Survivor Ozcap–San Juan Del Sur


Our 29th Ozcap is here, as Ben and his little gang of Ozlets discuss everything to do with the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur in true Survivor Oz style!

Yet again we break the record for longest Ozcap as Ben is joined by Noah and the gang to talk about the 29th season, a season which brought back the Blood vs Water twist and provided us with a uniquely edited season and some very big and unique characters! Despite the fact that the season wasn’t exactly held in high regard amongst the main supporter base, it did produce a universally popular winner and is a season that is starting to grow a bit of a cult following despite it’s recency! In the end, Natalie Anderson took home the ultimate prize defeating Jaclyn Schultz and Missy Payne 5-2-1 in the finale vote. During the Ozcap we talk about Jaclyn (a lot), why some twists were pointless but why others were underrated, just how good the Drew episode was and how dumb of a player he was, Julian being put on his best behaviour after the last Ozcap, everything to do with situations that are sticky, ‘raspberries’ and Garfield (it makes sense in the episode ok) as well as bringing back some classic sayings and scenarios and giving the season as much love as it rightfully deserves! We then of course bring it all to a close with our famous and usual Ozcap final questions!

Oh and here is THAT Phillip Sheppard picture that always gets us laughing…enjoy!


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3 Comments on Survivor Ozcap–San Juan Del Sur

  1. If I hear praise for Reed’s speech, I’m going to throw up.

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