Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Things to Look Forward to on Survivor: Worlds Apart


With the premiere of the milestone thirtieth season of Survivor just a day away, Anthony Rossi looks at some of the biggest things that fans can look forward to in Survivor Worlds Apart. With plenty of buzz in the media over the off season celebrating the show's long running history, there's also plenty to be thrilled about in terms of what the future has in store. Read on for what Rossi's excited about and let us know what things you also can't wait for, or wish would have been done differently in the comments!

10. 90-Minute Premiere

90 minute

Even though the last season had a 90-minute premiere, it’s still worth mentioning. The longer episode allows for more time dedicated to a greater variety of the contestants and how they interact with one another. We will hopefully be able to learn about each individual contestant and see the dynamics at camp. With the longer episode we will be able to gain valuable insight on the contestants, as they are all new players.

9. Diverse Cast


Despite the fact that the cast like many other seasons is dominated by Caucasians there is still a diverse grouping of contestants. Even though most fans would like to see a more diverse cast than what we have been seeing at least the amount of contestants is remaining around the same and not dropping. This season we have three Asian-American contestants with So, Nina, and the Persian Queen Shirin. There is also one African-American contestant in Will. Joaquin is a Hispanic-American contestant, which hasn’t been represented on the show for a while now. The contestants also range in age from young 20’s to mid 50’s with many of them being in their 30’s.

8. Fan Debates and Podcasts


Now that Survivor is going into the landmark 30th season there is definitely a lot to discuss and debate. There are many varying podcasts that will debate all the little details about the episodes and the season in general, not to forget the online fan community with the Facebook groups and online forums. Survivor Oz, like last season will have a lot of content including the recaps with past contestants, the live Oztopsies and the ever-exciting power rankings. With Survivor Oz and other podcasts, there are plenty of places to share your thoughts and it will be interesting to see all the differing opinions.

7. Shirin Oskooi


Shirin has already made her mark on this season and it hasn’t even started yet. Not only does she have one of the most epic pre-game bios in the history of the show, but also she is plain awesome. Shirin states in her bio that the three things she wants to bring to the island are “1. A goat (or a muffin) 2. Whiskey 3. Beyoncé”. She also quotes RuPaul in her bio, which just makes her even more incredible. Seriously, how awesome is she. She is also a fan of the show and will use that to her advantage.

6. All New Players

Worlds Apart Cast

Now this is something that I never thought would happen for the 30th season. One would expect that the 30th season, a landmark season, would have returning players, but many were wrong. For the third time in a row we have all new players, which is incredibly exciting to think about. After a long series of returning players it is refreshing to see multiple seasons of completely new players. With new players we have new blood that we can either cheer for or pray they get eliminated.

5. Max Dawson


Of all the contestants, Max Dawson really stands out for his devotion to the show. He is a professor at a University where he teaches a class about Survivor and the implication it has had on television. Max has already noted pre-game that his grand reputation as a fan of the show is going to be tested to see if what he teaches will aid him in the end. Only time will tell to see if Max can put this knowledge to good use or if it hinders his game by over analyzing and over strategizing.

4. Fans of the Show

survivor fans

Max isn’t the only contestant this season that is a massive fan of the show, there are many others. Joining Max we have Nina, Dan, Shirin and several others. Dan has stated in his pre-game interviews that he has driven countless miles to attend casting calls and he has applied for the show since the second season. Nina with Max are members of the Facebook group “Previously on… Survivor” and both have watched the show since the early days. As mentioned prior, Shirin is also a big fan of the show that has also applied for years. These big fans of the show will definitely add some interesting gameplay and show some real fight to stay in the game.

3. Three Tribes

three tribe format

Even though we recently had a three-tribe season with Cagayan it is still worth mentioning. I never expected to see another three-tribe season in Cagayan, let alone for this season. Two of the last three seasons will have been based around three different tribes and that is great. With the three tribes it is more challenging to form that majority group and allows for more unpredictability, as each contestant is open to being a target. Every three-tribe season the hope is that no one tribe will perform terribly so that all three tribes can reach the merge, but since Jeff already announced that there will be a switch that now unfortunately isn’t happening.

2. The Mysterious Twist


Jeff briefly mentioned a twist is happening right out of the gate in which two contestants will decide whether or not to deceive their tribe. This decision can greatly impact the game in how the interact with one another as well as how they connect with their tribe. This twist can lead the duo to having a clue to an idol or not dependent on the choice they make. This twist can either bring these two players close together or it make them opposing forces. A lot is unknown and it is very interesting to see how it will play out.

1. Tribe Division by Social Standing

world's apart logo

Similarly to Cagayan this season is divided into three “distinct” tribes based upon their position in society. A tribe of white-collar workers, which consists of those that work in office building. They “make the rules”. The second tribe consists of blue-collar workers, who are people that perform manual labor. They “follow the rules”. The final tribe consists of no-collar individuals that don’t really blend in with society and stand out. They “break the rules”. It will be very interesting to see how much this twist plays a part on the season. Will it factor greatly factor into the gameplay or not bear any weight at all?

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there ones that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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7 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Things to Look Forward to on Survivor: Worlds Apart

  1. Vince should also be another reason on this list, but good list.

  2. Queen Shirin ❤

  3. There’s many more fans based on Gordon Holmes interviews. There’s Jenn, Lindsey, So Kim, Carolyn.

  4. Sorry guys, but So should never be in a survivor related list ever again….

  5. Yep dan might be a fan. But he has already pissed pretty much his whole tribe, and looks terrible without a shirt. Those man boobs were ghastly.

  6. I believe Fiji was the most diverse cast, but sadly most people disliked it, I personally liked Fiji apart from the numerous big brother knock offs (Haves vs Have Nots AND The four horseman??) c’mon BB today is a lost cause.

  7. Yep,

    and all the super fans are either gone or zero chance of winning the game.

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