Locations That Survivor Should Visit


In the first twenty seasons of Survivor, the reveal of the location for the next season was eagerly anticipated during the sneak peek segment of every reunion show. However during the new era of Survivor the show has worried less about new and interesting locations and more about twists to differentiate back to back seasons filmed in the same country. The season 20 to 30 block has been particularly stagnant with just 3 countries visited over 10 seasons. With exciting new rumours suggesting that season 31 and 32 could be headed to Cambodia to film, hopefully Survivor fans can look forward to a change of scenery and some unique art design to fit the location. For today's feature article, Ozlet Noah Groves looks at some potential new locations for the show to visit. Read on to find out where in the world Survivor should go!

The location used to be such an important factor of a Survivor season, often being referred to as ‘the 17th player of the season.’ So much of the focus and theme often revolved around where Survivor was visiting each year. To save time and money the same location is used back to back now for two seasons (or back to back to back to back, hello seasons 25 to 28!) Not only that but similar locations are being used with Samoa now clocking in four seasons, Philippines four seasons and Nicaragua coming up to its fourth time as well. The following five locations are suggestions of places that could present something aesthetically pleasing, unique or provide potential for a new theme. Most of these places could fit the stereotypical island locations or with most of the locations have potential to focus on an in land scenario. This list is mainly unrealistic as to the way Survivor is filmed now days but is hypothetical and a wish list. There are plenty more places that haven’t been listed and would be great (make sure to post your ideas below!) but without further ado, here are, in no particular order five locations that would be great for Survivor to visit.



India has such a variety of locale and terrain that it seems like the perfect place for Survivor to film in. The show has filmed in Asia numerous times but always goes for the typical route of places like China and Thailand, both of which have been great locations mind you but rarely strays towards the South East Asian style countries of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and of course India. The country is so rich in culture and history that it is the perfect location to use to bring back a theme or culture into the game and hopefully give us a sitar inspired version of Ancient Voices, the theme song. There are multiple ways they could go with this location with the most obvious being an Indian jungle type setting or they could go with the traditional Survivor beach setting or even visit the desert for a Tocantins style locale.


New Zealand


It is almost surprising that Survivor hasn’t filmed in New Zealand already especially after appearing in Australia during season two. New Zealand fits a mould that has that Australian vibe to it but also has its own unique and stunning locations that would shine on screen for Survivor. The country also has the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit promotion going for it which immediately familiarises many viewers with the country and gives the location something to cash in with. Not only does New Zealand have the Middle Earth culture to represent it but the more lifelike culture of the Maori is something that could easily and successfully be represented into the theme, logo and aesthetics of the season. Perhaps the major factor as to why the show has never been to New Zealand is due to the filming schedule not aligning with the countries warmer weather but given season 31 is filming earlier than usual this year, there may be hope yet for the kiwis!




I am not sure of the logistics of filming in Japan and whether or not there are even accessible yet remote enough islands to even film a season of Survivor there but if it is possible, it is beyond me why it hasn’t happened yet. Outside of China, Japan is probably the go to answer when you ask a person to name an Asian country. Just like the other locations listed in this article, Japan is full of such a rich history and culture and is a down right beautiful country. The season is just screaming for a samurai style theme with an original Japanese theme song (bring back Russ Landau!) Survivor: Japan just sounds right and would make for a brilliant backdrop for a season of the show.


Canary Islands


The Canary Islands from the get go have that exotic sounding name that Survivor has often strived for in their titles (South Pacific, we are not looking at you!). The Canary Islands would make for an interesting location as it is geographically located in Africa and has a taste of Morocco in it but is primarily a Spanish colony. Not only do we tick the beach island box, we would make another return to Africa in a unique way from Survivor: Africa and Survivor: Gabon and would bring a flavour of European countries in a Spanish theme and maybe finally get the unused Nicaragua Ancient Voices along the way! The islands were also once home to an array of volcanoes, some of which are still active today and would give a Vanuatu feel to the season. The location boasts a warm enough climate that fits well with the filming schedule that makes the Canary Islands a realistic location for the show to film with (leaving the budget out of the equation!)




Speaking of European inspired locations, it is about time that Survivor makes its way to Europe to film a season which is now the only (inhabitable) continent that hasn’t had its own (in the US version.) Greece has such an ancient history and is an important country in looking at the way the world is today. The country is full of islands which could be filmed on that stick to the usual Survivor backdrop with the added European feel. Once again, Greece has such a strong culture to make for a theme around the style and artwork of the season with challenges that could relate around Greek mythologies or history. There are a bunch of European countries that would be great for Survivor and Greece is up there as one of the top choices.


What do you think of these proposed locations? Which one would you most like to see? Where would you like to see Survivor filmed? Let us know your thoughts below!



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18 Comments on Locations That Survivor Should Visit

  1. They should do a Survivor: Hawaii, and have the first season filmed in the US.

  2. All of these would look really cool especially New Zealand and Greece. It would also be good if they went to the Solomon Islands. I looked it up and it looks cool.

  3. Most of these are great ideas for location, but Greece and Japan would be difficult to find filming locations and they would probably cost a fortune to use. This could turn into a series of articles because there are so many places that could be used. Maybe next time, you could do an analysis of locations like Mexico or Malaysia.

  4. A problem with some of the locations you proposed is that Survivor is only shot in tropical locations (Yes, even Survivor China was shot in tropical China). And New Zealand and Greece don’t have any tropical place. It would also be difficult to find one with Japan, but if they went to the most southern islands of Japan maybe it would be possible.

    Several problems with India: What you seem to suggest is inland India. And Survivor has not and will not shoot in inland locations since back to back seasons are shot in the same location, as it would be way more difficult to hide the fact that two back to back seasons were shot in the same inland location than it is with island locations. And contrary to say China, India is very densely populated everywhere, so it would be difficult to find a place remote enough to shoot two Survivor seasons.

    To give you ideas, as a french fan of Survivor, here are some realistic locations that our local version of Survivor (called Koh-Lanta) has been to and that the US version of Survivor has not been to yet.

    – Costa Rica (Nicoya Peninsula)
    – Bocas del Toro, Panama (on the Caribbean Sea side of Panama contrary to the Pearl Islands)
    – New Caledonia
    – Côn Đảo archipelago, Vietnam (Maybe it would not be possible for a US game to shoot there for political reasons…)
    – Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia
    – Koh Rong Island, Cambodia (Rumoured location for seasons 31-32)

    • This is not true. Australian Outback, Africa, Gabon & Tocantins were not tropical, all of these could be good options.

      • Ratchael // March 25, 2015 at 7:29 am //

        Yes they were tropical!!!

        Australian Outback latitude : 18°S
        Africa latitude : 1°N
        Gabon latitude : 0°S
        Tocantins latitude : 10°S

        If you think that this is not tropical, then you have a serious problem with geography.

  5. What About Survivor Madagascar.

  6. Reblogged this on rossmansictblog and commented:
    One of my favourite shows and has been since the begininng.

  7. Agree with all of these locations. I also have the following suggestions:

    – Madagascar
    – Seychelles
    – Vietnam
    – Indonesia (Sumatra, Sulawesi)
    – Papua New Guinea
    – The Congo (I know that is probably impossible due to political instability)
    – Devil’s Island (off the coast of French Guinea, notorious prison island)
    – Peru
    – Ecuador
    – South Africa
    – Palawan (should they ever go back to the Philippines)

  8. Here are some places I’ve thought of before:

    1. Costa Rica (would be amazing!)
    2. Peru (You could make it Inca Empire themed!)
    3. Madagascar
    4. Jamaica
    5. Timor-Leste
    6. The Seychelles
    7. Botswana (the most stable African country)
    8. South Africa (relatively stable)
    9. Tanzania (another stable country)
    10. Vietnam
    11. Guam
    12. Tasmania (This would be a cool one!)
    13. Venezuela
    14. Colombia
    15. Honduras
    16. Kiribati (remote & decent number of islands to choose from)
    17. Tonga
    18. Maldives
    19. Cape Verde
    20. Mafia Island
    21. Maluku Islands
    22. Comoros (if at a place of stability)
    23. Saint Kitts & Nevis
    24. Suriname
    25. Sulawesi, Indonesia
    26. Dominica
    27. Guadeloupe
    28. Marshall Islands
    29. Socotra (Doubt they could ever pull this one off since it’s a world heritage site, but that would be amazing if they had Survivor there with its unique geography and fauna!)

  9. It is very possible to film survivor in new Zealand in the summer months of December, January or February. In new Zealand we have mountainous terrain, beaches, geothermal and volcanic locations. Swamps, lakes, semi-temperate rainforest and even an island off the coast that mildly spews ash from time to time(white island). They could easily fit 4 very different seasons into this country.

  10. ItalianBaptist // June 2, 2015 at 11:11 am // Reply

    All of these locations sound great and I’ve been pushing for Greece and Japan for a while now. The Japanese Survivor had a season in Hokkaido so the weather might have been more temperate but it’s still an option.

    And the Lord of the Rings themed season made me fanboy squee! The theming was one of the reasons pearl islands was my favorite seasons. Maybe if the Tolkien estate won’t agree to it they can just do an epic fantasy theme…maybe get 16 larpers to play or something.

  11. Some of my ideas for locations:
    Survivor: Rift Valley
    Survivor: Death Valley
    Survivor: Bahamas
    Survivor: Cape Verde
    Survivor: Timor
    Survivor: New Guinea
    Survivor: Maldives
    Survivor: Ethiopian Highlands
    Survivor: Atacama Desert
    Survivor: Sahara
    Survivor: Tanzania
    Survivor: French Polynesia
    Survivor: Tuvalu
    Survivor: Namib Desert
    Survivor: Vietnam
    Survivor: Nuaru
    Survivor: Zambia
    Survivor: Tasmania
    Survivor: Tonga
    Survivor: Madagascar

  12. Great Barrier Island, New Zealand is rugged, beautiful, great fishing and would be the perfect location for a Survivor series.

  13. Jackson hart // December 25, 2015 at 3:33 pm // Reply

    Survivor: Alaska- Blood Vs Water

    Now that’s a season!

  14. Survivor: Cape Verde or Maldives would be fun to watch

  15. Filming in Cape Verde or Maldives would be cool since not a lot of people been there/ heard of it.

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