The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 12 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the final episode and go over everything to close out an amazing season!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race season 25 including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with the the silver anniversary season!

For the final week we  bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of ozlet Alex Morella! Our huge thanks must go out to Alex for his brilliant recaps during the Silver Anniversary. Over to you Alex:


Ok…it’s here…it’s the finale! It’s finally here!

Let’s see what we have in store tonight!

First…we get the traditional montage of the entire series…and the final three…I mean four teams!

It has been an enjoyable season!

The Soul Surfers and Team Pearly Whites dominated…the Wrestlers crumbled but are now team number 1…while the Lolly Queens keep just holding on! With the new twist giving them the chance to stay in the game!

So who do we have and where?

#1 – The Wrestlers (Brooke and Robbie)

#2 – Soul Surfers (Adam and Bethany)

#3 – Team Pearly Whites (Misti and Jim)

#4 – Lolly Queens (Amy and Maya)

There’s no speedbump or anything…and they’re all flying to LA…they said that last week…but I better reiterate it!

Fly to Los Angeles, California. Once there, they must choose a Ford Explorer Sport and use Ford Sync technology to get their next clue

Cos proudly sponsored by Ford!

At the airport…the Lolly Queens turn up…to the disappointment of the other teams…and Brooke especially is…who tells them how unhappy she is that they are still there…

Jim tries to justify that the Lolly Queens are low hanging fruit who haven’t been in front much at all, and says they can just kick Amy in the shin! Cruel!

Adam and Bethany say it’s a bummer but they are more positive!

The Wrestlers say it’s a sure thing for them to win!

So here we go…to the US!


They don’t look as much out of place now!

We’re in LA…and it’s on for young and old! The cars are found…and everyone must listen to the auto text stuff…to give more Ford love! They get their next clue!


Just call Phil and ask where to go…Or hit the view and don’t bother with the shit auto text reading?

Proceed to Downtown City Hall with your film permit to get your next clue

So that’s the thing that is in everyone’s manila envelope from Manila…

Jim says he knows where they’re going…but no one is following them…

The Soul Surfers and Wrestlers are together…but the Soul Surfers turn off…and the Wrestlers don’t know what they’re doing! Team Pearly Whites are heading in the complete wrong direction too! The pressure is getting to teams! Misti is being relaxed…Jim is not! He hopes everyone else is lost…luckily for him…the Wrestlers are lost!




More lost!

The Lolly Queens and Soul Surfers are not though…they arrive at Downtown City Hall to get their approval…They get their next clue! Well…they are told to go to the Assistant Film Director at the Location

Proceed to Southwest Marine House

The Lolly Queens go get a smart phone from locals to use for directions…while Team Pearly Whites arrive and take off…and the Soul Surfers do the same!

The Soul Surfers stop off at a fire station to get directions…and someone recognises Bethany! The fireman’s daughter is a big fan! That’s exciting!

The Lolly Queens arrive first! And they have the roadblock!

Who wants to be an action hero? A team member must prepare and perform a Hollywood stunt by crashing through a window!


Can you pick the guy who isn’t a stunt crew member

Phil not showing us how it’s done…come on Phil! Make sure you do some challenges! Exciting though! Maya is doing it…she is excited! Adam is doing it for the Soul Surfers who turn up shortly afterwards!

Team Pearly Whites cross the bridge…which is wrong…but they ask for directions and get it remedied…Jim is still being very negative!

The Wrestlers are just lost! They are in a lot of trouble! There’s always one team…they have a spat…they are in a lot of trouble! Brooke asks Robbie to be more calm…Robbie says let’s just stop and get Maccas…that sounds good!


She just wants to skull crush him! I don’t think that’s a Wrestling move…

At the roadblock…Maya and Adam are training and practicing…Adam’s instructor has a really high voice! Maya is nervous…Adam just gets it….

Team Pearly Whites turn up…and Jim is going to be the Hollywood Action Hero!

So here we go…Maya is jumping out of the building to kick Alien ass…Amy tells us she’s been wanting to jump out of something for a while…and there she goes! She’s so excited by it! They have their next clue


Jazz Hands!

Proceed to Terminal Island…where the US Coast Guard is based!

So the Lolly Queens look like they’re in the box seat!

Adam follows and does his super stuntman work! They’re on their way to the island!


Adam actually looks more Pro!

But the Lolly Queens have made a mistake! Maya didn’t take off her gear! So they have to run back! They run past the Soul Surfers…who are now in the lead!


The Moment the Lolly Queens lost the lead!

The Wrestlers find city hall after an arduous search! They are on their way to the set!

The Soul Surfers have found Terminal Island…and their next clue!

Search And Rescue – Take part in a Coast Guard Search and Rescue Training Exercise!

Right up their alley!

Jim performs his stunt! The Lolly Queens get back just as he gets their next clue…. Jim can’t find the clue in the satchel though! He doesn’t check all the compartments…but it gives the Lolly Queens the lead over them!


Teeth man flying through the air!

Looks like the Wrestlers are lost…and Brooke is wishing the Lolly Queens are gone so they can rightly be in third…and still lost! Deal with it!

Team Pearly Whites and the Lolly Queens are also out on the Coast Guard training now! The Soul Surfers are out to save ‘Oscar’ first! They pop smoke…and then have to get a heavy…heavy dummy back to the boat! They get him back on board though! Adam was worried he wasn’t breathing much…and I laughed watching him perform CPR on the dummy!


Out on the water

The other two teams arrive and take the plunge into the water…The Lolly Queens swim quite well…it turns out we’ve found something Jim isn’t great at though…swimming! He can swim enough ‘not to drown’…his words! Both teams rescue their dummy!


Shame the Dummies didn’t work together and wasted valuable resources needing two boats…

Back on shore…the Soul Surfers are finished and are getting their next clue!

Travel by taxi to ConGlobal Insdustries to find your next clue

A random remote place? Screams of the final challenge to me!


Remote enough?

The other two teams get back…and Team Pearly Whites are just ahead of the Lolly Queens

Back at the Roadblock…the Wrestlers have arrived…they watch a stuntman…and then….PHIL APPEARS….this is bad news for them! Phil unfortunately mentions that they just saw the last shot of the day…and unfortunately they have been eliminated! Phil tries to play the film director…telling them they were a little late and were past their time…but…I don’t like that…but they are eliminated…


Oh Dang!


Double Dang!

When I then think that all they’ve done this leg is fly to LA…drive to City hall and then to the stunt place…that’s….pretty brutal to get eliminated on! Rough one Wrestlers! I think they say ‘screwed over’ in the industry…I’m sad to see them go 😦

They are good spirited in their confessionals though…love them or hate them…you will ALWAYS remember them!

The Soul Surfers arrive at ConGlobal Industries…and find the final roadblock for the other member of the team!

The Team member must find 9 specific containers representing the 9 cities they visited…each has a number on it…and team members must memorize the number…and the order in which they visited each city…once they fill all that out on a shipping form…their clue will be delivered to them!


He was going up in this part…it looked epic! Even if a screenshot doesn’t look epic!


Easy right?

That sounds hard! But the final one always is! Seeing Phil getting gradually higher on what I assume was a forklift or container was pretty badass too!

This means Bethany is up for the Soul Surfers! It looks crazy looking at the containers!

Team Pearly Whites and the Lolly Queens turn up…this means Misti and Amy are up!

Misti says she wasn’t that sure from the start…and in their confessional…Jim looks disappointed and…well…like they’ve already lost!

Misti explains the challenge though…which helps!


Containers…containers everywhere!

Bethany finds one…so…each container has different numbers for each of the 3 teams…that makes sense…so they can’t work together!


Searching everywhere!

There’s not a lot to report as people are just looking for containers for their info…we get small commentary from Jim…basically telling us it will be a long and hard challenge…and that they’ve been there for at least 4-5 hours…which in that sun seems gruelling!


A quick break from the sun!

Misti has all but one…Amy has them all…Bethany has them all! It’s tight…I think! Misti gets her last one too! So everyone is trying to get back and Jim declares this is where we find out who’s going to win the million dollars!

We come back and….AMY IS BACK FIRST…THE LOLLY QUEENS ARE IN THE LEAD…Amy tries her number first…and it’s correct!!!!!! THE LOLLY QUEENS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO THE FINISH LINE!!!


And at this point America went ‘WHAT IS GOING ON???’

Misti and Bethany both get back…they need to get it quickly!

At last, the finish line…make your way to …I don’t know!!! But it’s the finish line!





They don’t give us a thing…but…surely not???? The Lolly Queens look like winning the million!

Bethany fills her form in…but it’s wrong! Misti fills hers in…it’s wrong! The Lolly Queens’ lead gets bigger! Bethany gets it wrong again! Misti gets it right! So Team Pearly Whites can race to the finish!


Still in it!

The Lolly Queen’s taxi driver says he doesn’t know where it is…and Team Pearly Whites are trying hard to catch up!

At the roadblock…Bethany is done! So the Soul Surfers are finally off!

The Lolly Queens are stopped at lights…Team Pearly Whites are moving quickly…who will win…the music gets intense…we see the finish line…the eliminated teams…Phil…so…who will they be greeting?


Literally…I can’t!






The others teams cheer…and think…we got beaten by this????

Maya jumps into Phil’s arms…and they get the news they’ve been waiting for!




They can’t believe it! I don’t think anyone can!

Maya gives us a victory lap! Brooke has to watch on and smile…that’s got to be brutal!


Still enough energy to hi-5 the losers!

It’s the 3rd time and all female team has won the race…They hope they’ve inspired others…I think they have…I think I can win the race now! The athletes got beat!

Team Pearly Whites arrive in 2nd place…which of course is a shame to Jim…he wanted to win! Phil says no one has had better looking teeth after racing around the globe…Misti says their goals were high…so they are naturally disappointed…Jim still doesn’t give a glowing review of Misti…which I would’ve liked…


Should’ve done this with my brother…

The Soul Surfers arrive in 3rd! They are standing proud! Bethany says she loves him even more…Adam is just amazed and delighted to see Bethany grow…and gives us the great quip that money is nice…but you can’t trade away that relationship and experience…nawwwwww…and then follows it up with…having said that…a million dollars would’ve been really awesome…I love that!


If you ain’t first…you’re last!

And everyone comes up to celebrate! Brooke gives the Lolly Queens a big hug first…and probably a double DDT…

The little montage is lovely…it’s a positive experience…and all that!

And we get a preview of next season and OH MY GOD!!!!

11 dating couples…including 5 that meet on the mat for the first time! There’s blind dating coming to The Amazing Race…as one of them says…it’s a hell of a first date Phil…They can’t use #TheDatingCouple though so I’m ok with it!

So…Survivor is going all Apprentice…and The Amazing Race is going all Bachelor…alright then!

But…I’ve enjoyed this season and…SCREW YOU NOAH!!! THE LOLLY QUEENS WON IT!!!

And don’t give me any of that worst winners ever shit…yes they were spared into the final…but they never finished last otherwise…and smashed out all the challenges really…and that’s what you need to do!

Also…to quote Flight Time and Big Easy…the Beekman Boys won with Roller Luggage…

Detour Assessment: None…it’s the last leg!

Roadblock(s) Assessment: The 2 roadblocks on the last leg is nice…as it seems to catch teams out…and usually have the unheralded member of the partnership step up! The Action hero stunt was cool to look at…and that last task was exhausting…as they always find new ways to have that final challenge!

Leg Assessment: For a final leg…it was solid if not unspectacular…the eliminating of the Wrestlers was harsh…especially as there weren’t any challenges before that to you know…work hard and get ahead in…which I think needed to be done! The locations were random…but there were many chances to catch up or fall behind!

Season Assessment: Well…it started really well…went bland in the middle for a bit…but finished strongly! I enjoyed this season and The Amazing Race put out a good product for it’s Silver Anniversary! I enjoyed the teams…quite a few of the challenges (although several better detours are needed in some legs…and no Morocco!)

It’s been fun racing and recapping (or as Rossi calls it…Recrapping) this season! Let’s do it again next year!


Thanks for the memories! Now back to daily life!




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5 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz-US Season 25 Episode 12 Recap

  1. This is the first full season of US TAR I’ve watched in years and I really enjoyed it. The puffin needed to make another appearance though.

  2. I hope you all do cover further season of TAR – its why I started watching it again!

  3. I’m currently watching season 21 on Foxtel and those goat farmers are a much worse team than the scientists. **SPOILER** They got like 12 hours behind the other teams and were only saved by another team losing their passports. I’m watching it gobsmacked that that they won.

    Go team Scientists!!

  4. Sooooo disappointed that the candy scientists won…they should have been eliminated in the episode before this but that stupid twist….ugh so frustrated.

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