Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 1– Contestant Rankings 442-321


In the lead up to the 30th season of and to celebrate the 15th year of Survivor, the team here at Survivor Oz has put together an expert panel to rank every single contestant to have ever played the game. From 442 through to number one, the panel sit down and discuss the pros, cons and everything else in between of every player from every season and that entire discussion has been recorded for your entertainment as we bring you this EXCLUSIVE ‘rankings cast’ that we are sure will cause significant debate with each episode! Today we kick things off with episode 1, which ranks contestants from 442 through to 321! Click below for more!


A select panel of 5 Survivor experts was chosen to sit down and rank each single cast member in the history of Survivor. As of the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur there were 442 players who played the game. This list does not include Melissa McNulty from Fiji as she is deemed to have quit before the game started, nor does it include Craig Saint-Amour who was withdrawn before Blood vs Water and the two contestants withdrawn from San Juan Del Sur prior to it starting. For players who have played on multiple seasons, they are only counted ONCE, meaning that they are ranked based on their combined time on Survivor rather than their individual games. Each episode an order is selected for the panel to go in. For the first episode this was decided via a random generator on For the next episode that followed, the order was reversed. For episode three the order was changed to allow one of the three people who hadn’t had a go at being first and last to have that chance, and then it was reversed again. Also from episode three onwards, the order was changed every 50 spots, and simply reversed. For the final two episodes the sole remaining person who hadn’t gone first went first, and the remaining order randomised. Then in the final episode the person who went first in episode four went last to ensure each person had a go at going first and last. The remaining order was also randomised. At the turn of each person, they would select the Survivor contestant they deemed appropriate to go at that spot. If the majority of the panel agree, that contestants spot is finalised. However, if the majority of the panel disagree, they can ‘veto’ a choice, and the person then has to pick again, with the ‘vetoed’ contestant still eligible to be chosen at a later date. Any member of the panel can veto at any point if they wish, and non-successful vetoes are still counted as having a veto against a contestant. However for a contestant to be ‘saved’ and placed later, at least 3 out of the 5 panel members must agree to veto that choice. If 2 out of 5 do, it’s unsuccessful and the voting continues. After any veto is mentioned, the panel member has a ‘right of reply’ to defend their choice, whilst the panel member who vetoed also has the option to give their argument, potentially swaying the other panel members to change their mind.


Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz Host/Founder)
Noah Groves (Original Ozlet)
Colin Hilding (Ozlet)
Kate McLaughlin (Ozlet)
Paul Luttrell (Ozlet)
Each episode was initially only planned to run for three hours, however with the length of the rankings and the amount of discussion/debate had over the choices, this quickly blew out for each episode. It was decided that episodes would be edited together as one full length episode, and then separated into ‘parts’ to allow for smoother downloading and listening. Episode One went for a total length of 5 hours, 2 minutes and 26 seconds (a record at the time of recording for longest episode ever) and has been separated into two parts for your convenience. You can download each part via the buttons below:
You can also download our high res cast photo of every single contestant in the history of Survivor together in one photo here
The FULL LIST of ranked contestants will be released after the fifth and final episode. Episodes will be released in the coming weeks and prior to the premiere of Worlds Apart on the 25th of February. Don’t forget to join in the conversation using #SozRanks and comment on this post below to let us know your thoughts on the rankings this episode and give your predictions for the remainder of the countdown!
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33 Comments on Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 1– Contestant Rankings 442-321

  1. Love the idea however the prospects of listening to over 5 hours of chat is a little bit too much for me.

    • It’s worth it Harry! It may seem like a lot but it goes by pretty quickly, and it puts into context the choices. If you wait to see the full list then it’s easy to judge, however if you hear our explanations and people fighting for contestants going higher, it makes more sense. We implore you listen! That’s why we split the episodes down!

      • Ben, I am not trying to sound like a smartass. But with a full time job, a nagging wife and 2 kids I don’t have a lot of time. Are you able to put a brief paragraph of all contestants and why?

        BTW, I hope the SJDS cast don’t feature much in the top 50.

      • Let’s put this into perspective Bill. 442 contestants and a ‘brief’ paragraph isn’t something that we have the time for either. I respect your request, but we are a PODCAST. That’s what he do. We record and podcast about episodes. It’s not something you need to listen to in a day, it’s meant as something you can spread out over time. We are releasing these spread out over the next month and then will provide a full list at the end which we know people will read without listening to the reasoning’s behind them. Sorry, but this is audio only and always will be only audio for this project

      • I agree with Bill. This is something I would love to read about, but who the hell has the time to listen to a SERIES of 5 hour podcasts.

      • And my question to you Gabriel would be who has the time to write about them AND record about them? Sorry, this is a podcast only. If you want to know the reasoning’s behind the placing’s you will have to listen to the episodes

      • I completely agree with Ben. They ranked 121 contestants in the first episode alone. There’s nothing brief about writing several sentences of reasoning for each ranking.

        I already listened to both parts, and enjoyed them. Either listen or don’t complain that there isn’t a recap for you to read.

      • OMG Gabriel Swenson commented LOL Ben’s response.

  2. Downloaded. It’s going to be a great weekend.

  3. You guys are being too nice to the quitters, I would have ranked most of the quitters in the bottom 10

  4. Awesome undertaking. But how can you forget to put the Legend Jim Lynch in for so long? 😀

  5. Is there a list form where I can see all the people, or do I have to download the podcast?

    • Hey Ned, please read down the bottom where we mention we’ll be publishing the full list after all the episodes have been released. In the meantime you will have to listen to the podcasts to hear the rankings

  6. achildforgiven09 // January 31, 2015 at 10:42 pm // Reply

    This is such an interesting idea! I’m enjoying listening to the reasons behind each ranking. It will take me a few days to get through it, but it really makes my commute much easier. What a huge undertaking for you all to take on! Thank you all so much for the time you put into putting out a quality podcast for your listeners to enjoy!!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Purple Kelly to low

  8. Matt.

    I wasn’t complaining. It was a request. I am sure you have five hours to spare but the average person doesn’t.

    • Bill, again, these aren’t meant for people to sit down over 5 hours in one sitting to listen to. They can be spread out and listened to over numerous sessions. An hour here, 30 minutes there, another hour later…there are many options. Nobody is asking you to listen to these in one sitting, and given future instalments are even longer, then clearly these aren’t the episodes for you. Sorry, but I will reiterate that as a podcast, we have recorded this as a podcast. The only written element will be the full list published a day or so after all the episodes have been released

  9. Initially I just turned on the podcast to hear who was at the very bottom of the list. 5 hours later, I was left eagerly anticipating the next show. You all had such entertaining and knowledgable commentary. Cao-Boi originated the split vote tactic? Who knew?! And did someone say Kelly from Gabon brought us Russell Hantz? Or did I mishear something?

    I have to ask: I know you can veto to place someone higher, but have you thought about putting a mechanism in place that will allow you to retroactively place someone lower? I’m thinking about a bunch of contestants who may have slipped through the cracks due to being forgettable, having no impact on the game, and going home early in an unpopular season. Some of them may end up with artificially high placements simply because they are boring choices no one wants to waste their turn on.

    • Glad you’re enjoying them Justin! That’s the ‘beauty’ of these rankings however, and how we are trying to play it ‘strategically’ you could say. There will be people who will slip through the cracks, that’s the nature of the beast

  10. What are your thoughts on possibly breaking these down into smaller chunks/episodes….maybe several half hour ones released a few a week rather than 5 hour ones. It would make it much more listener friendly and possibly draw in a larger crowd. Just a friendly suggestion….I will follow what I can.

    • Hey Dan. Thanks for the suggestion. However we have already split these as it is. Initially they were only planned at 3 hour episodes but blew out to much longer, and all episodes have already been recorded and split and will be released in the coming weeks

  11. Loved the first episode. Great idea guys, I’m really enjoying these!

  12. Really enjoying it! Spread out listening over a number of days which has scratched my survivor itch! But have to agree with Noah – Lillian is in the wrong place. After she returned, every tribal she voted the correct way. I won’t say she is a great or even good player, but I think she should have been a little higher.

    But I’m glad you agree with my personal rule – that people who turn up at parties with guitars are annoying. That goes double for people who bring guitars to the office.

  13. SurvivorOz this is awesome. I’ve been a fan of the show since Season 1 and have seen every single episode. I love watching your podcasts and reading your Top 10 lists every week!!

  14. Listening now. Only one I disagree with so far is Michelle Tesauro. Was she really worse than Ryan Shoulders, Nicole, or Osten? Also in the post-show interviews she said many times she couldn’t have drank the smoothie slowly or she would have vomited. I think the tribe was unfair to her, honestly.

  15. I’m glad you guys vetoed Jeanne! Loved watching her and she had a lot of game, Deena was just better. Ghandia getting placed below Jed and Stephanie Dill is a crime.

  16. The Veto system I hate. I wish it would be that the suggester wouldn’t be able to pick them anymore instead. Not completely forget them.

  17. Never mind my last comment. When is the full list going to be released?

  18. I just found this and wanted to give it a listen. For some reason though Part 1 won’t work. 😦

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