Kelley Wentworth Interview


Despite the fact that Kelley Wentworth didn’t go as far as she would like on the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur, the fan community has rallied around her since her time on the show and she has fast become one of the biggest fan favourites from the series. Showing large potential from the start of the game, it took a tribal switch to sadly end her game prematurely. And in an extremely entertaining interview Kelley takes us through her game, how she could’ve changed her fate and just what the relationship is currently like with Baylor and Missy after the season.


Kelley started off in the strong Hunahpu alliance and looked to be in a good position moving forward. However the tribal swap came and she soon found herself the target as the couples on nu-Coyopa battled for control. She was on the losing end of control, and was eliminated from the game.

In our chat with Kelley she talks about her strong fan base outside of the game, the joy of having Drew voted out after he tried to get her gone as well as just what the deal with Baylor and Missy is and talking about something that very nearly made her hang up during the interview.

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