Alec Christy Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 13 Preview

Exist interview - Alec

We’re back for another exit interview today as we chat to the twelfth contestant eliminated from Survivor San Juan Del Sur Alec Christy! We also bring you a full episode preview of episode 13, as Noah Groves sits down and takes a look at what you can expect from tomorrow’s episode of the 29th season! Click below for more!

(Our Reed Kelly interview has been postponed at the time of publishing this, and we hope to have it done soon! Stay tuned!)

After his elimination from the twelfth episode, Alec Christy sat down with Ben to talk about seeing how his boot played out, his time on Exile Island and the interesting statistic that has followed people going there, his relationship with Jon, why he is rooting for Keith as well as whether he thinks Natalie’s move last week was smart, his time at Ponderosa and which player he wishes to collect meat with!

Each week with our exit interviews we will also bring you a preview of the upcoming episode, as your favourite Ozlet Noah Groves sits down and gives his thoughts on what you can expect from the show tomorrow!


It is now time to bring back a new feature as I preview what is to come in the next episode airing tomorrow. These previews will use the ‘next time on Survivor,’ commercials, Survivor Live extended preview, deleted scenes and events that happened in the previous episode to look forward and see what is in store for us. Please note that only details learnt in the previously stated list will be discussed, if you consider things like what the challenge will be or who is competing in the dual and hints at people’s actions as a spoiler then you should avoid this feature. In saying that, absolutely no boot spoilers will be stated if somehow CBS slips up but the next voted out will be speculated on.

So what do we have in store for Survivor: San Juan Del Sur episode 13, ‘Let’s Make a Move’?


Let’s start, as we have the past few weeks with the challenges. It seems John Kirhoffer may have been fired or Survivor’s budget is growing increasingly small as the immunity challenge this week is exactly the same freaking challenge as the last two flipping weeks!! Albeit with a small variation each time…The immunity challenge sees the castaways standing on the same wooden perches while they have to keep a structure balanced. Based on past success of this same challenge we have seen so much of this season I would wage a guess of saying that Natalie, Keith or Jon will win the challenge. Although all around this is a strong final six in terms of physicality. But yes, don’t expect too much from this. Lame! The reward challenge returns to the two makeshift teams of three going head to head. Oh well, the individual reward challenges were fun while they lasted! Move over random braces girl and random find a word girl as last week on Entertainment Weekly Jeff Probst revealed that the reward challenge this week was designed by a 13 year old from the Make a Wish foundation. Probst also teases up that this causes unexpected reality. I am assuming this is Missy’s trip up but we will get to that later!


Moving on to the promo’s and previews now and to the continuation of Natalie’s quest for Jon’s vote out. Based on the TV promo, Natalie still think Jon is the biggest target and has Baylor as a confirmed right hand woman who is with her. The alliances and allegiances in this final six are so all over the place and could go anyway. Because of this I will attempt to break down some of the major alliances that we have left.

  • Jon and Jaclyn is an unbroken pair
  • Missy and Baylor are the other unbroken pair but could have some upcoming rifts
  • Natalie now almost definitely has Keith on her side
  • Natalie also has a strong bond with Baylor who are targeting Jon
  • Jon is tight with Missy but isn’t necessarily in a strong allegiance to Baylor
  • Keith now has Natalie on his side but is probably open to possibilities but isn’t tight with Jon
  • Jaclyn definitely has Jon on her side but the edit hasn’t shown any other tight bonds with her

I feel like those are the main relationships and alliances but feel free to comment any others below. One common theme amongst the promos and the edit is that Missy is so close to Jon. This hasn’t been constantly highlighted for no reason. This is where the vote gets extremely complex as Missy won’t vote for Jon yet her allies won’t him gone. On the other hand Baylor won’t vote against Natalie. This of course leaves Keith left over but Natalie is doing everything in her power to Keep Keith around and Baylor won’t want to betray her ally of Natalie. And what if Keith wins immunity? It could well become Jon, Jaclyn and Missy voting Natalie while Natalie, Baylor and Keith vote for Jon which leaves us at a deadlock. Of course we then chuck Jon and Natalie’s idol’s in to make it even more complicated. My bets would be Natalie, Jon or Keith going home but this season is constantly surprising.


Last week’s ‘next time on Survivor’ proposed the possibility of a medivac as mentioned above, namely Missy tumbling during the challenge. The preview shows the doctor (sadly not Dr Ramona!) coming to the challenge to examine Missy and stating that he would have to pull Missy from the game if she was to have an X Ray. It looks as if this will be one of those Dana from Philippines type scenario. Given it is so close to the end of the game I can’t see Missy electing to leave the game as it is damn close to the end. On top of this the promo pictures show six challenge stations for the immunity challenge although we can’t really make a whole lot out of that. Let’s imagine Missy was medevac’d though, where would that leave us? If Missy was to leave then it wouldn’t be unrealistic to see a Natalie, Baylor and Keith final three. But even then Jon’s idol complicates things and if played right could shift every remaining tribal council. Without Missy then Jon and Jaclyn will struggle for power.


It’s now time to rank every contestant in order of who is most likely to win based mostly on the edit with gameplay as well. Unlike the power rankings which can also be ranked based on week to week performances and immediate futures this is solely chance of winning and is not necessarily where they currently stand or the order in which I think they will be booted. So someone who is ranked low could still become a third placer. Because we are so close to the end I will talk through each decision.

  1. Jon-He has received such a large edit, is shown as fun and endearing, isn’t the best player but we are always seeing his gameplay regardless and his confessional about his Dad during episode 1 seems like something that would be shown for the winner.
  2. Keith-Of every player left in the game Keith is the only one who has received consistently strong airtime since the very beginning. Jon and Jaclyn didn’t heat up until the tribe switch, Natalie had her moments but wasn’t until Jeremy’s vote out that she started becoming notable. Keith has a good report with the jury and is now in a stronger position to make the end.
  3. Natalie-Natalie isn’t a bad player and certainly has the brains and social ability to make it to the end. One deterrent from Natalie’s win is the lack of edit up to a few weeks ago. Sure she had her moments but for someone who had a prior fan base from The Amazing Race and is entertaining in her own right, you would think we had have seen more from her throughout the early days.
  4. Missy-She has always been seen as the comforter and is supposedly playing a good social game, her edit has been fairly strong when we see her and she is currently in a good position. I do feel like Missy hasn’t been given the best attention if she is the winner but could still see her taking it.
  5. Jaclyn-Jaclyn hasn’t played a bad game but the edit has been too kind to suggest she will be the winner. She was completely invisibly during the first four episodes when she was on the outs. Surely they would edit that as an underdog story? Even now when her and Jon have the same strategy we see much more from Jon. A Jaclyn win would be welcomed but the edit suggests the top four are probably more likely.
  6. Baylor-It has constantly been made evident of how Baylor is perceived as lazy and isn’t playing a strong social game. I would struggle to come up with enough jury names who would actually vote for her. I could see her still making the finals and in her credit she has received fairly consistent airtime from day one compared to Jon, Keith, Natalie and Missy. I am not prepared to completely rule a Baylor win out but it is unlikely.

That’s it for this week. The potential winner is still so up in the air and we are sure to have an exciting final two episodes. Check back here next week for the preview of the San Juan Del Sur season finale!


Episode 13 ‘Let’s Make a Move’ will air Wednesday night 8pm EST on CBS in the United States and Thursday at 9:30 PM AEDST on channel Go! in Australia.


Reed at Ponderosa

Alec at Ponderosa

Reed the Day After

Alec the Day After

Secret Scene

Jeff Probst Message to Fans

Our thanks must go out to CBS and Channel 9 for arranging these exit interviews for us. Be sure to check back in next week as we bring you the next eliminated contestant on the show as well as previewing the next episode and showing off more secret scenes and episode previews! Remember if you have a question for the contestant eliminated get it into us and we may choose it as the question to put to them during next weeks interview! Bring on the next episode!




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2 Comments on Alec Christy Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Episode 13 Preview

  1. I love how mad Jeremy is in those Ponderosa at the players who lasted longer than him. I’m getting more interested in what is happening there rather than on the island!

    • Yeah that’s what kind of turned me off of him in the game. He got too emotional in the game and was annoying, especially with the drew vote-off

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