Happy 15th Anniversary Survivor!


2015 is finally here! And what a year it looks to be! This year we celebrate 15 years since Survivor debuted on our screens and in anticipation of the 30th season of premiering in February, we have taken the time to help celebrate this milestone year in the franchise as well as bring you our biggest, most daunting and challenging series of episodes yet in the lead up to the new season! Read on for more!

In it’s 15th year, Survivor has given us 29 seasons, 445 episodes and 442 players of the game. It’s a perfect time for reflection as we get ready for Worlds Apart so in the lead up to the season we will be bringing you a massive undertaking as we sit down and rank every single player to have ever played the game! That’s right, all 442 contestants will be ranked over a series of episodes as a select panel of 5 go over who they think are the best, the worst and the all time ‘middle’ players in the history of the show! To celebrate this massive undertaking, we have put together a special ‘anniversary image’ featuring every single contestant in the history of the show! It’s a large picture, and one that you can see in it’s full version by clicking on the picture below. Can you spot your favourite?

Click the image for full res version

Also in celebration of our upcoming rankings podcast series as well as the 15th year, we have also put together this amazing video clip celebrating each contestant from the show as well as a classic moment from each of the 29 seasons! You can watch this video below, and thanks to our Ozlet extraordinaire Jimmy for putting this together!

Our special rankings episodes will premiere at the beginning of February, with a series of podcasts being available to download over the course of a few weeks. These episodes are extremely in-depth, long and entertaining and will have you debating and talking everyday in the lead up to the premier of Worlds Apart! We also are continuing our annual ‘Top 25’ in January, as we ask you to vote for the greatest episodes in the history of Survivor! Voting in this poll closes on the 24th of January at 11.59pm AEDST so make sure you get your votes in! We will reveal the results on a LIVE episode later in the month!

On behalf of everyone here at Survivor Oz we wish you a happy new year and we look forward to bringing you another massive year of Survivor coverage! If you love Survivor, then you won’t need to go anywhere else except Survivor Oz in 2015!


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7 Comments on Happy 15th Anniversary Survivor!

  1. This picture is freaking EPIC! Well done.

  2. AMAZING video

  3. This is freakin’ incredible! The music, the way the players are portrayed … wow. The CBS poobahs should buy this video from you. Made my day! Way to go, Jimmy,

  4. So awesome! That just have taken you ages, it was amazing

  5. So many more memorable moments in the first half of the series than the 2nd.

  6. Yass I cant wait for ozcars 2015 when are they starting

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