It’s the only couple on the list we see coming into their first season in a relationship and coming into their second season together apart.

Ozzy Lusth (Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific) and Amanda Kimmel (China, Micronesia, Heroes vs Villains) (dated)


I would LOVE to see these two play on a season together now that they’ve split. Both of them have such pristine Survivor records, it would be interesting to see them lose their cool and yell at each other from two usually temperate people.

Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands) and Mary Sartain (Micronesia) (Engaged)


One of the more under-the-radar- Survivor couples, Pearl Islands Ryno and Mary of Mikey-n-Mary-in-Micronesia were once engaged. With such a deep relationship gone awry and two players who we didn’t really ever get to see play, both of them would be interesting to have back.

David Murphy (Redemption Island) and Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins) (Engaged)


Everyone remembers the randomness of this engagement from the Survivor: Redemption Island finale, but, alas, it didn’t last (shocker). It would be awesome to see David play again and I would even put up with Carolina’s annoying voice on my TV to give him the chance. Also I feel like Carolina being on an island with her ex would stir up a whole lot of tension and drama.

Dreamz Herd (Fiji) and NaOnka Mixon (Nicaragua) (Dated)


Many of you are probably gapping open-mouthed at the computer right now being like “Dreamz and NaOnka dated?!??” But close your mouth, think about it, and it actually makes sense that those two personalities meshed (although I guess obviously didn’t mesh that well because the couple is no longer). Both entertaining individually, I can only imagine the amazingness on TV if the two of them were put on an island together with no food. Please, CBS, overlook that NaOnka is a quitter and have her back!

Ethan Zohn (Africa, All-Stars) and Jenna Morasca (Amazon, All-Stars) (Dated)


Many times when bringing back players, it’s good to include big names from the earlier season to get viewers back into the show. Well, what a better way to do that that to bring two early winners back with underrated game play? I don’t think either Ethan or Jenna would be targeted as many people don’t they played that hard in their respective seasons. Also, considering their relationship spanned almost a decade and numerous spats of cancer on Ethan’s part, most people thought these two would end up married. Their split came as a shock to many and them back on Survivor may give us more insight to when Survivors second power-couple of all time started going downhill.

What do you think this idea? Are there any other ex couples you would like to see play together? Let us know below!



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8 Comments on Survivor: The Ex Factor

  1. Brennen Parker // December 1, 2014 at 10:37 am // Reply


  2. Wow, so shocked to learn that NaOnka and Dreamz have dated… Two of the players I respect the least, just imagining them together is horrible for me.

    I think you would need twenty layers for such a season. Why wouldn’t you include Stephen and Courtney? They’e not together anymore, and Courtney would be fantastic on such a season. (Plus this pair comes from the same seasons than the Todd-Spencer couple, which could be interesting in terms of strategy).

    Maybe Rob and Sarah could fill the last spot.

  3. Brennen Parker // December 1, 2014 at 10:41 am // Reply

    Otherwise a very good list. I’d take one of these three: Carolina and David (Carolinas voice is literally unbearable. Cant even get over it to allow one of my favorite post HvV contestants to play again), Ryan and Mary (who???) Or Kat and Hayden (i think they only pretended to date to get a Big Brother winner on survivor. Not a very legitimate couple)

  4. If we replace Kat/Hayden (who most likely were only together so Hayden could live his dream of being on Survivor), with Stephen/Courtney, then that season would be far better.

  5. Kat and Hayden were a legitimate couple, and it wasn’t his dream to be on the show. If it was his dream he wouldn’t have been a recruit for Nicaragua originally and got transferred to BB last minute.

    I would love to see Colleen and Greg again but neither would do it I don’t believe, so why not Jerri and Colby even though they were never a real showmance

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