Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 9 Featuring Jonathan Penner


The current season of Survivor: Worlds Apart continues at a rapid pace as we continue the merge portion of the game! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Jonathan Penner from Cook Islands, Micronesia, and Philippines!

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


After the merge, Rodney had control of the majority alliance and a secret alliance with Will, Carolyn, and Tyler. For Joe it was a different story. His No Collars and Shirin were on the bottom. He found a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol but the majority alliance wouldn’t let him out of their sights and Mike found the idol before him. At Tribal Council, Dan said that flippers never win, and Shirin was vocal against his perspective. Hali was voted out. Ten are left.



Back at camp, Dan and Shirin immediately continued their fight from Tribal Council each projecting their insecurities onto the other. Shirin confesses that she will only get to the end by taking big risks. All she can do is shake things up. She tells Mike in front of the group that she will vote for Mike to win when he gets to the end. Rodney confesses that flippers win with good timing. He plans on taking down his former Blue Collar tribe mates. As a storm approaches, Jenn vocalizes her discouragement. She doesn’t want to be in the game anymore and claims excitement in the prospects of getting voted out.


Shirin instigates her plan to shake things up. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 23


The next morning, Shirin approaches Mike and tells him that she wants to work with him. Mike confesses that he is aware that there is a sub-alliance brewing within his alliance, and he sees the value in taking Shirin into his alliance. Shirin suggests to him that they vote out Carolyn. She confesses that her plan is to back seat drive from Mike’s passenger seat.


The morning after Tribal, Shirin hitches her wagon to Mike’s star. (Image credit: CBS)


For the challenge, the contestants will be divided into two teams of five. They must race one at a time through a series of obstacles on the water including a sliding ramp, a submerged net crawl, and a balance beam. Once all five team members make it to the end, they must toss a small anchor to pull in five floating rings. First team to win gets to partake in a chocolate café reward including Snickers, Dove, Twix, and M&Ms. Jeff allows each of them to have an M&M prior to the beginning of the challenge. They each react with the expected ecstasy.


The Survivors compete for a chocolate reward. (Image credit: CBS)

They do a school yard pick to determine teams. The red team is Joe, Will, Jenn, Rodney, and Carolyn. The blue team is Mike, Dan, Sierra, Shirin, and Tyler. Mike and Rodney are up first and stay essentially neck-in-neck through the obstacles. Dan and Will are up next and the two larger men have an awkward time making it through the obstacles, but also remain basically neck-in-neck. Tyler and Carolyn are next. Again, they stay essentially tied until the balance beam where Tyler gives the blue team a lead when Carolyn must take three attempts. Shirin and Jenn are up next and Jenn makes up a lot of the time that Carolyn lost for the red team. By the time they finish, Jenn has given the red team a big lead. Joe completes all the obstacles while Shirin struggles on the balance beam. Shirin finally finishes and Sierra is out last for blue. The two teams then alternate members grappling in the rings. Sierra and Mike do a lot of the work for the blue team while Joe, Jenn and Carolyn do most of the work for the red team. The blue team is the first to finish and they win reward. Jenn complains that this game is nothing that anyone would want. Joe says that they all signed up for exactly what they are getting.


Jenn beast-modes across through the obstacles. (Image credit: CBS)


The reward winners arrive at the chocolate café and are overwhelmed by the spread of goodies there for them to partake in. Mike confesses that the Snickers brought him back to his childhood. Sierra tells the team that she loves every one of them. Shirin confesses that she is the luckiest one out there.


The challenge winners enjoy their reward. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, the losers decide to cook a chicken. Jenn is upset that the tribe cooks a chicken without consulting her. She is the one who primarily cares for and spends time with the chickens so she considers them to be her chickens. She reiterates that none of this is fun. While they eat the chicken, Rodney begins doing impressions of Mike and Dan, much to the delight of the rest of the losers. Even Jenn bursts out laughing. Joe confesses that he notices that Rodney doesn’t like Mike and he wants to use that in order to help his game.


Rodney cheers up the challenge losers with impressions of Mike and Dan. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 24


The next morning, the tribe finds tree mail and get psyched for their next Immunity Challenge. Joe confesses that he feels a ton of pressure. He hopes to make his streak go from three challenges to four. Jenn and Joe talk on the beach and she tells him that if she wins Immunity she will give it to Joe in order to mess up peoples’ plans and get herself voted out.


Jenn tells Joe that she will give him Immunity if she wins it. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Immunity Challenge, the contestants must stand on a beam and balance a piece of wood on their head while pushing it against a beam over their head. Last person to have their wood drop or fall off of the beam wins Immunity. The challenge begins but Joe starts to struggle almost immediately. Carolyn drops out of the challenge. Will drops immediately after her. Shirin follows. A few minutes pass without anyone dropping but then Rodney drops out. Dan drops next, loudly expressing his disappointment. Jeff tells him to be mindful of the other contestants. Sierra then drops her block. Four remain Joe, Mike, Jenn, and Tyler. Joe’s block falls. He is clearly devastated. Mike drops shortly thereafter. Jenn’s block falls and Tyler wins Immunity. Jenn confesses that she thinks she can protect Joe and screw up everyone else’s game.


Tyler enjoys his moment of glory. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Joe confesses that he was rooting whole heartedly for Jenn, but now he’s living on a limb. Shirin confesses that she found a numbers loophole. Due to the fact that the majority will split the vote, that makes Shirin the swing vote to decide between Joe and Jenn. The majority alliance keeps their eyes on Joe all afternoon. He asks Dan if he is willing to chat. They walk off and Dan reiterates that there is nothing he can do to protect Joe. He then walks off, leaving Joe alone. Joe runs off, finally alone, and crafts a fake Hidden Immunity Idol from materials he scavenged. Mike finds him shortly thereafter. Joe tries to convince Mike to work with him, and he offers Mike his Hidden Immunity Idol. Mike confesses that if Joe gave him the idol, he would actually keep him in the game… maybe.


Joe tries to get Mike to save him. (Image credit: CBS)


Before Tribal Council begins, Joe hands Mike the fake Hidden Immunity Idol. Hali enters and sits on the bury bench. Jeff begins by addressing Jenn about her resolve in the game. He can’t tell if she is enjoying herself. She reveals that she is basically done with the game. She wanted to win so that she could give Immunity to Joe and mess up the majority alliance’s plan. Jeff asks her why she doesn’t just get up and leave. Jenn says that she is not a quitter. Jeff asks Shirin about Jenn’s attitude. Shirin says she sympathizes with her motives. She likes Jenn and Jenn is the main person who she is able to strategize with. She wants Jenn to stay, but Jenn is less threatening than her since she doesn’t seem to care. It might make people keep Jenn over Shirin in future votes. Mike reveals to Jeff the fake Hidden Immunity Idol, asking if he will verify it’s validity. Jeff says that he will only if Mike plays it. Mike says that it will determine whether someone stays or goes. Jeff sarcastically says “wow”. They vote. Tyler votes for Jenn, saying he has no idea what is happening. Rodney votes for Joe and says the same. Joe votes for Jenn, hoping that he can be saved for one more vote Jeff retrieves the votes. Mike plays the fake idol on Will, but Jeff informs them that it is a fake idol. The votes are revealed: Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe, Dan, Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe, Joe. Joe is the ninth person voted out and the second member of the Worlds Apart jury. Jenn curses. Hali looks shocked. Joe says that this is basic strategy. Take out the threats when you can. Other threats better watch out.


Joe becomes the second member of the jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Will blows up on Shirin, but it is Mike who could blow up the game when he accuses Rodney of flipping.


Shirin once again faces apparently undue derision. (Image credit: CBS)









Interesting episode, improvement from last week, but this season is still meh.

The Joe/Jenn stuff was interesting but Jenn really disappointed me this episode. I love Jenn, but to see her disconnect from the game like that was just hard to watch. I had a bit of a mid episode epiphany where I was like “hey I kinda like Joe” and then what happens? He gets voted out. Boom. My feelings for players really aren’t a good thing.

Another gold episode from Rodney. Those impersonations were the best I’ve ever seen. They were PERFECT! I was laughing so hard! And once again we get a nice little confessional and string of scenes showing that he will take out Mike. Surely they can’t keep showing this if something isn’t just around the corner…

Nice idol made by Joe too. Just have to point that out.

Not a whole lot else to add. That’s about all I can do to sum up the episode. Yeah…until next week…



Can we just give Mike the million and wrap this thing up early? So much for greatest season ever, unless there is a massive overhaul in the next few episodes, we are in for one of the most straightforward seasons in recent memory. People are making comparisons to this season with Cagayan, but to me it feels much more like Redemption Island – one player completely dominant, with everyone else fighting for the honour of losing to him at the end. Like Redemption Island, characters worth watching and caring about are in short supply.

It can be hard when an obvious boot goes home – keeping things interesting is tricky, so we have to acknowledge this fact in viewing the show. This season has had a very weird habit of not throwing suspicion onto another person (as is usually the case), but be blatant that one of two people outside the main alliance are going home, then make the suspense about which one it is. Well, I have news here, unless you have something personally invested in Joe or Jenn (maybe they are your pool pick), no one cares. I didn’t give a crap who went home between Joe and Jenn, and quite frankly I wished Jenn had quit so we could have fast tracked to the final 8 where the action might finally start. This tactic was used in Max’s boot (Max or Shirin, both outsiders) and Nina’s (where she and Will were both outsiders), and it seems to be at the detriment of the remaining cast. The majority of the players left have dropped out of the narrative completely, with Tyler, Carolyn, Sierra and Will being relegated to nothing more than spectators to the plans of Mike, and Dan’s abrasive comments. Rodney continues to be under utilised but seems to be the most realistic possibility for a winner if it isn’t Mike. Yes, Rodney is now your only hope of an unpredictable finish to this season. Just take that comment in.

On the plus side, it was great to see Shirin get some good screen time tonight, and seeing her thought process is interesting. I still want to consider her as a winner possibility, but it just seems so damn unlikely. Nobody seems to respect her, I just don’t know how she would get the votes – if she is the winner and this is some kind of redemption story, the producers have an absolutely horrible job of telling it. How Shirin’s game pans out is one of the most interesting aspects of the show, and is something that is keeping me watching.

So what next? My hopeful fan fiction is that Shirin joins up with Mike, but Rodney gathers his forces and uses Jenn’s vote to set up a 5-4 blindside of one of Mike, Dan, Sierra or Shirin. For all his bluster and bravado, Rodney actually has a reasonably strong social game, and is non-threatening in challenges so far despite his physique. His edit so far doesn’t scream Survivor winner, but this may be that it would just be too obvious to show him in a completely positive light. I’m also predicting a final 2 again this season, which means a potential winner has to only find one good goat to win. Rodney is pretty likely to win a jury vote against Dan, Shirin, possibly even Jenn or Will. Rodney has options and seems to understand that he cant just wait for the game to come to him but needs to make things happen if he wants to give himself a chance to win.

Still waiting for the #dirty30 to live up to the hype, but it isn’t too late. I’m hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 9th episode features Jonathan Penner! He discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Shirin 
DARK HORSE: Jenn    
NEXT TO GO: Rodney

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the tenth episode of Worlds Apart!



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8 Comments on Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 9 Featuring Jonathan Penner

  1. Rb Liljestrom // April 22, 2015 at 1:44 am // Reply

    Nice job filling in Colin. Penner wants us fans to chime in about his ranking as the 59th greatest player. You can’t rewrite history or include the intangibles such as loveable character. The rankings are for the greatest PLAYERS. Penner was not a great player. Like able definitely. When he mutinied on Cook Islands it was a WTF are doing moment. As a player how he made it in the top 100 is a wonder to me. The main objective of Survivor is to outlast and possibly WIN. He played 3 times and while finishing in 7th place twice is nothing to scoff at, it doesn’t warrant nearly that high of a ranking. He’s the greatest player to finish 7th which would put him in the 200’s. Not hatin’. Just keeping it real. Way too fucking high IMO.

  2. Haha Penner didn’t understand that you guys rated greatest players in survivor history, not the most charismatic, famous, best TV. 59 as a player is fair for Penner, as a character TOP10 definitely.

  3. Maybe stop confronting the contestants with the rankings? And the last time Penner did a recap, Ben said that he doesn’t like Cook Islands. Stop proactively saying potentially insulting things to the contestants. It feels like these comments (especially the Cook Isalnds comment) are a tone-deaf response to the criticism about Survivor Oz sucking up to contestants. Ben and the Ozlets are basically doing this:

    • We ask questions listeners send in to us. If they are offensive or unrelated, we don’t ask them. Everything else is fair game. The question was done in relation to Penner knowingly having a reaction to that type of question. As for expressing an opinion on a season, at the end of the day I or anybody else is entitled to express an opinion about the show as much as the guest is. The show is about the guest whenever an interview is involved, and if you perceive it as ‘sucking up’ or ‘offending’ well that’s your choice. At the end of the day we have our style and sometimes people interpret it in different ways. but the opinions expressed are just honest opinions

      • Thanks for the response, Ben. And I absolutely agree: you are “entitled to express an opinion about the show as much as the guest is.” To clarify, I’m simply stating that the MANNER in which these criticisms were raised was a bit socially awkward. That’s why I linked that clip from “Extras.” Certainly, Ashley Jensen’s character can express an opinion that she doesn’t like reggae music. But what makes that scene funny is that she just walks right up to that guy and says, “I just wanted to say that I hate reggae.” That’s a socially awkward thing to do. And it’s pretty similar to the following:

        BEN: “. . . I mean, thinking back to your — you know, Cook Islands — the individual challenges that we had back then — I mean, they were epic. They were great. Like, I — I’m not fan of Cook Islands, but the challenges were at least great. And like, you think of, you know, now, like yeah —
        PENNER (interrupting): “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, hold on, you talk about stirring the pot. ‘I’m not a fan of Cook Islands.’ Well, why not? . . .”

        And it’s similar to this conversation with Kelly Shinn:

        BEN: “Well, I just — I will point out Kelly, you did beat Shannon in our big rankings list.”
        KELLY: “Thank God I beat somebody. Come on.”
        BEN: “Shannon came in at 439, and you came in at 404.” *laughs*
        KELLY: “Okay, so by quite a few. Why am I 400? Does everyone just not like me that much? Like, am I not fun?”

        Granted, you did a fine job explaining why Kelly ended up where she did on the list. And that’s something Colin very easily could have done with Penner. Colin could have explained that the list was not about the greatest characters (if it were, Penner would have ranked near the top). Rather, it was best players — Penner himself admitted that he was “not a great gameplayer, pretty good competitor, okay at socializing, kinda pissed a lot of people off — all that stuff.”

        And to clarify, I wasn’t saying that you guys suck up. Last season, someone formerly involved in casting said that you guys “suck kneecaps.” And you made reference to that comment on your show. I was simply positing that these negative comments about disliking contestants’ seasons and telling contestants how low you ranked them might have been a reaction to the criticism about you sucking up to the contestants.

        More than anything, your comments just reminded me of that “Extras” clip. That’s it, really. I love your show, and I think you guys do great work. And I undoubtedly would do a much worse job — it’d be incredibly difficult to be half as good as you guys. So keep up the fantastic work!

      • Rb Liljestrom // April 23, 2015 at 11:55 pm //

        Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke or a little prodding. This is a good natured podcast that pushes the envelope that’s why I listen. You guys keep doing what your doing. If you want fluff and ass kissing there’s plenty of Survivor podcasts to chose from. I purposely submit questions that cross the line or straddle it. By doing that I can determine if I was right in pulling for them or did I make a mistake. Fucking Richard Hatch may have become my favorite player by the way he answered my question “Did you eat any snakes on your seasons?(reptiles)”. He didn’t get all huffy and offended knowing full well that it was a prod. He fucking ran with it and knocked it out of the park. That showed me that he’s not some tight ass looking to get offended and can take a joke. I don’t want to pull for some self centered jack off that thinks since their a Survivor they’re beyond reproach or above it all. I loved Penner as a character and if he was as good of a player as he was a character he’d be a 3 time champion. He was an average player at best and his ranking didn’t reflect that. If he thinks he’s better than 59th he’s not looking at it objectively. Played THREE times no better than 7th. How does that make him better than Scout? Scout played 1 time, was a virtual cripple and finished 3rd. BTW Cook Islands was not a good season. You guys are the best. Even Jesus had his detractors.

  4. Penner is great 😀

  5. It kinda turns me off everytime I read the recaps for this season. Yeah it’s not Cagayan-level but to call it a meh season? I don’t get it.

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