The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 11 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode and go over their predictions from early in the season but also what they think will happen next week and who is in the box seat to win!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


It’s time for the penultimate leg! We’ve got the final legs! It’s on!!!

Previously on The Amazing Race: All teams raced to the Philippines, and after many challenges, all teams finished within several minutes of each other, with the Wrestlers losing the sprint…but being reprieved by a non-elimination leg!

So…who do we have left?

#1 Team Pearly Whites (Misti & Jim)

#2 Lolly Queens (Amy & Maya)

#3 Soul Surfers (Adam & Bethany)

#4 The Wrestlers (Brooke & Robbie)

They’re all basically even…although the Wrestlers have a speedbump.

So….let’s go racing!

We get a small preview of the leg…which is new…don’t really care for it…

A full start…always a positive! And now…we’re back to the Philippines! In the rice fields!

We even get Phil’s twitter account as he starts in the rice fields! This is new right? He doesn’t do this every leg?


Tweet him! Tweet him lots!

We now cut to Misti and Jim behind the scenes…where Misti has hurt herself from a fall after the mud buffalo challenge last episode. She’s got a Band-Aid on it…a band aid! Really?



In any case…we’re off! Team Pearly Whites leading us off!

Proceed to Rajah Sulayman Park to find your next clue!

They need to get a Jeepney…which is always fun!

Team Pearly Whites point out this is really the first leg they are really up for elimination, as the save isn’t in play! They are immediately frantically searching for someone to tell them where to go! They just need to eliminate their silly mistakes!

The Lolly Queens take off…they know they are the underdogs…and that the focus is on the others…but they’ve done well to still be there! They immediately get on a Jeepney, and Team Pearly Whites jump on as well.

Soul Surfers depart! (We find out the teams only get 1 dollar for this leg of the race!). They talk about the importance of Jesus…and get on a Jeepney…which is going the other way so…they might be in front now? Apparently the others are going a long way?

The Wrestlers depart…and know they have a speedbump to complete but they are confident! They also tell us the importance of getting on the right side of the road for the Jeepney…as it can be time consuming! This tells us the first two teams are already in trouble!

Everyone thinks they are in the lead really…but really the Soul Surfers are winning! We see the speedbump! The Wrestlers are in for some fun…maybe…but we do get the next clue! It’s a Detour!


New design and everything….
This or That…

That’s all they get…ooooooh the cruelty! I love it!

The Soul Surfers choose That…we still don’t know what it is!

After asking where everything is…the Soul Surfers decide they’re heading towards This…so choose to do This instead!

This is going to be hard trying to explain the tasks without knowing them!

The Wrestlers get off their Jeepney, find the next clue…and their Speedbump!

Travel to the Manila Waterfront, and help a local replace his broken transport! Once this is done…they can continue racing!

Robbie likes how good he looks on the Speedbump board!!

They immediately see they have to take everything off, then other things on and tighten it all…Brooke says it’s a long speedbump…Robbie says she’s been going for 1 minute…so Brooke snaps back at him.


So all this….goes on all this??

The other two teams think they are winning…they are not…

The Soul Surfers arrive at the ‘This’ Detour…it looks like Basketball

This: Teams must take on a local street basketball team and score 21 points to receive their next clue


That seems kind of cool! They’ve got uniforms…and they’re actually playing on the street!

They start…and Adam struggles early…but he’s not bad at all!

At the Speedbump…there’s tension between Brooke and Robbie…but they’re getting through it!

The others are still on the Jeepney…it has to RePhil (that’s what it says…) they think it’s a good sign…it is not!


But it is great wordplay! Or awful spelling…

At the Basketball…Adam continues to do well! But he can’t make any free throws!

Brooke and Robbie complete the Speedbump…so they are able to continue, still in 2nd place!

The Wrestlers choose to do This!

The others keep talking about the fact they are smart…but they’re still going the wrong way! They finally get told they’re going the wrong way…oh dear! Jim looks pissed…at least there’s another team there with you mate!


Not again!

They all get off…and start going the other way…

At the Detour…Adam and Bethany are doing well…in fact they only need a few more points! They get another layup…and there’s just a free throw to go…Adam nails it! Nicely done! They’re off to their next clue!



Proceed to Divisoria Market and search for a marked Jeepney

As they leave, the Wrestlers turn up…Robbie looks at the opposition and thinks it’ll get ugly quickly! Brooke played quite a bit of basketball when younger…but she looks rusty…Robbie hits a nice one though!


It’s on bitch!

The others finally get to the Detour…and choose to do the closer one…I think that’s the basketball one…

In the Jeepney…The Soul Surfers can’t find their clue which makes nervous…

At the Basketball…the Wrestlers are having fun…after Brooke nails one, Robbie tries to draw a foul on the ref which is fun to see! They’re still doing well though…up to 12 points…then 13…then 15…then 17…then 18…then 20…then 22…it was done! Brooke dominated! They’re off to the Jeepney!


Nice and easy…

The Final two teams arrived…but they didn’t choose the Basketball…they went to That…which is not This…following?

That: Teams must join taxi traffic and race a local transport around a track…they must do 4 laps in under 17:55 minutes.


Phil on a bike!

That’s a long detour! I’d wish I was playing basketball!

Jim is peddling while Maya falls behind straight away! They meet the most charismatic traffic director…but they’re moving quickly…The Lolly Queens are trying…just not quite as quick…


So you think you can traffic direct…

The Soul Surfers arrive at Divisoria market…but don’t have their clue…so they’re still not 100% sure where they’re going!

The Wrestlers are cooking in their taxi…Brooke asks for AC….the taxi driver says no!

Team Pearly Whites are cycling hard…but it’s proving hard to stop…They get through their first lap and switch…there’s just a concern over Misti’s foot!

The Lolly Queens finish their first lap and Amy starts cycling now… They catch up to Misti…go over to the left to pass…but Amy loses control…and they smash into a Van! The Lolly Queens are down!


It’s all over! Get the Insurance Details!

There’s pretty good vision of it though! They keep going! Misti is struggling…and Amy passes her! Poor Misti…not only has a sore foot…but she has to cart Jim around…who claims he is heavier than both Maya and Amy put together! He might not be wrong…

Amy asks to straight away do another lap…so there’s no objection from Maya…Jim and Misti switch after the 2nd lap so Misti can have another break!

The Soul Surfers are still lost…they can’t figure out where they are going…they’re just going down a long street!

The Wrestlers find it straight away though! And they are into the lead! It’s a roadblock!

Who goes Cuckoo for Coconuts? Teams must deliver 2 popular coconut products to 3 different shops to receive their next clue.


Time to pick it up!

It’s a physical task…so Robbie is tagged in!

He doesn’t see the sign that tells him where to deliver things…oops!


If only it was possible for everything to be blurred so it was obvious!

At the Detour…Jim passes Amy at the end of the 3rd lap, and Maya and Misti switch back on…they have 6 minutes to complete the circuit…so they are well under the time at the moment…but I guess they’re probably tired by now!

Maya passes Misti again…as Misti really is slowing down…but she keeps pushing through it!

The Lolly Queens finish…and are comfortably under time…as are Team Pearly Whites…so it’s on!

Team Pearly Whites are back in front of the Lolly Queens though…but it’s close…

Robbie says he’s lost…he is! He didn’t read the clue…but he’s re-read the clue so know he has to go back and find the locations now…The Soul Surfers aren’t there yet…Robbie goes back…finds where he has to go…and now just needs to figure out where that is.

After more fruitless searching…the Soul Surfers look through Adam’s entire bag and find the clue…So they know where they are going now!

Team Pearly Whites are there now though! Jim is up…and like Robbie…he misses the posted locations thing! Soul Surfers finally arrive…and Adam doesn’t see it either! So no one seems to know…

The Lolly Queens get out after being stuck in traffic…they are on their way…

Robbie knows where he’s going…the other two are just running around confused…

Robbie finds where he was…he didn’t look at the order correctly though…ridiculous! They’re all over the shop!

The Lolly Queens finally arrive and Amy is doing it…She doesn’t seem to know either…

The ones not doing it seem to be concerned and unsure…but Robbie has got his first delivery…and Amy seems to know where she’s going at least…Adam and Jim still have no clue! There’s a realisation from Adam that they might need to look at the van!



Amy is lost in translation…while Robbie is excelling with his second one done!

Adam and Jim get their first one done! While Robbie gets his third one done…Amy is still ridiculously lost!


Smashing it out! Smacking it down!

On their way to the second one…Adam goes faster…and drops Jim! Jim just can’t keep up with the young legs of Adam!

Robbie gets back…and he is done…they get their next clue…it is the Pit Stop!

Proceed to the Pit Stop…Fort San Diego…the last team to check in…may be eliminated!


Hold the pose Phil!

It’s all there for the Wrestlers to win a leg!

Amy gets to her first location…but she doesn’t have the right numbers…it’s all going wrong for the Lolly Queens!

Jim manages to borrow a trolley from someone…that makes it easier for him…and Adam delivers his second set! Jim gets his second set done as well! Amy…still on her first one…then struggles to carry it all…and drops it in the middle of the street! It’s definitely all going wrong now! She finds a trolley to help her out! But she’s still struggling!


It’s just too much stuff…where’s the small candy???

Adam gets his third receipt…Jim is on his way to get that done!

The Wrestlers are on their way…they are so determined to finally win one!

Amy gets her first set done! Adam comes back with all the receipts and the Soul Surfers are on their way to the Pit Stop!

Jim arrives and drops off the last ones…and Amy drops off her second ones…Team Pearly Whites are on their way! Amy gets her last ones and knows she has to move quickly!

Amy delivers her last set…and is back…the Lolly Queens need to move!

It’s all on then in a race to the pit stop! Amy is shaking and just dehydrated and looks awful! She’s really looking out!

Everyone is on their way…do they know where they’re going? Team Pearly Whites seem to have a crazy driver…while the Wrestlers ask for directions….it’s dramatic…who will get there? Where is everyone?

We cut to Fort San Diego…and it’s the Wrestlers….they are Team Number 1! They will be racing to the finish line!


Finally…they are the champions!

HOWEVER!!! There’s a twist! The final leg STARTS RIGHT AWAY! They receive their next clue! They have to fly to Los Angeles….BUT I’M NOT WORRYING ABOUT THAT NOW!


Just keep racing!

It’s all about the race to the Pit Stop!

The Soul Surfers have arrived in 2nd place! They are also shocked…but they’re on their way! That’s crazy! I assume this is still an elimination point right?



Team Pearly Whites arrive in third place! They’re straight off…


No Mucking about!

The Lolly Queens arrive…they are in last place…and sadly…that’s the end of the road I assume…Phil gets some medical treatment in for Amy…she’s cooked….the Medics come in…and unfortunately…Phil delivers the news they are the last team to arrive….BUT NO!!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! FOUR TEAMS ARE RACING TO THE FINISH LINE! And in more big news! PHIL WILL BE ELIMINATING A TEAM SOME TIME ON THE FINAL LEG! THIS IS HUGE! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FEEL!!!


Medics on the scene!


This is crazy! I don’t even know what just happened!


They’re still getting their heads around it too!

We get a nice promo where Robbie builds the Wrestlers to be the best…Team Pearly Whites point out they are the favourites…The Lolly Queens are still confident as they’ve relied on themselves…The Soul Surfers have crushed challenges and are confident they can win it…It’s all on! Oh my word!

That’s just…crazy!

So who’s fighting for the major prize!

#1 The Wrestlers – Hitting their straps…on fire…they are looking good!

#2 Soul Surfers – Still doing well…still a good chance…they never seem to get much wrong!

#3 Team Pearly Whites – They are still the strongest team…they should win…but they still do things wrong! If they get it all right…they win…simples!

#4 Lolly Queens – The Queens have it all to do…they are last…Amy is exhausted…and they haven’t won a leg…but never count them out!

Detour Assessment: This and That…good fun! Great challenges…and fun to see the logic behind team’s decisions

Roadblock Assessment: It was hot…it was gruelling…it separated those who looked at the information…exactly what you want in a final 4 roadblock!

Leg Assessment: You could look at it and think it wasn’t overly difficult…but it was all interesting and all part of an entertaining leg!

I look forward to the final leg! I have no clue what will happen…but I look forward to it! Let’s get racing!




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