Survivor San Juan Del Sur: Episode 13 Recap Featuring Spencer Bledsoe & Marty Piombo


The current season of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur continues as we get ever closer to next week's finale! After an entertaining pair of episodes, it’s time to recap them! Joining us, we have our new resident recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some real experts in our good friends Spencer Bledsoe from Cagayan as well as Marty Piombo from Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


After Jon blindsided Natalie’s ally, Jeremy, and revealed to her that he had found another immunity idol, Natalie and Baylor wanted him out. Natalie told Baylor that she would have to keep this desire a secret from her mother, Missy, who would not go along with it. After Jon won Immunity, the majority alliance decided to take out Keith, splitting the votes between Keith and Alec. Natalie planned to change her vote from Keith, the vote her alliance told her to cast, for Alec. This would take Alec out of the game as a pawn for Jon, and keep Keith around to beat Jon in the challenges. She followed through with her plan, sending Alec home and shocking her alliance.



Upon returning the camp, Jon, Jaclyn, and Missy confront Natalie about what happened at Tribal Council. Natalie tells them that she was confused, thinking that Jaclyn had told her to vote for Alec. The alliance believes that Natalie did make an honest mistake, but they note that the mistake was a big one for her to make at this point in the game. Jon worries that Keith’s challenge prowess will may be a problem for him now. Natalie confesses that her move was in order to take power away from Jon. Baylor confesses that she was amused watching Natalie lie to her alliance, because Baylor knew Natalie’s plan.


Natalie tells her alliance that her vote was a mistake. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 33


The next morning, Natalie approaches Keith and explains to him what happened at the last Tribal Council. She tells him that the two of them will have to be tight with Missy and Baylor. She also tells him that he deserved to be in the game more than Alec. Natalie confesses that Keith is the perfect person to use in a move against Jon, and Keith is more than happy to make moves against the “prom/homecoming” couple.


Natalie explains to Keith what happened at the last Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, the six contestants will be divided into two teams and belted together. They will have to run a course including a tunnel of hay, a series of hitching posts, and teeter totter. On one side of the teeter totter, they must fill a bucket with water. They then must take the bucket over the teeter totter, careful not to spill any water, and pour it into a hanging bucket on the other side. When enough water has entered the second bucket, it will pull down a rope and open a gate. The team must then manoeuvre over the holes in the gate and reach a puzzle table, where they will assemble a plank puzzle. First team to do so wins a day at a Survivor spa including food, shower, and massage. The blue team is composed of Jon, Missy, and Keith; the yellow team was composed of Jaclyn, Baylor, and Natalie.


The course for this week’s Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)

First obstacle is the hay tunnel. The yellow team makes good time, going around the hay on the side. Both teams move onto the hitching posts, where Missy takes a number of hard falls. The yellow team continues their lead, taking their bucket over the teeter totter. The blue team follows, but as their teeter totter descends, Missy hits her angle. She exclaims, “I’m bad”, but the challenge continues. The two teams continue over the teeter totter a number of times, Jaclyn taking a number of falls onto her butt. The blue team slows down even more due to Missy’s injury. Yellow team’s bucket begins descending and the gate falls. They easily work their way through the obstacle and begin working on their puzzle. At this point, the blue team, still moving slowly, get’s their bucket filled and their gate also falls. They slowly but successfully manoeuvre the gate obstacle, with both men helping Missy. The young women of the yellow team lose a significant portion of their lead as Missy and Jon work together very quickly on the puzzle. Both teams have the puzzle almost completed, just moving around the pieces at the edges. Blue calls out to Jeff first, and he says that they have it correctly assembled. After being behind and Missy’s injury, they win reward regardless.


The blue team comes from behind to win the Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)

Immediately after the challenge, Keith and Jon inquire further about Missy’s ankle. She props herself up on the puzzle table to take weight off of it, and Jeff asks if she is alright. She tells him that she is good, shooing him away. Jeff shifts gears, asking Missy about the excitement of winning a spa day at this point in the game. She is obviously thrilled, and Jon explains that it will rejuvenate her and make her “feel as young as she looks”. Jaclyn tells Jon to stop, he is being an annoying winner. Jon quickly points out that he will not be enjoying the reward, but instead giving it to Baylor, so that she can have the experience with her mom. Baylor is emotional, and they hug as they swap places. Jeff then tells them that they have to choose someone to go to Exile Island. Natalie reluctantly volunteers. Jon says that he can handle it, but she tells him that she is going to do it. She departs. As the Keith, Missy, and Baylor depart for their reward, Baylor insists that her mother ride on her back to take weight off of her ankle. Jon and Jaclyn depart back to camp alone for a personal day. Jon confesses that his move in giving up his reward should solidify his alliance and strengthen his case for the jury.


Natalie volunteers to go to Exile Island. (Image credit: CBS)


Keith, Baylor, and Missy arrive at the beach where the Survivor spa is set up, and they are met by three women with cold drinks with huge chunks of pineapple. They find their table of food and immediately begin digging in. Missy and Keith congratulate each other on winning the challenge. Missy then asks the other two to look at her ankle, which is very swollen. Keith doesn’t think that it is good, given the amount of pain that she is experiencing from simple movements. He steps back, not wanting to move it or bend it in case it is broken. Missy says that they will not ruin their afternoon because of her foot, and they shift attention back to the food. Keith explain that spas are a “girl thing” but that, as long as there is food, it’s a “guy thing”. He also warns Baylor, enjoying some lettuce, not to fill up on “rabbit food”. Keith then moves onto his shower, saying he’ll come out looking like George Clooney. Missy comments that she would love a shower like that in her back yard. Later, as they are receiving their massages, Keith is overwhelmed by the sensations that he is experiencing. Baylor confesses that Keith was really funny during the massage, and that he is actually kind of cool.


Keith enjoys his massage. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Jon says that he is bummed to miss out on a reward, but he doesn’t think he needed it. Jaclyn tells him that it was smart of him to choose Baylor to go in his place. Jon confesses that it’s nice to be alone with his girlfriend. They talk about Natalie’s “blunder” at the last Tribal Council. Jaclyn says that she definitely told Natalie to vote for Keith. Jon says that it was a big mistake, and that he is going to make sure he tells the jury all about it. Keeping someone as big of a threat as Keith by accident can’t happen, especially when you’re playing for a million dollars. Jaclyn wonders out loud if Natalie had something going on with Keith due to feeling threatened by the pairs. Maybe she voted out Alec on purpose. Jon says it wouldn’t make sense to go two against four. He has faith that Natalie is not going to flip. They’re fine. Jaclyn agrees, though she confesses that if people are mad at Natalie about the last vote, they might have to break up the “five” early.


Jon and Jaclyn spend an afternoon alone at camp. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 35


After two tough nights on Exile Island, Natalie explains that she is so close to the end that she can taste it. This experience has been a depressing one for her. She has never spent so long away from her twin sister, Nadiya, and being without her has been a roller coaster of emotions. She never lets anyone see how much she misses her sister, pretending that she is fine, but to do this without her is hard. She is attempting to use it as motivation to get through the end of the game. She has one shot to make these last four days worth it.


Natalie sits alone on Exile Island. (Image credit: CBS)


As the Huyopa tribe slowly enters, Missy is being supported by both her daughter and Keith, and is using a make-shift wooden cane. They make it to the mat, and Missy takes a deep breath. Jeff says that they clearly have something to talk about, and he calls Natalie back in from Exile Island. After emerging and returning to her tribe, she gives big hugs to Missy and Baylor. Baylor quickly hands her a coconut shell full of rice, telling her to “Start eating now”. Natalie burst into tears as Jeff inquires about the rice. Natalie explains that she is happy that they brought it for her, and that Exile Island has a really hard experience for her. It was exhausting physically and emotionally. Jeff then turns his attention to Missy. Clearly the ankle has gotten worse. Missy begins to cry, as well, saying that there is no way she is going to quit. Jeff says that medical needs to look at her before the challenge, because he doesn’t have faith that she will be able to participate.


Natalie returns to her tribe before the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)

The doctor enters and asks Missy to take her shoes off so he can compare the ankles. Jeff is shocked by the swelling, which is getting worse with the pain. The doctor feels a few areas of her foot, assessing her levels of pain. He asks her to move her foot like on a car accelerated but she cannot. He explains that in the best case scenario she likely has a very serious sprain, but it could very well be fractured given the fact that it’s getting worse rather than better. The only way to know if it is broken is to remove Missy from the game and perform an x-ray, but since it is not life threatening, it’s Missy’s call. She says that she is not quitting. Baylor, also crying, says her mom doesn’t quit for anything and that she will carry her to the finish line if she has to. Natalie says that she will help. The medical team begins to immobilize the foot so that no further damage can occur, while the challenge, which Missy clearly will have to forfeit, begins.


Missy’s ankle is examined by the doctor. (Image credit: CBS)

For the challenge, the five contestants will stand on a perch, holding onto two rope handles which balance a small platform, upon which is a vase. Small movements by the contestants will knock the vase off the platform and break it. They will also have to compete against the heavy winds. Last person with their vase standing wins Immunity. Everyone begins the challenge steady, but Jeff assures us that that will not be the case for long. Baylor and Keith begin to wobble. Jeff turns to Missy, and they agree that she had no chance to compete with her foot as it is. Jaclyn begins to wobble and cannot recover. Jon tells her that it is okay. Four remain. Keith wobbles. Baylor wobbles. Baylor cannot recover and is eliminated. Three remain. A huge gust of wind comes out of nowhere but all three contestants make fantastic adjustments to fight against it. A few minutes later, another huge gust of wind comes. Keith cannot make the adjustments needed and is eliminated. Only Natalie and Jon remain.The biggest gust of wind yet comes, and Jon’s vase is unceremoniously blown off of it’s platform. Natalie leaps off her perch, giving Jeff a big hug. She explains that the win makes Exile Island worth it. Jon confesses that Keith is a huge threat, so Natalie winning makes up for her messing up the last vote. Now they can get Keith out.


Natalie and Keith compete in the Immunity Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe slowly returns to camp, Keith supporting Missy at the lead. She thanks him profusely. Jon confesses that sitting out of the challenge must have been as bad for her as the pain in her foot. He curses the wind for messing up his chances at the challenge, but claims that God has a plan and that he has to be happy with how the cards fall. The majority alliance of five, discuss that Keith knows that he is the one going. They don’t need to tell him anything different. Natalie confesses that her plan is to take out Jon tonight, but that, because he has an idol, they will have to split the votes. She approaches Keith and explains the plan to him, saying that, if Jon has an idol, they will vote for Jaclyn on the revote. She tells him to act depressed at Tribal Council, but don’t act crazy. Keith confesses that he thinks he can trust Natalie. Jaclyn and Jon then walk down the beach, and Jaclyn says that she was a little worried about Jon not winning the challenge, because of the possibility of him being blindsided. He says that he is not worried about that. Everyone was gunning for Keith before, there is no reason for them not to want him out now. Jaclyn confesses that her mind is manifesting paranoia, but they don’t think anything bad will happen. It always works out for Jon. Hopefully, this time it will too.


Natalie explains the plan to Keith. (Image credit: CBS)

Natalie then approaches Baylor, and they agree that they will split the votes two-two-two on Jaclyn, Jon, and Keith. Baylor confesses that her mom treats Jon like the son that she never had, and it is going to be hard for her to get her mom to make the move. She approaches her mom, explaining the situation. Missy becomes very short, saying that she cannot break the promises that she made to Jon and Jaclyn. Natalie comes over and tries to help convince her, but Missy says that “tonight, that’s not happening”. Baylor confesses that it is very frustrating trying to get her mom to to do what sh needs to do. She puts the men in her life first before herself. She hopes her mom will see what she needs to do before it is too late. Missy confesses that she has had to start listening to her daughter. She has definitely thought about the fact that the “Jon/Jaclyn show” needs to come to an end, but she wants to play the game truthfully. She doesn’t want to be a “sly dog” who shook peoples hands and lied to their faces. For the first time, Tribal Council is going to be hard for her.


Baylor and Natalie attempt to convince Missy that they need to vote out Jon. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe enters Tribal Council, again with Missy hobbling slowly at the front with Keith’s vigilant support. The jury, Josh, Jeremy, Wes, Reed, and Alec, enter and take their seats. Jeff begins to address Keith, but before he can ask a question, Keith starts to respond, saying that he’s tried to pierce the five. He’s not invisible. He has a vote that they can use, and the jury would see it as a big move. “I’m trustworthy!” Jon explains that it has nothing to do with not trusting Keith. It has to do with keeping his word to the people who have built this five. Jaclyn says that it is natural to think of different scenarios but she feels strong in “the five”. She doesn’t think she and Jon are going anywhere. Natalie says that it is hard to penetrate the bonds of blood. As a single, she is so happy that she has Immunity, especially given her two days away from the tribe. Jon then explains that he is thinking about the final speech at the end of the game quite a bit. Keeping a strong alliance of five all the way to the end isn’t as easy as it may look. Having true loyalty and trust among a group is one of the rarest things that you can find in Survivor. Missy explains that she is loyal to a fault. She hasn’t wavered and has been true to her word since the beginning of the game.


Missy explains that she is loyal to a fault. (Image credit: CBS)

They vote. Keith helps Missy to and from the voting booth, excusing himself as she votes. We see no votes and no confessionals are given. Jeff retrieves the votes. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Keith, Jaclyn, Keith, Jaclyn, Jon, Jon. It is a tie. There will be a revote, where Baylor, Missy, and Natalie must vote for one of the previous vote-getters, who will not vote. They do so. Again, we see no votes and no confessionals are given. Jeff retrieves the votes, and they are revealed: Jon, Jon. Two is enough. Natalie smiles wide. Jon stands up and kisses Jaclyn. She tells him that she will see him on the other side. Jon tells them that there are no hard feelings and begins to walk to Jeff. He then realizes that he has forgotten his torch and runs back to get it. Jeff snuffs Jon’s torch, and he departs. Jeff then comments that Survivor is a tricky game that can lull you into believing something that isn’t real. They depart, Keith supporting Missy.


Jon becomes the sixth member of the San Juan Del Sur jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Missy wonders in a confessional if something is fair, because she “can’t do anything”. Jaclyn confesses that she didn’t come 36 days just to be voted out. We see her fighting with Natalie at night about “knowing Jon”. Keith slaps his own face repeatedly… All this and more on a three-hour season finale.









Do we really only have one week left?!? It’s gone by so quick! I don’t want it to end!

This season is just so good. I think right now it sits on the fringe of top 10. It’s battling it with the original Blood vs Water I feel right now in terms of where it stands in the history of the show. I’m actually doing a BvW re-watch right now too and it’s standing up as a very good season just like it was when it aired. But this season is just so darn entertaining and unpredictable that it’s going up there in the ranks!

I have to say I was impressed by Natalie this week and her move. So I will gladly say that she made a good move this week to take out Jon. Having said that, can she win the vote? It’s hard to tell. I think maybe the only way she can is if she ends up in a F3 with Missy and Baylor, because would they reward a couple at the end? Possibly, because Missy would get votes and Baylor probably wouldn’t. It’s tough. But in any other situation does she win? Maybe up against Jaclyn and Baylor? Any other situation I can’t see her getting enough votes, especially given it looks like she is getting grilled next week from Jaclyn. So juicy right now! And honestly I feel this is the most open final 5 ever as anyone can potentially win this game. But I tell you I still feel Keith is in the box seat. And what a win that would be!

Just a quick note on Missy playing on with her injury. Good job girl! That is strength! I hope it pays off and you make it to the end.

This time next week we will have our 28th winner of Survivor! Bring it on!



Another really enjoyable episode! This season has really picked up after the merge! Props to Natalie and Baylor for pulling off a good move in the end…and props to Jon for being his happy but dim-witted self all the way til the end…he has enough respect about the game to accept when he’s been duped so I do appreciate that, even if he’s one I haven’t liked for most of the season.

Great to see good ol’ Keith still hanging on…even if he’s not sure how! I mean…I’d love to see him win…I just don’t know if anyone is ballsy enough to take him to the end!

Missy and Baylor…still don’t like them…they are annoying…but I do appreciate the fact they made a move and didn’t just sit there! That should solidify them making the final 3…well at least one of them…although I don’t know what their chances are like.

Natalie for the win! I really was not thrilled to see the twinnies come on Survivor…but Natalie has played a really good game…has seen blindsides go against her and has worked hard to get on everyone’s good side! I can see her being a deserving winner if she can get there…and surely the jury will give her props!

And Jaclyn is there too…your presence has been noted…

Look forward to the finale next week! Backing Natalie to beat Missy and Baylor in the final 3! But you know…anything could happen!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 13th episode features Spencer Bledsoe from Cagayan as well as Marty Piombo from Nicaragua! Together they discuss everything that happened during these episodes as well as looking ahead to the season finale with their answers in the ‘San Juan Del Sur Five!’

TIP TO WIN: Jaclyn (Spencer) Natalie (Marty)
DARK HORSE: (Spencer) Keith (Marty)
NEXT TO GO: (Spencer) Baylor (Marty)
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Josh (Spencer) Josh (Marty)


THAT Alec pic we talk about in the recap…

Join us next week as we are very excited to be joined by the one and only winner of Thailand Brian Heidik alongside Clay Jordan and Tanya Vance for a ‘mini reunion’ as well as to help us recap the finale of San Juan Del Sur! A massive way to end the season!



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  1. Spencer reminds me of Chandler from ‘friends’.

  2. marty was pretty spot on here about winner of b v w2
    I recall not liking him too much on nicaragua, but his insights/self-awareness here are great, wouldn’t mind seeing him return

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