Jon Misch Survivor Oz San Juan Del Sur Exit Interview + Finale Episode Preview

Exist interview - Jon

We’re back for another exit interview today as we chat to the thirteenth contestant eliminated from Survivor San Juan Del Sur Jon Misch! We also bring you a full episode preview of the finale and reunion, as Noah Groves sits down and takes a look at what you can expect from tomorrow’s final episode of the 29th season! Click below for more!

After his elimination from the thirteenth episode, Jon Misch sat down with Ben to talk about why he would rather be chatting to us in a few days, just how much of a ‘blindside’ it was when he was voted out, his relationship with Missy and getting ‘closure’ after last weeks episode, just what the plan would’ve been with Jaclyn had he made it to the final 5 as well as his admiration for Jaclyn and her game and why being ‘goofy’ is good in Survivor.

Each week with our exit interviews we will also bring you a preview of the upcoming episode, as your favourite Ozlet Noah Groves sits down and gives his thoughts on what you can expect from the show tomorrow!


It is now time to bring back a new feature as I preview what is to come in the next episode airing tomorrow. These previews will use the ‘next time on Survivor,’ commercials, Survivor Live extended preview, deleted scenes and events that happened in the previous episode to look forward and see what is in store for us. Please note that only details learnt in the previously stated list will be discussed, if you consider things like what the challenge will be or who is competing in the dual and hints at people’s actions as a spoiler then you should avoid this feature. In saying that, absolutely no boot spoilers will be stated if somehow CBS slips up but the next voted out will be speculated on.

So what do we have in store for the Survivor: San Juan Del Sur finale, ‘This is My Time’?


It’s finale edition of the preview and thus we count down the days to a new winner and examine an episode with a whole lot less promos and footage to work with! The ‘next time on Survivor’ segment at the end of last episode is the usual run of the mill finale preview where we are simply hyped up and informed that it will be the finale. The one piece of actual non generic piece of footage in the preview is a fight that breaks out between Jaclyn and Natalie. It is completely understandable that Jaclyn would lash out after losing Jon but given the power Natalie has it is probably a poor move. Jaclyn is going to fight to the end but if she is now fighting with a vote she potentially needs then it can’t be good. Not much can be made from this fight but I would say Jaclyn won’t vote Natalie to win if she is on the jury and Natalie won’t vote with Jaclyn to go to the final four. Compared to Cagayan this has been a fairly ‘fight-less’ season but they have managed to squeeze one into the end.

On to the final two challenges of this season, none of the immunity challenges this season have been particularly interesting but it looks like we will end on a high note. The released clips have been cautious to show selected images so as to not spoil who goes fifth but still showing us both challenges. One of the challenges is placing balls through tubes ala Survivor Tocantins. It is unclear if the players will have to continuously catch the balls until they can no longer or if they will just have to rearrange the pipes to transport them to the other side. Either way this challenge should be tense and will make a great ending or penultimate challenge. The other challenge looks to be an obstacle course in the same vein as the Blood vs Water final immunity challenge. The images released also shows Natalie trying to knock over pins by throwing sand bags. It is unclear whether or not this from the pipe challenge or obstacle course. While it looks like a strong finish I am hoping for an improvement on challenges for season 30.


The remaining promos and previews have been pretty generic finale stuff but do offer one final piece of new information. The final teaser of the season teases “one final blindside!” Of course this is probably overhyped but from my memory this is the only time a blind side has been teased for the final episode. I wouldn’t read too much into this and it does seem a ploy to gain viewers but from this current standing the only possible blindsides would be Natalie, Missy or Baylor. Finale’s are usually pretty predictable so one final big vote would be a pleasant inclusion. In terms of the reunion Jeff Probst has tweeted (@jeffprobst) that we will finally have a full season preview for season 30 compared to the ridiculous teaser previews of the past year that nobody likes. He also says that he can’t promise he will talk to every contestant and that he will be talking to members in the audience. Great!


Last week I examined each alliance and relationship of the remaining six. For this preview I will look at each jury member and who they might vote for in the final three based on all we have seen in the episodes and extra footage. Please note this is all speculation and what follows could end up being the complete opposite. Feel free to tell me I am wrong if I am indeed wrong. After all this is what the internet is for!

Josh is hard to determine but will probably vote Natalie but could still choose Keith.

Jeremy will more than likely vote for Natalie but also had a relationship with Missy.

Wes will definitely vote for Keith but would probably vote Missy as a second choice.

Reed is hard to determine but will probably vote Natalie but could still choose Keith.

Alec will probably vote for Keith but could vote for Baylor or even Jaclyn.

Jon will definitely vote Jaclyn but will probably vote Missy as a second choice, Natalie as a potential.

And the other potential jury members:

Baylor will definitely vote for Missy or most likely Natalie if Missy isn’t in the finals.

Jaclyn is hard to determine but will probably vote for Missy or Keith.

Keith will probably vote Missy but could vote for Natalie as well.

Missy will definitely vote Baylor but could vote Natalie if Baylor isn’t in the finals.

Natalie will probably vote for Baylor but could potentially vote for Missy.


It’s now the final time to rank every contestant in order of who is most likely to win based mostly on the edit with gameplay as well. Unlike the power rankings which can also be ranked based on week to week performances and immediate futures this is solely chance of winning and is not necessarily where they currently stand or the order in which I think they will be booted. So someone who is ranked low could still become a third placer. Because we are at the end I will talk through each decision however you can check out this week’s power rankings as they are essentially the same going into the finale.

1. Keith-The fact that he has been up the top of these rankings, albeit never first, has to say something about his edit. I’ll be the first to admit that Keith is not the best player but he has the potential to win his way to the final three via challenges and could probably pull enough jury members. He is the only player left in the game who has had a consistent edit from day one. Outside of Josh and Jeremy Keith was viewed as the next biggest ‘star’ and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Natalie-Natalie is guaranteed a spot in the final four unless she really screws up with the idol. She is also a serious challenge competitor to win at the final immunity challenge. Natalie has played a good game but will her ‘moves’ and plays come off to the jury or will it be seen as combined gameplay with Missy and Baylor? She will be certain to gain some jury votes but will probably struggle with Jon, Jaclyn, Wes and Alec’s votes. Her edit for the past few weeks has been extremely good but apart from showing up here and there, she has been neglected in the edit through the rest of the game.

3. Missy-Missy probably won’t win but still has a small chance of coming through. She has played a good game and probably the best social game out of everyone left. Other than fighting with Dale and defending her daughter too much she has basically made relations with everyone and while the other four have their ‘enemies’ Missy slides through. Her edit hasn’t been huge but she has been shown playing since the early days.

4. Baylor-I don’t think we will see Baylor as the winner of San Juan Del Sur. In saying that, of all the females in the game Baylor has had the most consistent edit and has had a fair share of screen time since episode one. Of course you can argue that was because she was always on the losing tribe bar one (thanks Drew!) but so has Jaclyn and her edit hasn’t been a big. Baylor’s social game has been seriously lacking but it isn’t as if she has been a terrible player. Slim slim chance but her win could happen.

5. Jaclyn-Like Baylor, I am unfortunately doubtful that Jaclyn will be the winner this season. Not only is she currently in a bad position, her edit compared to the other four and her boyfriend has not been as generous. Especially the first four episodes where we heard her speak only once or twice. If she made the end she could probably gather the jury votes but I don’t see her even making it that far.

That’s it for this season of the previews. Fourteen episodes flew by but as the cliché goes, time grows wings when Survivor fans are having fun! Next week will be a preview wrap up and look forward towards season thirty, the fifteenth anniversary of Survivor!


The finale and reunion ‘This is My Time’’ will air Wednesday night 8pm EST on CBS in the United States and Thursday at a special time of 8:30 PM AEDST on channel Go! in Australia.


Finale Preview

Finale Sneak Peek

Jon the Day After

Jon’s Last Words and Votes

Jon at Ponderosa

Episode 13 Secret Scene

Behind the Scenes of the Medical Team

Jeff Probst Message to Fans


Our thanks must go out to CBS and Channel 9 for arranging these exit interviews for us. Be sure to check back in next week as we bring you interviews with all the final 5 contestants including the winner of San Juan Del Sur! Remember if you have a question for any of the final 5 contestants, get them into us and we may choose it as the question to put to them during next weeks interview! Bring on the next episode!




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  1. “one final blindside ” which means Natalie can probably be the final jury member….
    So each twinnie will b representing their amazing race placements of their two seasons…
    The only other option is that Baylor votes for Missy, that counts as a blindside..

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