Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 2– Contestant Rankings 320-201


In the lead up to the 30th season of and to celebrate the 15th year of Survivor, the team here at Survivor Oz has put together an expert panel to rank every single contestant to have ever played the game. From 442 through to number one, the panel sit down and discuss the pros, cons and everything else in between of every player from every season and that entire discussion has been recorded for your entertainment as we bring you this EXCLUSIVE ‘rankings cast’ that we are sure will cause significant debate with each episode! Today we continue on with episode 2, which ranks contestants from 320 through to 201! Click below for more!


A select panel of 5 Survivor experts was chosen to sit down and rank each single cast member in the history of Survivor. As of the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur there were 442 players who played the game. This list does not include Melissa McNulty from Fiji as she is deemed to have quit before the game started, nor does it include Craig Saint-Amour who was withdrawn before Blood vs Water and the two contestants withdrawn from San Juan Del Sur prior to it starting. For players who have played on multiple seasons, they are only counted ONCE, meaning that they are ranked based on their combined time on Survivor rather than their individual games. Each episode an order is selected for the panel to go in. For the first episode this was decided via a random generator on For the next episode that followed, the order was reversed. For episode three the order was changed to allow one of the three people who hadn’t had a go at being first and last to have that chance, and then it was reversed again. Also from episode three onwards, the order was changed every 50 spots, and simply reversed. For the final two episodes the sole remaining person who hadn’t gone first went first, and the remaining order randomised. Then in the final episode the person who went first in episode four went last to ensure each person had a go at going first and last. The remaining order was also randomised. At the turn of each person, they would select the Survivor contestant they deemed appropriate to go at that spot. If the majority of the panel agree, that contestants spot is finalised. However, if the majority of the panel disagree, they can ‘veto’ a choice, and the person then has to pick again, with the ‘vetoed’ contestant still eligible to be chosen at a later date. Any member of the panel can veto at any point if they wish, and non-successful vetoes are still counted as having a veto against a contestant. However for a contestant to be ‘saved’ and placed later, at least 3 out of the 5 panel members must agree to veto that choice. If 2 out of 5 do, it’s unsuccessful and the voting continues. After any veto is mentioned, the panel member has a ‘right of reply’ to defend their choice, whilst the panel member who vetoed also has the option to give their argument, potentially swaying the other panel members to change their mind.


Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz Host/Founder)
Noah Groves (Original Ozlet)
Colin Hilding (Ozlet)
Kate McLaughlin (Ozlet)
Paul Luttrell (Ozlet)
Each episode was initially only planned to run for three hours, however with the length of the rankings and the amount of discussion/debate had over the choices, this quickly blew out for each episode. It was decided that episodes would be edited together as one full length episode, and then separated into ‘parts’ to allow for smoother downloading and listening. Episode Two went for a total length of 8 hours, 5 minutes and 36 seconds (a record at the time of recording for longest episode ever) and has been separated into four parts for your convenience. You can download each part via the buttons below:
You can also download our high res cast photo of every single contestant in the history of Survivor together in one photo here
The FULL LIST of ranked contestants will be released after the fifth and final episode. Episodes will be released in the coming weeks and prior to the premiere of Worlds Apart on the 25th of February. Don’t forget to join in the conversation using #SozRanks and comment on this post below to let us know your thoughts on the rankings this episode and give your predictions for the remainder of the countdown!
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37 Comments on Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 2– Contestant Rankings 320-201

  1. Thanks. This should make for a great few days.

  2. Planned to keep watching this, but I think I heard enough in part 1 of the first episode, may just wait for the full list to come out. Not a fan of any of them but Shannon E, Michelle (PI) and Osten were ranked way too low. Shannon would have probably done fine any season other then old vs young or men vs female, and he had a chance to be in control of his tribe, it was 5v5 if a remember correctly in his tribe it could have gone either way really, also could have been a contender for IM if he got far enough. Similar for Michelle, JFP could easily have gone with the Burton, Shaun, Michelle, and saying her not faking that IC is rather harsh. And as for Osten how do you not get voted out by repeatedly telling your tribe to vote you off?

    There’s just far more players that never really had a shot, either voted unanimously or even blew their game before it started. And then when I think you guys are spot on for Jeanne (amazon) you guys veto it, I mean if your next on the chopping block and have a tribal swap to save you and still get voted off then you probably should be ranked pretty low.

    • The problem is that Shannon was way too abrasive to the point that Benry and Kelly decided to turn against him. He had the same opportunity to adapt to the twist as every other contestant.

      • sure but I think at that point he pretty much knew his game was done. And the gender/age twists really seem to put the stronger players at a disadvantage.

        I was glad he got voted off, I just don’t see how you can put him ranked in the ‘worst ever survivor player’ range.

  3. I am way too engaged in this. Loving every second of it. When will the next episode be out?

  4. if you guys arent being bias and basing it on likability, how the hell is francesca not last or bottom ten on your list? i love the woman but come on? by the same standards, i hope sandra is not in the top ten.

    • The most interesting thing we all discovered while recording this is that these podcasts were just as a much a strategic game for us as it was an analysis on the positives and negatives of contestants. One of us could put Francesca on the list much further down and then have someone argue that a quitter should be lower, or a person who was second voted out, but only because their tribe won the first challenge. Every time we argue a case for or against a player we’re also setting a precedent for future vetoes or votes that someone else could hold against you. Not to mention we can only name one player each 5 spots, which makes it hard, because you could have 5 terrible players on your list, and if nobody else has them on their radar, they suddenly can go 25 or more spots higher. My personal opinion is that Francesca at least tried to play the game, and she had some influence each time. Neither of her vote-outs were even close to unanimous. This is enough evidence that she did more in the game than at least those early vote-outs that had no support, or like I said people voted out second or third who simply made it further due to an immunity win that maybe they had nothing to do with. It’s really interesting how many factors come into play when arguing for or against a player.

  5. I love this! Have to say there are some I don’t agree with (Candice being out already! Greg being out before Gretchen and Dr Sean… Also Silas should have made it a bit further… He was a better player then Butch), but I really don’t care all that much about the rankings, it’s just fun to hear what you guys have to say about all the contestants. Can’t wait for the next part!

    • I totally agree, I don’t care much about the rankings either, it’s mostly fun just to reminisce about the past 15 years. I bet a lot of us remember the place we were at in our lives when certain seasons aired, and to have the Ozlets dig this deep into the show’s time capsule is evoking memories I had long forgotten.

      P.S. Agreed with Lisa’s veto – her in-game presence was weak, but what we saw in confessionals was a very analytical and perceptive woman. The revelation from Justice’s visit was great drama, but it didn’t fit the narrative since she had been a cornerstone of the voting politics since F10. Obviously loses points for letting Malcolm and Denise get anywhere near the final tribal, so I understand why she was nominated.

      Also agree with the Tammy outrage – she came to play and win, so much so that she ironically threw her own game away by voting out the one person who didn’t share this same value. She’s been on my return wish-list for 13 years.

  6. I find Kate the most annoying. She seems to hate every female contestant. She is definitely not a f.ierce g.oddess. She sucks.

    • I love Kate! She’s hilarious and has some good opinions. She’s the definition of fierce!

      • If corinne is a f.ierce tigress, Courtney a f.ierce lioness, Kate is a lame lamb. All she does is comment on how a female contestant sucks, and she always puts them too low on the rankings. It reflects just how sexist the ranking is when you notice the female:male ratio.

        Noah and Ben, good job though. I don’t agree with everything but it’s decent, you’re saving this ranking.

      • Fleur if you want to use the ‘sexist’ card please think twice before commenting on our posts as we won’t accept comments like this in the future. When we only have 5 female Ozlets in total and only 1 is able to commit to a 34 hour recording it makes it difficult for us to have more of a spread than we did. The panel was chosen based on being unbiased and fair in their assessment, something that is done throughout the entire spread of episodes

  7. Entertaining podcast!! Does anyone remember where J’tia was?

  8. I find it disturbing when most of you guys felt that someone deserves a better position, maybe 20-30 spots higher but still not willing to veto. This really ruins the quality of the list.You guys seems to forget that you are always picking the worst player remaining, not someone that feels right with a certain position.

    Anyway, I find myself disagreeing with Ben the most, Colton is a terrible player, he is the worst player in my list. His quitting reason is the worst of all the people, and even in One World, his social game is a disaster, one of the worst and most hated in survivor history, I definitely think that Lillian, Kass, or Russell Hantz could easily beat him in the finals, and I don’t even think he will ever get there because he will just quit easily.

  9. How JP is worst than Billy?

    • JP was a bad player socially and he could’ve easily made the jury by being as reasonable as the other muscles of Raro but he messed that up. Billy seemed to have a better understanding of the game but he had much lower expectations due to his physical game compared to the rest of the tribe.

      • So you actually penalize the players for having a stronger physical game and higher expectations?

      • @Craig I’m not responsible for making this list but in Billy vs. JP I can see why JP would be lower. JP did more to take himself out of the game than Billy did. He was way too cocky, and he threw a challenge he didn’t need to. I think the biggest issue may be the gap in rankings, maybe 5-10 between JP and Billy would be more fair and JP could be higher than Jessica or Roxy, but for a list like this there’s a lot of gray areas.

    • Yes Jack….He didn’t look worse because they waited until the third episode to show what he did his entire time out there. Just saying. 😉

  10. I just finished all 4 parts, and am wondering when the next set will come out. Could you owzlets tell us?

  11. Just got past Noah’s ridiculous attempt to put Reed in the bottom half. None of his strategies worked? How about when he orchestrated blindsiding Jeremy? That was arguably the biggest move in the game. Reed convinced the opposing alliance to vote out one of their own, instead of voting him out. And then, at the next tribal council, he controlled every single vote. Every person voted exactly as they told him, even after Keith ruined everything. And Keith’s stupidity wasn’t Reed’s fault — you can’t anticipate somebody doing something so stupid, especially after you’ve coached them on exactly what is going to happen. I’m so glad this received a majority veto, and this seriously calls Noah’s judgment into question.

  12. It is an absolute SHAM that Shambo has made it anywhere near the top 200. Her best social game was with the chickens.

  13. 375…..could be worse. 67 bellow me. I would have ranked all of the quitters at the bottom but that’s just me. Ha ha ha ha.

  14. I love listening to these and i love the panel!

  15. Bart, Rhode Island USA // February 8, 2015 at 3:57 am // Reply

    Please post the next episode. This is a really good listen

  16. Oh, Noah, Noah… besides the fact that I disagree with 60% of what you say, trying to get rid of Kass… really? I was like, maybe I misheard or something. Come on, please get real otherwise I will go that far saying that the whole thing is a joke because of just you.

  17. And one more thing. That Jeanne Whatever obsession… not good, man.

  18. Ok… I’m sitting here, around 250, crying while Colleen gets eliminated while effing JULIA LANDAUER is still in. Physical convulsions setting in.

  19. I agree with Noah in saying Kelley Wentworth making it too high. Pretty overrated.

  20. I’m pretty sure a complete part of this is missing. It went from Kelly and then the next part began at Kelley from San Juan del Sur.

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