Survivor Worlds Apart Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!


Another season of Survivor is right around the corner and with it, comes a brand spanking new cast! Join Ozlet Ferdinand Joppe, as he walks you through the 18 castaways competing on Survivor:  and talks through all the new twists! You can then download our FULL preview episode as Ben is joined by his Ozlets for full cast analysis and opinions in what is always one of our craziest episodes each year!

Get ready for season 30th of Survivor because it is knocking on your doorstep! After 15 years and more than 400 contestants later the show is still able to rejuvenate itself season after season much thanks to the great casting. This season Lynne Spillman and Co seem to have gone above and beyond when it comes to finding interesting and new types of players for the show.

Every season CBS gives us a little preview of the cast in the form of bio’s and short interviews to give us a taste of what is to come. Here at Survivor Oz that is like Christmas and as such was celebrated with an over 4 hour podcast. You can then download our FULL preview episode at the bottom of this preview!

Survivor 30 is called Worlds Apart and gives us for the fourth time a three tribe split which was very successful in Philippines and Cagayan for its unpredictability and cross tribe alliances. This season the tribes are separated into different “social classes”. No Collar/Nagarote, which will always wear red, consists of people who ‘break the rules’ and wear ‘no collar’ in their daily jobs. Blue Collar/Escameca, which will always wear blue, consists of people who ‘follow the rules’ and are more ‘hands on’ types in their day to day life. White Collar/Masaya, which will always wear yellow, consists of people who ‘make the rules’ and are more ‘office types’ in their day to day lives.

10898191_753262988084885_4144383640587700923_n The three buffs for the three starting tribes

So far we don’t know much about other twists this season, with only limited information being released at this stage. Jeff Probst has alluded to a ‘new twist that has been on the cards for some time’ but limited information has been released at this stage. According to Probst in an interview, he has said however that one twist will involve two people from each tribe deciding together between a big bag of beans and no clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol or a small bag of beans and a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol and lie to the tribe about it. It is unsure whether this is the twist he was alluding to previously.

Looking at the cast there are a couple of big changes from most “modern” survivor seasons. Some character types we almost always see are not in the cast while others might seem like new ones. Two obvious absences in the cast is the ever so popular African-American female player while the other is the openly gay (male) contestant. However on the plus side this is the first time since Fiji there are more than two Asian-American contestants on the show! And best of all the cast seem to be filled with super fans of Survivor!

So without further ado, let’s dig in!





Bio: 27, Barrel Racer, Roy, Utah

This 6.1 tall beauty might not have the look of the average blue collar worker, but Sierra is way more than just her model appearance. She is also a National Champion Barrel Racer which is both unique and impressive. When you compare this to her interest in fishing, hunting and basketball it might seem like Sierra is a triple threat many might wrongly underestimate. This Criminal Justice student is also planning (like so many others) to Parvati her way to the top through charm and wit.



Bio: 24, General Contractor, Boston, Massachusetts

Rodney is from Boston and believes he might become the best player EVER from Boston, let’s call him Boston Rod. As a general contractor Boston Rod knows a lot of different skills he will combine with his charm and (you know) hustling to win the million dollar prize. He plans to prove that he is “not just an athlete or a hustler”, but also plans to win by being a hustling athlete.



Bio: 38, Oil Driller, North Richland Hills, Texas

This All-American-Dad will surely get some swooning fans thanks to his good looks and hard working attitude. In real life Mike is a good guy and an Oil Driller, but on the show he is ready to take on another persona and hasn’t decided if he will play as a hero or a villain. He plans to combine the skills of Ozzy, Cochran and Boston Rob to make it to the end.



Bio: 24, Hairdresser, College Park, Florida

Lindsey is a tattoo covered single mum and a hairdresser – previously seen being chased of the island by a cackling Trish. No no, I kid, this Lindsey might be similar to Lindsey from Cagayan appearance wise, although this Lindsey is rocking a Cruella DeVille look instead of dreads, their personalities seem quite different. She describes herself as crazy competitive and quirky and plans to show America that “you cant judge a book by its cover”.



Bio: 44, State Trooper, Grand Island, N.Y.

This 44 year old State Trooper is concrete and to.the.point in her bio. Don’t piss her of cause she’s got an arsenal of pepper spray, tasers and night sticks at her disposal. As a strong outspoken “older” woman on Survivor Kelly might not have history on her side, but she is ready to give it all and “knock it out of the park!”



Bio: 47, Postal Worker, Gorham, Maine

Super fan Dan had applied for the show since season 2 and has sent in over 100 applications just to get a shot at getting on his favourite show. Like Jerry/Terry/Gerry from Parks and Recreation Dan is a proud Notary Public, a postman and a million other things – a true blue collar man. He wants to be on the show for the experience and wants to feel the pride of winning and is ready to give his wife the check. This sure to be fan favourite (if he lasts long enough) plans to win by combining the strengths of “Stephenie’s competitive spirit, Tony’s cunning and Rupert’s stunning good looks”.





Bio: 25, Law Student, San Francisco, California

25 year old Hali Ford describes herself as both tenacious, vivacious and inimitably resourceful. This girl isn’t all big words however as she also caught a “huuuge wave” in Kauai last winter. Although studying for law school and being a southern belle from Tennessee Hali wants to work against the system while being a “motorcycle gang dude” on the inside. Certainly an interesting lady over at the No Collar tribe.



Bio: 22, Sailing Instructor, Long Beach, California

Like everyone here at Survivor Oz Jenn is a big fan of previous contestant Kate (the one with the strong personality). Jenn’s interests ranges from yelling at people from her sailboat to trying to make wine, although she doesn’t really know how. Her big dream is to get enough money for jet-ski. To achieve this goal Jenn is planning to align with the guys since they are less “bitchy” while boosting the morale of her tribe and being a provider.



Bio: 25, Jewellery Designer, Scottsdale, Arizona

Joe is a 25 year old jewellery designer (and no he is not Malcolm’s little brother). He loves working with his hands and compares himself to MacGyver. His plan is to utilise his athletic abilities and his people skills to make it to the end.



Bio: 51, Hearing Advocate, Palmdale, California

Nina is our second deaf contestant after Christy in Amazon. She has cochlear implants to aid in her hearing, but admits to having difficulties if several people are talking at once. Her dream it to win the million dollars so she can afford buying 1st class ticket to Japan for her parents (which her mother is from). Being an avid climber she plans to use her physical abilities to prove worth within the the tribe which hopefully will take her all the way to the end.



Bio: 32, Coconut Vendor, Santa Monifa, California

This artsy 32 year old is ready to use his Parvati inspired sex appeal to charm his way to the million dollar prize. Being a life coach and coconut vendor Vince might be the epitome of a No Collar. He has travelled 39 countries, but will he be able to make it 39 days?



Bio: 41, YouTube Sensation, Sherman Oaks, California

This adorable man became a YouTube sensation alongside his wife Monifa (they should have been on Blood Vs Water) when they sang karaoke while filling gas. He plans to use his “spidey senses” to figure out people quickly as well as being a kind and giving member of his tribe. His reason for being on the show is “money! Money!” and he compares himself to previous winner Earl.





Bio: 52, Corporate Executive, Tampa, Florida

Mrs Rivera is more than ready to give us some great TV by ripping the other contestants to shreds in her confessionals. She is doing the show for her very close family and is inspired by Hilary Clinton and her competitiveness. Being 52 years old this White Collar Corporate Executive is the oldest person in the cast, but she will not let that drag her down. She has taken notes from Denise Stapley’s brilliant social play of being able to work alongside both younger and older players alike.



Bio: 27, Marketing Director, Valley Stream N.Y

Joaquin is “basically a badass” Marketing Director. He is “ALWAYS the alpha male” and because he is Leo he is “very fiery, very my way or the highway”. He is “unlike any previous contestant” and his pet peeve is “people with no common sense”. He plans to win the game since he is “smart, social and unbelievable athletic”.



Bio: 33, Ex-Talent Agent Assistant, Los Angeles

As usual, here is our former NFL player, this time with hipster glasses! After NFL Tyler became a Ex-Talent Agent Assistant who compares himself to Boston Rob because “I’m a flirt with a relentless passion to win”. He also says that he is a huge fan of the show who has never missed an episode and he thinks this is the perfect time in his life to be on Survivor as now has all the attributes to win the show!



Bio: 31, Retail Buyer, Long Beach, California

As a huge fan of the show So Kim is here to prove that she can win the show by making big moves. Her plan is to hide her strategic skills behind a mask of cuteness. Lack of food and general mistrust of people will be her biggest obstacles, but if she is able to overcome those she believes she’s got what it takes to win it all. So was initially cast on San Juan Del Sur but she alongside her sister were cut due to medical reasons.



Bio: 37, Media Consultant, Topanga, California

Max is a media consultant, but he is more famous for being a professor for several years where he taught a class in Survivor and its impact on Television. This beard-stroking, kale loving super fan knows much about the game, but will he be able to use his knowledge correctly and not come off as too big a threat?



Bio: 31, Yahoo Executive, San Francisco

Her life dream since she was 16 has been to go on Survivor, and her nightmare is that the lack of sleep will turn her super emotional and weepy akin to Dawn from Caramoan. She compares herself to two time winner Sandra as a “sassy brown woman who doesn’t take crap from anybody!”. This quirky and clever Yahoo Executive dares the producers to try to disgust her in eating challenges and wants to bring these three things to the island “A goat (or a Muffin), Whiskey and Beyoncé”.

So there you have the 18 new cast members to be playing the 30th season of Survivor! The new season will premiere on CBS on the 25th of February, with a premiere date in Australia yet to be confirmed. We will update you as soon as we know when the premiere in Australia will be! In the meantime, let’s hear from some other Ozlets on their thoughts of this season!

Ben’s Thoughts


So so so excited for another season coming up! So hard to believe it’s season 30! I remember as a 13 year old getting excited for Borneo, and now here we are 15 years later about to start into 30th season. Wow! Just incredible!

Have to say it’s hard to fault this cast at all. I’m really struggling to find anyone who doesn’t have some form of story that will be interesting to watch. And for the most part, I like each one of the players. The location may be the same and it may mean that we’ve only had 3 locations used in the last 12 seasons but I don’t mind Nicaragua so it should be interesting. I also LOVE three tribe seasons, and to me we’ve never had a bad season that started with three tribes. So that to me is going to make this season all kinds of awesome.

The twist is interesting of course, a few interesting picks for the tribe designations but as always there is going to be debate with these. There are some huge standouts and I can tell instantly they are going to be stars, but it’s always hard to tell of course just who will be the ones to really look out for. But it’s time for my now usual ‘horrible’ predictions of how things will turn out, so let’s take a look at them now!

Carolyn: Seems like a nice lady who is very savvy. However I really feel she will be least suited to this game. No offence to her at all in saying that, but she by far is my prediction for first boot. PREDICTED FINISH: 18th

Dan: Can I just express how much I LOVE Dan? So good to see a true die hard fan on the show again, and that makes me incredibly happy to see him finally achieving his dream of being on the show. Having said that, I just feel with the type of player he looks to be, he could very well be a target straight away based on his appearance. That sucks, but in those early days appearance is all people have to go by, so I don’t see him lasting long in the game. I hope I am wrong. PREDICTED FINISH: 17th

Hali: Well hello Hali! One of a few real stunners this season, Hali is giving me some very strong Darrah vibes. Darrah was a challenge beast on Pearl Islands and a tad underrated socially, so I feel Hali could find herself in a good alliance early and let it take her deep in the game. PREDICTED FINISH: 8th

Jenn: Another absolute stunner, Jenn is not only great to look at but she seems like a real quirky character who definitely could be popular in the game and outside the game. She already has my heart by saying her favourite contestant of all time is Kate (seriously who doesn’t love Kate?!) and she likes to drop a few ‘Australian’ words in her pre-game interview. Personally I’ll be rooting hard for her to go deep, however I feel a middle of the range finish is in her sights. PREDICTED FINISH: 9th

Joaquin: So many people talking down Joaquin and labelling him the next Drew or Alec but I have a good vibe about him. I think he showed enough in his pre-game video that showed he has some real smarts about him and has a real ‘cheeky’ personality that could take him deep. Call me an idiot, but I see him going right to the end and could very much win it. Remember to quote me on that in a few months when it comes back to haunt me… PREDICTED FINISH: 2nd

Joe: Malcolm and Ozzy had a baby it seemed and spat out Joe. A typical ‘jock’ kinda player who does seem like he could be very popular amongst the players and the fans. Not sure if he can translate that into something worth deep in the game, but it’ll be interesting to see how he starts as that will set him up in the game. PREDICTED FINISH: 10th

Kelly: Ok, tell me this isn’t Amy O’Hara?! She looks like her, acts like her and is a cop just like her as well! I for one love me some Amy O’Hara, and if Kelly is half as good as Amy was then we are in for a real treat with her this season. We have had a recent trend of an older woman making it deep in the game each time, and I feel Kelly will be this seasons version of that trend. Could go to the end, but I see her falling just short. Hopefully she doesn’t hurt her ankle! PREDICTED FINISH: 5th

Lindsey: Another of the ‘alternative’ stereotypes, can we finally see one of these types of players go deep? I always seem to think each time we see one we finally will, but not too sure on Lindsey. She is beautiful and seems extremely savvy, however I don’t think it’ll translate well into Survivor and the form guide of the stereotype will continue. PREDICTED FINISH: 14th

Max: The first ever player to play on a non-returning player season that I can say I have spoken to pre-game, Max comes in with high expectations that he can do well and I for one believe in those expectations. The guy ran a class on Survivor and is already well established within the Survivor community making him as close to a returning player as you can get on a non-returning player season. I for one think this will serve him well and he will go all the way. You have my winners pick. PREDICTED FINISH: 1st

Mike: Mike comes across as your typical jock who I feel will be popular with the ladies, strong in challenges but really just…there. I don’t think he will go early but I also fail to see him making a real run at winning this game. PREDICTED FINISH: 7th

Nina: I like Nina, she seems like a smart lady and her life experiences with hearing issues I feel will make her go far in the game based on the fact she has had to deal with worse in her life. Will be a socially strong player who will be respected, but I don’t think that will push her over the edge for a win. PREDICTED FINISH: 6th

Rodney: You know I’m going to like this guy! He is my favourite in terms of personality, and I will be rooting for him on nothing more that he is all kinds of awesome! I do think though that he will be a ‘villain’ so to speak and will rub people the wrong way and will show off some interesting attempted moves that may work but will probably fail. I hope I’m wrong, as I want to see him on my screen each week. PREDICTED FINISH: 12th

Shirin: Up there with Rodney as my pre-game favourite in terms of personality, there is nothing not to like about this woman! Smart, funny, kooky. You name it she has it! I think she will go very far based off that alone, however I feel she will be in danger of being this seasons ‘zero vote getter’. Again, I hope I’m wrong, as I feel a Shirin win would be the greatest win ever! PREDICTED FINISH: 3rd

Sierra: Serious Kim Spradlin vibes from Sierra on the looks department and personality department. She is a real dark horse to do well in this game. People will underestimate her based on her looks and very interesting career that she has, but I’m guessing nobody went into One World thinking Kim had that game won and no doubt underestimated her as well. Keep an eye on her, as she could be the surprise packet of the season. PREDICTED FINISH: 4th

So: The San Juan Del Sur nearly woman, So seems like an intelligent woman who could be a real threat in the game. However I feel as though she won’t be, and she will unfortunately be an early boot and a possible victim of a pre-merge switch or dissolve. I hope I’m wrong as I have money on her! PREDICTED FINISH: 15th

Tyler: Tyler is an eclectic mix of many stereotypes but the fact he is an ex-NFL player could work for or against him. I don’t think many people would call him out as a former pro athlete and given his current career choice it might not ever be brought up. But he seems like a savvy guy, but I don’t know how he will go with some of his other tribemembers. PREDICTED FINISH: 11th

Vince: Well, Vince. I don’t even know what to say. This guy is…how shall I put it…interesting? I don’t have much hope for him in this game. He might be able to ramble up some coconuts and show off his experience there. But yeah… PREDICTED FINISH: 16th

Will: Oh Will, he seems so cool and awesome and I for one wish he had of been on a Blood vs Water season with his wife! However I don’t see too much from him that will see him go deep as much as that hurts me to say because I want him to go far! So prove me wrong Will! PREDICTED FINISH: 13th

As always feel free to message me at the end of the season and blast me for how wrong my choices are! Hopefully I can at least get one right?!

Let’s bring this season on and let us cover it for you each week! BRING IT ON!

Jarrod’s Thoughts


I love this cast and I hope this season lives up to the hype it’s being given. This season has a good mix of personalities and I think the three-tribe twist will ensure the game doesn’t lag pre-merge. Overall I think the tribes have been divided fairly well with a mix of ages on each tribe. I think the Blue Collar tribe could be a strong force in the challenges and it’s a shame they’re so whitewashed. Here’s hoping the three tribes can stay independent longer than they normally do and we don’t have a switch/absorption too early.

White Collar

Going into the game this is my favourite of the three tribes. It has a good mix of personalities and I hope that they manage to avoid tribal council in the early stages of the game so we see lots of them making it deep in the game. I could easily see this tribe clashing with everybody wanting to take charge and have their say.

So – It’s great to have one of the sisters who were pulled from San Juan del Sur back to play the game and I hope they touch more on this at some point in time. I think So has the potential to make it far in this game, she seems energetic, sociable and prepared to play whatever role needed to assimilate within the tribe.

Tyler – To me Tyler is one of the more bland members of this cast. I can see him being conniving behind the scenes and quickly losing trust with his fellow tribe mates. Given his past, physically he should be an asset to the White Collar tribe but overall I don’t see him making a huge mark on the game.

Max – Of the Survivor super fans in this cast I think Max is the most aware of playing the game too hard too early and I think that should keep him in good stead at the start of the game. With such an expansive knowledge of the game I’m hoping for plenty of references of past seasons and players and given the chance I think Max could quickly become a fan favourite if he makes it deep in the game.

Carolyn – Carolyn is definitely one of the louder more outspoken members of this cast and I could see that putting an early target on her back. I get the feeling that she may have a difficult time fitting in with the other members of her tribe and may lose her cool. She has plenty of personality in her introduction video and she could definitely bring some drama to this season if she’s given the chance.

Shirin – From her introduction video Shirin is definitely one of the most likeable members of this cast. She’s well spoken and appears to be very measured going into the game. It would appear that she has plenty of strategic potential and I could see her changing up the game come a tribe swap or merge. Is she can get into an alliance early I could see her making it to the end.

Joaquin – Joaquin is definitely somebody who owns who he is. Whether that’s his actual personality or an act it’s clear that he’s here to be the egotistic alpha male of this season, which provides plenty of promise for an epic downfall somewhere down the line. My gut feeling is that he’ll make it deep in the game and may be the “villain” of this season.

Blue Collar

Probably my least favourite of the three tribes as they feel a little bland. I’m hoping my opinion changes when the seasons starts but I feel the Blue Collar tribe is going to do well in the challenges and suffer from a lack of screen time.

Kelly – Kelly could be one of the stronger female players this season provided she doesn’t become too paranoid. She says that she’s too trusting and has to stay alert but I’m concerned that she could become overly worried about her alliance members and make some impulsive decisions. If she stays calm and collected I could see her easily making the jury.

Sierra – Hopefully she defies the stereotypes and proves she can rough it with the best of them. I don’t think she’ll have any problems surviving but similarly to Jenn I don’t know if she’ll have a major strategic impact on the game. Her height could definitely be an advantage in some of the challenges.

Mike – I’m interested to see how Mike decides to play the game. I think if he’s just himself he could be a very likeable character but if he tries too hard to be the villain it could get old really fast. I don’t see him leaving early on and he should be an asset in the challenges on a tribe that looks like they could go on a winning streak.

Rodney – Rodney definitely appears to be out there for the experience more than to play the game. Chances are somebody more knowledgeable will scoop him up and use him as a shield throughout the game. Could be a physical threat further down the line but generally I think he’ll be fairly well liked and should cruise through the early stages of the game.

Dan – It’s great to see another super fan on this season, particular somebody who has consistently applied to be on the show. Unfortunately for Dan I don’t see him blending in as well as some of the other fans and I feel he could fall into the trap of playing too hard right out of the gate. His larger than life personality might tick people off and set him up as an easy early boot.

Lindsey – She appears very confident going into the game and I think that self-assuredness could be her downfall as the game progresses. She’s willing to flirt to get herself far and I could see a few males on this cast falling for her antics. Hopefully the lack of food doesn’t get to her and she can stick it out and prove any doubters wrong.

Red Collar

I’m curious to see how together this tribe is and whether they slack off around camp or not. They definitely seem to be the most laid back tribe in the cast and I think there’s potential for them to be the tribe that dominates the screen time.

Jenn – Jenn’s definitely excited to be part of the cast but I get the feeling that she is going to be more of a follower than a game changer. I can easily see her clashing with other members of the cast and not being afraid to say her two cents but I think she’s going to be one of the less memorable players in this game. Here’s hoping I’m wrong and she gets to buy her jet ski.

Nina – Going into the game Nina’s my favourite player and I hope she is able to make it far in the game. It’s hard to believe we haven’t had a deaf contestant since Christi in season six and I’m excited to see if the modern game of Survivor plays a major difference in how a hearing impaired player fairs. Given the chance I think Nina can make some headway in the game and alliances but if the game begins straight away she may not find her feet in time. Of all the contestants she feels the most natural and it’ll be interesting to see if she can overcome her apparent reservations at blindsiding people.

Will – Judging by his Jay Leno stunt, Will could definitely be the loveable clown this season. His attitude should really help lift the morale of the No Collar tribe and he should get along well with the rest of his tribe mates. It’s hard to tell how he’ll fair in the challenges but provided his tribe has the numbers, I don’t think he’ll have any problems making it to the merge.

Joe – Lots of people’s preseason pick to win the game and I can see why. He seems very collected and aware of how the game is played. I don’t think he should have any problems fitting in with his tribe mates and I could see him being the leader of the No Collar tribe. Overall he seems to be a good all rounder who’s fairly laid back and has a great chance of making it far.

Vince – The player who I got ended up with in the Survivor Oz sweep…oh boy. Vince is definitely the kookiest member of this cast and is already drawing comparisons to similar players like Phillip and Coach. In my opinion Vince is less manufactured than these two and his personality seems more natural. He’s not the type of player I could see winning the game but I wouldn’t be surprised if he fairs well. The whole calm air around him makes me anxious that he could snap at somebody over a minor incident but we’ll see. Just at least make top 3 so I can get my money back!

Hali – It’s hard to get a read on how Hali will fair in the game but I could see her being an early boot. Hopefully she makes some bold moves throughout her time in the game and is able to live up to the promise of being an immunity threat. She could potentially be the dark horse of this season.

Joppe’s Thoughts


When the cast was released for SJDS I kinda liked everyone, didn’t hate anyone and didn’t love anyone.  This season is completely different, I basically either love them or hate them, so I guess this will be an emotional rollercoaster of a season for me!  Remember though, these impressions are from one video and a short bio, so please don’t get offended.

Let’s start of with the one’s I really don’t like.

White Collar:

I’m really not getting a good vibe from Tyler. He seem to be quite entitled and delusional which might end up being fun TV for some, but I usually just find it tedious. I am so sick of the washed up NFL player archetype ITS THE WORST! I mean it still haven’t given us any good TV except for maybe some with Rocker (no Jeff Kent was not good TV). I’m guessing early boot.

The classic douchebag. I guess they are needed for the show and the sometime make excellent TV when they get trolled by their tribe like in SJDS. However I’m always scared they might end up doing well and go far and take up heaps of screen time, so no thank you. Early boot, please.

Blue Collar:
Same as with Joaquin just less game savvy and more bogan.

I really don’t care for him. I don’t hate him as I hope he might end up being a bit like Penner whom I love, but they way he talked about deciding between being a hero or a villain makes me think he is overthinking it and it might be his downfall. Worst case scenario is that he tries so hard to be a character he ends up being like Phillip.

On the fence.

No Collar:

Been there done that, come on, every season since Malcolm they have tried to recreate the success they had with him and I doubt Joe is the answer. He will probably do fairly well as he seems likeable and good in challenges. Mid merge kinda guy.

Same with Joe I really have nothing against Vince so far, but oh am I that he will end up being like Benjamin (I’ll do like Christine Shields and stick with his real name) where he ends up getting tons and tons of confessionals about everything between the kraken and phoenix. However I think he might do fairly well as he might be a great people-person who can create bonds with people on his tribe. Got a feeling him and Nina might get along.

Just kinda nothing when compared to rest of the cast. She just didn’t stand out and is so far probably the least memorable in the cast. However nothing to dislike so far either.  Early boot.

I really like Nina so far! Seems smart and aware, however the “should I lie or should I not” storyline is so overused for other players similar to her earlier I hope that doesn’t end up being hers. I am Nina fan, but I fear she might be out early.

Blue Collar
I think Lindsey will burn brightly, but quickly. I doubt she has what it takes to make it, I hope she proves me wrong as she seems likeable enough. Early boot.

I think Sierra might end up being pretty cool and I got high hopes for her, but I doubt the editing will do her justice no matter if she controls the game (see Jaclyn). Maybe this season will start giving women better screentime, doubt it.

White Collar:

Max loves kale and cats, I love kale and cats! I hope Max is cool on the show, but I think he might end up being a bit too much. I hope not as I want to like him. It seems like everyone thinks that he makes it super far so this will be interesting. I think he might end up being screwed over by some players who are scared of him.

So pretty So smart So unsure! I just don’t know with So, I really want to like her more than I do(o) so far. I don’t like the way she wrote her bio, but I know it might be heavily edited by CBS so I will give her a pass on some of it. Crossing my fingers for her to kill it on the show!


Blue Collar:

How can you not love Dan? Such a fan, so funny in his interview, good bio, great guy! Reminds me of Terry from Parks and Recreation which is just awesome. He might end up doing well in the show if he makes it to the merge, its the early stages that will be hard for him, but the blue collar tribe might end up being the brawns of the season so I think he might be safe for a bit!

Amy O Hara 2.0! I am still devastated about loosing Amy so early in Guatemala and Kelly might help me get over that cause she seems pretty damn awesome! Such a short and to the point bio with some cool answers, seems fit, smart and funny. The one thing I am scared about is her being viewed as too much as a threat which women with a strong presence usually do in Survivor.

No Collar:
Jenn loves Kate. Jenn loves to drink. I think I love Jenn. She will either go far or early, but she will always be a part of the survivor fandom for her bio.

Will is so endearing in his bio I hope he comes of like that in the show as well. Might not be the most game savvy person, but I hope he gets into a good alliance and gets to the family visit so we can see Monifa!

White Collar
I think I love Carolyn, so that probably means everyone else will hate her. I hope and pray she doesn’t end up being the “evil stepmum” as I’m so sick of older women being portrayed like that. She seems fit, snarky and confrontational, end gamer or pre-merge.

❤ My favourite pre game player ever, or, no she shares the throne with Kass! She has the best bio ever! Her video was pretty damn funny as well. I hope and pray she gets into an awesome alliance with Carolyn, So and Max and make the merge!

Preview Episode


Our fifth ever preview episode is here, as Ben is joined by a gang of Ozlets to decode everything about the 30th season! From going through the twists, talking through the players and discussing just why Ben will be wrong with all his predictions again, it’s one of the most entertaining episodes in the history of Survivor Oz! We also draw our ‘ponies’ live on air for all to hear about! For those playing at home, here is who has who for the ‘pony draw’, and remember real money is on the line too!


The person who has the pony who wins will win $100, person who gets runner-up will get $40, third place gets $25 while the first boot will get $15! We will update you on the progress of this during our weekly Oztopsy!

In the mean time, stay tuned to Survivor Oz during the season where we will once again be publishing episode recaps, recap interviews with former Survivor’s, Oztopsy’s and Power Rankings all season long! We also hope to bring you exit interviews once again that proved to be so popular during last season!  So stock up on popcorn and get ready for what will hopefully be another fantastic season of Survivor!



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6 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart Cast Assessment + Preview Episode!

  1. In your opinion, what are the chances of Max getting recognized by a super-fan, like Dan?

  2. Who is Kate? I remember several Katie’s and Kat but I don’t remember a Kate!!! Also, in the bio section Shirin’s name is not bolded, FYI

  3. Matthew Schmalz // January 26, 2015 at 11:15 am // Reply

    You should post each ozlet’s prediction order lists so we can follow along.

  4. Joaquin is the best ❤

  5. Am I the only one that gets Chris Daugherty vibes from Dan?

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