Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 ‘No Collar’ Survivors


Even though the twist of the upcoming thirtieth season of Survivor is to fill the cast with three tribes of White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar contestants, these categories of contestants are hardly new. Over 15 years of the show we’ve seen countless contestants that could easily fit into each category based on their socioeconomic status. For the next three weeks, three of our Ozlets are going to be rounding out our top 10 choices for the most memorable/quintessential blue collar/white collar and no collar contestants in the history of Survivor! Kicking it off this week, Julian Groneberg gives you his top 10 No Collar Survivors! Click for more!

While there no official universal definition of No Collar when compared to blue or white collar, according to Probst it’s someone who ‘breaks the rules.’ This is open to interpretation, but essentially it’s someone who doesn’t conform to the 21st century idea of a career, may be highly qualified or intelligent but unemployed, underemployed, or if they do work, they choose to work on their own terms, working to live, rather than living to work. Many ‘no collars’ are also often their own boss forging their own careers through showing an entrepreneurial spirit and working for themselves, often involved in creative and non-conventional lines of work. So with that loose definition behind us, here’s 10 memorably quintessential no collar Survivors we’ve seen grace our screens.

10. Jerri Manthey – Australian Outback, All-Stars & Heroes vs Villains


Ah Jerri, she might not have the classic look of a free spirited lass, but there’s no doubt that Miss Manthey doesn’t answer to anyone. Because of this it’s hard to imagine her following the rules in a blue collar job. Also in the corporate world she’d probably ruffle so many feathers and have clashes with there people that that she’d be disciplined by management or quit. Imagining her in the workplace is an exercise in itself, she’d definitely rock it as the ultimate workplace seductress though. But I digress. By the process of elimination, and the fact she’s done everything from small acting gigs, podcasting, to starting her own jewellery company, this means our favourite Survivor villainess can only be a white collar.

9.  Greg Buis – Borneo


Survivor’s original goofball, Greg Buis is  unconventional through and through. Even before I read his bio on Survivor Wiki detailing his travels around the world and many random jobs. With his general antics including coconut phones and pick a random number FTC questions, it’s easy to see he definitely makes his own rules. Much to the annoyance of Probst and production you can assume.

8. Cindy Hall – Guatemala

survivor-gua-cindy-hall16 (1)

Who could forget how much winning that car meant to Cindy?  Apparently she still drives it to this day and for me the fact that she says that she drove it across country and camped in it definitely helps me see her as a no collar. In my mind a white collar would have definitely sold it, or upgraded to a newer flashier model long ago. While she could be seen as blue collar, as she works with her hands as a zookeeper, the fact that she loves animals so much puts her more as a no collar since she’s so passionate, it wouldn’t even seem like work for her. After all who can forget her love for the Howler monkeys? Never one to mince her words, especially when it comes to Stephanie, she’s still keeping it real working with the animals in 2015, and while she’s definitely not a hippie as such, she’s a keen nature lover with a free spirit. Go Cindy. You rock sister. So glad you kept that car baby.

7. Kenny Hoang – Gabon


He’s a legend in his field, it’s just that field is video gaming. In my mind that makes good old underdog Kenny, a definite no collar, along with the many poker players we’ve seen.  Gamers are cool but please CBS, no more poker players ok? He’s a little bit of a nerd, and he’s not rugged enough to work construction or anything else in that field, and it’s hard to imagine him as an executive. For Nintendo maybe, but for now, video gamer Ken screams no collar, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. Courtney Marit – Panama


Dreads in the hair, séances on the sand with dead sea turtles and  whimsical comments in general made the often derided Casaya alliance member Courtney a definite no collar. Courtney was definitely one of the more interesting castaways apart from Shane in the Panama Exile Island season, and with her background in performance art and fire dancing it’s she’s definitely not going to be one working the 9-5 behind a desk. A  free spirit and a citizen of the planet she’s roamed  the world always seeking out a new adventure. If the fact she completed her Survivor Oz interview from a yacht wasn’t evidence enough. She’s also worked as a massage therapist, hiking guide and ski instructor. Collar case closed.

5.  Robb Zbacnik – Thailand

628x471 (1)

What a dude. A fleshy-eared cross between an emo skater and a hot surfie, Robb was also surprisingly philosophical and had one of the most endearing character arcs we’d seen on the show to that point. Easily fired up, Robb and his alternative look definitely set him apart from the oldies on the Chuay Gahn tribe as well as his clean cut Sook Jai tribe mates. All I can say is I’d love to get a drink from his bar. And no that’s not meant to come across as sounding pervy — even though it does.

4. Jessica ‘Sugar’ Kiper – Gabon & Heroes vs Villains


Sugar, sweet, sweet Sugar. Underestimated like many a white collar contestant on the show, Sugar is the perfect example of it doesn’t matter who you are in the outside world, anyone can make it deep into the game of Survivor and call the shots. This Pin up girl had it going on in Gabon and found the idol when white collar Dan the man couldn’t. Like a true no collar who goes wherever the wind takes them she then flowed between alliances, always underestimated. She might be a hot mess in the real world, but I’m sure she doesn’t give a rats. Give her a vintage dress and red lipstick over corporate attire or a homogenous uniform any day.

3. Ozzy Lusth – Cook Islands, Micronesia & South Pacific


I’m not a fan of Ozzy, since he’s buys into his own hype a little too much – okay a LOT. There’s no doubt Ozzie is a true roamer though. Can you see this long haired fish boy sitting behind a desk or working manual labour? Hardly. He’s all ego, but if you buy into his story it’s easy pretty easy to get on board the Ozzy train. Amanda did. And the Ozlets were born. Thank you Survivor Micronesia for the Ozlet namesake. Before going on Survivor in 2006 he also appeared in reality porn series Foursome where needless to say he was wearing not a shred of clothing (collar not included) in the hot tub before bonking two of the other contestants. Fast forward to 2015 and I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet to say that he’s still keen to go sans collar whenever possible.

2. Angie Jakusz – Palau


Angie. Also underestimated for her appearance however turns out she was one of the better challengers on the Ulong tribe, giving some of the men (including James and Jeff) a bloody good run for their money. An easy to predict early boot, Angie defied the odds and managed to stay strong and do well in spite of her ailing tribe. She’s not the most memorable no collar contestant, but based on her resume as an Tattoo artist and ink lab technician and her appearance, she’s definitely screams no collar more than anything else.

1. Judd ‘Fabio’ Birza – Nicaragua


Our second contestant to make the top 10 with a nick name, Judd was the goofball no collar that made it all the way to the end, and outwitted, outplayed and outlasted all others to make the million. His unconventional, un confrontational and under the radar gameplay made him be labelled by some as underserving, but goes to show there’s a strategy for all types of gameplay, and in Survivor you have to play to your strengths. Returning to Nicaragua for a ‘spiritual journey’ after the game, and later arrested for suspicion of being “under the influence of a controlled substance” all complete the narrative for arguably the show’s most successful No collar Survivor.

Honourable Mentions: Johnny Fairplay, Lisi Linares, Billy Garcia, Andria ‘Dreamz’ Herd, Jessica ‘Flickr’ Smith, Shambo Waters

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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14 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 ‘No Collar’ Survivors

  1. Honourable mention: Semhar Tadesse from South Pacific
    Spoken word artist
    Although she was first to be voted out … she was memorable for her free spirit n elaborate poem in the first few days in South pacific

  2. Lex van den Berghe instead of Cindy in this top 10!

    Very good top 10 however.

  3. I love the fact that Jerri, Kenny, Ozzy, and Fabio are on this list. They are some of my favorites!!

  4. Great list. This is a really good group of players- I love almost all of them. Just shows the potential for the no collar tribe in season 30. Well put together, Julian

  5. Sugar is the epitome of no collar

  6. thank you for not just filling this list with white people with dreadlocks, any time i try doing an allstars cast for this season with my friends it’s just “kelly sharbaugh…. courtney marit…. grant mattos…. flicka smith… lindsey ogle”. great list right here.

  7. this means our favourite Survivor villainess can only be a white collar.
    ……………the heck?

  8. westley pawliw-fry // February 5, 2015 at 3:38 am // Reply

    I am plesently surprised that Flickr didn’t make the list

  9. Definitely a great list, here is my personal list:

    (10. Kenny
    (9. Greg
    (8. Jerri
    (7. Ciera Eastin
    (6. Spencer Bledsoe
    (5. Twila Tanner
    (4. Grant Mattos
    (3. Ozzy
    (2. Sugar
    (1. Fabio

    To be fair, I haven’t watched Seasons 3-6, 8, and 10-12 so this eliminates people like Angie, Robb, Courtney, and Cindy that are on your list.

    • WHAT? Twila?!? She is definitely a blue collar, not a no collar! By the way I expect to see her high on the blue collar top 10.

  10. Most of these are spot on. But I do feel Flicka and Shambo should be in the top 10. So should Dreamz. I would say they are more “no collar” than Cindy for sure and more so than Ozzy as well. I’m glad you mentioned them in honorable mentions.
    But overall, good assessment!

  11. Wait! We’re forgetting Tyson! He’s definitely no collar!
    He basically acted like a hippie mormon in his first season! A lot more grown-up in S27, but he was definitely a “free spirit”!

  12. To the guy who said Twila… Um? DAFUQ Twila is blue collar
    Cindy Hall is another blue collar person, she takes pride in her jobs, the fact she never owned a new car is also part of the working class. A zookeeper is NOT a no collar job, its a hard working job where you have to follow rules implicitly!

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