Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Sweethearts


Wednesday is here, and it’s top 10 day! The sweet and seemingly innocent have made for some of the most likeable contestants on Survivor, and this week in our Survivor Oz Top 10, your favourite Norwegian Ferdinand Joppe counts down his top 10 Survivor sweethearts! Will these 10 castaways hit your sweet spot or should there be others who seemed destined to make the list but didn't? Let us know your thoughts with a comment! Click to read more!

So what exactly is a sweetheart, easiest way to find out, lets Google it!

“Someone who’s kind-hearted, nice, sweet, great person, personality, lovely to be around and just a great friend.” – Urbandictornary

Okay okay, I guess that leaves NaOnka out of the running. Too further narrow it down and make it easier to create this list I decided to only include women. Sorry guys, next time!

I tried to make this list a mix between who the general public most likely agrees on are the sweethearts of Survivor, but I also added in some contestants that not everyone possibly even remember that well, and some that certainly everyone wont agree with. Leeeeets go!

10. Lydia Morales – Guatemala


Here at Survivor Oz we like to advocate as much as possible on how great  of a season Guatemala actually is. Such an underrated season with a very underrated cast. In my opinion Lydia is one of the most underrated (gonna stop using that word now) sweethearts of all time. Lydia the fishmonger was often on the chopping block because of her lack of physical strength in challenges, but more than made up for it by providing valuable food and worked hard around camp. She attached herself to more assertive players such as Gary, Brian and Stephenie instead of making big moves in the game. What made her a sweetheart was her high tribe spirit, always cheering on the tribe wether it be in challenges or just around camp. Her painting the merge flag and coming up with the name. Number one of sweet Lydia moments however has gotta be her dancing and singing, such a cutie!

9. Jan Gentry – Thailand

Jan Gentry

“Wait what? Is this Survivor top 10 hags?!”

Just relax, there will be some younger more traditional sweethearts higher up on the list!

Just like Lydia, Jan was the oldest woman on her season, as well as -just- missing out on the the last tribal council. Jan started out the season by picking her tribe-mates as well as the camp they were going to live in, quite the responsibilities. After loosing 3 of the first 4 immunity challenges it seemed like Jan might had made some bad choices, but then it all turned around and everyone on the Sook Jai was eliminated one by one. Throughout the season Jan had a positive attitude and did her best to help her friends and tribe-mates, such as celebrating Helen’s 20th anniversary, comforting Ghandia and just overall being adorable. Jan is also the first contestant to hug and kiss Jeff Probst goodbye as she was voted out. Thank you for almost making Thailand watchable Jan!

8. Lisa Whelchel – Philippines

lisa welchel

Lisa was the proverbial church mom and was well liked by everyone on her Tribe. She wasn’t afraid to play for her own benefit but managed to do this without alienating other tribe mates and taking out Fan favourite despite being in a season where there were returning castaways. She proved she was a player to be reckoned with, and her strong social game and supportive nature made her one of the most likeable Survivor motherly figures we had seen since Holly Hoffman back in Nicaragua.

7. Sugar Kiper – Gabon & Heroes vs Villains

sugar kiper

The first youngster on the list!

Sugar might be sweet, but is Miss Kiper really a sweetheart?

“HELL NO F**** * ** ** ** * ****” – Corinne Kaplan

Sorry Corinne, I like your spunk, but I also think Sugar was adorable during her time on Gabon. Although her character started quiet her screen time exploded as she was sent to Exile Island for the first time where she chose to search for the idol instead of receiving comfort. Although others thought she couldn’t find it, Sugar did, and later on voted out everyone who doubted in her abilities. Sugar was then sent several several times to Exile Island where she got to relax and eat fruit, in the end she even started feeling guilty as she got much more food than everyone else. Sugar’s plan was to vote out “the bad” people such as Corinne and Randy, which she did, and she dragged Bob and Susie with her to the final tribal council. I really wish Sugar had won Gabon, but sadly she faced a very very bitter jury that treated her terribly during FTC. Although her legacy is slightly damaged after being first out of Heroes Vs Villains Sugar will still be remembered for her upbeat attitude, the fight for the good players, and of course the Sugar Shack/

6. Amanda Kimmel – China, Micronesia & Heroes vs Villains

amanda kimmel

Amanda is possibly my favourite ‘girl next door’-player and definitely the most successful. Throughout her three seasons she has always stayed relevant in the strategic element of the game, more often than not running it, and she made it to the final tribal council twice, but as we all know bombed them. Amanda is often paired with Parvati and she often ends up in her shadow. However when it comes to sweetness I think Amanda beats Parvati hands down. Although often brutal in both challenges and blindsiding people left and right Amanda managed to still appear like an honest, friendly player while staying loyal to her closest allies in all her seasons.

5. Amber Mariano – Australian Outback & All-Stars


Although probably one of the least favourite winners Amber is still one heck of a sweetheart. Hailing from the season with the most viewers, Australian Outback, Amber quickly managed to gain a fanbase who appreciated her kind, yet under-the-radar gameplay. She if  mostly remembered as the “what?!” returnee for All Stars where she was cast as the “sweetheart”-archetype after several other prior contestants declined the offer. Although  a random returnee at first Amber quickly took game (some would say Rob) by the horns and rode it all the way to the end where she won, got married to possibly the most popular player of all time, then got a million baby girls and is now living happily ever after. Amber truly is an American Sweetheart!

4. Cirie Fields – Panama, Micronesia & Heroes Vs Villains

cirie fields

Today Cirie is remembered mostly as one of the bigger masterminds of the game. However join back to the beginning of Panama. Episode one, Cirie freaks out over leaves, she is one of the bigger women on the cast, looks like an obvious early boot. Cirie seemed to be out of her element, but she quickly adjusted and became of the most popular players to ever play the game. Cirie is the epitome of the regular Jane/Joe, she is the kind of player the audience sees themselves in, and to see her do well made people love her even more.

3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Australian Outback

Elisabeth filarski

Elisabeth is one the contestants who got the biggest media and television career out of Survivor by becoming a talk show host on The View. If you look at Elisabeth right now she probably would not end up on many top 10 sweetheart lists, top 10 conservative hosts, top 10 fights with Whoopi Goldberg – yes, but probably not a sweetheart. However back in Survivor’s heydays Elisabeth became known for her sweet relationship with Rodger and how the two of them clawed their way to the end of the game, but where she sadly was voted out in 4th place. Elisabeth became on of the most popular younger women ever to compete on the show and is still high on many people’s wishful returnee lists.

2. Kathy Vavrick O’Brien – Marquesas & All-Stars

kathy vavrick obrien

Oh Kathy my Kathy you are my favourite player of all time! Her story in Marquesas is the best narrative storyline of one contestant the show has ever had. From outsider and underdog she became invaluable to the tribe as the main food provider. From being the most annoying person on her tribe she became the most well respected and the one both the jury and the audience felt deserved to win the season. She also became a challenge beast winning several immunity challenges and reward challenges in her two seasons. Kathy like Cirie and Amanda is a very strategic player who manages to be adorable while voting you out. One of my favourite moments with Kathy is of course how adorkable she became when drinking beer with Boston Rob before the merge. Kathy certainly deserves a top spot on this sweetheart list thanks to one the best edited characters of all time, an infectious laughter, great gameplay and sweet motherly nurturing instincts Kathy is an amazing sweetheart.

1. Colleen Haskell – Borneo

colleen haskell

There was never any question who was going to be number 1 was it? Colleen is the epitome of the Survivor Sweetheart. Going all the way back to good ol’ season 1 Colleen played one of the most popular games on the beach of Borneo. Colleen’s gameplay might not have been the most strategic, but it took her far enough to become the sweetheart we all remember. She was also one half of the first ever survivor romance with Greg (Greg totally deserves a spot on this list as the male counterpart). Colleen’s girl-next-door look alongside her sweet personality, the romance and her hatred of the evil alliances makes her the number 1 sweetheart of all time, congratulations Colleen!

Honourable Mentions: Jefra Bland, LaTasha Fox, Andrea Boehlke, Brenda Lowe, Natalie White, Taj Johnson George, Gillian Larson, Leslie Nease, Sierra Reed, Jane Bright, Purple Kelly, Kathy Sleckman

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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22 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Sweethearts

  1. Tina should be on this list I think.

  2. MICHELLE YI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She should be top 3 with Colleen and Elisabeth and she in not even in the honourable mentions?!?

    Sugar a sweetheart? Hell no. Just remember how nasty she has been towards Randy and Ace. (Plus the finger to Sandra and the betrayal of Matty)

    Amanda is also difficult to put in it as she was highly involved in two of the greatest deceptions in Survivor’s history: James’ and Erik’s blindsides. And she doesn’t have enough charm nor sweetness to compensate that, contrary to someone like Cirie.

  3. Jen from Palau and Michelle from Pearl Islands.

  4. Sugar and Amber GTFO

    Let’s bring in Michelle Yi and Neleh Dennis.

    Now that’s right!

  5. Sugar? Really?!
    I, personally, prefer Brenda or Taj or even Sierra
    Btw nice top 10 🙂

  6. What’s the guy version of sweetheart?

  7. I would have definitely put Michelle Yi and Jenn Lyon on this list!

  8. SurvivorFan1295 // December 3, 2014 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    No Natalie White or Taj? Love Sugar, but the girl was mean (see the auction or how she went out of her way to embarrass Randy or teach Corinne a lesson).

  9. There should be a separate list for the older women because sweethearts are suppose to be young women such as Michelle Yi and Colleen Haskell. Also, picking Sugar over Michelle is a pretty big F**k up.

  10. MICHELLE YI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Too much Michelle love, man…! She definitely projected a sweetheart image, but Ben’s interview with Sylvia changed my mind about her.

    24:22 mark:

  12. GamingConner // December 6, 2014 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    I think Neleh should have totally made this list. She was such a kind soul.

  13. My mom and I just got together to do our list and this is our list (actually Top 15) that we both agreed on:

    1st) Jefra
    2nd) Colleen
    3rd) Baylor
    4th) Sugar
    5th) Christy – the deaf lady from Survivor Amazon
    6th) Brenda
    7th) Lisa
    8th) Jan
    9th) Tijuana – Pearl Islands
    10th) Andrea
    11th) Chelsea
    12th) Laura M
    13th) Scout
    14th) Hali – 1st jury member on the current (awesome!) season of Worlds Apart
    15th) Tina

  14. What about Taj?

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