The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 9 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


It’s that time of week…apologies for the delay…I have a life…it got in the way…

But I have an hour or so now to finally watch and recap (or as Rossi calls it…Recrap) the Amazing Race…Damn it Rossi!

Previously on…The Amazing Race: We raced to Malta, U-turn plans against the Cyclists were put into motion, and according to Phil…T&T should’ve given up…and because they didn’t…they were eliminated

There you go kids…if you don’t give up…things don’t work out for you…so just quit!

But we’re obviously not going to do that! And I’m here to persist with this week’s episode! So who do we have left?

#1 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#2 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#3 The Cyclists (Kym & Alli)

#4 The Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#5 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

Quick note…I actually found Bethany’s movie called Soul Surfer this week…haven’t watched it or downloaded it (I mean…bought legally)…but now I’m slightly less excited by the name Soul Surfer…anyway…I digress!

So…we are in Malta…at Fort Manoel!

The Soul Surfers are up first!

Fly to Singapore! Once you land, take a ferry, and run a km inland and search for a marked coconut stand, drink all the coconut juice and receive your next clue!

I’ve always wanted to go to Singapore!

I’m assuming there aren’t many regular flights from Malta to Singapore…so we’re probably all bunched up aren’t we?


The Soul Surfers say they’ll stick with the plan even if they’re not that keen on it. Also…great info…the teams have flights to Paris…but can then search for better things…that works for me!

They book a flight for a 6:40am arrival in Singapore

Team Pearly Whites depart, and Jim points out the same plan to double u-turn the cyclists…someone is either going to back out or get unhappy here…there’s a lot of talk on this move!

They meet with the Soul Surfers…Misti is really excited about the U-Turn…didn’t pick that! They get the same flights

The Cyclists depart…and are disappointed that the Save is still in play, and are worried they might be U-Turned…

They find a quicker flight though that doesn’t go to Paris…which they are allowed to take…oops on the Soul Surfers and Team Pearly White’s part…that flight gets in at 6am!

Jim fills us in on a new rule this season that once you book tickets…you have to stick to them, you can’t re-book tickets…thanks for letting us know that one producers…or Phil! So the others are stuck!


Not happy Jim!

The Cyclists celebrate! The others get frustrated and don’t want to hang around! The Lolly Queens arrive, and the Cyclists decide to give them the information…because they beat them every time…taking the goats to the end eh? The Lolly Queens are grateful though and are happy to get anyone out!


Party at the Travel Agents!

The Wrestlers depart and are really keen to U-Turn the cyclists…They also get on the first flight…as they simply ask if everyone got on the same flight…and ask who’s silly enough to not check that information…Someone’s gonna get angry!

We’re in Singapore now then! The first teams al jump on the boat to the Island off Singapore…it looks fantastic…they see a plane that they decide is the other teams’ plane…

The race is on then…lots of running! The Cyclists are there first…but all 3 teams are drinking! The Cyclists…again…are quickest!

There’s a fast forward clue! Teams can receive the fast forward by going to a surfing wave simulator and staying on for 2 minutes!

Regular Route info: Proceed to Marina Bay Sans Hotel to find your next clue

So…lucky there weren’t any surfers on the race…oh wait…It seemed a little too specifically suited that…not really fair in my book!

The Cyclists debate going for it…and eventually decide to have a crack at it! The Wrestlers and Lolly Queens think against it and are going to the regular route info…they say this throws their plan out the window…and the surfers might find themselves U-Turned now!

The Lolly Queens don’t care who they work with…Brooke does…they want the Cyclists gone!

The hope for those teams is someone else risks it…we then cut to the Soul Surfers and Team Pearly Whites…who decide not to risk it and will head to Marina Bay

The Lolly Queens and Wrestlers head up to the top level of the Hotel…with no clue what they’re doing…so some heights task is probably coming up!

Yep…it’s a roadblock!

Teams must walk a tightrope 600 feet across the ground, pick up the clue and come back!


Easy right?

Maya and Brooke are up!

The Cyclists are starting to question their decision (well…Alli is…) as they don’t realise they have to Surf! So…I guess it was kind of fair for the Soul Surfers to not have a crack at it! Kym says stay positive!

Side note: Alli is gorgeous! She doesn’t ever seem to get much screen time…but…yeah…she is!

The Surfers read the clue…and see it’s going to a wave house…suddenly Bethany is keen! Adam isn’t much of a surfer…but they’re thinking about it! Team Pearly Whites point out the Cyclists are probably going to do it…but Bethany is thinking she might be quicker…this could be interesting…


Surfing? That’s something else we’re good at!

At the Hotel…Maya is starting her tightrope, and is so excited to be doing it…She declares her love for the Amazing Race!

And I’m about to declare my love for Phil! As he does a great live cut while Maya is working her way across the high wire…fantastic!


Never change Phil!

Little criticism though…only one person can go at a time…so it’s hard to make up time really…you’re just taking turns on it!

Maya gets across with no issue, and is still grinning the whole time! Brooke says she has to do it without falling to avoid humiliation…as Maya makes Ice Cream for a living and Brooke kicks girls in the face for a living…fair assessment!

The Lolly Queens are off to the next clue though!

Proceed to Centre Squares Raffle Way and Search for your next clue

It’s a guy walking around with a big red and yellow thing on his back…it’s pretty cool J

Now it’s Brooke’s turn…she’s already scared! As Robbie says, it’s just like walking the ropes at Wrestling!

So it’s confirmed…The Soul Surfers are going to have a crack at the Fast Forward…and they admit it’s a gamble! Jim thinks it’s the right move…but hopes it’s the wrong move…we see the montage of the Cyclists starting…are they tethered in for the 2 minutes? If so…that’s a tad easy!

We come back from the break, and the cyclists let go…good…and Kym finds it ok…but Alli struggles first time!


Wipeout! Wait…wrong show!

Brooke continues to point out she can’t be beaten by a food scientist…so she gets through the roadblock with minimal fuss!

The Soul Surfers arrive at the wave house…and are searching for the way in…as the Cyclists are going again…they see the Surfers…they’re a minute in…they’re doing ok…but…Kym wobbles…and then Alli falls…there’s a chance for the Soul Surfers then!

So…now the cyclists have to wait and see!

The Lolly Queens arrive at the Raffles place and get their next clue…it’s Detour time!


Hard to miss really…

The tasks are:

China Cups: Get Detoxed by using deep tissue massage, skin exfoliation and suction created by glass cups and fire


Chili Crabs: Prepare Singapore’s national dish…smash crabs and collect parts of it essentially


Well, who could ever say no to a massage…not the Lolly Queens!

The Wrestlers turn up…and ask where the clue is…and apparently Maya’s directions are no good…which makes the Wrestlers unhappy…they don’t realise what they’re looking for…and walk right past the guy! Brilliant camera work!


Or…maybe it wasn’t easy!

Team Pearly Whites arrive at the Roadblock…and Jim is up! Misti is nervous for him as Jim is a big boy…and it’s all good until halfway…when Jim falls off! Luckily…he’s on a highwire! So he doesn’t actually fall to his death!


Use those guns Jim!

At the Fast Forward…the cyclists debate what to do…do they wait…or not…they decide to at least see if the Soul Surfers are any good…Bethany has no problems, but Adam can’t keep his balance even while holding onto the rope!

At the roadblock…Jim has to be taken back to the start! He is doing it better the second time! He gets halfway, gets the clue…and gets back!

The Lolly Queens arrive at the massage place…Maya says it’ll be fun…to start with…then wait for it! Yep…here comes the pain! They kind of scream in agony…but are almost in stitches laughing at the same time…and so are all the other staff at the place! It’s painful! And apparently gets worse! But they’re at least trying to stay positive for the moment!

The Wrestlers…stumped on the easiest of things…eventually ask the guy with the big red sign if all else fails…they blame the Lolly Queens though…and you don’t mess with Pro Wrestlers!


The claws are coming out!

Back at the Fast Forward…the cyclists are going to have another crack! They try…but Kym eats it after 10 seconds! Alli remains positive…thinking the smaller board might be a problem for Adam…which is a valid point!

It turns out that Adam gets himself settled though…and while him and Bethany surf to the Fast Forward…the cyclists implode in front of us! Alli says they shouldn’t have done it…Kym says let’s go…and they have a spat! While in the background…the 2 minutes is done…and the Soul Surfers get the Fast Forward!



Those shots say it all!

Proceed to the Pit Stop! Fullerton Pavilion. The last team to check in…may be eliminated!

The Cyclists get themselves together in the cab…they’re not willing to go out like this!

Team Pearly Whites get their clue and decide to do the Crab one…Jim think that’ll be easy!

The Soul Surfers arrive at the Pit Stop…and shock…they’re team number one! They win a trip to Bali! That was a quick first to last to first again! Can’t fault that! Kowabunga Dudes!


Just keep winning…just keep winning winning winning…what do we do…we win!


No Ketut and Rhonda? But there is a Cockatoo!

The Lolly Queens have no gone from happy at the Detour to in severe pain! Specifically Amy! The Skin shit is absolutely destroying her back! And she’s hating every second of it! The Wrestlers turn up…and Brooke says she’s really enjoying it! Both the massage and watching the Lolly Queens writhe in pain! Amy then calls stop! Maya says she can’t! But Amy says she doesn’t want to be there anymore!



Oh the pain! And the Drama! And a bit of hilarious foreign talk from the Masseurs, claiming the low pain tolerance the foreigners have…brilliant!

Ok….they’re still going…and now Brooke and Robbie have got the start of the skin scraping shit…and even Robbie’s finding it painful now! The Cups start on Amy and Maya…they also are painful! Such pain! How do people decide this is a good thing??



Team Pearly Whites arrive at the Chili Crab challenge, to the support of the locals…but find they can only get the crab meat out for several seconds at a time as the dish is so hot! They also get a guy with big cymbals and a guy dressed as a crab…WHY ISN’T HE AT THE PIT STOP!!! The cymbals and flute and that just adds to it!


No explanation needed!

Then Jim gets his whistle out and plays along with them! That’s great! Jim has a fun side!

The Cyclists get to the Roadblock…and Kym is getting along the ropes gradually…not too bad then! Although they are a fair way behind!

At the Massage…Once the pain slows down, Maya asks the Wrestlers if they’re fine with one teams U-Turning the Soul Surfers, and one the Cyclists…to make sure at least one team who didn’t get the fast forward is U-Turned…smart strategic play that one! The Lolly Queens finish their pain…the smile goes back on their faces…and they are off to their next clue

Proceed to Fort Canning Park and search for your next clue

So…it’s just the U-Turn point really…could they put it right next to the pit stop? That would be brutal…but wonderful!

The Cyclists are racing through their roadblock…very very quickly! But they still have a lot of work to do!

I was convinced there were no more clues…but there is one!

The Lolly Queens get to the U-Turn…and U-Turn the Soul Surfers…that works as long as the Wrestlers stick to their side of the plan!


Sorry dudes…not that they know it!

Teams must search among 5 lions around the city, for the monument that has their next clue!

That seems hard and a huge chance based thing…I didn’t see that coming!

The Wrestlers finish up at the Massage place…Robbie’s back is mangled…but they have their next clue!

At the Crab thing…Team Pearly Whites get a weight check…they’ve only got 1 pound…so…lots more crab grinding! The annoyance isn’t stopping!


More crabs!

The Wrestlers get to the U-Turn…and because the Soul Surfers are U-Turned…THEY DON’T U-TURN THE CYCLISTS…then on their way out…think about the fact they should’ve u-turned them in case…but they didn’t…and Robbie says…’we’re still a long way ahead anyway right? See ya Soul Surfers’ …bad signs people!

At the Crab detour…Team Pearly Whites ask for more crab…they keep going…weigh again…and it’s enough! They are out of there! Will they U-Turn the Cyclists?

The Cyclists get into the massage…its brutal…they aren’t thrilled…there’s a lot more to come though!

The Wrestlers meet up with the Lolly Queens at the first lion thing…and tell them they didn’t U-Turn the Cyclists…The Lolly Queens flip out (which is kind of fair)…and say they should go back and make sure of it…but the Wrestlers aren’t going to…why do I see this ending really really badly?

Team Pearly Whites get to the U-Turn…and also choose to not U-Turn anyone…seriously…are the Lolly Queens the only one sticking to the plan? Idiots…all of you! Except the Lolly Queens…you rock! Yet I feel something is going to go wrong!

The Cyclists are nearly done at the Massage…while The Wrestlers…going to Mount Faber…find the clue! That’s where it is people! Mount Faber! They are off to the Pit Stop!

The Lolly Queens ask the Wrestlers out of the cab if they found it…Brooke shouts no…so the Lolly Queens just drive past!!! It’s going to be a disaster! The Wrestlers say it’s everyone for themselves…then that Amy and Maya will be freaking out…which is true…it’s crazy!


Eeeeeeeeeevil laugh!

Team Pearly Whites try the first location…they are wrong!

The Cyclists finish their back treatment…so they are able to move on…with no U-Turn to come!

The Wrestlers turn up at the finish line…They are team number two…they’re all over it! Even if I have no clue what the hell their plan is!

The Lolly Queens check out another location…no clue! It’s looking grim for them…especially when Team Pearly Whites find the clue to take them into 3rd!

The Cyclists pass the U-Turn…great news for them…nothing! And after getting their clue…take the punt to go to Mount Faber first…they’re right…they just don’t know it yet!

At the final Lion…the Lolly Queens realise they’re in trouble…Amy thinks that the Wrestlers lied…she is correct…she just doesn’t know it yet! So they’re off to Mount Faber…as their smiling Asian cabbie says…you just can’t trust anybody!


This is not the Lion you’re looking for…

Team Pearly Whites check in as Team Number 3…and the save is no longer in play!

The race is on then between the Cyclists and the Lolly Queens! The Lolly Queens arrive at Mount Faber first…find the clue they were tricked out of…and are racing to the pit stop! Is there more drama to follow?

The Cyclists arrive…they find the clue…they might still have a chance!

It’s down to 2…is this right? Who will be there…who will be right? It’s a dramatic race to the mat!

The Lolly Queens are Team Number 4! They’ve survived! It’s been a topsy-turvy leg…but they survived!


Hug it out! Watch the back though!

That leaves the Cyclists…Kym and Alli…as the last team to arrive…Phil delivers the brutal blow…they are eliminated from the race! It’s shattering for them…they knew they could win it…most of us could see them winning it! It’s devastating for them…but gives other teams some chances to succeed!


Back to the streets…

Wow that was a phenomenal leg! Let’s recap on that!

#1 Soul Surfers – Took the risk after a lousy flight choice…but got lucky with a surfing task and were able to take the no.1 spot!

#2 The Wrestlers – There will be hell to pay from the Lolly Queens! But I can’t figure out their strategy…just eliminate the risk and U-Turn the Cyclists and help the Lolly Queens because they are much more beatable…it just was all emotion based…it created great entertainment…but wasn’t smart…I kind of still want them to win…just because they are so stupid and entertaining!

#3 Team Pearly Whites – The save is finished! They are back on a level playing field…but they are still a very strong team! Still the ones to beat in my opinion!

#4 Lolly Queens – Don’t trust anyone ladies! A great leg was undone by working with lesser minds…it’s quite simple really…don’t work with idiots! Still the long shot to make the final 3!

Roadblock Assessment: It was dangerous and exhilarating…but not crucial in giving teams opportunities to pass…I forgot about it amongst all the rest of the things!

Detour Assessment: When you look at the tasks…not that exciting but…it was freaking exciting! The Massage task especially gives some great looks!

Overall Leg Assessment: One of the most entertaining legs I have ever seen…and the best one of this race so far! From the drama at the Fast Forward…even the picking of the wrong flights…the plans against the cyclists getting hatched…then unhatched…then that dramatic final task of luck that really seemed pointless…it was just an amazingly exciting leg! Can’t wait for the next one!

You just can’t trust anyone now!

Tune in next week for our episode 10 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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6 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 9 Recap

  1. This is comment #1

  2. I liked how the guy carrying the giant board totally stonefaced the wrestlers not giving away anything.

  3. I used to have cupping on my lower back regularly and it was so awesome. Yeah it’s tight on the skin, but it relaxes the muscles heaps – without the cupping my back was so tender the Osteopath couldn’t touch me. The bruises are worse the tighter your muscles are. They are brilliant bruises.

  4. Note to self: if I ever go on the Amazing Race WATERPROOF MASCARA!

  5. Noah: I think you learn the Happy Birthday song by hearing other people repeatedly

  6. Having just listened to this episode I am following the request/order to comment. I enjoy the recap’s very much as it has made me think about the game in a new way.

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