Best Of Survivor Oz 2014


There is no denying that 2014 has been a MASSIVE year for us here at Survivor Oz. Through 296 hours worth of content, 276 different episodes and over 65 Survivor contestants (including 60 brand new ones) we have continued to punch above our weight in the Survivor world. But with so many highlights, how can we possibly condense them all into one podcast? Well sit back and relax as you re-live all the best moments of the year that was 2014 in one MEGA episode of your favourite Survivor podcast!

When you have so much content for the year, it’s always going to be hard to produce a ‘best of’. We decided it would be perfect though to put together an extended episode featuring highlight clips from EVERY episode that we put out during the year. Yes, you read that correctly. EVERY EPISODE of Survivor Oz for 2014 is featured in this mega episode! Not sure what you can expect in this episode? Well here is a month by month run down of just what you can hear throughout this episode and links to each one:


Brad Culpepper Interview

Monica Culpepper Interview

Katie Collins Interview

Tina Wesson Interview

Top 25 One Time Players

Cagayan Preview Episode

BvW Ozcap

2 Marquesas Comms (4-5)


3 Marquesas Comms (6-8)

Colton Cumbie Interview

Caleb Bankston Interview

Laura Alexander Interview

John Fincher Interview

Jason Siska Interview

Kim Mullen Interview

Hayden Moss Interview

Kat Edorsson Interview

Rupert Boneham Interview

Laura Boneham Interview

Denise Stapley Interview

Marissa Peterson Interview

Shamar Thomas Interview

Aras Baskauskas Interview

Diane Ogden Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 1


2 Marquesas Comms (9-10)

John Cody Interview

Candice Cody Interview

Cagayan Oztopsy 2

Francesca Hogi Cagayan Recap

Sandy Burgin Interview

Andrea Boehlke Interview

Leslie Nease Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 3

Cagayan Oztopsy 4

Nina Acosta Cagayan Recap

Rob DeCanio Interview

Misty Holmes Interview

Tina Scheer Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 5


Mia Galeotalanza Interview

Kelly Goldsmith Interview

Cagayan Oztopsy 6

Cindy Hall & Amy O’Hara Cagayan Recap

Gillian Larson Reality Rally Interview

Marty Piombo Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 7

Cagayan Oztopsy 8

Vecepia Robinson Cagayan Recap

Teresa Cooper Interview

Artis Silvester & RC Saint-Amour Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 9

Reality Rally Interviews


Cagayan Oztopsy 10

Ben Henry Cagayan Recap

Rita Verreos Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 11

Colby Brown Interview

Lance Fittro Interview

Tina Wesson & Katie Collins Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 12

Paul Luttrell Ozlet Interview

Clifton Gibbons Ozlet Interview

Jarrod Loobeek Ozlet Interview

Ferdinand Joppe Ozlet Interview

Bridget Velturo Ozlet Interview

Julian Groneberg Ozlet Interview

Anthony Rossi Ozlet Interview

Kristan Knarr Ozlet Interview

Kate McLaughlin Ozlet Interview

Ivan Ornelas Ozlet Interview

Andrew Shadlock Ozlet Interview

Coach Wade Cagayan Recap

Cagayan Oztopsy 13


Russell Hantz Holding Hantz

Ozcars Finalists Announced

Ozcars Award Ceremony

Malcolm Freberg Interview

Shawna Mitchell Interview


Garrett Adelstein Interview

Jim Rice Interview

David Samson Interview

Reynold Toepfer Interview

World Cup Episode

Matt Von Ertfelda Interview

Mad Dog Interview

Tony Vlachos Interview

Cagayan Ozcap

Spencer Bledsoe Interview

Julia Landauer Interview

Trish Hegarty Interview

Amazing Race AU Oz Preview


5 Marquesas Comms (11-15)

7 Thailand Comms (1-7)

I’m Probst And I Know It

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 1

Jolanda Jones Interview

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 2

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 3

Ozlet Anniversary Episode

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 4

San Juan Del Sur Preview Episode


8 Thailand Comms (8-15)

6 Amazon Comms (1-6)

San Juan Del Sur Song

Big Brother Oz Episode 1

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 5

Big Brother Oz Episode 2

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 6

Listener Questions Episode

Big Brother Oz Episode 3

Big Brother Oz Episode 4

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 7

Gervase Peterson Interview

Pete Yurkowski Interview

Big Brother Oz Episode 5

Big Brother Oz Episode 6

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 1

Monica & Brad Culpepper SJDS Recap

Amazing Race AU Oz Episode 8

Big Brother Oz Episode 7

Bringing Sexy Back Oz


9 Amazon Comms (7-15)

Big Brother Oz Episode 8

Big Brother Oz Episode 9

Big Brother Oz Episode 10

Big Brother Oz Episode 11

Big Brother Oz Episode 12

Big Brother Oz Episode 13

Big Brother Oz Episode 14

Big Brother Oz Episode 15

Big Brother Oz Episode 16

Amazing Race US Episode 1

Amazing Race US Episode 2

Amazing Race US Episode 3

Amazing Race US Episode 4

Amazing Race US Episode 5

Nadiya Anderson Exit Interview

Cat & Jesse O’Brien Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 2

Candice & John Cody SJDS Recap

Val Collins Exit Interview

Rupert & Laura Boneham Recap

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 3

John Rocker Exit Interview

Jarrod & Ashleigh Jende Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 4

Kim Spradlin & Troy Robertson SLDS Recap

Drew Christy Exit Interview

Jeremiah Wood Interview

Ethan Zohn Interview

John Gbenda-Charles & Murray Roeske Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 5

Birthday Episode

Eliza Orlins & Ami Cusack SLDS Recap

Ruth-Marie Embler Interview

Brice Johnston Interview

Kelley Wentworth Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 6

Gillian Larson & Bob Crowley SLDS Recap


8 Pearl Islands Comms (1-8)

Jeffisms Remix

Big Brother Oz Episode 17

Big Brother Oz Episode 18

Big Brother Oz Episode 19

Big Brother Oz Episode 20

Big Brother Oz Episode 21

Big Brother Oz Episode 22

Big Brother Oz Episode 23

Big Brother Oz Episode 24

Big Brother Oz Episode 25

Big Brother Oz Episode 26

Amazing Race US Episode 6

Amazing Race US Episode 7

Amazing Race US Episode 8

Amazing Race US Episode 9

Kass McQuillen Interview

Dale Wentworth Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 7

RC & Craig Saint-Amour SLDS Recap

Julie McGee Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 8

Abi-Maria Gomes & Pete Yurkowski SLDS Recap

Josh Canfield Exit Interview

Christie Orr & Aston Garratt Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy Episode 9

Gervase Peterson & Joel Klug SLDS Recap

Jeremy Collins Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 10

Rita Verreos & Billy Garcia SJDS Recap


7 Pearl Islands Comms (9-15)

2 All-Stars Comms (1-2)

Wes Nale Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 11

Amazing Race US Episode 10

Amazing Race US Episode 11

Amazing Race US Episode 12

Amazing Race US Episode 13

Big Brother Oz Episode 27

Jonathan Penner & Coach Wade SJDS Recap

Alec Christy Exit Interview

Reed Kelly Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 12

Spencer Bledsoe & Marty Piombo SJDS Recap

Jon Misch Exit Interview

San Juan Del Sur Oztopsy 13

Baylor Wilson Exit Interview

Keith Nale Exit Interview

Missy Payne Exit Interview

Jaclyn Schultz Exit Interview

Natalie Anderson Exit Interview

Brian, Clay, Helen & Tanya SLDS Recap

Christmas Episode

With so much content to get through, it’s time to stop reading and start listening! You can download the episode below to enjoy everything from a massive year!

On behalf of every body who has listened to any or all of content this year, thanks so much for being on board and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2015!

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