The Name Game Of Survivor – Part 3


The first feature for 2015 is here! Ozlet Ivan Ornelas continues his popular ‘name game’ series of articles that he started last year where he gathers together some commonly used names amongst Survivor contestants and compares them against each other! Which names are better on older seasons and which are better on newer seasons? And has your favourite name come up yet? Click below to see who makes the cut in round 3!

You can read part one here and part two here

Here we go again with another edition of the Name Game! I’ll be analysing some more Survivor contestants guaranteed to have one thing in common: their name.

Sean Rector (Marquesas) vs. Sean Kenniff (Borneo)


Kenniff is known for his alphabet strategy, which initially seemed to just contribute to the scattered voting’s patterns of Borneo but did contribute to Jenna’s elimination. Rector’s strategy proved to be a bit more powerful, as he and Vecepia worked their way to the final 5 together, which included turning the tables on the Rotu four, which, consisting of John, the General, Zoe, and tammy appeared to be on course to reaching the finale until Sean, Vecepia, Kathy, Paschal, and Neleh joined forces for the biggest shift of power the series had seen by then.

The king of the Sean’s would have to be Rector. they both got 5th place, but Sean was dragged there by Richard’s alliance while Sean got there more on his own merits (but had some help as well)

Sarah Jones (Marquesas) vs. Sarah Lacina (Cagayan) vs. Sarah Dawson (Philippines)


Despite Maraamu’s struggles, Jones survived 3 tribal councils thanks to being close allies with Boston Rob. After the tribe swap left her with Gina and three former Rotu, she was the obvious choice to be voted out next. Dawson was pretty quiet, probably due to Kalabaw’s early success, but due to Denise siding with the male Kalabaw members and Dawson knowing who Jeff Kent was, Dawson was voted out at the first tribal Council she attended. Like Dawson, Lacina started the game on a strong tribe; she didn’t attend her first tribal Council until Day 16. She quickly made an alliance with fellow police officer tony, but her gameplay was frantic. She went out of her way to vote out Cliff by attempting to throw a challenge and she rubbed her swing-vote role in everyone’s face until “Chaos Kass” had enough and turned the tables on her. Lacina’s vote out was one of the biggest blindsides of the season and set the tone for a stellar post merge for Survivor Cagayan.

If your name is Sarah you’re probably going to have a tough time in Survivor. Collectively this trio only survived 4 tribal Councils. Interestingly 2 of them got 13th place, while the only Sarah to reach the merge. Not much to choose between them, but the best Sarah would have to be Lacina because she made the most impact out of the three in their respective seasons.

Alex Bell (Amazon) vs. Alex Angarita (Fiji)


Bell was a quiet player at first, but started to play harder in the merge, being part of the move that voted Deena out of the game. Bell was then in a good position with his alliance of himself, Rob, Jenna, and Christy, but then made a fatal error in telling Rob that Rob would be out at the final 4, and Bell would be voted out next. Angarita was a strong player right out of the gate, not only being a member of the dominant Moto tribe but also forging a strong alliance with Edgardo, Lisi, Boo, and Stacey. With seemingly Alex and Edgardo in control, they managed to blindside Liliana, and then when the tribe swap happened, despite being on the losing side of things with Ravu, he became a core member of another key alliance in the Four Horsemen which consisted of himself, Edgardo Mookie, and Dreamz. However things started to slip out of his hands when Dreamz found out about the idol Alex, Edgardo, and Mookie kept secret from him despite their alliance. Dreamz would then join forces with Earl, Yau-Man, Cassandra, Stacey and Boo which meant game over for Edgardo, then Mookie, and finally Alex.

Both Alex’s got 7h place, and while both were good players I’d give the edge to Angarita, even though I’m not a fan of the Four Horsemen.

Ami Cusack (Vanuatu & Micronesia) vs. Amy O’Hara (Guatemala)


In Vanuatu, Ami was seen as a strong and cutthroat player, voting out Lisa over Rory before the merge, but despite playing well up until the final 7, a new alliance between Twila, Chris, Scout, and Eliza emerged and vote out the outsiders Leann, Ami, and Julie. In Micronesia, a different, kinder side of Ami was shown. Despite ending up in the minority after Yau-Man was voted out by Cirie’s alliance, the swap put Ami in a more favourable position but eventually back into the mercy of Cirie, Amanda, and Ozzy, and ultimately they voted her out in favour of Erik right before the merge due to her connection with Eliza. Amy overcame two ankle injuries in Guatemala to just barely miss out on the merge, and despite her injuries she was still a strong competitor. She became especially close friends with Gary. Her willpower and her personality made her an alternate for Heroes vs. Villains on the Hero tribe.

Both Amy’s got 11th place on a season. If I had to choose, the better of the two would be Cusack based on their gameplay but I’m definitely a fan of both of them.

Do you agree or disagree with Ivan? What other names would you like to see being compared? Comment below to let us know!



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4 Comments on The Name Game Of Survivor – Part 3

  1. The Natalie’s would be the best battle in this. There are four Natalie’s and all of them made it to the finale and final four. Natalie White and Natalie Anderson both played slow games at first but we’re both able to win. Natalie Tenerelli made it to the final three and even though she was a coattail rider, she did have an impact on Rob winning. And don’t forget NATALIE BOLTON who even though placed the worst out of the Natalie’s is in my opinion the best Natalie out of all of them by far. She was a major role in the blindsided in Micronesia and even caused the famous Erik blindside. The Natalie’s would be perfect for the name game!!!!

  2. You never watched Amazon because mostly everything you said about Alex Bell never happened, and based on your interview with Ben you need to watch more seasons before making these “name games”. And watching just one episode of a season doesn’t count

  3. “and Dawson knowing who Jeff Kent was, Dawson was voted out at the first tribal Council she attended.”
    Except she never told anyone about Jeff Kent and that had nothing to do with her elimination.

  4. the Seans should have also included Shawn Cohen.

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