Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 5 – Contestant Rankings 50-1


In the lead up to the 30th season of and to celebrate the 15th year of Survivor, the team here at Survivor Oz has put together an expert panel to rank every single contestant to have ever played the game. From 442 through to number one, the panel sit down and discuss the pros, cons and everything else in between of every player from every season and that entire discussion has been recorded for your entertainment as we bring you this EXCLUSIVE ‘rankings cast’ that we are sure will cause significant debate with each episode! Today we wrap it all up with episode 5, which ranks contestants from 50 through to 1! Click below for more!


A select panel of 5 Survivor experts was chosen to sit down and rank each single cast member in the history of Survivor. As of the 29th season of San Juan Del Sur there were 442 players who played the game. This list does not include Melissa McNulty from Fiji as she is deemed to have quit before the game started, nor does it include Craig Saint-Amour who was withdrawn before Blood vs Water and the two contestants withdrawn from San Juan Del Sur prior to it starting. For players who have played on multiple seasons, they are only counted ONCE, meaning that they are ranked based on their combined time on Survivor rather than their individual games. Each episode an order is selected for the panel to go in. For the first episode this was decided via a random generator on For the next episode that followed, the order was reversed. For episode three the order was changed to allow one of the three people who hadn’t had a go at being first and last to have that chance, and then it was reversed again. Also from episode three onwards, the order was changed every 50 spots, and simply reversed. For the final two episodes the sole remaining person who hadn’t gone first went first, and the remaining order randomised. Then in the final episode the person who went first in episode four went last to ensure each person had a go at going first and last. The remaining order was also randomised. At the turn of each person, they would select the Survivor contestant they deemed appropriate to go at that spot. If the majority of the panel agree, that contestants spot is finalised. However, if the majority of the panel disagree, they can ‘veto’ a choice, and the person then has to pick again, with the ‘vetoed’ contestant still eligible to be chosen at a later date. Any member of the panel can veto at any point if they wish, and non-successful vetoes are still counted as having a veto against a contestant. However for a contestant to be ‘saved’ and placed later, at least 3 out of the 5 panel members must agree to veto that choice. If 2 out of 5 do, it’s unsuccessful and the voting continues. After any veto is mentioned, the panel member has a ‘right of reply’ to defend their choice, whilst the panel member who vetoed also has the option to give their argument, potentially swaying the other panel members to change their mind.


Ben Waterworth (Survivor Oz Host/Founder)
Noah Groves (Original Ozlet)
Colin Hilding (Ozlet)
Kate McLaughlin (Ozlet)
Paul Luttrell (Ozlet)
Each episode was initially only planned to run for three hours, however with the length of the rankings and the amount of discussion/debate had over the choices, this quickly blew out for each episode. It was decided that episodes would be edited together as one full length episode, and then separated into ‘parts’ to allow for smoother downloading and listening. Episode Five went for a total length of 7 hours, 58 minutes and 8 seconds and has been separated into three parts for your convenience. You can download each part via the buttons below:
You can also download our high res cast photo of every single contestant in the history of Survivor together in one photo here
The FULL LIST of ranked contestants will be released in the coming days. You can listen to all previous parts of the episodes listed on the days prior to this post. Don’t forget to join in the conversation using #SozRanks and comment on this post below to let us know your thoughts on the rankings and what you would’ve had done differently to our list!
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54 Comments on Survivor Oz Rankings Cast Episode 5 – Contestant Rankings 50-1

  1. Can you guys provide some of your personal lists also? I believe that some of you should have it when preparing for this.

  2. yes! It always makes me mad when Sandra is not voted the best player! Good list y’all

  3. Can someone who listened to it tell me the top 10 or so please?

    • Just go for part 3 directly…

    • Top 15:

      15. Denise Stapley
      14. Tom Westman
      13. Yul Kwon
      12. Rob Mariano
      11. Tina Wesson
      10. Brian Heidik
      9. Parvati Shallow
      8. Chris Daugherty
      7. JT Thomas
      6. Richard Hatch
      5. Earl Cole
      4. Todd Herzog
      3. Tony Vlachos
      2. Kim Spradlin
      1. Sandra Diaz-Twine


      Natalie White, 40
      Amber Brkich, 38

      this may be wrong.

  4. It felt to me like you were ranking who played the better game (winning) rather than who was a better player.

    Cochran ranked higher than Rob C for instance is quite absurd. Compare Amazon to South Pacific. And that says it all. Rob never made a move as terrible as that.

    Tyson ranked higher than Rob C? -.- Tyson got himself voted out and screwed over all his allies.

    Twinnie Natalie ranked higher than Rob C? Lol. Vecepia too? And Aras?

    Rob C is a far better player than the above mentioned. Had the other players not won, played the same game they did, but had been taken out at the vote before the end, none of them would be in the discussion near where Rob C ranked. They won. They’re just not better players of the game.

    Using the idol Yul found, a part of the game, is the biggest bs excuse for ranking him out of the top 10.

    Tony is a worse player than Yul and Rob C.

  5. I’m sorry I didn’t finished the entire list yet but I had to comment about Yul being so massively high.
    NOTE: I don’t think Yul is a bad player, he’s charismatic, he’s physically strong, he’s dimplomatic and all that.
    BUT, you forgot to mention all the other crazy twists that Yul enjoyed that barely appeared before in Survivor:
    A) The mutiny -unknowingly- helped Yul, his alliance was Candice/Jonathan, and he wanted them at the merge, but he didn’t know they were planning to flip, Ozzy/Sundra were the two people he was targeting, so yeah.
    B) BOTTLE TWIST – How this hadn’t come up? Without this crazy BS twist that has literally never, ever, ever, ever happened in Survivor, without it, Raro comes with 6 people and Aitu has 4, and we basically have Exile Island do over. Without the god-idol and the bottle twist, it’s 99% guaranteed that Yul goes home. Heck, Penner literally said that the reason he flipped is because the idol was too damn powerful.
    C) The idol – Obviously, it’s not only caused the biggest vote at the season and changed the outcome, it took Yul to the finals. No idol has ever took somebody to the finals. And when did they let the contestants know this? In the last TC, so Ozzy didn’t even had a fair chance to take him out.
    D) Finale 3 – CI is the first season with finale three, if it was a finale two, Ozzy -likely- wins the FIC, and then takes Becky and wins the game, that was his plan I think. Ozzy was too damn good in challenges that he likely would have won the last one, but this is a hypothetical, so I don’t take it that much against Yul, but FINALE THREE + BEING ABLE TO USE THE IDOL IN F4 = Yul makes it to the end.
    E) Still almost lost – He still almost lost in a 5-4-0 vote, so.

    I know Yul seems “perfect”, but when you look at his game objectively, he has too many hypotheticals in his games and he enjoyed more twists than any other winneer.
    Also, Tony’s idol took him to the finale four and he didn’t even needed it, Trish & Spencer were gonna go home either way, Yul’s idol took him to the finals.
    I hope you can see the flaws in his game and see how massively overrated he is.

  6. Finally finished listening to the whole thing, would say that I’m very happy with the winner, and agreed more on the actual rankings on the “winners” except for maybe Richard Hatch being too high while Tom and Yul being too low.

    For the non-winners I tend to disagree more, since its really depends on what we value more, the potential of the player or the actual result, or even what if they don’t get screwed by certain people. Personally I find myself not valuing some of the “strategic” type of players as much as you guys. They were my favorites and is very interesting to watch on tv, but I just think that most of them had overplayed their game a bit, and their winning chance isn’t really as high as the more “social” players.

    I also find myself disagreeing with Ben the most, literally everyone that he said at the end that he thought should get higher in the list are the people that I thought got too high and I won’t even put them in my top 100 players, especially for the multi-time players that had never even got into the final tribal council.

    Anyway, enjoyed the whole 30+ hours of this podcast and did made me learn more about some of the players.

    • This a personal pet peeve of mine, but I don’t see how Yul can be considered a great player when he was saved by twist after twist after twist.

      • You had to give him some credit for being the only person that had never been in danger of voted out throughout the whole game. He also brought all of his alliance members into the final 4. Yul is a weird one, but he is probably the winner with the least flaws that we could see from his game. Some of the twist did give him some benefit, but that is what it is, we can only say that we didn’t see enough of him because he is always safe, but I don’t penalize him for the twists that he had no control over, and not making moves that he don’t need to make.

    • He was never in danger because he had the god-idol.

  7. First of all, I just want to say that I have loved listening to these hours upon hours of discussion and I truly appreciate the effort put in by all of you to fight for your opinions on this show that I love.

    HOWEVER, I have to disagree massively with the placement of Todd and Earl. When Ben stated himself that Todd was a member of your top 3 (Brian, Tony and Todd). If this is true, then I must ask why you put Kim up ahead of Todd. I do not feel that you explained this well in your argument.

  8. oops lol that was a mistake.

  9. I’m sorry, but to put Russell Hantz above Natalie White is objectively wrong, she destroyed him in the jury vote, and you barely bothered to look around her strategy. The thought of Russell Hantz being close to the top 50 is a joke considering that he sucked at the jury portion of the game which decides the game. No offense.

    • Yes, with the fact that they penalize Kass greatly because she had no chance to win, they should also penalize Russel for that, because he never had any real chance to win the game.

      • Yes, both Kass and Russell are terrible social players and should be near the bottom. I may not like this list at all, because to say that Coach and Russell are better players then Amber and Natalie White is insane. Absolutely insane.

    • // February 24, 2015 at 6:58 am // Reply

      seriously. this podcast maddened me to no end.

  10. Maybe I was stupid, but Kim Spradlin was not as good as everyone says that she is, and she should not be ranked ahead of Parvati.

    • Agreed, maybe I need a re-watch to appreciate Kim’s game more, but that season is one of my most hated season and I don’t really want to re-watch it.

    • Actually, I would put Kim at #1, because you can’t really find a weakness in her game. Parvati isn’t as good in the social game and even in the other areas like Kim.

    • How is it possible to say that Amanda “Loses her victory in the FTC” Kimmel, Coach “Will never admit to his faults” Wade, and Russell “Doesn’t know how Survivor works” Hantz are better players then Natalie White?

  11. neleh only 45 wow, why did i bother listening again

  12. Sandra is better than KIM!!!!!!!? are you guys out of your minds? Kim was in total control for the entirety of One World, she dominated like no 1st time player & few returning players ever have. Sandra was NEVER in control EITHER of her games, in Pearl Islands she won by default because all the better players had been eliminated & she was up against a complete goat in Lil. In Heroes V Villains she won because of a bitter jury who refused to reward Parvati because she was, with Russell, responsible for voting them out instead of just giving them the win for being such wonderful people.

    Sandra is not in the top 10 best players of all time let alone number 1. Just because someone wins twice doesn’t mean they are better players, as you guys said if Fabio won again would you rate HIM the number 1 player of all time? Basicly you guys screwed up big time.

    • Not sure what they ranked but even though I wouldn’t want to rank her no.1 its just one of those math doesn’t lie. If this was based on 1 time performances then no way.

    • You do not need to be in control to win survivor. Sandra really played a great game in terms of not being the target.

      • Andrew Burgess // February 24, 2015 at 9:17 am //

        Yes it’s called “floating” & “coat tail riding” & Amber & Natalie White were placed way down the list for winning with those “strategy’s”. Granted Sandra is a marginally better player than those two but if either of her games were taken individually Sandra would not have made the top 20 let alone finished first.

    • Yes, if Sandra only won once, she would not rank this high, because we will be skeptical about her game that we don’t know if her strategy really worked or she just lucked in. But her winning twice does prove that her strategy does work to an extent that she can reproduce her win.

      The fact that even many viewers underrate her game is exactly why she is brilliant in the game of survivor, because you don’t want people think that you are a threat. Staying low is one of the key elements in Survivor, although it might not be the best thing for tv.

      Boston Rob and Kim both had perfect seasons, but their win would be very hard to reproduce with a group of returnees. People like Sandra, Vecepia, Fabio, Natalie White, Danni are the people that are more likely to win again in a all-stars or all-winners season, but only Sandra had proven that she didn’t win just by luck, and I am still a little skeptical about the others.

    • the game is ‘survivor’, not all about controlling

      Sandra has the best argument to be number one

      Maybe I should donate something for this, but then again there are a lot things I Should do and do not

  13. Great podcasts/list guys! But I don’t quite understand how if three people agreed Tony should be at #4, and it was at the spot on the list where “one spot warrants a veto”, why didn’t those three Ozlets veto, force Ben to put Kim up following the Sandra veto, then veto her as well? Even stranger was that Kate mentioned it and no one else acted on it, I don’t quite get Noah’s reasoning in not vetoing Todd for fear Kim would be #4.

  14. Great list, but that’s one fucked up top 10. It would be way better if it was in reversed order.

  15. “Tony has better social skills then RUSSELL HANTZ.”
    Hahahhahhaha no. Russell Hantz is a terrible social player and played one of the worst games ever in Heroes vs Villains.

  16. The worst thing about this list is the inconsistencies. They would penalize people like Kass and Lil for having bad social game and still letting Russell go so high although his social game is as bad as theirs.

    They would penalize Spencer, Hayden and some of the other one time players for not getting far enough, while still letting Rupert, Jerri, and maybe Cirie go so high although their best games only got to similar spots, and they had many worse games. Most of the returnees ended up much higher in this rankings purely because they hesitate to put them up earlier and they think other people won’t agree with it, the same could be said about the winners. I would personally penalize the returnees each time they return if they don’t get into the final tribal, getting to 4th or 5th the first time is really much more impressive than getting there only on the 3rd try.

    I also don’t agree that people should get credit for being voted out as threats, appearing as threats is a bad thing in the game of survivor, and they should be penalized if people could identify them as threats.

    Someone even said that playing with the bad players are actually harder, and give some players in bad seasons credit on this…… Yes, they might be harder to predict and control(usually not), but they are also not a big threat to your game, I think the pros does greatly outweigh the cons. Will a poker player be complaining about his opponents being so dumb and always doing something crazy? Survivor is not that much different.

    Also there are too much strategy going into this rankings, for choosing someone that would help you get rid of someone else that you wanted to get rid of instead of choosing someone you actually think is the worst player left.

  17. // February 24, 2015 at 6:56 am // Reply

    These guys are ridiculous. Hippocricies all around. They need to check their egos and try objectivity for a change. Kate is the only one who keeps it real here! But the boys club feels no need to respect or listen to her. The top ten is a mockery of the game. At least they recognized Sandra.

    • I would challenge anyone to find 4 other people, rank every contestant and not have someone think there are hypocrisies or inconsistencies. You argue the best you can for or against a player based on what you value. Not sure what you refer to as “the boys club feels no need to respect or listen to her”. Vetoes were pretty even all around, and I think Paul received more heat from the group than anyone else.

  18. // February 24, 2015 at 7:05 am // Reply

    This project was an insane undertaking from the start, and while I appreciate the effort, it became more of a pissing match and a game towards the end than an honest assessment.

  19. What a joke. When Boston Rob went out I thought this list was almost complete shit but to have Parvati at #9 is a complete joke. To say she did nothing else but flirt in Micronesia is insane. She is the reason that season ended. With out her bringing Alexis and Natalie in Ozzy would probably have won. She owned Heroes vs. Villains she lost because they hated Russell and they wanted to piss him off by letting Sandra win. This is such a joke I stopped listening after that. Absolute joke.

  20. So Passionate, luv it.

    As Jeff says -To make 39 days and be sitting at the FTC is a massive achievement.

    So who cares how you got there?

    Yes Sandra cruised through without making any massive move decisions. She enabled them, but didn’t create them. But went to the FTC and won twice. I think people underestimate the ability to go the whole game without a target on your back. True you might not be seen as “Playing” the game, but you did something right. Just because you didn’t play with guns blazing doesn’t mean anything.

    I do think that some very good strategic players were not in the top simply because they didn’t win or naturally were targeted in the finals due to there very impressive game play.

    Cirie, Brilliant player. She wasnt the physical threat and knew it, so owned the social and manipulation aspects of the game. Panama and Micronesia she would have one if she made it to FTC and for that and fear was voted out early in HvV.

    My point is, I don’t believe there is a “Perfect Game” or “Better Player”. If anyone of us played Survivor which i know we all dream about daily, you would learn very quickly anything goes to win. Yes you would make big moves and be voted out early or right before the finish line or maybe you would be so scared to make moves because you want to last as long as you can. Mastering one aspect or all aspects of this game can have you win or lose.

    Good list guys. Denise and Kim Deserve there spots and I was very surprised and pleased to see Todd at number 4.

  21. Glad Earl made the top 5 he doesn’t get enough praise played better than Yau in Fiji

  22. A huge thank you to Ben, Noah, Kate, Paul, and Colin for taking so much time out of your week to do this. I enjoyed listening to every minute of it immensely – it was such a trip down memory lane.

    Very thoughtful debate all around, and I especially enjoyed Ben’s gleefulness with the statistics (“highest placing one-time female non-winner!”). It’s exactly the sort of nerdy stuff I’ve been doing in my head for years.

    Sure, some players ended up in odd places, but that’s also Survivor for you. Very fun.

  23. Matthew Sgroi // February 26, 2015 at 10:19 am // Reply

    Are you guys going to upload power rankings before 8:00 US Eastern Time? Thanks!

  24. I would say that it is not consistent in terms of result oriented, because although the winners all ranked pretty high, people like Rob C , Cirie and Jonny Fairplay got so much further than other people with similar results. They were all surrounded by winners only although they were never in the finals while all the other people that got further then them are ranked so much lower.

  25. When is the full list going to be released?

  26. When will the full list be updated?

  27. Ben, Reynold Topher was a used car salesman. Brian wasnt the only one.

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