‘The Basic Blueprint’ To Win Survivor


Survivor may just be one of the hardest games in the world to win. After 29 seasons of Survivor, there is no exact step by step formula to be crowned the Sole Survivor, with each winner claiming the title his or her own way. Women, men, old, young, challenge dominators, challenge failures, passive players, aggressive players, extroverts and introverts have all won the game at some point in time. While elements of luck such as tribal switches, Hidden Immunity Idols and aligning yourself with the 'right' people, may make the game hard to predict, there are definitely some basic rules that can increase your chances of getting to the end. In today's feature article Ozlet Jimmy Kurniawan makes note of some of those rules as he brings you his 'Basic Blueprint' to win Survivor. Read on to find out more!

1. Chances are that you will be thinking about food 24 hours of the day, while you are out on the island. So, that means you won’t have the comfort of a supermarket or grocery store. It is essential that you have to learn to love rice (and plenty of it!), fish and coconut. You also have to be open to try the more exotic food such as scorpion, rat and other foods that are on offer at the gross food challenges.

2. The most important element on Survivor, is fire. Jeff Probst always says that, “Fire represents life.” Fire is everything on Survivor. Without it, you can’t boil water to keep you hydrated, cook food and keep warm during the cold nights. So, practice making fire. It also pays to do some research on the location of where the game it being played. It will give you a clear idea of the climate, vegetation and the ‘dangers’ of that location.

3. Do not ‘publicly’ go out looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol. The other contestants will hate this and will almost always vote you out. It shows that you cannot be trusted and and they may think that you have found it. The only exception to this rule is, if you are desperate and know you are on the ‘chopping block’, by all means, do anything necessary to find it.

4. If you happen to stumble upon the Hidden Immunity Idol on your own, the best thing would be to hide it. Do not share the information with anyone, including your immediate alliance. Don’t be tempted to tell someone to earn their trust. More often than not, you will be an automatic target if the word gets around camp.


5. It is important not to make enemies during your time out on the island. After all, it is only a game. Sure it may be a game for a million dollars but you don’t need another type of ‘stress’ to make you even more paranoid. Making enemies too early in the game causes tribe friction and each member of the tribe will have to choose sides. Enemies becomes threats and threats are voted out as soon as possible.

6. Work around camp but don’t work too much as you need that spare energy for the up and coming challenges. It’ll work out best if each of the tribe members are delegated a certain type of job, i.e. collect firewood, the cook, go out fishing, etc.

7. Do not sit out on the challenges on multiple occasions. This would make you look weak and pre-merge, this would be a very bad thing. All the other contestants will not only realise that you may be the weakest link, but they will automatically vote you out first at the merge, if you happen to get that far in the game.

8. Never throw a challenge just to have that opportunity to vote someone out. This is one of the most dumbest moves ever and could backfire on not only yourself, but your whole tribe. Survivor is a game about numbers. You need to try win all the challenges as possible before the merge. Once you have the numbers advantage, then you can always vote out your weakest link.

9. Do not be the one to ‘rub it in the other people’s faces’, if you win a challenge either in the pre-merge challenges or Individual challenges. Everyone hates arrogance and is considered annoying.

10. Do not let your tribe know you’re rich or famous! Once your tribe thinks you have lots of money, you will be voted out sooner rather than later.

11. Do not be too fit or appear to be too strong. More often than not, the strongest person will always be thought of as a threat. After a merge, your name will be on the chopping block.


12. Do not spend too much time talking strategy. Others will think that you are over-thinking the game and makes you look paranoid. All of your tribemates know the basic rules of the game they’re playing. The overall situation can get a little messy when a cocky contestant decides to try to outthink the game. Tribes who take it upon themselves to throw a challenge in order to get a chance to vote someone off, are always taking a risk and shouldn’t be surprised when it turns out that the vote can’t be controlled. If you have a chance to vote someone out, do it immediately instead of waiting on the next Tribal Council or the one after that.

13. Do not try to injure yourself around camp or in the challenges. Most serious injuries can happen when you least expect it to and this could lead you to have to be taken out of the game.

14. Never voluntarily be the leader of your tribe. The tribe leaders who under perform or make horrible strategic decisions will almost always be voted out.

15. Do not fall in love! A pair in Survivor is seen as a huge threat and one of the tow of you will be voted out.

16. Take the time to get to know your fellow tribe members. You may or may not have the same interest but people love a good listener. These are the kind of people you want on the jury.

17. If you win an Individual Immunity Challenge, never ever give up that Immunity at Tribal Council. Not only will it make you look like a ‘stupid’ player, you will will also have to deal with being voted out immediately, for example, Erik Reichenbach in Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs Favourites.

18. Do not be the loud-mouthed or annoying one on your tribe. You want to fly under the radar as much as possible. Once your tribe tribe starts talking about how much they dislike you, you won’t be able to regain their first impressions of you.

19. If you happen to be playing the game with returning players that are playing on your tribe, make them the early targets. You don’t want them to get too far in the game as they could easily win the game.

20. If you happen to win chickens and a rooster in a reward challenge, always kill and eat the rooster first! The chickens are the ones that lay the eggs. This could be very beneficial as it will be another food source for the tribe.

21. Too much talking can get you into deep trouble. Once you earn someone’s trust, that information should be kept with you. Once you betray someone’s trust, it won’t be easy to get it back.

22. The most important thing is to be mentally strong. The game of Survivor goes for a duration of 39 days if you somehow make it to the end. You have to be prepared and willing to make sacrifices such as starvation, put up with the elements, etc.

23. Alliances are a big part of Survivor, without the numbers on your side, it can go downhill very quickly. Say you are in a tribe of 8 people, try to form a majority alliance of 5 people. Alliances are very easy to figure out as these are the people who you trust and get along with. Even if you think you have the numeric advantage, you can’t always count on that. There is almost always, someone in that alliance who suspects that they are on the bottom of the ‘totem pole’ and is seen as the weakest. You have to do anything within your power not to lose them as they can be the swing vote and defect over to the other side, if they are promised a ‘better deal’.

24. Do not write a blog on your strategy on how to win Survivor on the internet.

OneMillionDo you agree with Jimmy’s list? Are there any other points you’d include? What tip is the most important?  Let us know your thoughts below!


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5 Comments on ‘The Basic Blueprint’ To Win Survivor

  1. Great list, especially Number 24., though I think it’s interesting to note that plenty of people who have won the game did a few of these things.

  2. so, we all know whose NOT going on Survivor. Jimmy…

  3. Antony Gilbert // April 7, 2015 at 12:44 am // Reply

    Big fail on point 4. Firstly, you show a photo of Natalie who .. found the idol with someone else. Unless you were using Natalie and her idol find as a bad example of game strategy. Is that what you believe bearing in mind that within a day or so half the people left in the game knew she had found an idol? And the eagerness to use Natalie as an example shows some serious recency bias. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect from a newbie Survivor fan.

    Also, there are so many examples where telling people you have an idol is a really good idea – including in the current season with Carolyn. All depends on who you tell.

  4. Andrew James // April 8, 2015 at 4:30 am // Reply

    Never win a late reward challenge. You will almost always have to pick people to reward or not to reward and tip your hand as to alliances. Best to lose but look like you are trying.

  5. It’s also a wise idea to watch Natalie White in action. This bitch possesses the exact skill set required by the Survivor experience. Her confessionals indicate an absolute and complete understanding of how the process works.

    For the exact opposite example, look no farther than Russell Hantz. Fine with the mechanics of the game, but (as Redemption Island proved all too well) the core still trips him up.

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