Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 3 Featuring Kathy Sleckman


The new season of Survivor: World’s Apart is in full swing! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Kathy Sleckman, from Micronesia!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Carolyn found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Max and Shirin found convenient reasons to be naked around the White Collar camp, causing Tyler extreme discomfort. At the Blue Collar camp, Mike started to cause tension with his insistence on the tribe needing to do more work. At the Immunity Challenge, Will fell apart for the No Collar Tribe, and they were sent to Tribal Council. Nina was struggling to fit in with the No Collar Tribe. Vince wanted to recruit her and Will to vote out Jenn. Will promised to go with the younger alliance of Jenn, Joe, and Hali to vote out Nina, but at Tribal Council he switched his vote to Vince. Vince was voted out, and Nina was left all alone. Sixteen are left.



When the No Collar tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, the younger alliance attempts to make sense of what just happened. Joe confesses that Will can no longer be trusted after switching his vote. He tells Will, however, that it is fine. He says that it all worked out. Hali asks Will if he couldn’t trust them. Will says that he didn’t know if there was anyone he could trust. Will confesses that he didn’t trust Vince and that he was thinking ahead. Nina approaches the group and tells them that she knows that she is the next person out. She pleas that they don’t treat her like an outsider before they vote her out. Jenn and Hali tell her not to quit before it’s over, and enjoy herself. Jenn confesses that Nina always brings everything back to her hearing disability, even in times when hearing may not be the true issue. She is using it as an excuse.


The No Collar tribe discusses VInce’s departure. (Image credit: CBS)



At the White Collar camp, Shirin howls with some howler monkeys, who she then watches partake in intercourse. She eagerly runs back to the rest of her tribe mates and thoroughly recounts the experience to them. Carolyn confesses that she is bewildered by Shirin’s behavior. Joaquin does not seem amused by her and quickly disappears from the scene. Tyler confesses that Shirin is as loud and intrusive as a howler monkey in their camp. She has a “vibe, where she doesn’t really fit in”. She may be putting herself on the chopping block.


Joaquin vanishes shortly after Shirin arrives. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Blue Collar camp, the tribe casually discusses the comforts that they would like to have. Rodney is surprised to hear the girls say that they would rather have a blanket than food. He says that he barely gets any sleep. The rest of the tribe immediately protests this, saying that he is the first to go to sleep and the last to wake up. Dan and Rodney begin joking back and forth with each other, but Dan takes it too far by joking that Rodney’s mother is a whore. Rodney immediately becomes very upset. Dan confesses that his mouth may be his best and worst characteristic, but he says that he can learn from his mistakes. Kelly confesses that she wouldn’t have expected Blue Collar to be as emotional as it is. She plans to sit back and let it flare out while she watches. She claims that Rodney can be a drama queen. Rodney confesses that Dan is digging himself a bigger and bigger hole.


Dan, unaware of the holes he’s digging, while Rodney fumes. (Image credit: CBS)


At the No Collar camp, Jenn and Hali decide to attempt using driftwood as surfboards. They end up being fairly successful at using the wood to body surf in on the waves. Hali confesses that surfing is her number three passion in life, so she and Jenn were on the same page. Jenn confesses that she doesn’t understand why people take the game so seriously. Back at the camp, Joe captures a lizard. He confesses that hopes to keep providing for the tribe and keeping team camaraderie building. He approaches Nina and tells her that she is not on the bottom and to just keep playing. He tells her that no one is used to this experience and he wants her to have fun with everyone. Nina confesses that she is technically a No Collar person, but that the rest of the tribe is much more free-spirited than she is. She may need to change or she might go home. The rest of the tribe eats the lizard that Joe cooked, but Nina refuses to partake.


Joe tries to comfort Nina. (Image credit: CBS)



The next day at the White Collar camp, the tribe seem to all be separately looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol near each other. Carolyn sits back to tend the fire. She confesses that it is fun to take it easy while the other search, since she already has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Shirin proposes that they execute a “truce” and all agree not to look for it until after the next challenge. Joaquin is unwilling to agree to these terms, saying that Shirin has been searching for the idol more than anyone and he doesn’t trust her. He says that she has been a paranoid, panicking, woman since Day 1 when she didn’t have to be. Joaquin confesses that she is like the mosquitos, always buzzing in his ears. Shirin confesses that Joaquin was operating under the influence of rage, which makes her happy because it means he won’t be good at this game. Joaquin pulls Tyler aside and shows him the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyler confesses that her already knows that Carolyn has the idol, but it was important for Joaquin to extend this sign of trust. He says that he is getting along well with Joaquin. Shirin, on the other hand, is getting on peoples’ nerves.


Tyler and Joaquin bonding. (Image credit: CBS)


Mike confesses that the person whom he calls his father is his pastor, and that he taught him at a very early age that hard work will bring good things. No one has to tell Mike to do something, because when he sees that something needs done, he will just do it. He says that the Blue Collar tribe is failing to meet the work ethic expectations that come with their tribe’s name. He claims that Rodney is the biggest problem. He tries to get Rodney to get up and help him get some work done. Rodney tells him that he will work on his own schedule, he doesn’t have to do things on Mike’s schedule. Lindsey confesses that Blue Collar workers feel that their way of getting things done is the best way, and so that is causing some of the division between the people on the tribe. Her work ethic, however, is the best. Mike tells the tribe that is he is voted out because he was the only one to step up and say something, so be it. Off on their own, Dan consoles Rodney, and laughs and agrees with Rodney while Rodney makes fun of Mike. Mike, Lindsey, and Sierra sit at the fire and have a conversation about the work around camp. Both sides are seemingly looking for more appreciation for the work that they do, while also not appearing to give enough appreciation to the other party. At this point, Rodney comes back and aggressively smashes a stack of wood onto their pile. Mike continues to subtly and not-so-subtly belittle some of Lindsey and Sierra’s contributions around camp, causing Lindsey to scream at him and ask if “His God” came down and started the fire. Mike confesses that her comment hurt him on a personal level. Lindsey confesses that if Mike wants to go home first, “wish come true, mother f-.”


Mike and Lindsey spat, while Rodney approaches with wood. (Image credit: CBS)



For the Immunity Challenge, the three tribes must carry a large bucket with holes through a series of obstacles. On the other side of the obstacles, there is a water tower, which they use to fill the bucket while plugging as many of the holes as possible. They then must return over the obstacles and pour the water into a barrel. After filling the barrel completely, a flag will raise. First two tribes to raise their flag win Immunity. The first place tribe also wins tarp, blankets, pillows, chairs, candles, and rope. The second place tribe wins a tarp. Losers go to Tribal Council and get nothing. The Blue Collar tribe sits out Lindsey.


The comfort reward. (Image credit: CBS)

The challenge begins with all three teams trying through the obstacles, No Collar trailing slightly. After arriving at the water tower, Joe tells Nina to begin heading back through the obstacles. Jeff points out this move, saying it may prove to be a smart move. Blue Collar is the first back with their bucket, but they don’t get much water. White Collar is next with a slightly better bucket of water. No Collar is last and dump half their bucket on the ground. At the water tower, Joe once again sends Nina back , and Jeff begins to berate them for the decision. He says that it makes no sense since they need as many people to help plug the holes as possible. White and Blue Collars stay fairly neck and neck through the challenge while No Collar falls behind. As they race back with their tribes final buckets, Nina finally begins to help the No Collar tribe. Blue Collar narrowly makes it back first and they win the challenge. White Collar comes in second and No Collar lose for the second time in a row. After the challenge, Jeff asks Joe what the reason was for keeping Nina from assisting in the challenge. He says that it was ultimately a bad call but it seemed like it might help in the moment. Will confesses that the challenge kicked his ass, but it’s time for Nina to go.


The three teams fill their buckets, while Nina navigates the obstacles alone. (Image credit: CBS)


Upon returning to camp, Joe apologizes to the tribe for the decision that he made and he apologizes extra for Nina for putting her in that situation and making her feel bad. He confesses that he knows that Nina doesn’t want to go home and that she may fight. Will confesses that they tried to make Nina a non-factor. He approaches Will and tells him not to worry about the decision at the challenge, saying that he backed him up. Joe says that he knows, he just doesn’t like to lose. Nina asks Will which way he thinks the vote will go, and he says that he doesn’t really know. Nina confesses that it’s definitely going to be one of the two of them. She needs to convince the younger alliance to vote for him over her. She approaches them and plants the seed for them to vote him out. They all agree that Will has been bad in the challenges and he is hard to trust after what he did at the last Tribal Council.


Joe apologizes to Nina after the challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins by asking them about the last Tribal Council, saying that Vince wasn’t the only one surprised to see him go. Jeff asks Will if he had some explaining to do. Will says that he did, but that he had to go with the people that he trusted. Jeff points out that trust issues could be a huge factor down the road in this game. Joe agrees, saying that you have to keep your alliances asserting as possible moving into the merge or swap. Jeff then brings up the challenge again, and Joe again takes responsibility for the mistakes that he made in having Nina not participate. Jeff points out that it shows a lack of faith in Nina, and Nina responds by saying that they don’t believe in her because of her hearing disability. Jeff points out that this challenge had nothing to do with hearing. She says that they view her as a “whole person who has a disadvantage”. Will says that he disagrees, saying that she uses her deafness as an excuse when they are all trying very hard. Joe says that she is misunderstanding them as much as they are misunderstanding her. Jeff then points out Will’s difficulty in the challenges. Will says that he will continue to work hard and do his best. Nina says that they would be crazy to keep Will because of his challenge performances. They haven’t given her a chance to show what she’s got. Jenn says that Nina has been emotionally weak on a number of occasions, which concerns her. She says its hard for all of them, they are all going through personal struggles.


The No Collar tribe at Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

Jeff asks Hali if Nina is on the wrong tribe. Hali says that she has wondered that, because Nina has a harder time going with the flow than the rest of them. Nina agrees that she used to be a White Collar position and that is still a part of who she is. Hali says that Nina may not be No Collar in her normal life, but she is on the No Collar tribe and she has to make adjustments if she wants to play this game. She has no agenda to change Nina as a person, but if you want to play the game, you have to be a player. Nina says that she is listening and taking what they are saying to heart. She thinks that she can do what they suggested, and she wants to be a part of the tribe. Jeff hopes that the Tribal Council has been cathartic. They vote. Nina votes for Will. Will votes for Nina. No other votes are seen and no voting confessionals are given. Jeff retrieves the votes. No Hidden Immunity Idols are played. The votes are read: Nina, Will, Will, Nina, Nina. Nina is the third person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Jeff says that Survivor is about enduring short term losses for long term gains. The hope is that all of these losses will be worth it.


Nina is the third person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. (Image credit: CBS)


Tensions continue to rise at the Blue Collar tribe as a fight breaks out between Lindsey and Rodney. At an Immunity Challenge in which contestants are blindfolded, someone is “bleeding”. The challenge is stopped and medical is brought in.


If you don’t want to fight with Rodney, don’t mention his mother. (Image credit: CBS)









I enjoyed the first two episodes, but right now I’m #kristaning. I looked at my clock more frequently than ever before, and time just seemed to be dragging. Non-existent idol hunting, surfing, arguing over…something, making a deaf woman feel bad–yawnfest. The only thing pre-challenge that I found remotely interesting is that the blue collars seem to be pulling a Tandang—they need to go to tribal council before they completely implode.

The challenge was simple, but I liked it. It took a variety of small decisions that can affect the outcome: how high do you fill the bucket each time, how quickly do you rush back, how much effort do you put into containing the water, how many deaf people do you want to exclude….wait, that last one was just Joe. Seriously though, what was he thinking? Nina seems quite physically capable and could have really helped the no collars in this challenge. Will definitely dragged them down more than Nina would have. The no collars head to tribal council again, there’s a bunch of yelling about Nina not being no collar enough (…….make it stop), and Nina is inevitably voted out. Wait…and I’m still confused why there was a vote split. Did Hali vote for Will just so Nina wasn’t voted out unanimously? Maybe that will be answered eventually.

This episode was simply awful and boring. There was so much bad social play and I am officially over each tribe emphasizing just how absolutely white/blue/no collar they are. I’m sure it’s being pushed by production, but I can’t take much more of it. I’m trying to be hopeful for a better forth episode. I think that I still really like the cast, and I’m willing to put the blame for this poor episode on the editors.



All in all a pretty standard episode. We did see some pretty good drama between the blue collars although I couldn’t help feeling that we’ve seen these same arguments about work ethic in about 20 other seasons.

Still, Mike has to be the worst player of the week. Golden rule of Survivor is not to make an issue about workload unless lots of others are also annoyed by the lack of work around camp. It’s one of the fastest ways to alienate yourself – and especially dangerous in a 6 person tribe.

Although I do still the blue collars safe next week so unless there is a tribe switch I’m not sure where Mike will stand. I really wasn’t disappointed to see Nina go. I thought she had a point last week with feeling excluded (even though it’s never smart to make an issue of this,) however the fact that she kept playing this card this week did herself no favours.

What else to say, the challenge was pretty meh, and really I can’t see Will going anywhere long term either. Tyler is pissing me off even though everyone seems to agree he is playing a ‘good game.’ I think he’s being precious about the nudity from last week and really a big arrogant. Carolyn is my older lady crush this season – let’s hope she doesn’t turn into a Missy, although I don’t see that happening.

Next week I’m hoping for a more action packed episode and with 2 hours I’m pretty confident it will deliver. For one of the seasons being touted as the ‘ best ever’ this episode was definitely a C minus.



This episode could be remembered for the ‘breakdown and deterioration’ of all three tribes.

First off, on the ‘White Collar’ tribe, Shirin was getting on everyone’s nerves with a very detailed explanation after she saw a pair of howler monkeys having sex. Everyone seems to think that Shirin is crazy and Tyler contemplates on voting her out next. Tyler reminds me of a good, old catholic boy or a priest, even! It was kind of funny to see him try to not look at Shirin while she was partly naked from the waist down in last week’s episode.

The ‘Blue Collar’ tribe are starting to lose it a little bit too. Mike is the workhorse around camp and he always seems to be frustrated with his tribemate’s work ethic. He accuses his tribe of being lazy. But they retaliate and say that he doesn’t appreciate all the work they’ve already done. It is a very bad gameplay by Mike, even going as far as to invite his tribe to vote him off if they don’t agree with his work ethic. If he continues to go, the way he is going, he is more likely to dig his own grave.

On the ‘No Collar’tribe, Nina once again feels hurt by her own tribe’s failure to make her feel included as she always brings up her deafness when asked why she thinks the group doesn’t want her around. From what we’ve seen, she hasn’t really put much effort into socialising or hanging out with the rest of the tribe. Maybe she feels a little out of place as she is the oldest one in the tribe and doesn’t have much in common with her much younger tribemates. That was self evident at the reward/immunity challenge. What was Joe thinking? That was one of the worst strategies ever! Once again, Nina was left out of the group and felt helpless. It was sad to see her go as she would have been a much more loyal ally than Will.

It was quite interesting to note at Tribal Council, that the 3-person alliance of Joe, Hali and Jenn might not be as tight as we thought.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our 3rd recap features Kathy Sleckman! She discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘World’s Apart 5!’


Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the third episode of Worlds Apart!



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2 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 3 Featuring Kathy Sleckman

  1. Katherine Adams // March 17, 2015 at 7:02 pm // Reply

    Can’t write enough about this ep on Twitter; holy cow. Might be the worst ep ever on the show. Only Kathy Sleckman could help out with her hilarity. Carolyn; liking her. Shirin — that whole bit was a riot. What is wrong with these contestants so far? They’re superfans of the show! Why are they playing like recruits? Carry on; you guys did well with little to talk about.

  2. I have to agree! I was totally bored and wondered what on earth I was watching! Poor Nina. She deserved to be on a great tribe- I’m nicknaming this season Survivor Mean Girls.

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