Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliance Names


15 years of Survivor have brought us more alliances that we can count, but only a select few have been commemorated with a name, making them stay in our minds years on from when the season originally aired. From goofy names that matched the members, to more clever names with arguably less clever players, we take a look at 10 of them this week as American Ozlet Bridget Velturo recaps 10 of the alliances to be firmly cemented in Survivor history with their very own title! Read on for more!

10. The Exile Alliance (Tocantins)


Members: Brendan Synnott, Sierra Reed, Stephen Fishbach, Taj Johnson-George

The most unoriginal of names up here, the Exile Alliance clinches the number 10 spot purely because they put a name to their alliance. Where many alliance names are formed through the Survivor fandom, this alliance’s pseudonym is actually adopted by tribemates on the “island”. Although the name is not very creative, the alliance itself is, forming the first real inter-tribe alliance in Survivor history

9. The Cool Kids Alliance (Caramoan)


Members: Allie Pohevitz, Eddie Fox, Hope Driskill, Reynold Toepfer

This name makes the list because it makes me laugh everytime I think about it. I mean it’s got to be the worst alliance name possible. Not only do you not want to reveal your alliances in Survivor, but you want them to appear breakable and open to new members. The “Cool Kids” alliance not only points out a blatant alliance but “Cool Kids” does not imply they will be very friendly to new, uncool members. Think about it, Big Brother has about 10 alliance names a season and “the Cool Kids” have never been used for a reason. The sheer idiocy of the title, however, keeps me chuckling and that’s why the least successful alliance on this list takes the 9th spot.

8. The Onion Alliance (Gabon)


Members: Bob Crowley, Charlie Herschel, Corinne Kaplan, Jacquie Berg, Marcus Lehman, Randy Bailey

I loved the concept of forming a layered alliance and basing the name on that concept. Although I can’t recall if the tribe-mates ever referred to themselves as “The Onion Alliance” on this list, I know they compare their alliance to an onion and that metaphor is good enough for me. (Especially when this list is a TOP TEN and without bending my own rules just a little bit I would be one alliance name short). However, channeling Donkey from Shrek, a lot of people don’t like onions. They should have used the layered-cake metaphor. Or PARFAITS! Everybody loves parfaits. Dibs on the alliance name “The Parfait Pack” when I finally make it on the show!

7. Fat Five (Vanuatu)


Members: Bubba Sampson, Chad Crittenden, Chris Daugherty, Sarge Masters, Rory Freeman

THANKU to Brady Finta (most of you are thinking “…….who?”) for providing us with the most lol-worthy name on this list (besides maybe the #1 pick!). Brady, in his anger at being in the minority, refers to this pre-merge powerhouse as the “Fat Five” and really the picture perfectly captures why. This group of, to put it lightly, heftier men men were bulldozing through the young, fit guys and the pop-cultural pun also makes me giggle. You see, this was wayyyyy back in 2004 when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the Fab Five were actually still relevant.

6. The Family (South Pacific)


Members: Albert Destrade, Brandon Hantz, Coach Wade, Edna Ma, Sophie Clarke, Rick Nelson

This name places so high on the list because it wasn’t just a name, it was a strategy. I think it is truly ingenious to name your alliance “The Family” for what has tighter bonds than family? Probably the most effective alliance name on the list, the name was crucial in reminding the Upolu tribe to stick together as tight as family, with all of them willing to go to rocks post-merge to keep them 6 strong.

5. The Four Horsemen (Fiji)


Members: Alex Angarita, Dreamz Herd, Edgardo Rivera, Mookie Lee

This name would be higher if it wasn’t PLAGARIZED. Yeah, you thought “The Four Horsemen” was an original, bad-ass alliance name? Think again. 4 douchebags from BB5 coined it, 2+ years before Yau-Man had ever even found a lemon tree). But, the name is still pretty awesome and the fact that these boys took the effort to name their alliance does not go forgotten.

4. Stealth R Us (Redemption Island)


Members: Andrea Boehlke (“Divinity”), Ashley Underwood (“Shocker”), Grant Mattos (“The Assassin”), Natalie Tenerelli (“Sunshine”), Phillip Sheppard (“The Specialist”), Rob Mariano (“The Mentalist”)

Phillip Sheppard took naming alliances to a whole new level (just as he raised the bar for island accessorizing). Not only does “Stealth R Us” have an original title, but each member has an epithet as well, propelling this Redemption Island alliance into the top 5. I also love that shit-eating grin Phillip is smiling in the picture. I’m pretty sure “founder of Stealth R Us” is on his professional resume tbh.

3. Stealth R Us 2.0 (Caramoan)


Members: Andrea Boehlke (“The Eliminator”), Brenda Lowe (“Serenity”), Corinne Kaplan (“The Dominatrix”), Dawn Meehan (“True Grit”), Erik Reichenbach (“The Silent One”), John Cochran (“The Intelligentsia Attaché”), Malcolm Freberg (“The Enforcer”)

Related: Brandon Hantz (“The Conqueror”)(Non-Alliance Member), Sherri Biethman (“Tenacity”)(Membership Revoked)

The reboot of Stealth R Us actually tops the original alliance purely for the fact that the inner workings of Stealth R Us 2.0 are more fledged out. Not only do all 7 members have pseudonyms, but Phillip also assigns epithets to non-alliance members (example: Brendon Hantz). Also it’s the only alliance to have officially revoked members (example: Sherri Biethman).

2. The Black-Widow Brigade (Micronesia)


Members: Alexis Jones, Amanda Kimmel, Cirie Fields, Natalie Bolton, Parvati Shallow

No alliance name is more bad-a$$ than “the Black Widow Brigade”. This name is flawless. It perfectly epitomizes the post-merge world of Survivor: Micronesia and the added stirring cauldrons and maniacal laughing by all members after vote-offs only perpetuates how awesome this alliance name and concept truly was. The alliance really did follow through with what the name suggests: These women lured in their foes one-by-one before completely devouring them and ending each tribemate’s Survivor life.

1. Russell’s Dumb-Ass Girl Alliance (Samoa)


Members: Ashley Trainer, Marisa Calihan, Natalie White, Russell Hantz

People probably hate that this is number 1 but we’re going purely off of alliance names people! Not off success of alliances or how much I like the people in certain alliances. And no alliance name has ever made me laugh harder than “Russell’s Dumb-Ass Girl Alliance”. The wordiness and the bluntness or the title as well as the blinded cockiness with which Russell introduces the alliance all combine to make this the best and most original alliance name on Survivor to date. Sure it’s not the most politically correct or PG name out there, but the funniest ones usually never are. Also the irony of one of Russell’s “Dumb-Ass Girls” beating him in the finals makes the title even more hilarious and, ultimately, deserving of the #1 spot on this list.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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20 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Alliance Names

  1. Pretty bad top 10 in a while. Not only is the list ranking random, but there is a lot of personal opinion written in this list that it might as well be titled “Bridget’s Top 10 Alliance Names.” It would have worked better as a list of dumb alliance names or best alliance names, not just a list of the editor’s personal favorites.

    • Daniel all of our top 10s are ‘personal opinions’. If this list was written by me, or another Ozlet, it would be more than likely different. This is the same with any top 10s in the history of our site

      • Daniel A. // January 28, 2015 at 4:14 pm //

        I respect your reasons and a I understand now. However, other editors writing reads more professionally and they avoid pronouns such as “I” that sound unprofessional.

  2. Brennen Parker // January 28, 2015 at 3:34 pm // Reply

    Ok the two stealth r us’ is cheating

  3. Everyone has their own writing style Daniel and I think this was a nice, fun and contained some pretty snappy humour. Easier said than done when writing a post.

  4. Love having rankings of fun things like this! Stealth R US 2.0 is such a great alliance name!!! Great work Bridget

  5. Another dumb-ass Top 10. How’s that Stealth R Us 2.0 is a better name than Stealth R Us?! Basically “2.0” is a bad-ass!

  6. stealth r us is trash but I like all the others. I like how you’ve finally managed to get a female writer Ben!!

  7. Great top 10, though using 2 Stealth-R-Us alliances is kind of cheating. One of them should have been swapped with the Outsiders Alliance from Marquesas. Also, when are you guys hiring next?

  8. No mention of the Aitu 4 or is that a name the fans came up with?

  9. Even though Survivor is by far the superior show, this list shows that Big Brother players are better with alliance nicknames. Big Brother has the original reality alliance name in Chilltown (the best in my opinion). You also have the Renegades, The Brigade, Sovereign Six, the actual Four Horseman, etc. I guess it comes down to Big Brother players actively looking to name their alliance (to the point it sometimes becomes excessive) while survivor players rarely do.

    Also, off the top of my head there was also the Warrior Alliance (Coach, Tyson, JT, & Stephen) and Cops R US (which admittedly ripped off Stealth R US),

  10. This was fun… Although not official names,I loved in Africa, Kim J cashed Ethan, Lex, and Big Tom the Boran Boys Club, asks Frank called the younger alliance on his tribe The Mall Alliance

  11. I completely agree with Stealth’R’Us being included and being so high. However, I don’t think Stealth’R’Us 2.0 should have been included as it’s basically the same and takes a free spot for another entry. By the way, I don’t think the dumbass girls alliance should be included as it was not really an alliance but more a web of alliances made by Russell with one girl each time, with the girls only allied with Russell but not between them.

  12. I wouldn’t consider the “Four Horsemen” to be plagiarism (lol), as it is an allusion to the Bible. Conquest, war, famine, and death anyone?

  13. This is a horrible Top 10. The past few ones have sucked, especially the sweet heart one. The Barbecue Alliance should be here. This is a joke -_-

  14. would have loved to see Crazy Casaya on there! they were bonkers!

  15. Stealth R Us is horrible. Both versions, but especialy the Redemption Island version.

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