Survivor Worlds Apart – Episodes 4 and 5 Featuring "Purple" Kelly Shinn


The current season of Survivor: World’s Apart continues! After two entertaining episodes, it’s time to recap them! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend "Purple" Kelly Shinn, from Nicaragua!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


At the White Collar tribe, Shirin and Max were becoming outcasts. At the Blue Collar tribe, it was all work and all play, which causing tension among it’s members. At the Immunity Challenge, Will struggled and Nina did not participate, causing No Collar to lose for the second time in a row. At Tribal Council, Will received two votes but it was Nina who was sent home. Fifteen are left.



Back at camp, Hali approaches Will and tries to clarify that the votes they placed against him was only in self defence in case Nina had a Hidden Immunity Idol. He tells them he understands and now they all know that they are all loyal to each other. Will confesses that they have a strong unit, but he would be the next one to be voted out if they were to lose again. For now, they are just happy to have embers in their fire on a rainy night.


Hali explains to Will why he received two votes. (Image credit: CBS)



At the Blue Collar camp, Rodney is starving. Dan finds a snake and Mike easily cuts off its head. He coils the snake around a stick after Kelly helps him skin it, and he cooks it over the fire. He confesses that he will eat anything. Rodney tries a little of the snake, confessing that he has to do what he needs to to survive. He tells the group that eating the snake put some hair on his chest. He confesses that the Mike and him fought earlier in the game, but that was just men being men.


Mike cooks a snake. (Image credit: CBS)


For the first Reward Challenge of the season, two contestants for each tribe are blindfolded and are sent to receive four items and a flag from a field littered with obstacles. One other member of the tribe is also blindfolded but only operates a pulley platform and must lift items that are brought back by the other pair to the caller. The caller is in a tower at the top of the pulley system, directing their tribe mates. The first tribe to finish gets a chicken coop with three hens and a rooster. The second tribe to finish gets ten eggs. White Collar tribe sits out Tyler, with Tyler addressing Jeff Probst as ‘JP”. Blue Collar tribe sits out Mike and Rodney. Max and Shirin retrieve items for the White Collar tribe. Lindsey and Kelly retrieve items for the Blue Collar tribe. Hali and Jenn retrieve items for the No Collar tribe.


“JP” reveals the chicken reward. (Image credit: CBS)

The challenge begins and Hali and Jenn quickly begin working well together and are able to retrieve the first item with ease. Meanwhile, Lindsey and Kelly try to duck under obstacles. Max and Shirin are clumsy but are also able work relatively well together and get their first item. This pattern of progression continues with No Collar in the lead, White Collar in the middle, and Blue Collar trailing behind as they try to go under obstacles. It becomes clear quickly that all three tribes are being a bit reckless with their pulley platform and are letting it come crashing down when they are down lifting their items. Jeff warns people on multiple occasions to be careful. In no time, Dan lets the Blue Collar platform come crashing down and it hits Kelly who begins to bleed through her buff blindfold. Jeff calls the challenge to a halt and has medical come in to check on her without ever completely removing her  blindfold. They explain that it is a thick, approximately 4 centimetre wide cut on her forehead. She is going to be fine. They tell her that they can wrap it up and that she will be able to continue the challenge. After the challenge in done, they will give her stitches. Kelly is very calm and agrees to all of this and the challenge begins again.


Kelly bleeds through her buff blindfold as medical attends to her. (Image credit: CBS)

At this point, Blue Collar has three items to the top and are about to begin attempting to retrieve their fourth. No Collar has three items to the top and their forth item is on the pulley platform. White Collar has fallen into last place with two items to the top and their third on the pulley platform. White Collar quickly overtakes the Blue Collar tribe, however, as the Blue Collar tribe has a communication breakdown. While White Collar and Blue Collar struggle to get their fourth items up the pulley platform, No Collar completes the challenge and wins the chickens. Blue Collar continues to struggle with communication, and White Collar is able to get the second place victory and the eggs that come with it. The tribes depart, Jeff reminding Kelly that she has a date with the medical team.


No Collar raises the platform with their flag and wins the challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


The No Collar tribe returns to their camp to find their new chickens. They declare that they like the chickens more than their old tribe mates. Joe suggests that they should slaughter one of the chicken to make a good dinner for Will’s 42nd birthday which is that day. Will confesses that he was touched by everything that his tribe did to try and give him a special birthday. As Joe prepares to kill one of the chickens, Jenn tells him that they don’t have to kill it. He tells her that they are going to. She is clearly upset and takes off into the jungle to be alone. Hali comments that Jenn is probably disturbed and then cuts the head off the chicken. Jenn spends her time collecting firewood, but she also pokes around for the Hidden Immunity Idol. She finds an interesting looking tree on the edge of a dry creek bed and comes across the Hidden Immunity Idol tucked in a hole in the roots. She confesses her excitement in being able to find an idol and explains that now she has the power to “mess up the game”. Killing the chicken worked out for her.


Jenn finds a Hidden Immunity Idol.


Back at the Blue Collar camp, the tribe gathers around Kelly who just received her stitched. She tells them that she has six – one for each of them. Mike confesses that he has a high level of respect for Kelly and that he wants to go far with her in the game. Lindsey then gets into an argument with Rodney over his views of women. He claims that women have to hold themselves to a higher standard then men do, which Lindsey is shocked to hear. She confesses that she is not sure how someone is raised to have the views that Rodney has. She says that it is hard for her to live with someone so closely that has those views. Rodney confesses that Lindsey is like Mike Tyson with her face tattoo and says that she must have problems. He says that he needs to return to his 3 C’s of being “calm, cool, and collective”.


Lindsey lets Rodney know how she feels about his views. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the White Collar camp, Shirin confesses that she is glad that their tribe did not win the chickens. She suspects that no one on their tribe would have known what to do with the chickens and that it would have been a nightmare. She tells her tribe that she killed a rabbit in order to prepare herself for killing chickens on Survivor. This does not go over well with Carolyn and Joaquin. Max, Tyler, and Joaquin sit in the shelter and talk to Carolyn. Max suggests that they might need to sit Carolyn out at the next challenge in order to make Shirin not become paranoid and uncomfortable. This does not go over well with Carolyn. When Max walks off, Carolyn suggests to Tyler and Joaquin that Max is the “cult leader” and that they should vote out Max. Tyler and Joaquin say that it is serious talk and don’t seem very receptive to the idea. Carolyn says that they have “bromanced” too much with Max and that they need to cut the head off of the snake.


Max tries to reason with Carolyn. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 11


For the Immunity Challenge, each tribe will be attached to a rope. One at a time, contestants must manoeuvre a rope obstacle and grab a bag of balls. Once everyone makes it through the obstacle, tribe members must, one at a time, stand on a wooden beam and pull on ropes to navigate and raise a ball up a vertical wall full of holes. First two tribes to successfully navigate three balls to the top of the wall win Immunity. Blue Collar sits out Lindsey and Dan. White Collar sits out Shirin. Mike, Hali, and Joaquin are first for their tribes. Joaquin flies through the obstacle. Hali and Mike follow. Will, Sierra, and Carolyn are next. Will struggles significantly with the beginning portion of the obstacle, but Joe tells him he is doing fine. Sierra flies through the obstacle. Jenn, Kelly, and Max are next and the three tribes stay relatively evenly matched. Last for the tribes are Joe, Rodney, and Tyler. Rodney becomes confused by one of the obstacles and costs the tribe some time.


Rodney struggles at the obstacle portion of the challenge. (Image credit: CBS)

The three tribes begin working their vertical maze wall. Mike is up first but he is too aggressive with the ball. Joaquin goes calmly and slowly and is the first to navigate a ball successfully. Carolyn takes his place for the next ball. Joe completes the first ball for No Collar and Jenn takes his place. Mike finally finishes his ball and is replaced by Sierra. Carolyn gets her ball, keeping White Collar in the lead. Jenn gets her ball, keeping No Collar in a close second place. Sierra then gets hers, narrowing the gap. Kelly, Hali, and Tyler are all working on the third ball simultaneously. Tyler messes up and calls Max to replace him. Hali finishes the challenge and gets the win for the No Collar tribe. Kelly is very close to finishing but then she falls off the platform. Rodney forces her off the platform and takes her place. Max uses this time to traverse the wall and finish the challenge for the White Collar tribe. Blue Collar loses and will go to Tribal Council for the first time. Sierra confesses that her horses are smarter than Rodney. He lost them the challenge and he is a detriment to camp life. Rodney has to go.


Max works his ball up the vertical maze wall. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Blue Collar camp, the tribe is in low spirits, but Lindsey declares that she is proud to be on the Blue Collar tribe with this group of people. Dan goes on a walk with Lindsey and asks her if it is him. She tells him that Rodney is her vote. He has no morals, no respect. Dan agrees with her. He confesses that women want you to empathize with them, just smile and nod. He tells us that he is smarter than he looks. He tells Lindsey that if she thinks that getting rid of Rodney will bring the tribe closer together, he is totally on board. He thinks she is right. We then see Dan in the water with Mike, Kelly, and Rodney. He tells them that Lindsey and Sierra have isolated themselves into a pair on their own. Rodney begins talking crap about Lindsey to the group. Mike agrees that Lindsey is extremely disrespectful. Kelly confesses that it is funny to watch Rodney gloat, because Rodney could be the one to go. She approaches Mike later and they agree that they can’t trust Rodney, but, at the same time, Lindsey is pissing them off. Either way, they’re together “110%”. Sierra approaches Kelly and they discuss all the problems that Rodney is causing at the camp. Kelly agrees with her and tells her that Rodney has to go. She confesses that she and Mike are in the swing position and can go with either the other girls or the other guys. All she knows is that it’s not her.


Rodney explains how good he feels about “this four”. (Image credit: CBS)


The Blue Collar tribe arrives at Tribal Council and dip their new torches in the fire. Jeff begins by asking Dan about who has bonded. He calls out Sierra and Linsdey. Jeff then asks Rodney who clashes. He says that he doesn’t get along with Lindsey. They are like chicken parm and tuna fish. Lindsey says that Rodney has no morals and it’s hard to be around him. Sierra agrees with Lindsey and says that he is vulgar and misogynistic. Kelly says that she sees a lot of these things in Rodney and wishes he would shut his mouth. Rodney says that the love of his life is his mother. Women should hold themselves to a higher standard and respect themselves, and “now a days” women don’t respect themselves. Jeff calls him out, saying that he is going to make millions of women upset with that comment. He is playing with fire. Rodney says that he knows that they are coming for his head, but he is going to fight back. Jeff asks Kelly what the repercussion of making a decision tonight for later in the game. She says that by getting rid of Rodney they get rid of the problem but they get rid of strength. If they get rid of Lindsey, they isolate another person in Sierra. Lindsey then re-iterates that someone on that tribe is going to win the million dollars. Mike says that he gives her all the credit in the world for unifying their tribe. He says that he would have cut his throat day one on the No Collar tribe. They’ve formed bonds here and that’s massive. They vote. We see no votes and hear no voting confessionals. Jeff retrieves the votes. No Hidden Immunity Idols are played. The votes are revealed: Rodney, Lindsey, Rodney, Lindsey, Sierra, Sierra. It is a three-way tie. Mike, Kelly, and Dan will vote again, voting for one of the other three. They vote again. We see no votes and hear no voting confessionals. Jeff retrieves and reveals the votes: Lindsey, Lindsey. two is enough. Lindsey is the first person voted out of the Blue Collar tribe and the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart.


Lindsey is voted out of the Blue Collar tribe. (Image credit: CBS)



Back at camp, Sierra wants to know who voted for her. Dan says that it doesn’t matter. Mike explain that they voted for her in self defence just in case Lindsey had an idol. Dan tells her that they want there to be unity back in the tribe but they need to air their grievances. He tells her that she failed at the first puzzle challenge. In the second challenge, she was terrible at shooting baskets. He still considers her an asset. She says that it’s hard to hear the tiny compliment when its completely surrounded by grievances. She says that it really hurts to have had her name written down. Rodney tells her that he doesn’t feel bad for her at all. His name was written down too. She wrote it down. He owes her nothing. Mike knows that they need to pull her back in, but it worried that she can never trust them again.


Rodney explains that he doesn’t feel bad for Sierra at all. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 12


Before the Reward Challenge, Jeff says the magic words. “Drop your buffs!” Sierra confesses that she is excited about a switch up. Her tribe is dead to her. From this point on there will be only two tribes, Escameca and Nagarote. They each take a new buff and open them up. The new Escameca tribe is Dan, Mike, Rodney, and Sierra from the Blue Collar tribe; Tyler and Joaquin from the White Collar tribe; and Joe from the No Collar tribe. The new Nagarote tribe is Jenn, Hali, and Will from the No Collar Tribe; Max, Shirin, and Carolyn from the White Collar tribe, and Kelly from the Blue Collar tribe. Sierra confesses that she had to pretend to be excited to be with three of her old tribe members. She thinks they are bad people, and she will find new alliances. Jeff also points out that the Escameca tribe looks very strong – almost all men. Kelly confesses that she is terrified to be the sole member of her original tribe on her new tribe.


A reward of kitchen utensils, food, and seasonings. (Image credit: CBS)

For the Reward Challenge, players from each tribe will launch balls over the beach, where the remaining tribe members will try to catch them. The first team to catch five balls gets kitchen supplies, sausages, peppers, seasonings, and a grill. The winner will also receive all the rewards that the former White Collar tribe won, since no one will be returning to that beach. Rodney and Shirin launch balls for their tribes. Max scores first for Nagarote. Joe scores for Escameca. Sierra and Carolyn launch next. Joe scores for Escameca. Tyler scores for Escameca, putting Escameca up 3 to 1. Hali and Dan launch next. Joaquin scores for Escameca. No one catches the second ball. Sierra and Shirin launch next. Will scores for Nagarote, but Mike scores the winning point for Escameca. Carolyn confesses her disappointment to be stuck with Max and Shirin again.


Joaquin scores a point for the new Escameca tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at the former No Collar camp, the new Nagarote tribe gets a tour. Hali confesses that they immediately knew that they needed to get Kelly on their side so that they would get the numbers, but they want to sit back and let things happen a bit. Max tells the tribe that Shirin in an amazing Survivor cook. She begins to talk rapidly about all she knows about the history of the show and food. Shirin confesses that she is very knowledgeable of the strategy of the game, and she has determined that the three former White Collar members need to pull in Kelly. She seems to make a good relationship with Kelly and Kelly implies that she feels good about working with them. Kelly confesses that she might be in a better spot than she thought. Shirin confesses that everything is going perfectly.


Shirin shares her Survivor culinary wisdom with the new Nagarote tribe. (Image credit: CBS)


The new Escameca tribe arrives at the former Blue Collar camp. Joaquin and Tyler express how impressed they are with the state of affairs at their camp. Mike confesses that it is great for them to have so many blue Collar members on their tribe still, but they need to make sure that Sierra is still with them after all the trouble Dan and Rodney gave her the previous night. The new tribe sits around getting to know each other. Rodney tells the new guys that if they saw his mother they might try to hit on her. Joaquin asks Rodney about his tattoos and Rodney explains what happened to his sister. Joaquin says that he knows a lot of people like Rodney and he wants to learn as much as he can about the people there so he can work them. When the former Blue Collar men go to get water, Sierra tells her new tribe mates that she is miserable being with the Blue Collar people. They treat her terribly. Tyler confesses that this is good. He wants the broken people to come with him. Mike confesses that he is nervous about Sierra putting them on the outside of the numbers.


Sierra explains to her new tribe mates how tortured she has been. (Image credit: CBS)


At the Nagarote camp, Shirin is getting on peoples’ nerves. Jenn confesses that she doesn’t like Shirin. She hasn’t been around her for twelve hours and she knows most of her life and things she doesn’t want to know. She hasn’t stopped talking since she got there. “Just shut up, man. Sit!” Max stumbles back to camp from the water and reveals that he was stung by a stingray twice. Jenn tells him to stick his foot in the pot of near-boiling water. Max does what she tells him to do and soaks his feet. When he takes his foot out, Hali notices a planter’s wart on Max’s foot. She confesses that it was completely disgusting. Warts are contagious. Will confesses to Carolyn that Max is getting on his nerves. She tells him “welcome to my life”. She confesses to us that to blindside Max would be so sweet, but she has to be patient.


Hali discovers a planter’s wart of Max’s foot. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 14


Dan and Mike talk about the fact that Sierra is now a dangerous swing vote. Mike tells him that he tried to warn him about this when Dan was laying into her after the last Tribal Council. Mike confesses that Dan needs to shut his mouth and listen. Dan tells Mike that he will take Sierra on a walk and apologize. He begins to tell Mike what he is going to tells her, and Mike tells her that it is wrong and that he needs to just be simple and tell her that she is right. Dan confesses that he has talked to way more girls than Mike has, Mike is half of his age. He approaches Sierra and it goes terribly. Sierra does not accept his apology and is not impressed by his style of apology in which Dan tries to tell her that she hurt him as much as he hurt her. She confesses that it was the worst apology that she has ever received in her life. She doesn’t think she’ll be working with the Blue Collars.


Dan fails at apologizing to Sierra. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Immunity Challenge, two people from each tribe will take pots and drag them on a sled through a series of obstacles. Once they reach the finish, they will place the pots on stands and head back. One all the pots are in place, one tribe member will use a wrecking ball to smash the pots. First tribe to finish wins Immunity. Joaquin and Tyler are up first for Escameca. Jenn and Hali are up first for Nagarote. The two men gain an early lead, finishing first. Rodney and Joe are up next for Escameca. Hali and Jenn slow down on the return trip. Carolyn and Kelly take the next run once they return. Joe and Rodney have no problem and move quickly. Sierra and Mike are up next for Escameca. They move quickly. It is a blowout. Sierra and Mike place the final pots, lapping Carolyn and Kelly for Nagarote. The entire Escameca tribe heads through the obstacles. Dan is up first on the wrecking ball and smashes the first pot. He swings again and smashes a second. And a third. And a fourth. He smashes five and six with one swing. He knocks down the seventh. He knocks down the eighth. Nagarote never even got close to swinging. Escameca wins Immunity. Max confesses that he is happy to go to Tribal Council and change the dynamic around his camp.


The fifth Immunity Challenge of Survivor: Worlds Apart. (Image credit: CBS)


Max confesses that he is excited to get on with the game of Survivor. He signed up for the strategy and the blindsides. He talks with Jenn and tells her that Capricorns have won Survivor more than anyone else. Jenn confesses that she has seen every season of Survivor, but Max remembers every little thing about the game and the people who played it. It’s unnecessary, like someone who knows every little stat about basketball. She and Hali talk about their strategy moving forward. They both like Kelly and need to try to pull her in. It will come down to her as the swing vote. They discuss that they should keep Max for challenges and take out Shirin. Shirin and Max talk to Kelly and they agree that they need to get rid of Will so that they will have a chance at the challenges. Max confesses that it is a classic Survivor split. Shirin did a lot of good hard work to secure Kelly’s vote first. Shirin confesses that without Will, they have a strong chance of winning. She orchestrated everything that is going to go down that night. She tells Carolyn that everything is a lock for tonight. Carolyn confesses that Kelly isn’t the swing vote, she is. She wants to swing over to the No Collars and make a blindside happen. She approaches Jenn and tells her that she is against Max and Shirin. Jenn laughs, saying that this makes everything so much easier. While Max and Shirin sit strategize at the fire, the other five members of their tribe talk about their over strategizing. The five of them solidify their alliance against Max and Shirin. They have to decide who to vote out, and decide to pick the person who is the most annoying. Max and Shirin discuss the fact that they are not worried. They are excited to finally be playing some Survivor. Jenn confesses that it is like a horse race to see who is the most annoying and that it is neck-in-neck. Whoever it is will be voted out at Tribal Council.


Carolyn reveals to Jenn that she has no allegiance to Max and Shirin. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff asks Shirin what she noticed when the tribes came together. She says that the tribe gelled really quickly in a way that White Collar never did. Shirin then begins laughing, saying that Jeff is making a face like she is delusional. Jeff is shocked by her reaction, saying that maybe his botox isn’t working. Shirin says that she is sorry, he was just really intense. He says that that is just him. Jeff asks Kelly about the sense of unity at the tribe. Kelly says that there have been a few things at camp to make things uncomfortable. She begins laughing. Jeff asks why it is funny. Max points out that on paper their tribe is a disaster like swap from Survivor: One World where there was a tribe of misfits. Nagarote is trying to trick themselves into believing they have a chance. Jenn laughs. Jeff inquires. She explains that she is blown away by Max’s Survivor knowledge. How does he know that?! Why does he know that?! Max says that he is guilty as charged. He loves Survivor. Jeff asks Shirin about her love of the game. She says that she has a deep respect of the game, but she hopes people respect her super-fandom. Max concedes that he can be overly enthusiastic and obsessive, but he hopes through mandatory relaxation he can keep himself healthy and sane. Jeff inquires. Max reveals that he has to force himself to relax. Jeff asks Will about this. Will says that Max and Shirin’s constantly talking causing him a lot of discomfort. Jeff asks Hali how to decide the vote. She says that there can be loyalty votes and quality of life votes. She thinks it will be a better camp life after tonight’s vote. Jeff asks Will if it will be a blindside. He says it will. Shirin says it will, as well. A blindside is a way of putting an end to someone who is not fitting in and move on. They vote. Shirin votes for Will, saying that they need more space in the bed and to win challenges. Jenna’s vote is not seen but she implores the person to stop talking. Jeff retrieves the votes. Max stops Jeff before he reveals the votes, saying “Hold up, bro”. He does nothing, stating that he just always wanted to do that. Jeff is unimpressed. Carolyn rolls her eyes. Shirin and Jenn laugh. The votes are revealed: Will, Will, Max, Max, Max, Max. Four is enough. Max is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Shirin is shocked. Carolyn smiles. Jeff tells them that if blindsides bring unity, they should be a very united tribe.


Max is the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. (Image credit: CBS)


Joaquin and Rodney become fast friends, making the former Blue Collar members uncomfortable. Mike calls Rodney and Joaquin a power couple and says that they need to be split up.


The Rodney and Joaquin bromance begins. (Image credit: CBS)









Still not completely sold on this season. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best. I was enjoying San Juan Del Sur a lot better at this point than , but again, not the worst season by far. It’s very mid-par so far.

Sad to see Max go (sorry Max, I cursed you by picking you as my tip to win) and of course Lindsey too as I thought an ‘alternative girl’ was finally going to do ok. Guess i was wrong there. As long as my boy Rodney is still in it and my girl Jenn, I’ll be a happy man!

Bring it on next week!



I’m not the kind of person that likes two hours of Survivor in one night; it’s too much for me to take in and analyse at one time. With that said, I still enjoyed these episodes. I think that we have had enough of camp life and that the inclusion of a reward challenge and an immunity challenge in each episode was good. The first reward challenge confused the hell out of me. I still want Sierra to explain why she had Kelly and Lindsey crawling under the barriers instead of walking between them. Was no one else screaming at their TVs over this? Also, Kelly is a total champ. She got bashed in the head and was bleeding pretty badly and had no hesitation, no sound of worry in her voice and just kept going. Good on her. The first immunity challenge was decent too—I think we’ve seen that challenge in Big Brother US. I was happy to see blue collar lose; I think that getting to see each tribe lose at least one member pre-swap was great. The Lindsey boot was fairly transparent. I didn’t expect the three-way tie, but that was irrelevant in the end…although I do think that these split votes can get very risky. I’m still wondering though…based on all of the podcasts I listen to and people I follow on Twitter, everyone seemed to be sure that the main alliance on blue collar was between Rodney and the women, which was apparently 100% false. It’s super interesting to see how things really are vs. how we perceive them before the edit plainly spells it out.

The second episode was good too. After the very uneven, random tribe swap, we were given two storylines: Sierra is ready to flip on her old tribe and vote with Joaquin, Tyler, and Joe, and that Carolyn and much of the new red tribe is over Max and Shirin and ready to boot one of them. New blue (no, I’m not learning these tribe names for the couple of episodes before the merge) obviously dominated both challenges and we were sent back to the “everyone hates Max and Shirin” camp. The boot was fairly obvious. I genuinely feel bad for Max. I wanted to see the OTT super fan make it to the jury, but all is fair in love, war, and Survivor. A few final thoughts: I love that the first two idols found are held by females, I really love Jenn and Hali, Joaq is still a babe and he better make the jury so I can stare at that face for the rest of the season, I can’t believe we got a Leif reference, and finally, I’m just going to say again how much I love Jenn—she clearly isn’t the best player, but I love her honesty and she’s pretty good at #kristaning.



First and foremost, I want to get this off my chest as it has been burning up inside of me after watching this episode. “SURVIVOR PRODUCERS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD, OLD DAYS OF SURVIVOR?” I am referring to the tribe swap in this episode. I mean, just how unfair was it?

Here you have the new Escameca tribe comprised of 6 males and 1 female. Whereas the new Nagarote tribe have 5 females and 2 males. On paper, the new Escameca tribe looks to be more the stronger and athletic of the two new tribe. as we saw in the immunity Challenge, where they absolutely dominated from the beginning to the end. It is unfair! In the ‘old’ seasons of Survivor where a tribe swap happens, you would generally see the males and females separated briefly, and then they would begin drawing out buffs too see which tribes they would be on. Why couldn’t it happen for this season? You had 8 males and 6 females left. Wouldn’t it be much more fairer, if the new tribes had 4 males and 3 females on each side? Just a thought.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Max gets voted out of the Nagarote tribe, which leaves Will as the last male standing on his tribe. Will is like a fish out of water and he is awfully bad at the challenges. Shirin, also on the new Nagarote tribe, has also struggled a lot in this season. It looks to be the beginning of the end for the Nagarote tribe.

On the new Escameca, with a majority of men, it’s battle over Sierra’s loyalty. Dan, who we haven’t seen much of this season, is quite a player. His apology to Sierra was, shall we say, a little comically bad? When you apologize, get straight to the point! There’s no need to go on and on on a wild goose chase, and then at the end of it, stick the knife back in. I guess, it’s a bit like going shopping with your wife or girlfriend. You just want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible…..oppps, I’m sounding a little like Rodney now. I think I should just leave it there!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 4th and 5th episode features “Purple” Kelly Shinn! She discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with their answers in the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Rodney

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the sixth episode of Worlds Apart!



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4 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episodes 4 and 5 Featuring "Purple" Kelly Shinn

  1. I really believe Shirin won’t be going the next episode because the producers and the editors would be making it way too obviously, especially if Shirin is the Odd Woman Out

  2. Brennen Parker // March 23, 2015 at 5:29 am // Reply

    Dont understand the love for Max. Really annoying and not a good player. Love what he does for the survivor community but that doesnt give him a pass. He sucked bigtime

  3. Purple Kelly’s answers at the bottom are genuinely embarrassing

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