Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Funniest Moments From ‘Back From The Outback’


After the success of Survivors first season CBS really looked to capitalize by stretching the second season Survivor: The Australian Outback. It’s the first season to be 42 days as opposed to the usual 39, the first season to be 15 episodes not including the reunion, and the first and only season to start the finale with the final three already decided. It also includes a special episode titled ‘Back from the Outback ‘where we check in with the 16 castaways who competed in the outback. This episode features some hilarious moments, and is a great indicator of how massive the show was back in 2001. The episode seems a bit ridiculous now and it’s hard to imagine CBS doing this with any of the new seasons, but the episode is a lot of fun. If you are a fan of the second season, this is something worth revisiting. To remind you of the great moments from the episode Canadian Ozlet Andrew Shadlock has prepared the Top Ten Funniest Moments from Back from the Outback. What are your favourite moments from this special episode? Let us know in the comments.

10. Survivor Fame

back from the outback10

One of the funniest things to see during the special is that these people were actually famous. Nowadays the general public wouldn’t recognize the names of recent Survivor greats like Kim Spradlin or Tony Vlachos, but in 2001 these 16 castaways were bonafide celebrities. We hear stories of how Tina can’t leave the house without some makeup on because she can’t go anywhere without someone asking for an autograph or a picture. When we check in with Rodger people say he put their town on the map. A little girl is ecstatic because she has his autograph on her shirt. Mad Dogs town even added her name to their town sign! and she was the third one voted out! Seems unlikely that Palmdale will add “Home of Nina Poersch, Survivor 30” to their town sign anytime soon. Its really funny to look back and see how times have changed and what a major show Survivor was back in the early 2000’s. The cast really were seen as celebrities, I mean Mitchell Olson even talks about sharing the cover of People magazine with Julia Roberts!

9. Katie Collins Sighting


Back from the Outback gives us the first glimpse at future Blood vs. Water contestant Katie Collins. She made brief appearances during the season at the Outback Café reward and at the finale, but it turns out Katies first survivor confessional wasn’t on the Blood vs. Water premiere after all. When we check in with the seasons winner Tina we get to hear from her family on how the show has impacted them. A young brace-faced Katie talks about how her mom winning Survivor has made her super popular at school, “all the kids want to be my best friend ”. Katie got the braces off and grew up to be the beautiful woman we saw on Blood vs. Water, but this is one of the rare occasions where we get to see a castaway before their time on Survivor.

8. Colby Calls Jerri a Bitch


During Back from the Outback cast members give their honest thoughts on their fellow cast members. For the most part, they were pretty civil towards each other most laugh off their conflict saying that they simply don’t get along. But when Colby is asked about his thoughts on Jerri he responds by saying, “Jerri is a bitch, she is” Although we could all tell Colby had been thinking it for a while this is the first time we hear him say it point blank. He follows it up by saying “but she’s a bitch who will be laughing all the way to the bank”. I thought this moment was particularly funny because it really goes against Colby’s good old boy persona. In three appearances on Survivor (other than some comments about Jerri) Colby has mostly nice things to say, but this great moment clears up how Colby really feels about Jerri in case we weren’t sure.

7. The Borneo Cast Weighs In


Throughout the episode we get to hear how the original cast felt about the new kids on the block. Gervase, Rudy, Jenna and Kelly all chime in on some of the seasons great moments. Each one has a hilarious take on the season. Turns out Americas sweetheart Elisabeth “annoyed the crap” out of Jenna Lewis, saying that Elisabeth teared up so much on the show it could have been made into a drinking game. Gervase giggles at what a “whack job” Skupin was for killing the pig. The funniest is when Rudy calls out the entire Barramundi tribe for their shelter placement. When their camp was washed away they blamed the elements but Rudy simply blames “their dumbness”. Considering they built their shelter on a creek bed, I can’t say I disagree with Rudy on this one.

6. Was Nick Brown on Survivor?


Nick Brown was arguably the least memorable contestant on season two, and is probably mostly remembered for being lazy. Despite being portrayed as lazy on the show Nick does a pretty good job of defending his work ethic on this episode with the help of Jeff Varner. The funniest Nick Brown moment actually comes in the form of a Debb Eaton zinger. When asked about Nick Debb says, “Nick? Was Nick on Survivor?”. That shot is followed by Keith trying to remember who Nick was. Fortunately Nick doesn’t seem too phased by his lack of notoriety, when asked if Survivor is going to be on his grave stone he says “God, I hope not” making me think he is probably okay with being forgotten.

5. Jerri Makes Money…For her Enemies


In the Outback Jerri really butted heads with two people on the Ogakor tribe, Kel and Keith. She first called out Kel for smuggling what she suspected to be beef jerky into the game. Kel ended up getting voted out at the next tribal council but he doesn’t seem too upset about it. Apparently, after the whole beef jerky scandal Kel started getting endorsement offers from different beef jerky companies. He thinks its funny that Jerri’s accusations are actually going to make him some money. We learn Keith is also planning to capitalize on Jerri’s comments. The chef who Jerri criticized for not being able to make rice talks about his plans to release a cook book titled “Yes, I can cook rice”.

4. Amber’s Panda Collection


One of the episodes strangest (and funniest) moments is when they check in with future Survivor winner Amber Brkich. At the time Amber is about 23 years old, but for some reason she is sitting in the room of a nine year old. While being interviewed Amber sits on a bed surrounded by like 10 stuffed pandas and a few creepy looking dolls. I can’t tell if this is Amber’s actual room or if the producers set this up to amplify Ambers good girl image but it seems very out of place. I understand wanting to maintain your wholesome image but you don’t have to be in middle school to been seen as “the good girl”. Its even stranger to know that not too long after this Amber will does a pretty risqué photoshoot for Stuff magazine. The biggest question I found myself asking at this part was, which one is Murlonio?

3. Jerri is the Target


The special has a lot of great Jerri moments but for me the funniest Jerri moment of the episode is when we check in with Kel. Kel discusses how one day he showed up to work to see some of his colleagues playing darts with Jerri’s face as their dart board. He even says the picture got so much use that they had to replace it. To me Kel didn’t come across great while on the show but he is quite entertaining on Back from the Outback, he ends up having a pretty great sense of humor about the whole experience. A group of army guys whipping darts at a picture of Jerri was pretty funny to see. It’s crazy to look back and remember just how hated she really was.

2. Mitchell Olson’s Rendition of ‘I Will Survive’


This is definitely one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen on an episode of Survivor. Aspiring musician Mitchell Olson had written his own words to Gloria Gaynor’s I will Survive to fit his experiences on Survivor. Layered with shots of Mitchell in front of New York City landmarks and shots from the season we get a nice music video to go with some pretty hilarious lyrics. He sings about Mad Dog taking her teeth out, being sick on the plane heading into the game and Mike catching the pig. From Wanda to Sekou we have heard some great songs about Survivor over the years but none have as high of production value as this:

1. Maralyn ‘Mad Dog’ Hershey


Most would say Colby or Tina were the stars of Survivor The Australian Outback, but there is no denying that Mad Dog is the star of Back from the Outback. This entire list could have been made just from her segment. Mad Dog is the first contestant we check in with and the episode starts off with a bang. First we get to see Mad Dog having a go at the didgeridoo as we hear her outgoing voicemail message is “I’m probably ‘OUTBACK’ but I’d be happy to ‘KOALA’ you later”. She then shows off her new look (as seen above) which features two Aussie inspired tattoos. To keep up her new look Mad Dog has even purchased her own tanning bed to bring back the color she got while in the Outback. It’s clear that Mad Dog is loving life and just really enjoying the experience. Mad Dog is hilarious and this just makes me more disappointed she only lasted three episodes. If you don’t have time to re-watch the entire special do yourself a favor and just watch the first five minutes Mad Dog will have you howling.

What do you think of the top 10? Do you agree? Disagree? Is it in the wrong order or are there non-winning finalists that didn’t make the top 10 that you feel should’ve? Leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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5 Comments on Survivor Oz Top 10 – Top 10 Funniest Moments From ‘Back From The Outback’

  1. You guys at Survivor Oz must be running out of top 10 ideas because this is one of the most obscure lists I’ve ever read. The article would’ve been better if I was just top 10 moments not just specifically top 10 funniest moments. What a wasted opportunity in featuring ‘Back from the Outback’ in an article.

  2. Hilarious Top 10, nice to see something really different for a top 10 to break the pace of which B vs. W or Fans vs. Favs was better and why

  3. Mad dog QUEEN ❤

  4. Huge Survivor fan from up here in Canada and always enjoy reading the top 10 segments for the chance to reflect on a lot of things that often get forgotten in the history of this show. Andrew – thanks for doin’ these up for the fans – and if you’re open, can I suggest a few top 10 topics that may ignite even more interest/conversation?

    I’ve often wondered:

    Who are the Top 10 most UNDER-EDITED (not under-rated) POST-JURY castaways in the history of the show & WHY?

    Who are the Top 10 CASTING MISTAKES of all time?

    Who are the Top 10 castaways whom Jeff Probst VISIBLY FAVOURED?

    Who are the Top 10 UNDER-RATED ‘OLDER’ castaways & why?

    Who are the Top 10 OVER-RATED castaways?

    **I’m sure I can think of more but this is all my morning coffee inspired of me..

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