Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 8 Featuring Brian Corridan


The current season of Survivor: World’s Apart continues at a rapid pace as we continue the merge portion of the game! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Brian Corridan from Guatemala!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


After seventeen days, Nagarote and Escameca finally merged. At the first individual Immunity Challenge, Joe outlasted all the rest and thus taking his head off the chopping block. Rodney pulled in Will to work with the Blue Collar alliance, but Mike wanted to test his loyalty. They told Will to vote for Hali. In reality, they were going to be voting for Jenn. Meanwhile, the No Collar alliance targeted Kelly. White Collar were in the middle, deciding which alliance would come out on top. At Tribal Council, Jenn receive the majority of the votes but saved herself by playing a Hidden Immunity Idol and sending Kelly home. Eleven are left.



Upon returning to camp, everyone congratulates Jenn on her move. Rodney is not pleased, however, and is tired of following Mike’s lead. He tells Will that they need to align with Carolyn and Tyler as their new Final Four. When they hit the Final 7, they will get rid of Mike. Will says that he is down with this plan. Mike tells Jenn that he respects the play that she made even though he would have preferred that it didn’t happen. Jenn confesses that it was great to mess with the other alliance. There is still fun to be had.


Rodney and Will regroup after Tribal Council. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 20


The next morning, Rodney and Shirin fight over food preparation. He thinks that she should cook four scoops of rice rather than three. Meanwhile, he peels the skin off of their salami, which Shirin doesn’t like. Rodney confesses that Shirin is the most pointless person in the game. He has his plan, they just need to weed out all the garbage.


Shirin and Rodney bicker. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, the contestants must make their way across a series of balance beams, collecting three bags of puzzle pieces as they go. The first three contestants to collect all three bags will then race to complete an anchor puzzle using the puzzle pieces. The winner of the challenge will be taken on a zip lining adventure and partake in a pizza picnic. The challenge begins with Dan immediately taking a tumble. Shirin quickly falls as well. Joe and Mike take a quick lead. Shirin struggles to make any progress. Joe finishes first. Mike finishes second. Hali narrowly finishes third. The second portion of the challenge begins. Hali and Joe make good progress while Mike struggles initially. There is only one way that the puzzle can be finished even though some pieces fit multiple spots, so Joe and Hali have to correct for some mistakes. This gives Mike a chance to catch up. He is not fast enough, however, and Joe clinches the win. Jeff allows him to pick four people to go with him on the reward. He chooses Tyler, Will, Carolyn, and Shirin in that order. Rodney is not happy with being excluded from the reward and throws a minor tantrum. He claims that he is the hungriest out there. Joe points out that he also eats the most. Rodney disagrees. Mike confesses that Joe is amazing, and he is worried about Joe finding a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Joe wins the Reward Challenge. (Image credit: CBS)


Joe confesses that it was so much fun to go zip lining. He had never done it before and it felt great to soar over the canopy of the jungle. Shirin confesses that she doesn’t like Carolyn and was sad that Carolyn go to take part in the cool adventure. Carolyn confesses that she was so excited about the food, but that Joe’s pick was obviously very strategic. Joe notices a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in Carolyn’s soda bottle. He mentions that he wishes he had more soda. Carolyn quickly hands over her bottle. He tries to subtly dump the clue into his mouth, but Tyler catches him. Tyler chooses not to call Joe out, however. He confesses that he figured it might open up new options.


Tyler slyly reprimands Joe. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 21


The next morning before the sun comes up, Tyler is awake and waiting for Joe. Joe decides that he will share his clue with Tyler. He approaches Tyler and they walk off under the guise of cleaning dishes. Mike is pretending to be asleep at this point, but sees them go off together. As they depart, he follows them down the beach, spying on them through the trees. Joe and Tyler read the clue, saying that the idol is defying gravity in a hidden hollow near a sea of green. Mike sees them reading the clue. After they start cleaning the dishes, Mike approaches them to “help”, putting Tyler and Joe on guard. Tyler approaches Mike later and tells him everything that happened. He also reveals the contents of the clue. Mike takes off to look for Joe. He returns to the camp and gets his alliance to help search.


Tyler spills all the beans to Mike. (Image credit: CBS)

Mike successfully finds Joe in mid search and continues to spy on him. Mike confesses that he didn’t see Joe find any idols, but he comes out of the jungle while Joe is in the river being watched by Carolyn, Rodney, and Tyler. He makes a scene, saying that Joe found the idol and that he saw him. He hugs Joe and says that he’s sorry but that he’s got to blow him up. Joe confesses that Mike spoiled his plan. He tells Hali that everyone thinks that he has it even though he doesn’t. Them thinking he has it might actually keep the votes off of him though.


Mike puts on a show to make people think Joe has the idol. (Image credit: CBS)

Shirin sits by the water while Dan bathes in the river. She asks him if he is worried about the idol. He says that he is not. He tells her that he is surprised with her. He says that she is another superfan who can’t count numbers. Why would she align herself with the minority? Why would she throw her game away? She says that Dan just doesn’t understand her game. He agrees that he doesn’t. He confesses that he can’t remember her name because she annoys him so much. He implores someone to smack her and wake her up. To do them all a favour. He says that he cannot wait until her torch goes out. He tells her that Joe will never give her the idol, making her an easy target to vote out. There are two kinds of people in this game: People who don’t do anything and people who do too much and annoy everyone. Her game is done. He’s just trying to be nice.


Dan gives Shirin a basic math lesson. (Image credit: CBS)

Elsewhere, Mike continues his search for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He takes a break from his search to try and get some protein from a termite nest. He confesses that this is a tough part of the game, but he has to find the idol. He cries, saying he has work to do. he says that it is not an easy task. You don’t just find idols. It’s the people who are working hardest who find the idols. We see him find the Escameca blue Hidden Immunity Idol in a tree and he immediately begins crying again before partaking in a #happydance. He confesses that if you keep digging within yourself when you have nothing left, this is what you find. If Joe doesn’t win the next Immunity Challenge, Joe has to go.


Mike cries upon finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 22


For the Immunity Challenge, the contestants must each get a puzzle piece through three slide mazes of increasing difficulty. They then must use that piece to complete a slide puzzle. First person to do so, wins Immunity. Shirin is bursting with excitement at the prospect of a puzzle challenge. Jeff tries to gauge this level of excitement. She says that she needs to be the opposite of a bomb and “bring it in”. The challenge begins, and Joe immediately takes the lead. Shirin, Tyler, and Mike each stay close behind. Joe begins working on his slide puzzle first. Soon everyone has caught up and is working on their puzzle except for Rodney. Dan flies through the puzzle and yells that he is done. Jeff says that he is wrong. The challenge recommences. Dan quickly makes some adjustments and again calls out that he is done. Again, Jeff declares him wrong. Dan looks bewildered. Joe calls out that he is done. “Joe is right!” Joe wins his third individual challenge in a row, making him undefeated in the individual game. Rodney confesses that if Mike had listened to him and kept Joaquin instead of Joe, they’d be sitting pretty.


Joe is unstoppable at the individual challenges. (Image credit: CBS)


Shirin confesses that she was handed that challenge on a silver platter, but Joe wins everything. Everyone thinks that she is weak in everyway. She is not too concerned. At the river, Carolyn, Dan, Mike, Tyler, and Sierra discuss their move. Carolyn suggests Shirin. Mike says that if that’s what they want to do, that’s fine with him, but he thinks that they should vote out Hali in order to cripple the No Collar trio. Dan confesses that they don’t know where White Collar’s idol is. Carolyn and Tyler seem confident that Shirin doesn’t have it, and he doesn’t think Shirin would have been able to keep quiet about it if she did.


The majority alliance discusses their next vote. (Image credit: CBS)

Shirin sits with Hali, Jenn, and Sierra on the beach and recounts her previous conversation with Dan. They are shocked to hear the way that he talked to her. Sierra confesses that she was kind of relieved to have some one else say what she has been thinking about Dan saying things that are over the line. She’s not crazy. She confesses that it might be in her best interest to align with the women and have it be all girls in the end. They agree that they will all vote for Dan. Hali confesses that she likes the idea of the women teaming together to make each other stronger. If Sierra flips to vote with them, they are going to need one more vote. If Dan wants to be misogynistic, they’ll vote him out. Shirin approaches Tyler and suggests this plan. It might be their last opportunity to break up the Blue Collar power.


The younger women discuss Dan’s behavior. (Image credit: CBS)


Jeff begins Tribal Council by asking Tyler the reaction to the last Tribal Council. He says that Kelly was well-liked and that some people were bummed out. The group wasn’t divided as plainly as they suggested at the last Tribal Council. There is still a lot of wiggle room. Mike says that he is 155,000% sure of what he is doing. Everyone there is a gamer. Everyone there knows how to tickle someone’s ear. Jeff asks Dan if he is uneasy and anticipating a big move. Dan says that you have to stand by your alliance. Three magic words: Flippers never win. Shirin says that this is blatantly wrong. Tony flipped multiple times and won Survivor: Cagayan. People flip all the time in Survivor. That’s usually what a big move is. Dan is using this as a fear tactic. Jeff asks Hali about “Flippers never win”. She says that “Merica” has a history of flipping on England. Flippers have a great historical record. Jeff is amused. They vote. Mike votes for Hali. Shirin votes for Dan, saying that he’s gone off the rails. Jeff retrieves the votes. No idols are played. The votes are revealed: Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Dan, Hali, Hali, Hali. Hali is the eight person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the first member of the Jury. Jenn is shocked. Joe is crestfallen. Jenn tells Hali to drink a beer for her. Jeff tells them that any lines in the sand can be washed away by the tides tomorrow.


Hali becomes the first member of the Worlds Apart Jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Everyone takes a beating in an upcoming challenge. Jenn considers throwing in the towel. She has “nothing out here except for despair”.


Will gracefully slides. (Image credit: CBS)









So can someone tell me when this season is meant to get good?

I keep waiting and well…yeah. It’s not getting any better. This week I would say was the worst episode of the season. Worse than the Nina boot. It was just…boring. We had a good 10-15 minute stretch of idol hunting, two challenges, a tiny bit of reward and some pretty pointless and empty ‘strategy talk’ before TC. For sure there were some funny moments (Shirin was a star this episode) and my man Rodney continues to shine in the entertainment area, but…meh. I for one am not holding out hopes this season is going to improve that much.

Having said that, it isn’t the worst. And it still has its moments. But it’s funny with this season in terms of all the gameplay and strategy. What is with all the bad moves being made? I feel like we have some players here who are thinking they are a lot better than they actually are, and it shows. Last year I was critical of San Juan Del Sur for having ‘average players’ but you can put that down to most of the cast not being the biggest Survivor fans and making a lot of stuff up along the way. And that was enjoyable to see because it was a great cast with lots of great unpredictable play. This season it just seems nobody wants to win. And if they do, they just can’t seem to do it in a way that is going to work. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but it bugs me.

This could quite possibly be the most negative update ever that I’ve done since Survivor Oz started, but for the most part I haven’t really had to sit through a season that I wasn’t enjoying that much since we began (Caramoan excluded). Well guess there is a first right? Guess I better say it…bring on next week…



Can someone explain to me how this is an awesome season? What exactly is so wonderful about it? Max Dawson said in his exit interviews a few weeks ago that this season would make us “shit our pants”. Well, mission achieved Max, but that was mainly due to an unfortunately timed bout of diarrhoea.

It’s not a great season, it’s potentially not even the best season with the word “world” in the title and that is saying something. The way fans are in awe of it just doesn’t compute to me. I’m clearly watching a different show. To me, this is nothing more than Caramoan 2.0, and a couple of big moves or twists in the game are now looking to be arriving too late to save this season. I really hope I am proven wrong.

The merge episode was probably the best of the season, which isn’t saying much and the fallout should have been great. Only it wasn’t. Why did we not see more of the reason why Will flipped, or why Dan felt the need to go off on Shirin? Instead we have an extended period of hunting for idols and two of the most boring challenges I can remember for a long time. I guess the challenge department decided to go surfing and throw together the old “balance beam and puzzle piece” combo. There have been some imaginative and interesting challenges this season, but it’s a shame to see individual challenges reverting to form.

And this cast? Are they seriously being labelled one of the best in recent years? Who exactly do I have to root for or against? I am guessing I am supposed to love Mike because he finds idols and leads an alliance, when in reality he is one of the most bland players in recent memory. I also assume I am supposed to dislike Dan but despite his desires to make a mark on this game, he’s just another stupid loud mouth that we have seen many times over in this game. He’s just a blander and dumber version of Philip Sheppard. Of the others, I literally have no opinion. Do we really have a sense of what is going through the heads of Will, Sierra and Jenn? And we have established that Carolyn and Tyler have an alliance and talk strategy, although they say nothing new. And of course the season’s best asset is Rodney, who is being criminally underused. I know I am still in a post-Cagayan depression, but I’m even pining for players from San Juan del Sur like Natalie, Jon, Keith, and yes, even Missy. At least these players did something interesting and we had reasons to love or hate them. This bunch? More Vanilla than Julia Landauer.

As I say, I hope I’m wrong and this thing picks up. I really, really do. Because right now this season is just failing to connect with me in any way. The “dirty 30” may be in love with themselves but they haven’t done anything to raise a similar emotion in me. Nothing has surprised me, made me laugh or questioned me to think about strategy. I guess when things are this uninteresting, it can only get better.



Ugh… I am not enjoying where this season has been going! There’s just no…likeable players! I mean, besides Jenn (who is still a tad annoying), all i have now is Joe…who is fantastic and lovely and should win everything and never be defeated! It pains me to have 9 other players who i just dislike…notably the Blue Collar males. Rodney talks a big game but it’s just not nice, Mike just comes across as being that overzealous leader who we’re supposed to like because of…Merica…and Dan…despite being a superfan…is just obnoxious to everyone, and it’s just a bit old now! The Reward Challenge was fun and it was interesting to see who Joe chose for the reward but…didn’t seem to come to anything! The Immunity Challenge was…I don’t really care how basic it seemed…Joe won so I was happy! Not surprised that Sierra and Tyler didn’t move anywhere, didn’t seem smart for them but…it’s just that time when the boring alliance is on top and I hate that! If they were entertaining…maybe I’d like them…but they’re not…they’re uninteresting and most importantly, unlikeable, so it makes it hard to you know…actually want to see any of them win or god-forbid…return for another season!



It’s one of those episodes of Survivor where they had to do their best to make us believe the alliances are shifting where they don’t. However, with Will being left in the dark last vote, Rodney having a problem with Mike, and Sierra not liking Dan, there were some let reasons for people to flip. None of them took the bait and decided to keep going with the alliance of 7. All eyes will be on Joe for the remainder of this game. No one has ever won more than 5 consecutive immunity challenges in Survivor which means if history repeats itself, Joe’s best case scenario is final 7 unless he obtains an idol, which would now require Mike using his first. Mike, oh Mike. Did even Russell Hantz have a more hyped idol finding scene than Mike? And when will Dan and Shirin learn that being themselves is not doing many favours for them in this game? Right now the themes are not only splitting power couples but possible missed opportunities. Will is a curious case. It’s possible Nina would leave her No Collar alliance like Will did. However maybe voting out Joe when Joaquin left would’ve been the better move. And I will be very disappointed if Jenn quits. It really wouldn’t make sense given how somewhat positive her edit has been but in recent seasons we’ve had several misleading edits.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 8th episode features Brian Corridan! He discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

DARK HORSE: Tyler    

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the eighth episode of Worlds Apart!



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9 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 8 Featuring Brian Corridan

  1. I am enjoying this season. I think it is just different than other good seasons and people don’t understand that a good season does not have to be filled with blindsides and amazing characters. This season, in my opinion, is less ‘tense’ and more fun which I think is what the producers want.

  2. I dont understand why these people dont like this season. I love it so far, I can tell they are setting us up for one thing and are going to jolt us in a different direction. Another thing they say is that there is not enough likeable characters. What?! A great season has people you can root for and people you can root against and this season has both!! Rodney and Dan are jerks that you know you don’t want to win, but Rodney still has a great shot. One thing that is great about this season is that there is alot of people that still have a great chance at winning. Tyler, Carolyn, Jenn, Mike, Rodney, and Joe. SERIOUSLY you guys need to get a grip.

    • Carolyn should win // April 14, 2015 at 5:46 am // Reply

      Yeah I know it’s fantastic I love it they just expect every season to be like a Micronesia or a Cagayan.

    • odobenidae // April 14, 2015 at 6:51 am // Reply

      RJ – – – I think Worlds Apart is the absolute worst. Have watched all 30 seasons, like most people around these Survivor Oz parts, and I’ve never disliked a season so much.

      Eight episodes in, I still don’t really care about any of these people. Plenty of folks to root against, but I don’t like anybody enough to root FOR them! Mighty disappointing. Most of the characters are fucking boring, even the editing can’t save them, and the only person I even mildly like is the one fellow contestants insist is annoying as hell (Shirin).

      Aside from the dearth of good characters, this season’s challenges are repetitively lame, the location seems facelessly generic, the premise is tired (“We’ve done age, race… what about class!”), and the editing is so dull that the staff seems to be writing it off as they cut. CBS may be intent on broadcasting any ol’ tape without checking to see what’s on their fucking airwaves.

      Not targeting your comment specifically, RJ, just venting in general! No one I know watches Survivor, and a season like this shows why so many viewers have stopped caring.

  3. Carolyn should win // April 14, 2015 at 5:43 am // Reply

    This website is so biased towards joe and jenn first of all joe has the exact same looks and personality as Malcolm and Ozzie and he is just so boring no wonder he gets no screen time

    • Now that I think about it, the majority of the people do actually like this season, just not on this website for some reason. As of now, this is my fourth favorite only behind HvV, Cagayan, and Borneo.

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