Dale Wentworth Interview


Dale Wentworth started the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur looking very likely he could be the first booted contestant. He turned this around fairly quickly and survived long enough to the switch but that’s when it all fell apart. After seeing his daughter taken out, a last ditch plan and a fake idol tried to keep him around but it was never going to be enough. Dale joins us to chat about his time on the show, telling us just how close he and Kelley were to being on The Amazing Race and dishing the dirt on just why he doesn’t like Missy and Baylor.


Dale looked likely to be an early target but worked his way back into the game to survive to the switch. After the switch however and the departure of his daughter Kelley, he was unable to break into any further alliance and he was promptly voted out of the game.

In our chat with Dale he talks about his relationship with Baylor and just why it never worked, his true feelings on Missy as well as how frustrating it was to have not made the merge and just what it was like hanging with Kelley on the pre-merge trip.

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