Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Top Tens in 2014


It’s the final day of the year and it’s also the final top 10 for the year as well! So what better time than today to bring you the top 10 top 10s we brought to you across the last 12 months! Following on from our similar piece in 2013, your host Ben Waterworth takes you through the top 10 articles that had you reading through your lunch break each Wednesday and typing away on those keys to make sure your opinion was heard on the subject matter! Did your favourite top 10 make the cut? Click below to find out!

These choices reflect a few different criteria. They are a mixture of top 10s that were most viewed, most commented on and most shared through social media. No doubt there will be some that are missing that potentially could’ve made it’s way into the top 10, but with so many to choose from, choosing 10 turned out to be harder than I realised! But here you are, the top 10 top 10s for 2014!

10. Top 10 Two Timers Who Should Return Again


Noah kicks things off on the top 10 with his interesting piece on 10 players who have played twice and he believes should come back and play for a third time. Some interesting choices mixed with some obvious ones, it’s one of the most read we had on our site in 2014!

9. Top 10 Unlikely Winners


Clay is a top 10 staple, and has a legacy of writing some of the most popular and well thought out top 10s on our site. His entry on the most unlikely winners added to his growing list of top 10s and became one of the most popular of the year!

8. Top 10 Underrated Survivor Moves


New in 2014, Ozlet Paul Luttrell thrusted himself into the Survivor Oz limelight with his debut top 10 on the 10 moves in the history of the show he feels need more admiration. Always a topic that is going to cause debate, it became on of our most talked about top 10s of the year. A great way to start on the show!

7. Top 10 Female ‘Characters’


Noah is always one to bring you an in-depth top 10 and his top 10 on the top 10 female characters certainly was a fascinating read. There was always the usual debate of the entries on the list, but with 10 solid choices it was hard to argue with who he had picked!

6. Top 10 Tribes


Jimmy enters the list with his personal list of the top 10 tribes in the history of the show. Not to be confused with two I did on the most and least successful tribes, Jimmy’s article brought with it a large amount of online discussion noting that there were several tribes missing that could’ve been perceived as better. Given that’s what usually happens on any top 10, it was brushed aside and moved on to the next one!

5. Top 10 Tarnished Legacies


Always a contentious topic, Ozlet James Pickering went through ten players he thought had their legacies tarnished by subsequent appearances on different seasons. So much was the debate and spread of this top 10 that one of the entries Jonny Fairplay even discussed it on an episode of Rob Has A Podcast! Always good to have the talking points discussed by Survivor contestants themselves!

4. Top 10 Tribal Councils


James is back for his second entry and this one was a long overdue top 10! With the Survivor Hall of Fame recently voting their top 3 Tribal Councils of all time, we made sure we gave you 10 to choose from earlier in the year. What followed were some very interesting entries that you had talking!

3. Top 10 Most Controversial Survivor Moments


Julian is our top 10 coordinator and helps get all the top 10s formatted and on our website ready to publish. So it’s only fitting that he manages a spot on the top 10 top 10s! His controversial moments top 10 was always going to bring about debate and debate it did! Several heated discussions online pointed out several other moments that were perhaps missed, as well as going over the order of the ones included. No matter whether or not you agreed with the entries, it made for one good talk fest!

2. Top 10 Most Memorable One-Liners


Lancey didn’t bring many top 10s to the table in 2014 but when she did she made sure they were big and memorable! Funny lines are always going to be remembered, and they are always going to be debated too. This top 10 brought with it loads of debate and conversation, but more importantly it brought lots of good memories and fun times!

1. Top 10 Goats


The king of the top 10s in 2014 was James. His third entry and most importantly the top entry. The top 10 goats entry came way back in January and was by far the most talked about top 10 all year, as well as the most viewed. 43 comments on the article alone was a record for a top 10, which speaks volumes for it’s content. James missed out on having any entries on last years top 10 top 10s, but makes up for it this year!

There we have it kids, the ten best Top Tens in 2014! Our Top Ten’s will return once again in 2015! You can find every Top Ten that was published in 2014 here! Thanks for all your support with the top 10s over the last 12 months, and be safe and have a great new years!

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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5 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10-Top 10 Top Tens in 2014

  1. I hate these because i like new content. I dont necessarily care about which top tens are better because i think that is way too opinion based and not really anything the fans care to read about.

  2. The top 10 tribes was pretty terrible and the top 10 one liners was quite random.
    I prefer the top 10 things about SJDS, top 10 voting confessionals, top 10 viewer blindsides, top 10 dumbest moves, top 10 moments of accidental slapstick comedy, top 10 merge episodes, top 10 worst starts, top 10 missed opportunities, top 10 ironic moments, … Can’t list all of those that I prefer to those two.

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