Natalie Anderson Interview


There is no denying that Natalie Anderson is one very popular winner of Survivor. The San Juan Del Sur champ has amassed quite a large fan base since her season and her win was one of the most popular in the history of the show. But just how did Natalie go from seeing her twin sister voted out first and a couple of ‘near yet so far’ opportunities on The Amazing Race to a millionaire winner of the biggest reality show around? And which previous Survivor winner did she take inspiration from to make sure that her strategy worked?


Natalie started off slowly on San Juan Del Sur but found herself in the strong Hunahpu alliance and working close with Jeremy. Her game really picked up post merge and after Jeremy’s boot, as Natalie soon turned the game around and controlled it to the end to pull off one of the most popular wins in the history of Survivor.

In our chat with Natalie she talks about what the first thing she bought with her money was, why she looked at Tony for inspiration going into the season as well as turning to Nadiya for inspiration and answers during the interview and just how she managed to dupe so many of her fellow contestants during the latter parts of the game.

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  1. None of your interviews will load for me- particularly some of the old ones I am trying to listen to

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