Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Dynamic Duos


Over the past 29 seasons of Survivor we have seen some great player’s pair up to outwit, outplay and outlast the rest. Some are connected by circumstance, some by friendship and some by something a little stronger. One thing is for sure, a pair can be a force to be reckoned with on Survivor. This week Andrew Shadlock compiles his list of the Top Ten Survivor Dynamic Duos. Although some on this list aren’t necessarily the most strategic of pairs they all brought massive amounts of entertainment and were memorable enough to land on this list. Do you agree with the couples in this list or was there another two-some that should have made the cut? Read on to find out!

10. Elisabeth & Roger- Australian Outback

Roger and Elisabeth

The Australian Outback seems to mostly be remembered for Colby taking Tina to the final tribal instead of Keith. Although Tina and Colby were a great pair on the show they really operated as trio with the help of Keith. For me the most dynamic duo was the unlikely pairing of Elisabeth and Rodger. The pair started out on the Kucha tribe together and bonded instantly and are two of the most likeable characters from Survivor to this date. Although they didn’t display much in terms of strategic gameplay their social game was on point. Despite being the only two remaining Kucha members they stayed tight and their likability kept them in the game past original Ogakor members Amber and Jerri. Although their likability wasn’t enough to sit at final tribal they were definitely one of Survivors first dynamic duos.

9. Jenna & Heidi – Amazon


Jenna and Heidi probably aren’t considered to be a very strategic pair. I would have to agree about their strategic abilities, but its not their brains that necessarily landed them on this list. The two bonded immediately on the women’s tribe in Survivor Amazon and despite being separated during a tribe swap they reconnected at the merge. Although Jenna spent the last few days without her partner in crime she was still able to take home the top prize. The two delivered some of the seasons most entertaining confessionals (in a season that had Rob Cesternino) that emphasized their sorority girl personas. Most importantly though this dynamic duo brought us one of the most memorable moments of Survivor history the infamous chocolate and peanut butter incident.

8. Becky & Yul – Cook Islands

becky and yul

I realize Yul gets most of the credit between this pair especially after Becky’s brutal showing at the final four tribal council, but I think Becky may deserve a little more credit. There is one thing constant about Yul’s win in the Cook Islands, its his alliance with Becky. Early on in the game the two paired up and did most of their strategizing as a pair. Yul found the idol and with the help of his closest ally Becky they were able to manoeuvre their way to the final four with their Aitu four. They were both extremely smart, excellent challenge competitors (as long as making a fire wasn’t involved) and after the mutiny they even had the underdog factor, this is enough to land the pair a spot on this list.

7. Vecepia & Sean – Marquesas

vecepia and sean

A pretty underrated pair that is often forgotten about is Sean and Vecepia from Survivor Marquesas. From their first days on the beach at Maraamu Sean and V formed a strong friendship that lasted the entire game. Although they weren’t as vocal about not voting each other out as Marquesas’ other dynamic duo Neleh and Paschal (an honourable mention for this list) they had each other’s backs to the very end. The two were able to convince Kathy, Neleh and Paschal to join them in taking out the Rotu four. This was a massive moment in Survivor history and I give most of the credit to this dynamic duo.

6. Richard & Rudy – Borneo

Richard and Rudy

Probably the most unlikely pair on this list (and when I say pair I meant not in a homosexual way). Richard and Rudy were Survivors original dynamic duo, the two could not have been more opposite but they formed an unlikely friendship early on in Borneo. Although Rudy didn’t seem to have a strategic bone in his body he was lucky enough to pair up with the only one really playing the game. They made it all the way to the final three and if Kelly Wigglesworth hadn’t emerged as a challenge beast (too generous?) Richard and Rudy could have been the first ever final two. Richard and Rudy delivered some of the funniest and most memorable moments from the first season and we were robbed by losing them both so early on in Survivor All Stars.

5. Dawn & Cochran – Caramoan

Dawn and Cochran

Cochran and Dawn are another unlikely duo. Early in the South Pacific the two bonded as outsiders on the Savaii tribe. However Cochran’s notorious flip stopped us from ever seeing much strategy from the pair. This completely changed when the two hit the beach on Survivor Caramoan. Despite Cochran flipping on the Savaii tribe Dawn was committed to working with Cochran for the entire game. The two played well together and despite Dawns manic episodes they were able to pull off some of the most exciting blindsides we have ever seen. They were a great balance of strategic and social and they even pulled off some great challenge victories to sit at the final tribal council. Although Dawn was shut out at the final tribal and gets a lot of grief for her emotional outbursts these two were a team and I really don’t think Cochran would have won unanimously without his partner in crime.

4. JT & Stephen – Tocantins

JT and Stephen

JT and Stephen are one of the most balanced pairs in the history of Survivor. Stephen brought the strategy, JT brought the social game and they both were both pretty decent in the challenges. Although they had a lot of help from both Taj and Erin their loyalties to each other seem pretty consistent at least until the end. Although Stephen got shut out for votes at the end these two played a pretty dominant game. They entered the merge outnumbered four to six and after Joe was medically evacuated they seemed doomed to fall to the wrath of the Dragon Slayer, However they made smart strategic decisions and were able to finish as first and second in the Tocantins.

3. Russell & the Hidden Immunity idol – Samoa

Russel idol

Although Russell is a controversial player one thing is for sure, this man is a force to be reckoned with when he gets his hands on an idol. Over two seasons Russell has found 5 idols and every season he has found one Russell has made it to the end. Russell and his idols ran the show in Samoa and if he wasn’t such a horrible social player he could have been crowned the only two time winner (playing back to back). Looking back at Survivor Samoa Russell really only had one alliance, him and the hidden immunity idols. Although the Foa Foa four stayed together he really was on his own in terms of strategy. His ability to find the idols and play (at least most of them) perfectly makes these two one of the best dynamic duos in history of the show.

2. Malcolm & Denise – Philippines

Denise and Malcolm

Matsing got off to an extremely rough start in the Philippines, after losing the first immunity challenge Malcolm and Denise bonded as strategists. They were able to survive four straight tribals and end up as the last two Matsing members. Both planned to reconnect at the merge after being separated and once the merge hit this dynamic duo gained control of the game with Skupin and Lisa to solidify their spots in the final four. Malcolm and Denise were the perfect combination of social, strategic and physical. They worked extremely well together and either one could have ended up as the winner in the Philippines.

1. Rob and Amber – All-Stars

Rob and Amber

Day one on Survivor All Stars the boy from Boston made an alliance with the girl from Pennsylvania and the rest is history. Although Rob gets most of the credit for “dragging” Amber to the final in All Stars I think Amber deserves some credit, after all she played well enough to beat Rob. Rob and Amber are probably the reason we will probably never see a couple make it all the way to the end ever again. They were an unstoppable force in Survivor All Stars and ever since being romantically linked is a quick ticket out of the game. These two weren’t just a dynamic duo on the show they are a dynamic duo in life. They have four daughters together, they each have won the game and they were one spot away from taking home another million on the 7th season of The Amazing Race. Say what you want about Ambers win or Rob getting to play four times, but there is no denying these two are Survivors ultimate dynamic duo.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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26 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Dynamic Duos

  1. Brennen Parker // January 7, 2015 at 9:24 am // Reply

    JT and Stephen should be one in my opinion. The Russel thing is a joke but otherwise good list. Would love to see the honerable mentions though

  2. There is no disputing your number one. Rob and Amber deserve that because as you said, it has changed the way the game is played. Any pair, romance or perceived tight couple, are automatically targeted.

  3. Hey, instead of trying to be funny with the whole Russell thing, you should replace that with Pascal & Neleh.

    • I was just to write that – you could have given Russell and the II a mention.

      Also – I like how no pairs with pre-existing relationships are included. It would be unfair to include someone who was ment to play together with those who bonded in the situation.

      • The only pairs from either of the BvW seasons I would have at least given a mention to were Tyson & Gervase and Jeremy & Natalie, since they didn’t go into the game as pairs, but bonded over their loved ones getting voted out fairly early on their respective seasons.

      • @Gabriela – those make sense, especially in case of the Coconut Bandits who ran together all the way till the end.

  4. This may be cheating but… Missy & Baylor and Jon & Jaclyn.

  5. Jon-Michael De Bella // January 7, 2015 at 10:28 am // Reply

    I would’ve put Matt and Rob C from Amazon.

  6. I’d replace Russell and the idols with Todd & Amanda…those two were a strong duo in China

  7. Wow, no Colby and Tina? Their partnership is legendary.

  8. Parvati and Amanda in Fans vs. Favs though 🙂

  9. No Parv-Amanda? hmmm

  10. Where are Kenny and Crystal? The most unlikely and powerful duos in Survivor history doesn’t even make this list over Russell and fucking INANIMATE OBJECTS? They should’ve had a more rigorous application process for Ozlets.

  11. Says who? You? Probably should have had a more rigorous process for approving idiotic comments like yours

  12. Damn, I was so sure this Top 10 had already been done! X-)

    Honourable mentions to:

    Tina and Colby
    Neleh and Paschal
    Rob and Matt
    Fairplay and Burton
    Twila and Scout
    Tom and Ian
    Stephenie and Rafe
    Cirie and Aras
    Yau-Man and Earl
    Todd and Amanda
    Jon and Jaclyn

  13. God what is it with you Canadians and your obsessive love affair with Rob. He’s not so cool down here!

    • I’d argue that since the ratings that matter are the American ratings, and he continues to be brought back and featured on numerous reunions because of the interest in him in America your statement makes very little sense. CBS isn’t cramming him down Americans throats due to the overwhelming support of Canadians. CBS doesn’t even make money on Canadian viewers as we have our own network. What is your thought even based on? You and a few American friends trashing him online?

  14. Russell and the idol made me laugh so hard. Only thing that could of topped it was Shi-Ann and the bush.

  15. (1. Rob & Amber
    (2. JT & Stephen
    (3. Parvati & Amanda
    (4. Malcolm & Denise
    (5. Richard & Rudy
    (6. Earl & Yau-Man
    (7. Russell & Natalie White
    (8. Jon & Jaclyn
    (9. Becky & Yul
    (10. Dawn & Cochran

  16. Yes Rob and Amber and Denise and Malcolm in the top two!!!!!!!! Russell being on this list would’ve actually worked if Parvati would’ve been next to him. Them two together was like watching a horror movie and they were the killers trying to devour everyone

  17. Number three was a very lame attempt at humor. Also, I love your rationale for Russell’s games. With a good social game, he could win. Well, I think a cripple could beat Usain Bolt in a sprint… if he wasn’t a f****** cripple!

  18. Where is KENNY AND KRYSTAL???

    What the hell…

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