The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 26 Episode 6 Recap


Noah and the Ozlets (or ARzlets as they are sometimes referred for this episode) sit down to discuss their thoughts on the episode including giddiness over airport scenes and Amazing Race/Teen Mom crossovers, before an unforseen development in the pre-season prediction game that will leave you shocked!

We’re back for another episode of our ‘spin off show’ as we provide you a full recap of this weeks episode of the US version of The Amazing Race including full written analysis and our weekly podcast episode with guest host Noah and the ‘ARzlets’ giving you their unique take on all things to do with Season 26!

Each week we will also bring you a full written review of the episode from the mind of Ozlet Alex Morella! Over to you Alex:


It’s Race time!

So we left the teams in Germany, where we marvelled at the Ford Focus and it’s brand new reverse camera feature…and Burt bit the bullet by ignoring instructions and leaving themselves as the first singles to be booted!

But we’re in Germany…heading out into Europe…so let’s see how this goes!

Who do we have left?

#1 #TeamBronze (Aly & Steve)

#2 #MasterHairstylists (Matt & Ashley)

#3 #JacknJeff (Jeff & Jackie)

#4 #Jelannny (Jelani & Jenny)

#5 #BlairleySurviving (Blair & Hayley)

#6 #TeamKickButt (Laura & Tyler)

#7 #TruckStopLoveStory (Mike & Rochelle)

So let’s see how this goes!

We start with some more Ford love with Aly and Steve telling us how amazing Ford is…we get it…we’ve watched this for a long time!

We start with a flashback…and…it’s more unseen footage of Hayley continuing to complain that Blair doesn’t listen and it’s all his fault and it’s just one thing after another…and Blair just trying to keep it together while they’re lost on the side of a highway…She’s such a mess!

In any case…#TeamBronze are starting us off!

Fly to Monaco. First fly to Nice, where you will get fitted into nice clothes and then taken by helicopter into Monaco


Aly is incredibly excited! #TeamBronze keep everything together…it’s all very much a focus for them…no bickering or freaking out…it’s just calmness and composure!

#MasterHairstylists are off and Ashley wants to win a leg to get a honeymoon…is that an engagement reference….I think it is! That’s 3!

At the airport the two teams find out that #TeamBronze got the last tickets on the first flight…so they will get in an hour earlier than #MasterHairstylists, who are getting in at 6:15pm

#JacknJeff depart…Jackie talks about the fact they fight but they’re having a great time! We then get the default middle of the road teams, with #Jelannny, #BlairleySurviving and #TeamKickButt all departing to pretty much no fanfare or interest….i swear it’s always these same teams in the middle!

At Munich Airport…we get some searching from these middle teams, and #JackNJeff, #BlairleySurviving and #Jelannny all get a flight that gets in at 5:55pm…good searching there! Hayley says so far they haven’t been fighting today so that’s…progress! Blair just looks as delighted as ever that he got Hayley as his partner…why couldn’t he have gotten the lovely Laura he ponders!

#TeamKickButt also get on that flight!

#TruckStopLoveStory depart, around 4 hours after #TeamBronze…they won’t give up…but the teams at the airport think they won’t be able to get onto this flight!

They’re right…#TruckStopLoveStory are starting behind, with a flight that gets in at 8:45pm

So #TeamBronze jump on their flight…and…#TruckStopLoveStory come down and see them get on…and just enquire as to whether they could get on…and…so they enquire about standby…wasn’t there a new rule on this???

In any case…they manage to jump the queue!!! They’re going to get in at 5:05pm!!! That’s sneaky! And probably still worth it!


Get them and run!

Also…I think everyone thinks they are behind…so it’s just the #MasterHairstylists at the back!

We get to Nice…and it’s #TeamBronze there first, although #TruckStopLoveStory are there too! The girls get fancy black dresses…Aly looks stunning!

So…they all get suits measured and made overnight and then they wear it the next day? That’s a sneaky way to bunch everyone up!

So we get people trying on clothes…but before that…they all run into #TruckStopLoveStory…and everyone is just amazed to see them there…they mention they got on the #TeamBronze flight….and everyone is just….so surprised!


They pulled this face!

#TeamKickButt talk about the amount of beauty in the mirror…and Laura looks hot! And Tyler looks suave…can they please date already? I’m waiting for their standard selfie though….one has to be coming soon!

Hayley also has a stunning black dress with Blair in an outfit that he feels nice in, but it makes Hayley giggle a little bit…Jackie gets the red dress treatment…it’s gorgeous…while Ashley hates hers…which she thinks is ‘8th grade dinner dance dress…it’s not that bad!

So we’re just getting small talk…as the blind date couples sit around together and Jackie tells us Jeff and her are doing great and he’s exactly what she’s looking for and all the others feel sick…which is a shame because I’m still digging Tyler and Laura but…it looks like it won’t happen…#JacknJeff then give us a kiss to make the mood even more sickly!



I feel dirty talking about all this relationship stuff…can we get back to racing please?

We head to the next morning! And…everyone is getting ready to jump in a helicopter! In their new gear! It’s quality! Phil will now tell us where they are actually going!

Roadblock: Who wants to spoil their partner? One team member must get their partner roses and chocolates. Pick up Rises and chocolates from two places on foot, then find their partner who will be waiting on a luxury yacht!


I wish Phil turned up at mine like this…I really want chocolate!

Doesn’t sound riveting but…I’d sit this one out to enjoy the luxury yacht!

Steve is up for #TeamBronze, Mike for #TruckStopLoveStory

And then we get some Tyler selfie video time…I told you it was coming! They truly are #TeamSelfie!


Every opportunity…they get this in! #TeamSelfie

At the roadblock, Steve starts walking and searching…so does Mike…that’s it…

#Jelannny land…and Jenny is treating Jelani.

Steve runs around, he’s an athlete so he doesn’t find it as a problem

Aly and Rochelle are just chilling on a yacht….yep…that’s the life!

Laura is up for #TeamKickButt, while Hayley is treating Blair…maybe her treat is never coming back?

In any case…Steve and Mike get to the roses…so that’s the first part done!

Jenny teams up with Laura to find where they’re going…

Mike says he’s a romantic that gets Rochelle roses once a month…now I feel really bad that I’ve got my girlfriend roses twice…I think…actually once it wasn’t roses…sorry Claire! I should really do better (Claire is my girlfriend…not a random new racer)!

Steve gets to the chocolates…so he’s on his way back!


Looking very dapper! Do people still say dapper?

Jenny and Laura are running all over town, while Jelani and Tyler are kicking back, Tyler gives us a cheeky grin in a confessional with Laura, she just smiles and calls him obnoxious…can you two seriously stop being friendzoned already?

Hayley has blisters already…ummm

Jackie and Matt elect to do their roadblocks respectively. Mike gets to the chocolates

Jenny and Laura get Roses. Then Steve finds the yacht to give Aly the gifts and get their next clue!

Proceed to the Monte Carlo Casino!

The Casino! That’s what we all came to see!

Jenny and Laura get chocolates, Jenny picks her favourites as she’s doing all the running around…typical women…getting her man a present and still getting the chocolates for herself! That’s not too sexist right? Well…it’s a joke…so get over it if you’re offended!

Hayley gets to the roses, while Mike is a bit lost….he’s not sure where to find the Yacht! Jackie gets chocolates, while Matt gets flowers, and horribly mispronounces ‘Princess Grace’, I wouldn’t expect anything less!

So there’s a mad dash to yachts….Mike is lost…he’s at the wrong quay…but he still gets there 2nd! He doesn’t even get a hug though….


The lads relaxing!

#TeamBronze arrive at the casino, and Phil is dressed up! Looking sharp as he tells us the next clue!


Looks like it’s Emmy’s night!

Teams must spin a roulette wheel, and perform the side of the detour the ball lands on!

Red will lead to ‘Don’t Slack Off’

Black will lead to ‘Win by a Nose’

This is odd…I like it! Both sides also require teams to get a Ford Fiesta from the Valet…still loving that Ford at the moment!

#TeamBronze roll Black! They pick up their car and roll out to an unknown destination!

Jenny and Laura arrive and aggressively give their men their chocolate! But they can move on!

Jackie gets her roses, while Matt gets the Chocolates, and Hayley arrives at the Yacht

#TruckStopLoveStory roll Black at the roulette, while #Jelannny get Red, and #TeamKickButt get Black, Laura points out she now also has Jenny’s map!

Jenny searches for the map and insists Jelani has it…he insists he never got it! #TruckStopLoveStory immediately get out of their car to ask for directions…they’re not great at this normally…


I don’t want flowers….I just want a street map!

#Jelannny continue to bicker about what happened to the map…then they switch who’s driving…

#TeamKickButt head out and want new fancy ‘bouge’ names, they choose their middle names…Magdalena and Hayes…my god even their middle names work! #Getmarriedalready!

Jackie and Matt get to the end of the Detour…with Matt nearly stacking it!

#TeamBronze get told they’re going the wrong way…not sure if they realised!

#BlairleySurviving roll black, they’re off to by a nose! #JacknJeff get Red, and are off to the slacks!

#TeamBronze park their car somewhere and get out to look at a church and…they’re not sure if it’s the right spot!

#MasterHairstylists roll and get red, they’re off to slacks!

#TeamBronze are lost…it’s confirmed now…so they have to not panic! To be fair…it’s low key panic…there’s a mild miscommunication…but that’s really it!

#TruckStopLoveStory were in fact correct with their directions…and run past Phil on the scene! Mike complements Phil on his great look, while he tells them they are winning, and are now looking to win by a nose!


I’m disappointed he ditched the bow tie for this!

We finally know what the detour is!

Win by a Nose: Teams must make a bottle of signature perfume/cologne. Using 12 essences, teams must try and match original recipes


I see…this might be interesting…maybe….

#JacknJeff ask for directions, so #MasterHairstylists pass them!

#Jelannny are the first team to get to the other detour, Don’t Slack Off!

Don’t Slack Off: Teams must zipline 2000 feet about the city, then walk the slackline back!


That looks like so much more fun!

#TeamKickButt get to the perfume, where #TruckStopLoveStory are starting very slowly, and seem to not be making a lot of progress!

#TeamBronze finally find their way to the detour, while #BlairleySurviving start to talk about the fact they both have chemistry minors that can help at this challenge, their chemistry is…well…pretty terrible at the moment…so their chemistry skills might actually help that…

We now find out there are also 12 mystery fragrances, so some of the items must be identified by the smell…that’s tough! Mike and Rochelle are starting to lose their patience a bit!

At the ziplines…#JacknJeff and #MasterHairstylists are all there…and Jenny is just finishing her slack part…she loved it! There’s always the problem of this course stuff just being teams taking turns! #Jelannny get through it very quickly though! They’re now in the lead…and off to the pit stop!

Drive to the Pit Stop, Plage de Passable


They’re off! No Phil or anything? Interesting

#TruckStopLoveStory are stuggling…#BlairleySurviving are getting along well because Blair is in a suit apparently…Others are trying to figure the mystery fragrances out!

On the ziplines…Ashley is getting going on the slacks, while Jeff ziplines across…

#TruckStopLoveStory try their mixtures…Rochelle’s is right…Mike’s has one wrong ingredient! #TeamKickButt try next…unfortunately…they are wrong!

At the zips…Matt is getting there….slowly…while Jeff is absolutely freaking out! Ashley calls out for Matt to come to his fiancé! That’s reference number 4! Jeff survives, and Jackie tries to get through it as fast as possible, in fact she kills it!


Out for a casual zip….

At the perfumes, everyone is catching on to what is the ingredient they need (I believe it’s Carmel). #TeamBronze try…and they are correct! #TeamKickButt try….they are…correct! Two teams gone….#BlairleySurviving go….it’s also correct! So it comes down to #TruckStopLoveStory…from first to last at the detour! They are……….we go to an ad….and come back….they are also correct! So we actually have 7 teams all racing to the pit stop?


Doesn’t look as fun as ziplining!


No one really seems to know where to go…so I have no clue who is where! It’s epic!!!

They’ve all asked for directions….this is crazy!

So crazy!!!

I have no clue….They all want to just not be last!

This is the best part of the season so far! So epic!

#Jelannny are fighting…but everyone else is basically just lost or not sure or hopeful….just a lot of open ended statements….

We get some great tv work too…with cuts to each team driving as we look at a far away view of the pit stop…just really great camera work!


I applaud the editing team for all this!

Who is it??????

It’s #BlairleySurviving!!! They’re going to win a freaking leg!

It’s confirmed….they are team number 1!


They’ve won a trip for 2 to South Africa! I can’t believe they found it first! Give the trip up Blair…just let her have it! You don’t want to go on holiday with her…do you?


This is Blair for the whole race right?

But yeah….this is what happens when you get on and don’t fight….lesson learnt? Blair said they spoke about this and said if they didn’t fight…that’s when they’d win a leg…and they did! I can’t believe it!

So…who’s next….it’s still wide open!

#TeamBronze have come in 2nd! #TruckStopLoveStory in 3rd! Phil continues to try and spruik the love…even between Blair and Hayley…but Hayley calls it friendship chemistry…I call it a future meltdown!

Back in the rat race….#MasterHairstylists are now following #Jelannny, where Jenny is just pissed off…and Jelani just doesn’t care anymore…#JacknJeff seem lost….and I think #TeamKickButt know where they are going…they’re just…not there!

But we get #MasterHairstylists getting there for 4th place! Followed by #Jelannny in 5th and #TeamKickButt in 6th! Very close between them all! Also…#TeamKickButt got date night…IT’S WORKING FOR YOU PERFECTLY!!! KISS HER TYLER!

They take another selfie at the pir stop with #Jelannny and #MasterHairstylists, plus Phil and the pit stop greeter.….they truly are #TeamSelfie…I may call them that from now on…


More great work from #TeamSelfie!

And that leaves #JacknJeff as the last team to arrive…they got quite lost it seems…

And they have been eliminated from the race!


Looks like an ending to a Bachelor episode

Dangit…I really didn’t think that was an elimination leg…but…that’s just how it is!

They’re shattered…but they’re proud of what they did, and…Jackie thinks they can still work together, and she’s so thankful she met Jeff! She says he’ll be in her life forever…and then says she’ll give him her number…Jeff smiles…and we leave it at that!


But he scored a Vegas showgirl!

So…an ok episode finishes with a fantastic last few minutes!

Let’s take that all in…who do we still have here!

#1 #BlairleySurviving – I don’t believe it…they won a freaking leg! And they didn’t fight! We can’t be talking final 3 now can we? Definitely too soon!

#2 #TeamBronze – Even when they’re bad…they’re good! Still calm under pressure!

#3 #TruckStopLoveStory – I don’t know how they got 3rd…but I mean…that was a quality leg from them! More of that and they could still make it to the end! Also…apparently they went on a date…but we didn’t see it…and as a result…no mention of Mike not meeting Rochelle’s kid yet…nice!

#4 #MasterHairstylists – An early blunder with tickets, but they recovered well to finish in the middle!

#5 – #Jelannny – A lot of fighting now, Jenny is really starting to get intense and it isn’t working for Jelani…but I mean…they still do some things very well

#6 – #TeamKickButt – I now dub thee….#TEAMSELFIE! After 2 more selfies…also…can you 2 please date? I mean…I hope I’m not the only one that sees it but…there seems to be a lot there! Go for it kiddies (like as in a relationship…not on the date)!

Leg Assessment: Monaco is amazing to see…and that was the highlight of the leg…the challenges themselves weren’t great…but Monaco made it memorable!

Detour Assessment: I liked the random roulette to decide what the detours were! The perfume challenge was hardish and while not that interesting, was a proper challenge. The ropes ones are ones I personally don’t like as it’s all about teams taking turns so there’s not a lot of chances to move ahead of others!

Roadblock Assessment: Flowers and Chocolate? It was just a quick walk around Monaco really…nothing difficult…just get chocolates while your partner kicks back!

Predictions: Colin – 10th, Kristan – 9th Rossi – 1st, Jarrod – 5th, Alex – 2nd

I mean…we might have to give it to Kristan and Jarrod…I hope Noah predicted more accurately…see the podcast to find out!

Quick Counts:

Selfie Count – 20 (2 for the Episode – Thanks #TeamSelfie!)

#MasterHairstylists’ Marriage References – 4 (2 for the episode!)

The leg is done…we’re down to 6! I can’t wait for the next leg!

Happy Racing!

Tune in next week for our episode 7 recap! Let us know your thoughts on the episode by commenting below!




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3 Comments on The Amazing Race Oz – US Season 26 Episode 6 Recap

  1. Thanks for your recaps. This is my first comment (this season) as I am watching it on Channel 7 (or Southern Cross as they call it down here – Northern Tasmania) and it is a little behind in the episodes.

    I agree that the last episode (Monaco) was close to the best in this season, the rest have been dull.

    I think that idea of the blind dates has failed, I still don’t know half the names and I can’t rely on the Mother and Son team or the Sisters team as they are all either blind dates or existing dates. I don’t even recall who got engaged.

    I hope they revert back to what worked so well before.

    Thanks again for your great work.


    • Great to hear you enjoyed it Tracy! We’re in Hobart so it’s also good to hear from another Tassie person too!

    • Thanks for the comment Tracy. great to hear from another Tasmanian person! We generally watch in time with the US airing (although we post a bit later) but will always check back on old posts to see if others are behind. Would love to continue to hear your thoughts on the future episodes of these season. Thanks for listening!

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