The Name Game Of Survivor – Part 4

NameGame.jpgFeature Monday is here again and today we bring you another segment of Ozlet Ivan Ornelas's name game. Today five different names are placed under the microscope for a close-up look at the similarities and differences of castaways bearing the same name. Which names have strong legacies attached to them and which ones seem to spell failure? Click below to see who makes the cut in round 4!

You can read the previous name game segments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Here we go again with another edition of the Name Game! I’ve got five more groups of players who have the same (or very similar) name but who more than likely played different games. How do they compare?

Brook Geraghty (Vanuatu) vs. Brooke Struck (Guatemala)


I know neither of these players are very interesting (although Brook is a fan of Survivor and Brooke did have a good Survivor Oz interview, which is worth mentioning) so this will be quick. Both were in an alliance early on but Brook couldn’t seal a majority (they tried working Sarge but Sarge knew he’d be on the bottom w/ Brook, John P, John K, and Brady) and Brook’s alliance (which excluded Blake, Judd, and Jim) were split up post swap, and Judd flipped on her.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, this name does not bring a good track record in Survivor. Brooke from Guatemala is the better of the two because she at least survived a vote, unlike Brook.

Jeff Varner (Australian Outback) vs. Jeff Wilson (Palau) vs Jeff Kent (Philippines)


Jeff from Australian Outback is probably more well known for being a significant part of Tina Wesson’s path to victory than for his personality. His vote he received from Debbie proved important in breaking the tie between Colby and Jeff at the initial merge vote, which would forfeited any power his remaining tribemates Alicia, Nick, Rodger, and Elisabeth had. He was a good player though, he might’ve done very well if Kucha dominated.

When I think of Palau’s Jeff, yeah he’s that guy who loved him some Kim Mullen (James Miller’s bat-like ears were very aware of their interactions), but he was a reason why Ulong did so poorly. Jeff was one of their strongest members but a coconut-related injury was a huge blow, especially when the next immunity challenge was endurance based. Jeff technically quit since he asked the tribe to vote him out, and his wish was granted.

Kent, the former baseball player, was good in challenges and had the makings of a good strategic player but he was too focused on voting out returning player. It’s ok to have some sort of reasoning for who you want gone as long as it makes sense, but in Jeff’s case he needed those returning players to be successful. He did hold off on his plans to build a solid alliance with Penner, Denise, and Carter, then the merge happens and he plays right into Tandang’s hands. If Penner didn’t win immunity at final 10, Jeff would’ve voted for him and maybe Penner would’ve left but because Penner did win, Jeff snapped out of it and realized he needed Penner, but because Penner threw away a vote on Abi, Jeff was voted out. Live by Penner paranoia, die by Penner paranoia. He also seemed to have a case of Obama paranoia in his final words, which frankly may be more justified.

If your name is Jeff, you have a 66% chance of getting 10th place and a 33% chance of tripping on a coconut. I’d say Jeff Varner is the best Jeff. It’s close between him and baseball Jeff but Kent made a few more bad moves than Varner.

Ashlee Ashby (Palau) vs. Ashley Massaro (China) vs. Ashley Trainer (Samoa) vs. Ashley Underwood (Redemption Island)


Ashlee was the 2nd casualty of Survivor’s titanic, Ulong. She seemed like she had some possible allies after voting Jolanda out but she got sick and her torch was soon snuffed. Ashley Massaro was also the 2nd boot from her tribe and was also sick. Not sick enough to be outlasted by Chicken (dayum!) or to fight with Dave, but she left on Day 6, which is not what you would expect from a former pro wrestler. Samoa’s Ashley did a little better, but was mainly one of Russell’s pawns and seen as a weak link, which is why she was voted out albeit at her 4th tribal council visit, outlasting some stronger players like Marisa and Ben. Underwood went the farthest, mainly because Boston Rob used her as a number. She did do something to possibly spoil his otherwise likely unclimactic victory by going on an immunity run, but narrowly lost the final immunity challenge and was then voted out. Ashley, Rick, and Ciera are the only contestants in Redemption Island seasons to be voted out but never sent to Redemption Island.

If your name is Ashley or Ashley spelled in a different way, you will have a hard time in Survivor. 50% chance of getting sick, 75% chance of being voted out pre-merge, and even if you do get far you’ll be stuck playing with an all star playing his 4th game of Survivor. No contest for the best Ashley: Ashley Underwood may have played in and contributed to one of the worst seasons of Survivor, but she was much closer to winning than these other ladies.

Angie Jakusz (Palau) vs. Angie Layton (Philippines)


Another duo of premerge players but there is more to them than that. Angie Jakusz was the last person picked on the Ulong tribe, and she started on the bottom but after Jolanda was voted out, she had new life in the game. She did well in a few challenges despite Ulong’s unappealing challenge record. She was close with Stephenie and unfortunately was voted out when Ibrehem received immunity from the Koror tribe.

Angie was in the major Matsing alliance with Malcolm and Denise. She did have an early target on her back because she cuddled with Malcolm (like Katelyn said 100 times in the player rankings, showmances are usually not a good idea), but she survived the first two votes a struggling Matsing had to endure. She and Russell Swan had a bad showing in the 3rd immunity challenge but Malcolm and Denise saw Russell as the stronger player and she was voted out. If Matsing caught a break, Angie could’ve done much better but it didn’t happen.

If your name is Angie, you will be a premerge boot and your tribe will not do well. I think Angie Jakusz is the better of the two. She had some good gameplay and went somewhat far despite being in a bad position initially. She was also a more interesting character.

Stephanie Dill (Thailand) vs. Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau) vs. Stephannie Favor (Cook Islands) vs. Stephanie Valencia (Redemption Island)


Stephanie Dill, like Jed and Robb, isolated herself early on with not helping build the shelter and sleeping on the beach. From there she was in the minority and was voted out on Day 15. Stephannie Favor began Cook Islands on Manihiki and was the swing vote between Sekou/Nate and Rebecca/Sundra. However after the swap, Stephannie was seen as a weak link and a few things she said made her seem like she wanted to quit, and like Dill, Favor was the 5th person voted out.

Stephenie LaGrossa was the survivor of the Ulong tribe. She outlasted her entire tribe which lost 7 immunity challenges, and even after she was absorbed into Koror, she scrapped for as long as she could and she finished in 7th. Because of her ability to get that far despite adversity, she became the icon for an underdog in Survivor and she was well liked. But then Guatemala happened and she was a much more strategic player. It wasn’t so bad. She was mainly just voting with her alliance, and yeah she went against Jamie but with his paranoia he had it coming, but the way she went about voting out Judd, Cindy, and Lydia made her seem cutthroat, and Danni nearly swept all the jury votes from her. In Heroes vs. Villains, Stephenie continued to be strong in challenges but James was worried she was a bad omen because of her Palau legacy, and Candice and Cirie decided to side with Amanda’s alliance instead of tom’s and she didn’t last long. She is probably one of the strongest and most memorable female and even overall players Survivor has had. Like Bobby Jon said, “she could do anything a man can do”.

Our most recent player named Stephanie played on Redemption Island, and unlike everyone else, she wanted to work with Russell Hantz. It would’ve been a good idea but now everyone knew what Russell was capable of and it was just her, Russell, and Krista against the rest of Zapatera. Once Russell was voted out Stephanie’s game was shot but she did not try much to salvage it until after Krista left, and when you’re on the outs and you hate the people in control like she hated Steve and Sarita, you have to keep that to yourself to have a shot and she couldn’t do that. If there was auditions for Survivor mean girls, Stephanie Valencia is a frontrunner for the role of either Gretchen Weiners or Regina George.

If your name is Stephanie or some variant, 66% chance of being voted out pre merge, but even if you do make the merge you’ll hit a dead end in the form of a numbers disadvantage or a jury that hates you. Stephenie LaGrossa is the best from this group, she’s got a lot more of what it takes to do well in this game than Dill, Favor, or Valencia, even if she’s lost about 4 of every 5 challenges she’s ever participated in.

Do you agree or disagree with Ivan? What other names would you like to see being compared? Comment below to let us know!


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6 Comments on The Name Game Of Survivor – Part 4

  1. Have you done an analysis of the name Daniel, I don’t remember seeing it in any of the past articles. There have been too many not to have done an analysis already.

  2. How about Jessica? I can think of three

  3. NATALIE!!!

  4. Michelle is a fun one too! Several of those over the years. Usually petite and adorable in her dorkiness (Pearl Islands, Figi)

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