Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 7 Featuring Natalie & Nadiya Anderson


The current season of Survivor: World’s Apart continues at a rapid pace as we enter into the merge portion of the game! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to the real experts in our good friends Natalie & Nadiya Anderson from San Juan Del Sur!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


After a surprise switch, Kelly was the only Blue Collar member on the new Nagarote tribe. But in Blue Collar fashion, her old tribe decided to throw the Immunity Challenge in order to protect Kelly and keep their numbers strong. Kelly couldn’t wait to get back to her old tribe mates. With Escameca facing Tribal Council, all eyes seemed to be on Joe as a target. Rodney and Joaquin developed a relationship, which made the original Blue Collar tribe members change their priorities. They teamed up with Joe to vote out Joaquin behind Rodney’s back. Twelve are left.



After Tribal Council, Tyler congratulates the tribe on a juicy blindside. Joe reminds him that it is a game. Tyler confesses that the Blue Collar tribe voted with a surprisingly amount of symmetry given the apparent conflicts that they had among each other. Mike notices quickly that Rodney is unhappy with the way things went down. He pulls Rodney to the side and tries to explain what happened to him. Rodney explains that it was a betrayal, and that the relationship he was forming with Joaquin was in order to benefit the “blues”. Mike says that they were worries that Joaquin was the one roping Rodney in. Rodney confesses that he feels disrespected. The people who did him wrong will pay.


Mike tries to explain the vote to Rodney. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 17


The Nagarote tribe finds tree mail. They debate whether the clue is an indication of challenge or a merge. The tribe discusses that they should vote out the Blue Collar tribe one by one. Kelly agrees. They question her lack of allegiance with her former tribe mates, but she assures them that she’s not with them. In her confessional, Kelly explains that she cannot wait to get back to her Blue Collar tribe mates.


The Nagarote tribe discuss the possible meaning of this clue. (Image credit: CBS)


The two tribes arrive at a meeting point on a beach. Jeff is not there and instead there is a large chest of food and a note. The note says that they have merged. They all cheer, hug, and make introductions. The new buffs are black and purple, and the note reveals that they will be living at the Escameca camp site. Tyler confesses that he now has hope. It’s a whole new life. The newly merged tribe all quickly dig into their feast and the wine, rum, and juices. The former Nagarote tribe asks what happened to Joaquin. They thought he would get along with Rodney. The former Escameca tribe confirms that this was the case. They had to split them up. Carolyn confesses that it has become clear that anyone with a strong bond will become a target. She and Tyler will have to keep their bond hidden.


The newly merged tribe partakes in a beach feast. (Image credit: CBS)


The tribe returns to the former Escameca camp site to find the entire camp gone. Everyone is disappointed, but they quickly set to work on building their new camp. Mike and Kelly finally have a chance to talk while everyone is working. She tells him how happy she is to be back, she was getting depressed “over there”. Mike tells her that everything is tight. The Blue Collar alliance is strong. All they need is two more votes and they will have the majority. Jenn and Hali discuss strategy while they are working. They agree that they can work with Shirin for now, but they are aware that Kelly is definitely not with them. They talk to Joe and tell him how relieved that they were to see him still in the game. Rodney approaches Will and tells him he has a new plan. He wants himself, Will, Kelly, and Carolyn to team up with Mike, Dan, and Sierra. At Final 7, their new foursome votes out Mike, Dan, and Sierra. The four of them get together and make an agreement to do just this. Carolyn mocks him in her confessional, but says that it is nice to hear that she is wanted. Tyler and Carolyn discuss what their move is. They are the swing votes, but they need to make sure people don’t know how close they are.


Rodney assembles his new secret alliance. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 18


The next morning, Dan stumbles out of the ocean. He passes Jenn and warns her not to go in the water where he came out. He tells her he was stung by a jellyfish. She tells him to put it in some hot water. He says that he already peed on it, but she says that doesn’t really help. It’s the hot water that makes it feel better. She offers to go start a pot of hot water, but he says he’ll take care of it. As he continues back towards camp, Dan passes Shirin and explains. She quickly and excitedly asks if he wants her to pee on it. He says that he already has. He returns to the camp and uses a shell to pour hot water onto his foot.


Dan gets stung by a jellyfish. (Image credit: CBS)

As the tribe sits around the fire, they discuss the need for a tribe name. Mike pushes for the name Merica. He argues that it’s Red, White, and Blue like the collars… kinda. He confesses that it represents the melting pot that makes their tribe great. Hali confesses that she loves the tribe name because she wants to be a criminal defence attorney. She believes in the Constitution like the religion of America. Shirin confesses that it is the worst tribe name in Survivor history. She is horrified and embarrassed, while Mike is beyond proud. Mike approaches Rodney and tells him that they need to get Joe out of there. Rodney tells him that they have Will on their side. Mike confesses that he needs Rodney for numbers right now, so he has to keep doing Rodney maintenance. Rodney confesses that they would be sitting pretty if they had kept Joaquin and gotten rid of Joe. He is putting on his hustle pants and letting Mike quarterback it.


The merged tribe lands on the name Merica. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 19


For the Immunity Challenge, all twelve contestants must hold onto a pole will very shallow grooves for your toes and fingers. Last person left hanging on wins Immunity. Immediately, Dan and Will begin to struggle. Jeff explains that the challenge has been won by three men and three women. Dan is the first one out. Will immediately follow. They take their seats on the bench. Will sarcastically says “shocking”. Tyler jumps down. Jeff points out that the lighter you are, the easier this challenge is. Sierra drops out. Shirin drops out. Kelly drops out. 25 Minutes into the challenge, Rodney and Joe both begin to struggle. Rodney asks Carolyn if she’s “got this”. She tells him she does. Mike drops out. Rodney follows. Joe, Jenn, Hali, and Carolyn remain. Jenn suddenly screams. Jeff asks what happens. Jenn explains that she was stung by an bug in a “sensitive area”. Hali drops out. At this point the wind picks up and it begins to rain. Quickly the rain escalates into a heavy down pour. At the 55 minute mark, Jenn drops out of the challenge. Carolyn begins to struggle. The rain continues to come down. Carolyn drops out. Joe wins the first Individual Immunity Challenge.


The Immunity Challenge is a self-proclaimed Survivor classic. (Image credit: CBS)


Mike tells the tribe that everyone knows that everyone is going to go talk. So just go talk. He confesses that he wanted to vote out Joe, but they can just switch the vote to Jenn or Hali. While talking to Dan, they decide to vote for Jenn. In order to keep Rodney with them, they need to bend to his desire to take on Will. So they will vote for Jenn, but tell Will that they are voting for Hali. That way they can see if they trust him. They approach Will with the plan to take out Joe’s right hand woman, Hali. Will says that he is happy with that. They can get Joe next time. Will confesses that this first vote will show loyalty. Kelly and Carolyn discuss the feeling that Jenn and Hali are too close. They need to split them up. They both agree.


Carolyn and Kelly agree that Jenn and Hali need to be split up. (Image credit: CBS)

Jenn, Hali, and Shirin agree that they trust Kelly the least. They are going to target Kelly and cripple the “Blues”. Shirin confesses that there are so many Blue Collar people that she is worried about them taking control of the game. So, for now, she is swinging Blue Collar. Mike approaches Tyler and tries to convince him to side with them. Tyler says that that’s all well and good, but he needs to be looped in, or else he will listen to someone else who will loop him in. Hali approaches Tyler and tells him their plan. He reiterates in his confessional that he and Tyler are the swing votes. They will decide the direction of the game. Jenn and Hali discuss the possibility that they might be someone’s target. Jenn tells her that they need to figure out which one of them it is because she has an idol. Hali is shocked and excited to hear it. Jenn confesses that she would rather use it when there are less people in the game, but she will see how Tribal Council goes.


Jenn reveals to Hali that she has a Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Will what happened after the challenge. Was it electric? Will says that Jeff might get voted out tonight. No one’s safe. Everyone laughs. Kelly says that everyone is nervous. Joe says that everyone has the knife and it’s stab or get stabbed. It’s the game, that’s what makes it fun. It’s not personal. Will says that his vote will show people that they can count on him. Jeff asks Mike if the White Collars are the swing votes. Mike says it’s true. Tonight people have to make a decision. Tyler says he has been trying to figure out where he can fit in and make a home for the rest of this game. Someone will carve an ice pick down the tribe’s back. Shirin makes a point of saying that she doesn’t consider herself to be a swing vote. Jeff asks Rodney about the Hidden Immunity Idol. No idols have been played. Rodney says he hasn’t heard about them. Jenn says she’s nervous about the vote because she doesn’t know who is on what side. Dan says that he suspects most people know where their vote is going. The line will be drawn with a chainsaw.


The tribe laughs at Will’s joke. (Image credit: CBS)

They vote. We see no votes and hear no voting confessionals. Jeff retrieves the votes. Jenn plays her Hidden Immunity Idol for herself, saying that she really doesn’t want to go home. The votes are revealed: Hali, Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, Jenn, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Kelly is the seventh person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. Jenn, Hali, and Joe laugh and quietly celebrate their successful manoeuvre. Jenn fist bumps Shirin. Rodney curses. Jeff says that the vote was neither an ice-pick nor a chainsaw, but a bomb. Eleven are left.


Kelly falls victim to Jenn’s Hidden Idol and is the seventh person voted out. (Image credit: CBS)


Rodney looks to make a power move with Will against Mike. “Idol paranoia” takes over the game as the camp erupts into a search for the Hidden Immunity Idol.


For the fifth preview in a row… Rodney reacts strongly to something. (Image credit: CBS)









As far as merge episodes go, that wasn’t the best. But it wasn’t the worst either.

Bad way to start my words I know, as I actually enjoyed the episode. Probably by far the most enjoyable of the season so far. But there is still something about this season that just isn’t singing out for me. I can’t put my finger on it. I’m hoping for an improvement.

I just want to put it out there and let me shout this: I LOVE RODNEY! He is just all kinds of awesome. He is by far in my top 20 favourite contestants of all time. The guy is just great. I mean he gave us a Luc Longley reference. LUC LONGLEY! Is that the only time an Australian sporting great has been referenced in an episode of Survivor? I never heard Greg Norman or Ian Thorpe referenced before. So the fact he gave that makes him even more awesome. And I have to say this week he went from being someone who I thought could never win to pushing himself up just a tad. Not saying he is in the top half of people who CAN win, but the way he handled that situation with Mike after TC, lot better than I was expecting. Keep the ‘three c’s’ approach my friend and you can surprise people, more so Richard Hatch!

The Jenn move was great, but the best ever as some are saying? Really? No. To me it was closer to the Malcolm/Reynold/Eddie move in Caramoan. Smart at the time, but only gets you one spot further. I love Jenn, and I still would put her up there in the top three people who can win this game, but she needs to get the target off her back fast. I would have to say taking Mike out would’ve been smarter, but I can see the merits in taking out Kelly. Even though it did cost me money…dammit!

And why oh why did the white collars side with the blue? Really surprised me there. For sure thought they would stick with the no collar. At least Shirin did. Could get her deeper into this game than I thought a couple of weeks ago. Rodney, Jenn and Shirin in the final 3…oh lord give me strength…best final 3 EVER!

Getting exciting now in terms of how this will play out. So many possibilities for the win. Bring it on!



Firstly let me start off by saying ‘Merica’ is by far the worst merge tribe name and replaces ‘Nobag’ for the title, I was completely with Shirin here. I mean really!? Really!? ‘Merica’…really!?

On to business, given it is at the merge I am going to implement a (hopefully) weekly examination of what I think each contestants chances of winning are. Last season I ranked them from 12-1 at the merge but this year I will use three categories to group the players in. Obviously this is all my opinion and I can be completely wrong, after all there can be only one winner. Expect the groupings to change as the final tribal council draws nearer.

Strong/Good Chance of Winning:




Ok Chance of Winning:






Zero/Slim Chance of Winning:




Jenn, Mike and Carolyn are easily painted as the biggest players of their respective original tribes and all a receiving huge edits. I am cautious on Tyler and won’t hesitate to move him up a category in the following weeks if he proves it, he has just seemed too insignificant and quite in previous weeks but still seems very smart, the same goes with Hali, she could move up. Rodney and Shirin are on the border of the lower and middle category, Rodney has said some bad things but is still being shown as a player and receiving a huge edit, this cast is extremely close so it may not be unrealistic for him to win, Shirin has been painted in a fairly negative light in the pre merge phase but seems to be turning her game around, I don’t think she will win but I wouldn’t rule Shirin out completely. Sierra is receiving too much of a minimal edit and is only being shown when it fits the story (her being the swing vote) for her to be the winner and the other two are fairly self-explanatory.

Check back next week to see who will stay and move within the grid!



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 7th episode features Natalie & Nadiya Anderson! Together they discusses everything that happened during this episode and look ahead to the rest of the season with their answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Rodney (Natalie) Rodney (Nadiya)
DARK HORSE: Carolyn (Natalie) Hali (Nadiya)   
NEXT TO GO: Shirin (Natalie) Shirin (Nadiya)
WHAT TRIBE WOULD YOU BE ON: No Collar (Natalie) No Collar (Nadiya)   
PLAYER MOST SIMILAR TO: Jenn/Rodney (Natalie) So (Nadiya)  

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the eighth episode of Worlds Apart!



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