Big Brother Oz–Season 11 Interview Special + Priya Malik & Estelle Landy Interview


Another season of Big Brother Australia has wrapped up but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring you a special episode that will get your Big Brother appetite wet for more! Today Ben & Kristan return for a very special post-season episode by chatting to the one, the only, PRIYA ‘PRISUS’ MALIK as well as season 9 third place finisher Estelle Landy! It’s a special episode that you are wishing you are already listening to! Click below now!

After an entire season of praising and loving the lovable and amazing Priya, Ben & Kristan finally get the opportunity to speak to her holiness herself about her time on the show! In the chat she talks about adapting back to regular life, the amazing social media fandom she received when she was in the house, her strategic side and just how she felt that should be perceived as well as which housemates she will remain in contact with and which ones she won’t as well as just being all kinds of awesome and amazing!

Added to the Priya chat, Ben & Kristan also sit down with 2012 third place getter Estelle Landy, who was the subject of talkings throughout the season both on the show and online in forums. In our chat she talks about just how life has changed for her in the two years since her season, her relationship with former housemates, her online fan community, the chances of an all star season as well as the ‘win percentage’ scandal and talking about THAT horse!

Keep an eye out in the off season as future episodes of Big Brother Oz may make another appearance!

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