Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 1 Recap Featuring Jeremy & Val Collins


The new season of Survivor: World's Apart is here! After an eye-opening ninety minute premiere episode it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to some of the real experts in our good friends Jeremy & Val Collins from San Juan Del Sur!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


The thirtieth season of Survivor begins with Jeff Probst explaining that the show will once again be breaking the mould. Eighteen Americans have been split into three tribes based on their occupation and their way of life. These tribes are the White Collar, Blue Collar, and No Collar tribes. So Kim, a member of the White Collar Tribe, says that she has made every single person who has worked for her cry. Max Dawson, also on the White Collar Tribe, says that he has accomplished everything he has put his mind to. Carolyn Rivera has worked for some hardcore companies where everyone wants her job. “Game on”. Mike Holloway, a member of the Blue Collar Tribe, is used to getting his hands dirty in the oil industry and plans to get them dirty on Survivor as well. Also on the Blue Collar tribe, Lindsey Cascaddan is a single mom and hairstylist who claims that no one on Earth is a strong as she is. Dan Foley, another Blue Collar, works for the post office as a technician, but is living out his life’s dream by being on Survivor. He plans to be remembered. On the No Collar Tribe, Jenn Brown is an adventurer who does what she wants when she wants, but is aware that a million dollars could make her happy by way of jet ski. Hali Ford of the No Collar Tribe, a law student, seeks to show that she is not “dog eat dog” but that she instead strives to uphold the “greater good”. Vince Sly, another No Collar, is a coconut vendor and a life coach who has no rules and claims his personality is like surfing a wave. Joaquin Souberbielle, of the White Collar tribe, seeks control and power. Joe Anglim, of the No Collar tribe, wants people to think he’s just there for the beautiful beaches while he defeats them at the game. Rodney Lavoie Jr., of the Blue Collar tribe, knows people will see him as a “meat head”, but, in reality, he’s a filet mignon among a group of “steak-umms”. 39 days. 18 people. 1 Survivor.


Jeff, per usual, introduces the season from a ridiculous location. (Image Credit: CBS)

The three tribes arrive at a beach on three trucks where Jeff Probst is waiting to start the game. Shirin Oskcooi, a White Collar, confesses that she has been dreaming of playing this game since she was a teenager. She’s ready. It’s fate. The three tribes get off their trucks and stand on their corresponding mats. Jeff welcomes them to the game and they all cheer loudly. He then explains that they have been divided based on occupation and way of life. The White Collars make the rules, Blue Collars follow the rules, and No Collars break the rules. Tyler Fredrickson, a White Collar, thinks that he is a good fit for the White Collar tribe and does not anticipate any problems shifting from real life to the game. Dan says that he is happy to be among his bothers and sisters on the Blue Collar tribe, representing hard work and the heart of America. Lindsey claims that the winner will be form the Blue Collar tribe. Vince says that he embraces his tribe as well. He knew instantly that he was with his family because of the free smiles on his tribe. Jeff asks Rodney if he is where he belongs. Rodney says that he moves furniture and is on the right tribe. In a confessional, Rodney explains that he is actually a salesman. Carolyn defends the White Collar tribe, saying that they have as much of a free spirit as anyone else. Joaquin says that he is a lot more than the job that he works. Jeff agrees that this is a good point. Judging the book by its cover could be a costly mistake.


Jeff welcomes the three tribes to the game. (Image Credit: CBS)

Jeff then tells the three tribes that they must pick someone to represent them in a weighty decision. Max confesses that he has learned that one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the game is to put yourself in a leadership decision. Joaquin steps forward for the White Collar tribe. On the Blue Collar tribe, Mike shirks the leadership role, saying that it should go to someone who is wise. Dan is selected. Jeff asks Dan if he is comfortable with this. Dan says that it is a double-edged sword. The No Collar tribe takes some time to decide who will be their leader, which Max calls out. They eventually land on Will Sims II as their leader after he whimsically promises everyone on the tribe sandwiches. Jeff is incredulous, but Will doesn’t back down on his joke. Will confesses that people take life too seriously and that everyone needs to let their guard down and have fun. Jeff then explains that the representative will have to pick a second person to help them with the division that they are going to have to make. Mike quickly volunteers to join Dan on the Blue Collar tribe, So volunteers to join Joaquin on the White Collar tribe, and Jenn is selected on the No Collar Tribe. Jeff then tosses the leaders a map to their camps, telling them that they will be separated to make their decision after the whole tribe arrives at the camp. They depart.


Dan and Mike are the Blue Collar representatives. (Image Credit: CBS)


Hali is excited to be on the No Collar tribe with such fun people. The game plan is to be laid back and let it flow. As the tribe arrives at their beach, Nina Poersch explains to her tribe that she is totally deaf but that she hears using cochlear implants. The tribe reassures her that she will fit in just fine. Before Will and Jenn depart to make their decision, they talk as a team about what their priorities are regarding things like fire, food, and tarp. They depart and find two boxes with who choices: One labeled “deceive” and one labelled “honest”. The “deceive” choice would give them a small bag of beans that would last only a few days and a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. The “honest” choice would give them a larger bag of beans with no clue. They quickly decide that they have to take the big bag of beans. This isn’t the individual game yet.


Jenn and Will must decide whether to be honest or deceitful. (Image Credit: CBS)


Over on the Blue Collar beach, Dan and Mike have to make the same decision. Mike asks Dan if he wants to be a Hero in this game, or a Villain. They are tempted, but agree that it is too early to be Villains. Dan confesses that you have to focus on building camaraderie. They return to their tribe and explain the choice that they had to make. Sierra Dawn Thomas thinks that they bag that they have is too small for them to have chosen honesty. She believes that they have a clue to the idol. Dan and Mike are aware that some people might feel this way, but they don’t let it get in the way of Dan’s juggling.


Dan explains juggling to Mike. (Image Credit: CBS)


When the White Collar tribe arrives at the beach, they start by doing full introductions of themselves to one another. So and Joaquin separate to go make their decision. Joaquin immediately says that they have to pick the deceit choice. It is a silly decision to chose honesty. They will have to figure out what they are going to tell the rest of the tribe. They are now in an alliance. The clue indicates that the Hidden Immunity idol is “nestled in a nook” near the water source. So fears that she is making a deal with the devil. They hide the clue and return to their tribe. So explains that they had three choices, “deceive”, “honest”, and “neutral”. She claims that “honest” and “deceive” would have a negative caveat so they selected “neutral”. Carolyn confesses that she knows that they are lying and must have a clue to the idol, but she is not mad, that is the same decision that any of them would have made. Max and Shirin discuss that they are also well aware that So and Joaquin are terrible liars and that they must have a clue. Shirin makes a plan to try to make immediate connections with people on the tribe. She connects with Carolyn and they make an alliance. She also makes connections with Max, and they all agree that So and Joaquin are too close and, thus, too dangerous. They are a tight three.


Max solidifies an alliance with Shirin and Carolyn. (Image Credit: CBS)


Back at the Blue Collar camp, everyone is working to find food, build camp, and start fire. Sierra and Lindsey find some crabs for them to eat, and Rodney and Mike are able to get a fire started much to Dan’s delight. Rodney approaches Lindsey and they discuss their tattoos. Rodney confesses that someone with tattoo’s is trying to express themselves in some way, so it’s an easy conversation starter. He shows her a tattoo on his left biceps that explains that he lost his older sister. He tells Lindsey that he found her murdered in cold blood two years ago. He confesses that the combination of the story and the tattoo is an easy and authentic way for him to connect with people in a big way. His strategy is to be the leader to the women on his tribe. Mike sees a scorpion as they are working on shelter. He cuts the tail off the scorpion and quickly eats it. It tastes horrible and he immediately regrets the decision. He begins to feel sick very quickly and pukes. He confesses that he will take any opportunity he can.


Mike regrets eating a scorpion on Day 1 of Survivor. (Image Credit: CBS)


At the No Collar camp, the tribe shares their first Survivor coconut. Jenn is delighted with the community that is forming within their tribe and claims that things are flowing smoother than “hot butter”. Vince confesses that there is something that feels very real about Jenn that makes him feel comfortable. They discuss that they had an instant connection and they plan to work together. Vince confesses that when he wants something he gets it and he wants to play this game with Jenn. Jenn confesses that he might be playing a little harder and faster than she anticipated when she saw his feathers, but it’s worth it to have allies. Her plan is to smile and nod. Joe explains that Vince wanted to build the shelter in a certain way and that he knew that he needed to be able to take a back seat. This didn’t last long, however, as Joe felt that he had expertise based on his construction background. Joe explains in his confessional that he can’t handle being told what to do when he knows that he is being told something incorrect. “At some point, politeness goes away”. Vince confesses that Joe has thrown up a big red flag wit the way he steamrolls over others. They might have a problem.


Easy-going Joe isn’t so easy-going when it comes to Vince. (Image Credit: CBS)



The next day at the Blue Collar tribe, the tribe attempts to figure out what they are doing with their shelter. They agree that they need someone to make the decisions but no one is stepping forward. Dan seems to be in a particularly grumpy mood, exasperatedly shooting down people’s suggestions as being stupid. Lindsey confesses that Dan is getting under her skin because he is dramatic about everything. He is the one person who doesn’t belong. Kelly explains in her confessional that Dan needs people to understand that he is knowledgeable on a range of topics and gets frustrated easily, but doesn’t have the social skills to communicate effectively with the twenty-something’s on the tribe and work the issues out. Dan confesses that he is changing tacts and trying to hang back and be quiet. He is in a bad position past. He goes off to collect firewood on his own, and Rodney tells the women that Dan is too bossy and that they need to get “Harry Potter’s grandpa out of here”. Mike and Dan discuss the heat that Dan is taking. Mike tells Dan to remember that he is on his side. Dan confesses that Mike is the glue holding the tribe together. There are a million people who would love to be where they are now, so it’s still the best day ever.


Rodney calls Dan “Harry Potter’s grandpa”. (Image Credit: CBS)


At the No Collar camp, Joe claims that he can make fire without flint. He saw a YouTube video about it and practiced a lot before going out on Survivor. Jenn confesses that Joe is great. He’s a “good looking dude”. Joe confesses that the game means the world to him. He’s been a fan his “whole life”. He succeeds in starting the fire for the camp, putting the whole tribe in high spirits. The whole tribe except for Vince, who is clearly getting very threatened by Joe. He sees that Jenn is getting to be very friendly with Joe and is worried that she might be trying to ride his “wave”. He pulls her aside for a “human to human” question and asks her if she is attracted to Joe in even the slightest. She says no, she’s not playing the flirt game. Jenn confesses that Vince must have gotten his “puppy dog” feelings hurt, but she thinks she knows how to handle him. She asks him if he still wants to work with her, because she wants to work with him. He says that he wants that very much, but he doesn’t see evidence that she wants that. Vince confesses that Jenn isn’t being real. She’s being fake. They hug for a long time. Jenn confesses that she was not a fan of the hug. They smell bad.


Vince instigates a “human to human” moment with Jenn. (Image Credit: CBS)


The White Collar tribe is unhappy with the shelter that they have built. Tyler confesses that it was the worst night of sleep he has ever had. Their game plan is to fix the shelter and work on fire. No one seems how to make the fire, however, and they are unsuccessful. Joaquin goes off to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Carolyn confesses that every since So and Joaquin were given the decision, she has been watching their every move. She says that So made it extremely obvious where the idol might be because she was digging through the holes in a tree near the well. Carolyn knows the types of things to look for, and she stumbles across the Hidden Immunity Idol herself in a “funny looking tree”. The fact that everyone is still looking for the idol and they all think So and Joaquin have the clue is icing on the cake.


Carolyn finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image Credit: CBS)



The three tribes arrive at their first Immunity Challenge and are pumped up. For the challenge, the tribes must race down a ramp, through a pile of hay, and over a foot obstacle. They then will encounter a wooden crate with a ladder in it. To release the ladder, they must either untie a series of knots or unlock a series of locks. They get to choose which they do. Once the ladder is free they will use it to go up, across, and down a large platform. They will then navigate their ladder through a series of table obstacles. They then must use the ladder to select one of three bags of puzzle pieces. They can choose an easy 50-piece puzzle, a harder 10-piece visual puzzle, or the hardest 5-piece puzzle. Jeff explains that each puzzle has the same average time for completion, but that if they choose the right person to complete the puzzle it can be completed much faster than average. First tribe to finish their puzzle wins Immunity and a fire-making kit. The second tribe to finish wins Immunity and a flint.


“Wanna know what you’re playing for?” (Image Credit: CBS)

The challenge begins with all contestants racing down the ramp, through the hay, and over the foot obstacle. All three tribes begin working on the wooden crate with the keys, but all three also end up tagging out and switching to knots after failing to unlock any locks. So takes over the knots for the White Collar tribe, Mike takes over the knots for the Blue Collar tribe, and Joe takes over the knots for the No Collar tribe. So whips through the knots giving the White Collar a lead. Joe keeps on So’s tail, however. Mike falls behind, putting the Blue Collar in last place. The White and No Collar tribes get their ladder and make it over the tall platform and begin working on the table obstacles. Mike finally finishes their knots and start working on getting across the tall platform. White Collar makes it to the puzzle pieces and they choose the easy 50-piece puzzle. No Collar selects the 10-piece medium puzzle. Jenn begins working on the visual ten-piece puzzle, but she struggles. Max comments that they will never be able to complete that puzzle ever. Jenn swaps out with Joe, who makes quick work of the puzzle. As they finish their puzzle and win Immunity and the fire-making kit, Blue Collar catches up and selects the same 10-piece puzzle. Sierra works on the puzzle for Blue Collar, but quickly swaps out for Mike. Shirin, who has make no progress on the 50-piece puzzle for White Collar, swaps out with Max. Max doesn’t have enough time to make up for the time Shirin wasted. Mike is able to quickly assemble his puzzle and Blue Collar wins Immunity and flint. White Collar will go to Tribal Council. Dan declares, “Holy comeback, Batman!” Mike insists that “it is never over until it is over!” So confesses that Shirin and Carolyn are the weakest links on their tribe.


The No Collar tribe wins the first Immunity Challenge. (Image Credit: CBS)


Back at the White Collar camp, they each claim to be reluctant to start scrambling, but the conversations start quickly. Max talks with So, who points again that Carolyn and Shirin are the weak links. So then approaches Joaquin and they agree that Carolyn should be voted out. Carolyn will never pick a role in the challenges that will test her. They don’t need that. Carolyn confesses that she is aware that she might be a target because she is the oldest one in the tribe. She approaches So and Joaquin and asks who they are voting for, acknowledging that she must be one of the targets. They assure Carolyn that she is not on the chopping block. Carolyn confesses that she doesn’t feel comfortable, however. She knows So and Joaquin have been deceiving the tribe. Carolyn then talks to Tyler, who tells her that Carolyn’s name has come up, but that he wants to keep her around. He asks her what she knows about idols, and she confesses to him that she found it. He tells her there may be no reason for her to play it at Tribal Council. Carolyn then approaches Shirin and Carolyn and they make an agreement to vote for So. Max confesses that he just needs to make sure that he has the numbers. Carolyn’s age may put her on the outside, but So put herself in a difficult position when she lied to the tribe. The three of them agree that the night depends on Tyler. He is the fourth for their three. Max approaches Tyler and they agree that they need loyal, hardworking numbers. Tyler confesses that the vote could go either way. Carolyn, as the oldest member and the member with an Immunity Idol, would be the logical vote tonight. Somebody is going to be shocked.


Max and Tyler discuss the impending vote. (Image Credit: CBS)


Tribal Council begins with Jeff telling the member of the White Collar tribe to grab a touch and dip it in the fire. Fire represents life and when your fire is gone, so are you. Jeff asks Joaquin about being picked as the representative with So. Joaquin explains three boxes that they had to choose from. Jeff asks Shirin what she thinks of all this. She explains that their story is full of holes and they obviously received a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Max explains that he is not angry or disappointed at them for making the decision they made. He would have simply been a better liar. So says that she is disappointed that it came out this way. The “four of us” are strong”. Carolyn says that this is interesting, and asks who the four are. Joaquin quickly chimes in that it is So, himself, Tyler, and Max. Carolyn counters this, saying that Max has been with her and Shirin since Day 1. So then drops all pretence and tells Carolyn that they have had to lie to Carolyn and that she has always been the target. So also mentions that Carolyn and Shirin are clearly the weakest link. Carolyn counters by saying that So is not among those weakest because she merely opened a few knots that any of them could have done. So is no better. Upon So’s prompting, Tyler says that they did as well as they did in the challenge because of So’s focus. He says that if they make the wrong call tonight, they’ll be weaker at the next challenge and be right back at Tribal Council. Max remarks that he is thankful that the Survivor gods have provided him with drama and rain at his first Tribal Council. They vote. Carolyn votes for So, saying that she hasn’t trusted her since the beginning. So votes for Carolyn, saying that they need to keep the tribe strong. Jeff retrieves the votes. No Hidden Immunity Idols are played. The votes are revealed: Carolyn, So, Carolyn, So, So, So. So is the first person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart – White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar. Jeff tells the tribe that they are clearly all players, but asks if they are good players. Time will tell. He gives them flint, and they depart.


So Kim is the first person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. (Image Credit: CBS)


The White Collar tribe channels their inner No Collar as Max and Shirin engage in exhibitionism. On the No Collar tribe, Nina is upset that the rest of her tribe does not seem to be supportive of her.


Shirin exposes herself to the rest of the tribe. (Image Credit: CBS)









Very interesting premiere!

Not sure if it was ‘the best ever’ as Probst said it was, but it was still very entertaining! Loved the dynamic of seeing so much screentime devoted to character building, something a bit different then lots of challenges and idol hunting. Everyone got at least one confessional which was great so it was a good spread across the board. I think it’ll build up into an interesting season as there wasn’t a super stand out character or person that looks like a winner straight away which makes for interesting viewing!

Just want to add and join the Carolyn bandwagon, that woman was awesome! I hope she goes far! And Vince? What the…

Looking forward to the next episode already! Bring it on!



Firstly, Jeff Probst claimed this was the best premiere episode of all time. I completely disagree with this but it was still good nonetheless. The episode spread the air time out and a good two thirds of the cast got their turn in the spotlight and everyone got at least one confessional. Hopefully this trend of sharing the airtime continues in the subsequent episodes.

Carolyn is quickly becoming my favourite of the season. She is a great mixture of character and player. I am still juggling with myself as to whether telling Tyler about the idol is what saved her or if it will be her downfall later on in the season. She is also my pony which is making me root for her even more. I think now she has overcome this first tribal council hurdle she will be safe for the time being in her alliance with Max, Tyler and Shirin.

It blows my mind that anyone in their right minds would choose deceive. This cast is full of Survivor fans and even those who aren’t fans have surely seen Cagayan and will know that there is more to the decision than meets the eye. Even if you do successfully lie to your tribe the truth will almost guarantee to come out later down the line. In Survivor you should do whatever has the greater pros or odds over the cons and picking deceive is certainly not this. Not only do you lose trust with your ally’s but you also weaken your tribe by depriving them of extra food. Is it really a coincidence that the Brawn tribe continued to win in Cagayan?

So let’s not beat around the bush, I need to stop predicting people for the win. In Cagayan I picked Garret and in San Juan Del Sur I picked Val. So joins my bad luck trio, it is only right that my selection becomes the first boot. How heartbreaking for her that she was cut from San Juan Del Sur and came back to be voted out first. I liked So but she doesn’t make the top of the first boot club. Her lie was just so off and it is no coincidence that Carolyn managed to find the idol. I am hoping Joaquin is up on the chopping board next!

Predictions to go next week: White Collar – Joaquin, Blue Collar – Dan; No Collar – Nina

That’s it for this week but stay tuned for my power rankings for further discussion on the players of Worlds Apart.



It’s far too early to know whether or not the format will work for or against this season, but based on episode 1, I’m very much on board with the social class division. Purists will probably prefer Survivor to always be about people from different classes mixing together, but as a one-off season, I think putting White Collars, Blue Collars and No Collars together will bring an entertaining new dynamic to the game. The drama that unfolded with the White Collars is a perfect example of how things will play differently. As a fan of The Apprentice (not so much Celebrity version), I noticed huge similarities to how tribal council played out with the White Collars compared to the corporate board room dynamics in The Apprentice. Right from the start it was clear that they would be the tribe with no problem lying as deceiving, but the interest part that I never considered is that none of them are blaming each other for their deception. I loved how many times it came up that they weren’t upset with Joaquin and So for deceiving, as everyone was on board that they would have made the same decision, it was just how bad they were at lying that made the difference. I believe the White Collars will play this game ruthless and without taking things too personally. What will really set the pre-merge of this season apart from others will be the similarities in how the tribes play their games, while giving us enough variety from how the Blue Collars differ from White Collars and No Collars.

Early stand out characters for me are Carolyn, who is playing a very tight strategic game so far, and is entertaining to watch. Dan is a complete wild card on the Blue Collar side. I see him causing a lot of conflict, and possibly playing a disaster of a game like Kass, but with his personality it will be a blast to watch him. Rodney could be an early favourite from that tribe as well. He’s playing a strong social game like I haven’t seen before. On the White Collar side I’m optimistic about Will even though he wasn’t featured very heavily on the episode. Vince on the other hand was all over this episode, all over the place with his game, and could be the next great disastrous “character” in the franchise.

Overall this was one of the strongest premieres the show has had in years. I have no idea whether or not the season will work out in the long run, but the pre-merge game is sure to be hilarious and engaging to watch with this new twist.



This was a mediocre premiere, but I’m really excited for the season as a whole. The 90 minute show gave us a good amount of time to get to know all three of the tribes pretty well…and get to know Vince a little too well. I feel uncomfortable even typing his name. Anyway…the challenge was really fun. I love the idea of having choices to make within an immunity challenge and hope that they continue this trend.

I felt everything post-immunity challenge brought the episode down from great to just decent. The second that the white collars lost, it seemed obvious that So would be voted out; So and Joaquin were on the outs and the alliance of four wouldn’t vote out a strong male first. It made for a lot of boring and predictable content. At least we got a great “the game is afoot” reference and the response from Max at tribal council—it’s obvious how many fans are on this season. I’m sad to see So go; three days in two seasons is pretty unfortunate. Looking forward to what is hopefully a great season!



Before it had even started, I was very doubtful and sceptical that the new twist on this season of Survivor would work. White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar…..does your occupation really have anything to do with how good of a ‘Survivor game’ you play? All the past winners have come from all three social classes. Are we really going to ever see a Survivor season with the theme: ‘Blondes vs Brunettes vs Redheads vs Black Haired?’ i wouldn’t be surprised!

But in saying that, I was quite surprised at how great the first episode was. A big congratulations to the Survivor production crew for trying to make each season fresh and exciting. It seemed as though the White Collar tribe had everything going for them. They had the brains, they had the confidence and the arrogance about them. Joaquin and So, who aligned right from the get-go, were chosen to make a decision for their tribe. They had to make a choice back at camp to go with either being ‘Honest’, where they would get full bag of beans. Or with being, ‘Deceitful’ where they would get a small bag of beans and get rewarded with a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. They made a bad decision and choose the latter, which was not a great way to start the game.

Karma came and bit Joaquin and So in the backside. You would think they would both wait until it got a little quieter around camp, to go and search for the idol. But they decided to look for it in the broad daylight when everyone is trying to figure out who was trustworthy and who isn’t. Carolyn caught onto this and went searching for the Idol too. And in true ‘Russell Hantz-style’, she found the Hidden Immunity Idol without a clue. It is me, or it the Hidden Immunity Idol, getting easier to find with each passing season?

The most hilarious part of the episode is the awkward love triangle between Jenn, Joe and Vince. It was quite funny to see the jealousy etched on Vince’s face as Joe flirted with Jenn, as he made fire. It was like the ex-boyfriend trying to size up the new boyfriend. I don’t know if I can take Vince seriously. He looks like a cross between Captain Jack Sparrow and a Hippy. But those death stares – WOW!

It was sad to see So voted out first. She reminded me of more aggressive Shii Ann Huang from Survivor: Thailand. Wouldn’t it be great if those two played with each other. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Joaquin in the next couple of episode. He is the strongest guy on the Masaya tribe but will he ever be trusted again? PS: can we please stop with the hashtags in every episode. #nomorehastagswillbeverymuchappreciatedthanks



There is a saying that the secret to happiness in life is low expectations. That way, no matter how things turn out, you wont be disappointed. Unfortunately, I have found myself unable to resist the hype around Worlds Apart, and as a consequence, found last nights opening episode somewhat disappointing. It seemed inevitable that White Collar would lose, and unlike a shocking David Sampson-like exit, So didn’t seem at all a surprising choice to go home.

Don’t get me wrong – there were some great moments along the way, and I think most contestants got at least a little airtime (except Sierra – the dog that didn’t bark v2.0??). There is huge potential but last night certainly didn’t live up to Jeff’s billing as the best premiere of all time.

As I say, there was still plenty to like. Vince was a particular highlight, and comparisons to Coach are completely unfounded. Vince is shaping up to share more similarities with social media superstar, Overly Attached Girlfriend. I cant say I blame him – Jenn was one of my pre-season favourites and she seems like a person that would be very easy to warm to. I also liked Joe, even if he looks about 14 years old. Comparisons to Malcolm are well founded.

On the blue collar tribe, Dan is shaping up as a short term player, reminding me of Rory. For a lifelong fan, he must know that yelling at people early in the game is never good. However, he could be on a tribe that slides through the early challenges in second place and find himself as key swing vote in a post-merge game. Mike’s scorpion eating aside, the rest of that tribe didn’t give us much, but we will see what happens. They have potential.

And the white collars. For the tribe that got most of the airtime, I don’t feel like I got much out of them. Carolyn was unexpectedly good, but Shirin was invisible outside of the challenge. Tyler is getting a lot of credit on social media, but he seems pretty bland to me.

I do hope things pick up, and I expect them to. The white collars seems more together than other tribes who have lost early in 3 tribe seasons, so there is plenty of hope they will bounce back.

Its good to have the season officially underway, cant wait to see what happens next.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of a pair of former Survivor contestants to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 1st recap features Jeremy & Val Collins! Together they discuss everything that happened during this episode as well as looking ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Joe (Val) Kelly (Jeremy)
DARK HORSE: Kelly (Val) Tyler (Jeremy)  
NEXT TO GO: Joaquin (Val) Joaquin (Jeremy)
WHAT TRIBE WOULD YOU BE ON: Blue Collar (Val) Blue Collar (Jeremy) 
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Kelly (Val) Mike/Tyler (Jeremy)  

Join us next week as we are joined by Tina Wesson from Australian Outback, All-Stars & Blood vs Water to help us recap the second episode of Worlds Apart!



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