The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 10 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


A long, long week is nearly behind me…and there is time now to get down and finally watch that episode of the Amazing Race that has been up for like 5 days…I’ll get on it!

Previously on…The Amazing Race: We raced to Singapore, the Cyclists were first, then last…the Soul Surfers were first…then last…then first…and the Lolly Queens and Wrestlers couldn’t think straight…but the Cyclists were the team to bite the dust!

That was a good episode…now this one better be good!

Who do we have left?

#1 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#2 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

#3 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#4 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

Let’s get this going!

We’re in Singapore…at the…doesn’t matter…Singapore it is!

The Soul Surfers are off first!

Fly to Manila, Philippines, pick up your next clue at a Flower Vendor

The Soul Surfers point out they have had close calls and great victories, but they feel they deserve to make the top 3. They are worried about their flight choices though…they book a flight that will get in at 11pm that night…but they’re hopeful this time they got it right!

The Wrestlers are off 2nd, and Robbie wants to go to the airport, while Brooke wants to go to an agent. They talk about being morons but it’s great that they are still there. At the travel agent’s they get the same flight.

Team Pearly Whites depart next (they were only 13 minutes behind! Not bad!). They say they’re refocused and won’t trust anyone with booking flights and will always get their own! They remain confident they are the dominant force to be reckoned with!

The Lolly Queens take off last, and are excited to be still around, they are the underdogs, but they’re not out of it! They call looking for flights…so they called the travel agent…and…they get in for the flight that gets in at 11pm.

Team Pearly Whites arrive at the airport…no tickets yet…they enquire about the 11pm flight…it’s sold out! Bugger for them! They are on a flight that gets in an hour later! Some quick thinking by the Lolly Queens gets them ahead!


Oh…wrong flight again?

Then there’s the moment when the Lolly Queens and the Wrestlers finally get to clear the air over that good old trickery from Brooke last leg…Nope…not sorted at all…the Wrestlers lie…saying they thought they asked something else, and the Lolly Queens seem to believe them…The Wrestlers then act as if they well…won the argument…but in reality I still don’t get why this had to happen given the fact that the Lolly Queens well…are seen as goats compared to other teams…

In any case…there are no fireworks…Sad!


But we did get this face!

Jim sees that everyone else gets tickets on the earlier flight to Manila and is now regretting not going to the travel agency…This is like leg 10…surely you’d know the travel agency is a better option by now?

The others are all surprised Team Pearly Whites are making these errors…they don’t make these mistakes! They’re cracking under the pressure! Jim is still reasonably confident…they just don’t know where the other teams are as far as he’s concerned…

In any case…everyone’s flying to the Philippines!

The first flight lands at night…so what are the odds whatever they go to is closed and we get back to an even playing field? I think…large! The teams bolt out..and the Wrestlers are in the lead, with the Soul Surfers and Lolly Queens in pursuit! clip_image006


They find the clue…it says pick up your clue at 6:30am..great…another pointless 5 minutes of teams falling behind! Why can’t they give 24 hour clues!!!


This is the clue…thank you for pointing it out…

3 teams are sad…one is happy…guess which one?

But at 6:30am…they’re all there to get their next clue!

Proceed to Rosario Municipal Plaza via Jeepney, and find Salinas Specials

A Jeepney…that’s so weird! Like a communal taxi…

It’s fun seeing the Lolly Queens be a part of the system! The Soul Surfers see it like a limo…the Wrestlers see it as a limo minus every good thing! Brooke particularly can’t stomach the smell of the Philippines…Robbie says it smells like dirty tube socks…brilliant!


More Brooke Faces!

Then we get an emotional moment from Misti and Jim, seeing the little kids in the street tugs at their heartstrings!


No that kid is not getting hit by the Isuzu…


A moment when Jim proves he is in fact…a human and not a robot…

Everyone gets off at the same time…and kind of politely walk together…no fuss from anyone! They all find it and get the clue…it’s a detour!

Catch: Teams must wade into Manila bay, and using a bucket…must transport fish to a broker on shore. They must fill 3 buckets (around 300lbs) to get their next clue


Coach: Teams must assemble a sidecar and properly mount it onto a motorcycle.


I don’t think I’d be very mechanical…I’d probably have to do catch…

But here we get the Soul Surfers, Team Pearly Whites and the Lolly Queens going to coach, while the Wrestlers are going to catch!

Most teams then get into one of those nice sidecars…very tight and cosy…to get to their next clue…while the Lolly Queens decide to go on foot…as they got told it was close by…

Bethany then yells at the Lolly Queens, telling them to read their clue…but they keep running. Jim says they’ll get a penalty…I don’t remember seeing anything but I wasn’t going to check!

Turns out the Lolly Queens were wrong…they should’ve got in a motor taxi tri-cab thing…so they have to go back! As they say…it’s leg 10…READ YOUR CLUE!

The Wrestlers arrive at the fish port…and while Brooke is still overwhelmed by the smell…they do find the marked thing…and then get in the water to follow…it’s gross….but they’re getting through it!

The others arrive at the side car thingy…I think that still looks hard!

Not a lot to report…people moving motorbikes and putting things together…Jim looks confident…Adam seems pretty good with it too!

The Wrestlers get their first load back…and Robbie is grossed out by the fish…more than Brooke…it’s a tad hilarious…and a tad pathetic!


Check out this fish!

The Lolly Queens turn up at the motorcycle task…this should be fun! They say that they usually notice details…so let’s see how they go!

The Wrestlers are on their second trip…the novelty has well and truly worn off, and now they’re starting to bicker a bit with each other…Brooke is frustrated with losing fish…Robbie is frustrated that Brooke is frustrated…Then it was just done and…they keep going!

At the Side car thing…there’s minor Rooster banter…then Jim and Adam continue to do well…while the Lolly Queens are making it up as they go…it looks like Maya is leading the charge for them! Jim thinks they’re pretty much ready…


Working…that is all…

Back in the water…Brooke and Robbie get their third trip going…but it seems to be working…

At the side cars, Jim finishes up and calls for the judge…he’s confident it’s perfect! And…no good! The Shock installation is wrong! Not that Jim realises that…he thinks the screws need to be tightened more! The others aren’t close yet!


This was what was wrong…Jim just didn’t know it…yet!

Back in the water…Brooke and Robbie are now going into a rainstorm…Robbie quotes ‘it’s awesome, I hate it but it’s awesome’. The rain gave them even more adrenalin to keep going though!

The rain his the side cars too…We see more building…not much to report…Jim’s bolts are ‘as tight as a fat girl’s sock’…he checks again…still no good!

Brooke and Robbie are nearly done…and Robbie credits their success to a goldfish he had when he was a kid…which taught him how to handle fish…Brooke looks a tad mortified…but they get the clue! They are in the lead!


As many people cheering as TNA events…too much?

Proceed to Nai Rice Fields

We know what’s coming now!!!

At the Side cars…Adam is ready to get his work checked…it’s all good! The Soul Surfers are the first done there…To the horror of Jim!



Now Jim looks angry! He thinks it’s a button…it’s not! He’s got no clue! His head is about to explode!


This look….

Back from the break…which is normally the time in which anyone resolves anything in an Amazing Race episode…and Jim realises that the big shock thing was not resolved! He looked at the little stuff and missed the big thing…oops!

The Lolly Queens have done nearly everything…but the judge says no good!

The Wrestlers arrive at the rice fields…and can’t believe they are in first place! They’re never first..they can’t believe it!

And it gets better…as Phil gives them another wonderful live cross! And lets us know we are going back to one of the great tasks…a switchback!


Always the greatest moments!

My Ox is Broken: Teams must use an ox and plough to dig up their next clue from in the muck!

Ahh what a great challenge that was all those years ago! I look forward to seeing this again!



The Wrestlers are a tad excited…well…Brooke is…Robbie isn’t…


Phil stays right out of the muck!

They get the ox…and…it’ll be fun! Then it poops! It’s hilarious to listen to Robbie try and get through this!


Lots of Brooke faces today

Team Pearly Whites have fixed their bike…it’s now all good…so they are out of there! That leaves just the Lolly Queens left!

The Wrestlers are still ploughing…They think they might’ve found it…then Brooke gets Robbie to dig with his hands to see! He’s grossed out! But he obediently does it!

The Soul Surfers arrive and are ready to plough…the field that is! At this point the Wrestlers realise they might’ve picked the biggest field…The Wrestler’s Ox poops again…

Back at the side cars…the Lolly Queens are done! So everyone is now off to the Ox!

Cut to Wrestlers and Surfers ploughing for clues but not getting anything…


Ox don’t take shit from no one!

Team Pearly Whites arrive…they see what they’re up to!

The Lolly Queens turn up as well! So everyone is in the field!

We’re just going to see lots of ploughing now! So everyone is just ploughing!

Team Pearly White’s ox jumps out of the field….but then they find it! Unbelievable! So do the Lolly Queens! That just frustrates the Wrestlers…but they have their next clue! The Pit Stop!


Wrong field!


We got it too!

Search on foot for Phil and the Pit Stop

He’s in the rice fields! The Rice farm is the pit stop! Get to him!


Right there! Find the big camera!

Team Pearly Whites stack it…but they are in the lead…the Lolly Queens give chase…but to no avail!

Team Pearly Whites get there first…the Lolly Queens just behind…but Team Pearly Whites are team number 1! The thumb comes out!


Prepare for insertion…

As the winners of the leg, they have won a trip to Vietnam!


One day she’ll come… #foreveralone

The Lolly Queens check in as team number 2! That leaves just 2!

For even better drama! Both Bethany and Brooke find the clues at the same time! It’s on! A foot race to the pit stop!

The others watch in the footrace! It’s tight….but the Soul Surfers just beat the Wrestlers out!


Yes…that close!

It’s a non-elimination leg though! They are safe! They do have a speedbump for the next leg but they are still in there! They feel confident!


One more leg with this guy…..

Phil gets a great chance for all teams to say why they’re the greatest now…Adam wishes everyone good luck for the intense leg that is to come!


One of these teams will win! Three will lose!

And that…is that! An enjoyable leg!

Leg Assessment: There were tough tasks…tough environments…and great moments to see the local culture…I enjoyed it…even if the first part of you know…not getting a clue in the middle of the night stopped Team Pearly Whites from coming last…

Detour Assessment: Traditional style of detour…physical versus mental…and it was nice to see! The tasks weren’t easy and took similar time

Roadblock Assessment: There wasn’t one…ah well…the Ox task was pretty good!

So we still have 4 teams left!

#1 – Team Pearly Whites – They’re back at the top, and back where they feel they belong…they’re not without errors…but they are still the strongest team

#2 – Lolly Queens – The Lolly Queens continue to surprise! Just when you think they’re out….bam! They fight right back!

#3 – Soul Surfers – Solid leg…that’s really the way to put it…they didn’t do anything wrong…but still ended up 3rd!

#4 – The Wrestlers – Life is rough sometimes! They made the best call with the detour…and then just couldn’t find the clue quick enough with the Ox! Still a good chance to make the final 3! They are still such a strong team!

Happy to be racing! Bring on the final 2 episodes!




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13 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 10 Recap

  1. If you don’t hit 10 comments it is Morella’s fault again. Regardless, this reply thread already has more activity than Salina’s Specials has seen all year

    • This is Colin from Amazing Race season 5 and my favourite Canadian hockey teams in order are:
      1. Toronto Maple Leafs
      2. Calgary Flames
      3. Winnipeg Jets
      4.Montreal Canadiens
      5. Vancouver Canucks
      6. Edmonton Oilers
      7. Ottawa Senators

      And the Canadian hockey girls probably never played hockey, nor do they even know anything about hockey. They lied about their profession just to force the blind sheep that are Canadian Amazing Race fans into liking them, as they had no personality to go off of.

      And gouda is to die for (or so I am told)

  2. for the record, the pit stop greeter said “welcome to NAIC (pronounced “Nah-Ick”), Philippines. He was very shy and probably doesn’t want to do anything with the wrestlers. I was waiting for him to say “Can I go home now? Like before they get here?”. The mayor of Rosario (about 20km southwest of Manila) is probably the dude whose face was slapped on the fronts of the tricycles. That approaching rainstorm from the Catch detour looked really cool. Overall, this episode focused on how different the teams are from each other in terms of their perspectives on the race experience, and I loved that.

  3. 10 comments? Bossy much? Richard Dean Anderson played MacGyver as well as Jack O’Neill on Stargate SG1. All hail the great Richard Dean Anderson.

  4. Magnets Bitches! Come on! That was so good! How can you hate it?

  5. The Amazing Race visiting any part of Australia would be good. Hobart would be an interesting choice and would highlight a part of Australia that few outside of Australia (and a lot within) don’t know anything about. The flights in and out would make a good bunching situation. Plus surely its an opportunity to have a Tassie Devil as a pit stop greeter.

  6. Seeing the water that the teams were meant to do “Catch” in, I would definitely pick “Coach”. Being on the short side, I think I would struggle going through the water, with some of those waves looking like they would be hitting me shoulder height.

  7. I’m really wanting the scientists to do well. Maya is so enthusiastic that it’s catching and poor hunched Amy…. Plus they are representing all us so-called nerdy girls who rarely get a look in on tv.

  8. my christmas gift to Oz: a comment

  9. I have never heard my name banded about as I listened to this. Thanks.

    I watch this show by myself and I find listening to your podcast is like having a friend to talk to about it.

    I would prefer to have stronger feelings about the remaining four teams, I find it more interesting when I can’t stand one and I want them to lose. I would prefer the dentists to lose as it would upset Jims ego.

  10. Forgive the second comment, I am just following orders. A question. Have you considered doing a rewatch of all the seasons?

    • We recorded the next episode before your comments Tracey but will make sure to read and answer them in the finale recap!

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