The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 26 Episode 4 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred to for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode including the disappointment at the lack of suspenseful finishes this season, requests for amazing race action figures, ordering thousand year old eggs off Amazon and whether or not pouring cats some milk can actually be considered a challenge!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with Season 26!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of Ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


Well it’s been a long…an incredibly long week! Finally it’s time to sit down and catch up with Phil and the gang!

 Previously on The Amazing Race: We raced to Thailand…we got ladyboys…long flight differences…a proposal from Matt to Ashley…and #NewKids were spared elimination by the non-elimination leg!

So we still have 9 teams…Let’s see who they are!

Key note…like 7 of the 9 are within 5 minutes of each other!

  1. #TruckStopLoveStory (Mike and Rochelle)
  2. #BlairleySurviving (Blair and Hayley)
  3. #Jelannny (Jelani and Jenny)
  4. #TeamKickButt (Tyler and Laura)
  5. #TeamBronze (Aly and Steve)
  6. #MasterHairstylists (Matt and Ashley)
  7. #Burt (Bergen and Kurt)
  8. #JacknJeff (Jackie and Jeff)
  9. #NewKids (Harley and Jonathan)

PS. The start changed the Master Hairstylists to engaged…I thought that was a nice touch!

We start with Date Night with our newest engaged couple! Ashley was so surprised and says they’ll be together forever! They get to see a personal fire twirling performance and have wine! A lot of I love you is exchanged!


Subtle Survivor Advertising as well!

But back to the race! #TruckStopLoveStory are starting up for us!

Fly to Bangkok, Thailand, once there, proceed to Wat Yannawa to find your next clue!

So…more Thailand! We knew that…

Mike says many people would be surprised they are ahead…you’re not wrong mate! Rochelle says now its an advantage to be in a couple as the blind date couples are starting to get on each other’s nerves a bit!

Speaking of which… #BlairleySurviving Depart! And Hayley is still carrying on about stuff that has little to no relevance but would drive your partner mad….and it does…as Blair has decided Hayley is in complete control today! I can just see him not being too disappointed if he never sees her again…

#Jelannny take off next! Jelani is starting to see Jenny is very intense and driven while he is relaxed, but he’s stepping up to be more intense…ok

#TeamKickButt leave, and Tyler points out he and Laura are having a good time, it’s not romantic at the moment, but they’re having a good time! It’s going to take time!

#TeamBronze take off, as our newly engaged #MasterHairstylists…I’m going to start a count on how many references they give us to the fact they’re now engaged! Matt immediately mentions this is their first leg as an engaged couple…that’s 1!

#Burt depart in 7th and are keen to have more luck than last leg! #JacknJeff leave in 8th and seem like the Blind couple that are the most close in terms of a romantic relationship! They have to get out of 8th place though!

At the airport, we find out the first flight to Bangkok is at 6am, and…well every team except #NewKids are on it! We’re in for a tight one then!

In fact we go straight to Bankgok, and it’s on at the airport! Immediately #JacknJeff snake #TeamJelannny’s taxi! We get many people telling taxi drivers to drive faster…before we get the first real friction between #elannny – Jelani is annoyed Jeff took the cab because he was putting his bag inside with him, but Jenny says he should’ve put it in the boot. It’s just a little tense…

Back in Phuket… #NewKids set off, about 3 hours behind everyone else…so it wasn’t close at all in the last leg!

They believe they can still catch up, but it will be a challenge! Yeah…good luck lads!

In the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, we get many references to a big city and congested traffic!

Eventually we get #TeamKickButt getting to the temple first! They go straight up the stairs and find the cluebox…to which Laura declares ‘I love you’ to Tyler…if it was that easy to get girls to say that…more people should be doing stuff like this!

So it’s a detour…but Phil doesn’t mention the word Detour for a while! Not until it pops up on the screen!

Wheel: Teams will travel by TukTuk to the next location


Water: Teams will travel by Water Taxi to the next location (Only 5 taxis)


Each task will have 2 places to stop for assorted challenges

So for Wheel they will stop at a snooker hall and a place with cats…and for Water they stop at a market and a temple!

#TeamKickButt choose to get the water taxi

#BlairleySurviving get out of their taxi, and Blair is in full follow mode! But Hayley also asks what he wants to do…and after a brief discussion, Hayley would rather listen to Blair. So Blair heads one way…and Hayley says let’s go this way…Blair looks at the camera in the whole…’see what I’m stuck with’ look! And now Hayley is in control!


#TeamBronze and #MasterHairstylists find the clue, they’re both doing the water, #JacknJeff, #Burt and #TruckStopLoveStory all want to do water as well. #BlairleySurviving still can’t find the clue!

#TeamKickButt get to the Water Taxis first and…get on. They then take a selfie together! That’s 16! It seems like they’ve really stopped showing selfies…which is nice!


That’s a really long finger…

#BlairleySurviving finally get to the detour and also want to do water!

There’s a sprint on between a number of teams at water, #MasterHairstylists, #Burt, #TeamBronze and #TruckStopLoveStory get the water taxis. That leaves #BlairleySurviving short of a water taxi, so Blair asks the taxi guy for directions, this annoys Hayley, who would rather blindly wander around the streets of Bangkok to find directions…some people…

#JacknJeff and #Jelannny arrive at the water taxi precint…but #Jelannny haven’t been to the temple first…so they’re now a bit behind! Hayley and Blair are continuing to get on each other’s nerves, with Hayley getting annoyed at Blair for not getting their own directions…it seems like a trainwreck here! But they get to the right spot, as do #JacknJeff! They both take the Tuktuks.

#Jelannny gets to the temple and realise they need to do Wheel

We see teams going nicely along the water, and Ashley yells out ‘We’re Engaged!’ That’s 2!

Other teams are being patient in traffic…others are on the water. Bergen speaks about how much he has worked hard through life to get to where he is, while Kurt is from a wealthy family and doesn’t need the money but he wants him to know how much it would mean to Bergen to win.

We get to our first Water Detour stop, and it’s the Thousand Year Old Egg! A traditional favourite food!


Because they knew it would be right in a thousand years….

#TeamKickbutt open theirs up…and…it looks well…terrible…but they seem to gradually be getting through it!

The Teams doing wheel have more nice things, by arriving at a snooker club, where they just have to sink a red ball…I’d much rather do that! #JacknJeff and #BlairleySurviving start but…not quite getting it the first few times.

At the eggs…Tyler gives quality commentary which makes Laura feel even more sick…but they get through them! Off to the next thing…a temple! Shock!

#MasterHairstylists arrive…and go to the first stall…they don’t really even look inside for anything! #Burt see this and just go past them! #MasterHairstylists just throw the entire egg in…it’s not the right thing!


This egg is what everyone else thinks of our engagement…

#Burt find the actual one…while #MasterHairstylists realise they ate the wrong thing…its still was horrible apparently!

Kurt jumps around a lot while trying to eat it…it’s mildly entertaining. Bergen joins in too!


Dancing makes eggs get digested better….

#MasterHairstylists find the second well, actual egg…even harder!

#NewKids arrive in Bangkok…they’re a fair way behind…but can they do it?

#TruckStopLoveStory and #TeamBronze get to the eggs…just as Ashley gets hers down! Protein baby! #TeamBronze get through the task before #TruckStop even can find the store! They then get through it as well…productive segment!

At the snooker hall…Jeff and Hayley hit a red ball in so they can move on! Hayley points out when she’s angry she performs better…this displeases Blair!


Smashed it!

#TeamBickButt arrive at their second task, a traditional thai prayer…they light candles…and pray…and take a gold leaf and shake some sticks…with fortunes and everything…they are done with the Detour though! And get their next clue!


Please can we win one? Please!

Proceed to Patumwan Siang Gong to receive your next clue

So…they go there

#NewKids arrive at the Temple, to find they have a speedbump!

Speedbump: Make a grasshopper out of river leaves


Here’s one Phil prepared earlier!

To be fair…that looks harder than some other speedbumps I’ve seen in the past!

#Burt arrive at the temple (the detour one), and #MasterHairstylists and #TeamBronze aren’t far behind!

#NewKids start building their grasshopper…it looks like a difficult thing…especially for Jonathan, who seems kind of useless at everything!

#Burt get their fortunes…they each get ones about mates…they continue to feel comfortable as just friends…but they finish…as do #MasterHairstylists and #TeamBronze

Which brings us to #Jelannny, who seem to be fighting more! Jenny is frustrated that Jelani is running and you know…trying to make up time…while she thinks they need to conserve energy…There’s time to rest when you’re dead!!! They both decide they need to communicate better…but they make it to the snooker hall…where Jenny shows the is just awful at snooker

#TruckStopLoveStory get through the temple at the detour, and another fortune about a good match…these seem too perfect…

There’s some playful banter between #JacknJeff…before Hayley tells us she’s smiling again, and Blair gives us a fixed smile!


Kinda like this guy!

They get to their 2nd location, the Caturday Café…where they must feed the milk they got given at the Snooker hall to the cats at the café. Simple enough…and Hayley can find herself a cat so she can grow into the crazy cat lady she is destined to be! They get their clue though…with #JacknJeff not far behind!


Hayley’s next date

#NewKids get their speedbump done…so they can finally move onto the detour!


He just looks so unimpressed

#Jelanny finish the snooker and move on

#TeamKickButt out the front get to the Patumam Siang Gong, and it’s roadblock time!

Who’s Feeling Clutch? The team member must take apart the transmission of a bike, and find the screwdriver that a ‘rookie mechanic’ left inside. Inside the screwdriver is the next clue!


I feel sorry for the guy that gets shown when they claim the screwdriver was left in there by a rookie mechanic! His business will only do downhill now!


You lost how many screwdrivers in how many bikes???

Phil also sarcastically mentions how romantic this roadblock is…nice!

It’s really one for the blokes I think!

Tyler justifies this by doing it for #TeamKickButt

#Jelannny gets to the cat café and says she’s petrified of cats…so I guess she’ll be a crazy puppy lady? They get through the café though…

At the roadblock…Tyler works hard through the machine…and finally…finds the screwdriver! It has the pit stop location in it!

Proceed to the Pit Stop. Loha Prasat (the metal castle/temple). The last team to check in here…may be eliminated!


Scenic Phil…but no Phil on the scene!

So yeah…I’m pretty confident this one is an elimination!

#TeamKickButt also win the ticket to date night!

#Burt and #TeamBronze arrive at the roadblock, and Bergen and Steve are up!

#MasterHairstylists and #BlairleySurviving arrive….it’s Matt and Blair who are doing it!

Steve gets it done…so they’re off to the pit stop! Matt also gets through it quickly!


Not Bronze anymore!

#JacknJeff arrive…Jeff is up…shock!

Looks like a race to the pit stop… #TeamKickButt think they are there…but the wrong place they are at!

Bergen and Blair complete the roadblock! So they’re looking where to go…#MasterHairstylists are still running around aimlessly, while Blair gets someone to write the place down in Thai so they can find it easily!

There’s so many teams racing to the line…no one has found Phil! Everyone is gradually realising their errors…I have no clue who will get there first!

Back at the pool…yeah that’s still going! #NewKids are trying to get through it…Jonathan also doesn’t play pool…but he gets one nicely in!

#Jelannny arrive at the roadblock, Jelani is doing it…#TruckStopLoveStory arrive…and it’s…Rochelle! She’s doing it? Very well…she doesn’t even know what the transmission is but…apparently she fixes a lot of things! She can’t do worse than Jeff or Jelani, they seem to have little clue!

In fact…just like that…Rochelle gets it! She makes up 2 places just like that! Jeff finally also gets his done…leaving just Jelani going…

We still don’t have anyone checked in…and…it’s…#Burt! Burt are Team Number 1! They are delighted! And a complete shock! As the winners, they won a trip to Mexico! I wonder if they’ll do it together…hopefully they will!


I swear I saw this pit stop greeter in the WWE


Bro Hug!


Even the gnome is finding friends!

2nd place comes in…it’s #BlairleySurviving! I can’t believe that! They’ve recovered fantastically! And here’s #TeamBronze! 3 teams in!

#NewKids get to the cat café…Jonathan is also allergic to cats…my god! They get through it though!

#TeamKickButt get to the pitstop…finally…and are now team number 4! They are disappointed…and Laura quotes Ricky Bobby ‘If you’re not first…you’re last’! Lots of approval for Talladega Knights References!

At the Roadblock…it’s down to Jelani…and he gets the clue! Turns out #MasterHairstylists and #JacknJeff are still around there! What have they been doing???

A local suddenly realises hilariously…so a few teams know where they’re going…#MasterHairstylists are still there…they ask #Jelanny….and just like that…they’re both on their way!

#NewKids get to the roadblock, and Jonathan is doing it! Something has in fact can do!

#Jelannny and #MasterHairstylists are jogging together to the pit stop when Jenny suggests to Jelani that they get a cab at any opportunity, Jelani is hesitant, and even asks the Hairstylists if they should get a cab, which annoys Jenny! It’s a race! But….no need to burn them!


Just follow us…with your bags…and no wheels…and no directions…

They do burn them though….Jenny gets them into a Tuktuk…it’s a dog move! And I agree with Jelani…really unnecessary! #Jelanny get out at the wrong place anyway and then have to get into a taxi…Jelani argues it’s not worth doing that when you know you’re not last…Jenny argues it’s the same thing as going to the pit stop together and racing on foot…I used to not believe in alliances or at least being good with other teams but…I mean…it’s really not necessary!

Anyway…Jonathan finishes the roadblock…as #MasterHairstylists figure out where they are going!

#JacknJeff check in 5th, #TruckStopLoveStory check in 6th, and #Jelannny check in 7th! Phil sense the tension between #Jelannny, but they say they just need to work on their communication!

It’s down to 2 now! Who will make it there first?

It’s #MasterHairstylists…they’ve survived! They made it hard though!

Sadly that leaves #NewKids….who haven’t been able to make up enough time. To be fair…I assume they’re accepting of that given they’ve been so far behind for the last two legs. They talk about how proud they are, and Jonathan is so thankful for Harley! Phil at least points out they have love…which not many others have!


Back to the tour!

I liked them more than I thought I would…even if Jonathan can’t do much!

They then preview stuff in the rest of the season…I didn’t watch this…I don’t watch ones that go far ahead…because I think they’re stupid! Too many spoilers in stuff like that!

So who is left?

1 – #Burt – A surprising win because so many others stuffed up…but they just get on really well! It’s a budding friendship…and nothing else!

2 – #BlairleySurviving – Well…they can’t get along to save themselves…but I mean…they’re second…but seriously…I can’t stand Hayley!

3 – #TeamBronze – Bronze Medal position, appropriate!

4 – #TeamKickButt – They just seem to be the best at getting out of airports and getting into the lead…if only they got those last directions right! Enjoy date night though!

5 – #JacknJeff – They seem to fall behind at easy things…and both seem incapable of doing some tasks well…but they have good chemistry and work through it well together! Well played!

6 – #TruckStopLoveStory – Rochelle crushed the boys at the Roadblock…they just seem to go backwards without warning!

7 – #Jelannny – Less fighting…more lawyering needed! Jenny will get on Jelani’s nerves more and more if she keeps burning other teams for little gain!

8 – #MasterHairstylists – Guess what…they’re engaged! They can’t follow directions to save their lives…but they’re engaged!

Leg Assessment: Normally the second leg in a nation can be really bad, but this was pretty good. Many moments of conflict, a lot of good tasks, and the crazy hustle and bustle of Bangkok! I enjoyed it!

Detour Assessment: Well…it’s always hard to think how good it is when only half the teams can do one of the tasks…but they were contrasting activities and were good to watch!

Roadblock Assessment: They always seem to have engine tasks in South East Asia, but it was ok…not exciting…but ok

Predictions: Colin – 9th, Kristan – 10th, Rossi – 8th, Jarrod – 6th, Alex – 11th

So…perfect predicting from Colin! That’s why we get him to host when Noah can’t! I don’t know what Noah predicted…I’m sure he’ll claim he said 9th!

Quick Counts:

Selfie Count – 16 (1 for the episode)

#MasterHairstylists’ Engagement References – 2 (2 for the episode)

Tune in a couple of weeks for our episode 5 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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