Jeremy Collins Interview


On a season that was filled with shocks at every corner, there was no shock bigger than the blindside of one of the power players on San Juan Del Sur Jeremy Collins. After looking like he was firmly in control early on, Jeremy soon found himself in a battle of wits with fellow power player Josh and after taking care of him, his path to a million dollars looked smooth. However as is often the case in Survivor, nothing is ever simple and Jeremy soon found that out. In our chat with him he talks about just why he still isn’t quite over his vote out and just what John Rocker said to him after the game was over.


Jeremy started off the season in a strong position by forming a majority alliance and not facing many challenges until a tribe swap. At this stage he fought his way to the merge where he looked to have gained control, before one of the most shocking blindsides of all time sent him to the jury.

In our chat with Jeremy he talks about why he still hasn’t recovered from his vote out, why he thought the game was in the bag after Josh was voted out as well as the truth behind outing Rocker in the way he did after Val was voted out and just what Jeff Probst went out of his way to do for his brother during the initial casting of the show.

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1 Comment on Jeremy Collins Interview

  1. First of all, I listen to all the podcast, think they are great!

    I love how in every interview you ask whether they were fans of the show, how were they cast etc rarely do interviewers ask those sort, i think they are great as they provide such insight

    Also love the last 5 questions at the end!

    Wish would though more serious questions would make the cut as opposed to “Why are you so awesome etc..”

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