Jaclyn Schultz Interview


Early on it didn’t look too good for Jaclyn Schultz on San Juan Del Sur. Losing her early alliance of Nadiya, she soon looked like she would be an early boot and it was a matter of when not if. However a switch came, her boyfriend joined her and things went from bad to brilliant. In her full interview with us, Jaclyn takes us through her game, talks up why her and Jon made the moves they did and discovers that she has a pretty big fan base out there for her that are constantly rooting her on.


Jaclyn started off slowly and seemed to be on the cusp of an early exit. However after the tribe swap and teaming up with her boyfriend Jon, she soon formed a dominant pairing that would control most of the middle parts of the game. After Jon was taken out just before the end she managed to fight her way to the final tribal council where she ultimately fell just short of being crowned the winner of San Juan Del Sur.

In our chat with Jaclyn she talks about the whirlwind adventure she’s been on since the season wrapped, whether or not her fighting with Jon was strategy to get her way in the game as well as just why she trusted Natalie after she had taken out Jon and whether or not she thought she had a chance of winning the game heading into the final tribal council.

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  1. Thanks for reading my ‘statement’ Ben! Jaclyn truly is a sweet heart :)))

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