Survivor Worlds Apart – Episode 10 Featuring Troyzan Robertson


The current season of Survivor: Worlds Apart continues at a rapid pace as we continue the merge portion of the game! After an entertaining episode, it’s time to recap it! Joining us, we have our recap expert, Clifton, plus Ben and the Ozlets chime in with their thoughts as well! Oh, and we’ll even speak to a real expert in our good friend Troyzan Robertson from One World

(If you haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, clicking the link below will spoil the hell out of it, so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t click the link!)


Joe, Shirin, and Jenn were stuck on the bottom against the majority alliance of seven. Shirin had a plan to shake things up and she warned Mike of a secret alliance within the seven involving Will, Carolyn, Rodney and Tyler. At Tribal Council it came down to two No Collars: Joe vs. Jenn. In the end, they took out Joe, the biggest threat in challenges. Nine are left.

DAY 25


The next morning, Mike overhears Rodney tell Carolyn, Will, and Tyler that they should vote out Mike at the next Tribal Council. Tyler confesses that this might be a good idea. Mike confesses that Rodney has flipped on the Blue Collars and that a power shift has occurred. He has to start doing a lot of work.


Rodney tells his alliance that they should vote out Mike next. (Image credit: CBS)


For the Reward Challenge, the contestants arrive at “Trader Jeff’s”, this season’s version of the Survivor auction. The first item is covered and Jenn and Will have a small bidding war until Will wins it for $100. A note is revealed which tells Will that he has bought himself out of the auction and must return to camp, leaving everyone shocked. For the remainder of the auction, individuals who are holding out for an advantage in the game do no bidding while those who want food get whatever they want. Shirin buys fried chicken and waffles, Jenn buys a giant bowl of rum punch, Sierra and Rodney both buy steak.


“Trader Jeff” reveals a food item. (Image credit: CBS)

Before Jeff reveals the advantage, he reveals letters from home. Shirin suggests that someone buy one for $20 so that everyone can buy one for $20. Jeff goes along with this and everyone is able to get their letters. Carolyn, Dan, and Mike, who were holding their money for the advantage agree that they can all buy the letter and still compete for the advantage. When they go to buy the letters, however, Mike forces himself to go last and then doesn’t buy the letter after everyone else has. Jeff is shocked. Dan and Carolyn are furious and Carolyn tries to return her letter to Jeff. Mike, clearly seeing everyone’s strong negative reactions and knowing he is losing Jury votes every second, says that he couldn’t live with his conscience and that that’s not “who he is as a person”. He buys his letter from Jeff. Carolyn, Dan, and Mike all draw rocks for the advantage for $480 and Dan wins the advantage. Dan confesses that Mike broke his heart and may have lost his trust.


Mike decides to publicly betray the trust of every person remaining in the game. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Will discovers a note waiting for him that leads him to a buried stash of rations that he can secretly consume for the rest of the game, including beef jerky, nuts, and electrolyte powder. He decides that he is going to share these rations with the rest of his tribe rather than keep them to himself. When the tribe returns, he shows them the note that he received and points them to the food. Mike tells Dan and Sierra that the only reason he behaved the way he did at the auction was because Rodney flipped and he’s going to blow it up right now. He tells this to the whole tribe, calling out the alliance between Rodney, Tyler, Carolyn, and Will. He tells them that he overheard them and reiterates that flippers never win. Rodney blows up on Mike, telling him to calm down. He tells Mike that everyone is trying to take a moment to enjoy their love letter and Mike is ruining that special moment.


Will discovers the food rations he bought at the auction. (Image credit: CBS)

Sierra confesses that Mike’s behaviour is a symptom of exhaustion and paranoia. The all start reading their letters and become very emotional. Mike apologizes, saying that he was wrong for blowing up a special moment. Rodney hugs Carolyn. Mike confesses that his strategy is now out in the open. Rodney confesses that Mike was telling the truth, but he has to use Mike’s blow up against him to get Dan’s vote. Rodney approaches Dan and tells his that he can’t believe Mike tried to stop Dan from having the experience with his letter. It was disrespectful. Dan agrees, saying Mike has gone off the deep end. After Rodney leaves, Dan checks out his advantage and finds out that it is an extra vote which he can use at Tribal Council when Jeff says that he will go tally the votes. Dan calls it the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.


Dan discovers that his advantage is an extra vote. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 26


The next day, Mike tells Jenn that he thinks there was more to the story than what Will told them about his rations. They both agree that there must have been more food than what Will shared. Jenn, Mike, and Shirin go on a treasure hunt to find the box. They do so and determine that surely there must have been more food. Jenn and Shirin return to camp and start telling this to the rest of the tribe. Tyler lets Will know that this is what is being said, and Will explodes. He returns to camp and berates Shirin for throwing him under the bus when he did something nice that he didn’t have to do for everyone else. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there and made very aggressive and personal verbal attacks against Shirin, saying she has no one that loves her and that she has no soul. Shirin is shocked by the way that he speaks to her, and shocked by the non-existent reaction of the rest of the tribe who just sits and watches. Mike, however, comes and tells her to leave rather than sit there and get attacked. He tells Will to stop with the personal attacks. Shirin mocks Will for declaring himself a man of God. Will tells her to go off with her “bitch, Mike”. Afterwards, Mike and Jenn sit with Shirin in a nearby cave trying to console her while she cries.


Shirin is verbally assaulted by Will. (Image credit: CBS)

DAY 27


Before the Immunity Challenge, Will asks Jeff if he can forfeit his participation in the challenge and his chance at Immunity for his letters from home. He was the only one who didn’t get one. Jeff says that in order for him to be able to do that, no one can object. He asks for an objectors to raise their hand. Shirin raises her hand. Jeff apologizes to Will and says that he can’t make the deal. For the Immunity Challenge, each contestant must use tongs to carry a ball over a series of teeter-totters. When they reach they end, they must place the ball on a stand. First person to successfully place all six balls wins Immunity. Mike pulls out to an early lead on the challenge, and while Tyler performs well and keeps close he is not able to overcome him. Mike wins Immunity. Jenn and Shirin congratulate him but they are the only ones. Will tells Jeff to “bring the popcorn” to Tribal Council.


Mike wins Immunity. (Image credit: CBS)


Back at camp, Mike does his happy dance. He confesses that Immunity could not have come at a better time. Will and Rodney discuss their disbelief that Mike won. Will suggests that they get rid of Jenn, who is a bigger threat than Shirin. The alliance of six agree to split their votes between Jenn and Sierra. Mike, Jenn, and Shirin discuss that they would like to see Carolyn go and agree to vote for her. They discuss that they need to get Dan as their fourth in order to blindside Carolyn. Jenn confesses that her entire game is in dumbass’ hands, referring to Dan. Mike approaches Dan and tries to convince him to stick with him and stay blue strong, while pointing out character flaws of Rodney and Will. Carolyn confesses that she is worried about Dan, but she has an idol to use if she has to. Dan confesses that being a swing vote is his worst nightmare. Tyler warns him not to piss off the group. Dan tells the alliance that no one dictates his destiny but him. It is HIS choice, not anyone else’s.


Mike tries to work over Dan. (Image credit: CBS)


Hali and Joe enter and sit on the jury bench. Jeff addresses Will’s statement that Tribal Council would be entertaining. Will details the argument that he had with Shirin yesterday. Shirin points out the terrible things that he said to her, and Will sticks by them being true statements and not personal attacks. Shirin says that it went way beyond the game and starts to cry, explaining that she doesn’t have a family because her biological father was verbally abusive like Will. She further points out that the rest of the tribe just watches like it’s entertainment. Jeff asks Sierra for a picture of where the game is. She says that they are all “worlds apart”. They are nine individuals who are fighting selfishly. Dan says that there are deep connections between the people out there. Mike reiterates the core alliance between Rodney, Carolyn, Tyler, and Will. Rodney goes off on Mike again, reiterating that Mike ruined their special moment with their letters. Shirin comments that it is four plus two versus three, implying that Dan and Sierra are on the bottom of the six person alliance. Dan says it’s all about how you get to the end and who you put on the jury. They vote. Carolyn votes for Jenn, calling her a fire cracker. Rodney votes for Shirin, saying that just because she’s seen every season of Survivor doesn’t mean she can play the game. Jeff retrieves the votes. No idols or other advantages are played. The votes are revealed: Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Shirin, Jenn, Carolyn, Shirin, Jenn, Jenn. Jenn becomes the tenth person voted out and the third member of the jury. She smiles broadly while her torch is snuffed and she implores her tribe mates to “play nice”. Jeff warns the tribe that they are left with eight people who will stop at nothing to win.


Jenn becomes the third member of the Worlds Apart jury. (Image credit: CBS)


Dan calls out Mike as a huge threat. Tyler digs through Dan’s bag and tells Carolyn about Dan’s extra vote.









FINALLY something to write about!

What a great episode. Every single minute of that was entertaining. From start to finish. Certainly got a wide variety of conflict and moments right across the board. For the most part it turned out to be a pretty standard boot, but Mike winning immunity was always going to make it that way. But wow..

I tell you what, Mike certainly dug himself a nice little grave this week. Stepping away from the family letters. Big big mistake. He can argue all he likes about turning back and giving his money to Jeff but wow, he certainly showed his true colours. Rodney made a very good point about saying that nobody had flipped, and Mike overheard a private conversation. But wow. And blowing up the way he did? Well it turned out it was overshadowed by Will and his blow up, but still. If he wins this game he certainly will overcome some big mistakes and will be very deserving.

Will was a star of the episode, maybe not always for the right reasons but boy was it interesting. Yeah he went over the top with his comments, but the emotion of the situation clearly got the better of him. It’s an emotional game, and we saw a wide variety of emotions this episode. It’s lining it up for a very interesting end to this season.

I just hope we can get some great episodes towards the end like we did this week. Because it will really turn this season around. Bring it on!



So this week episode was probably the most interesting of the season, I think we really got to see some of the main characters and their thought process or lack of thought process in some people’s case. I will start with Wills absolutely disrespectful way in which he spoke to Shirin. Now I have been bullied on national television in the past and know exactly what it feels like to be verbally attacked by someone that you are stuck in a game with. But I was absolutely disgusted with how vicious Will was towards her. And I also know what editing is like and I am sure there were much harsher things said to Shirin than what got aired. I was so upset that no one other than Mike had her back, it really shows the protective instinct that Mike so clearly has. Further into the episode where Will asks for his letter from home, when Shirin objected to him getting his letter I wanted to leap at the television and give her a high five on that raised hand… Karma is a bitch Will!!! And I don’t blame her for doing it, I would have done the same.

On a separate note back to the Survivor auction. Mike’s move to not pay for the letters from home I wish he had followed through with not taking the letter it would’ve been the smart move for his game as I’m sure he would have known that he had probably lost Sierra and Dan’s vote anyway by that point. I have always said about Mike that his head would clash with his heart. He wants to play the ruthless villain that makes the smart moves like Tony but he’s too nice of a guy to hurt peoples feelings and trample all over them … He’s Russell Hantz with a conscience! Another very quiet episode from almost everyone else except from Rodney. Look don’t get me wrong he’s a very entertaining character to have on the show probably the most entertaining at the moment but it is so clear as soon as his plans get outed or something doesn’t go his way he absolutely flies off the handle and loses his cool calm and collective demeanour, I just don’t like the aggressive nature in which that happens and it’s not conducive to smart game play. Even when the other strong players that steam roll the competition (Tony, Russell) they never get aggressive they used their smarts to get people to do what they wanted not just scream at them. All in all a pretty strong episode in my opinion hope the rest of the season rolls out that way as well.



Each week this season we’ll bring you the viewpoint of at least one former Survivor contestant to hear what they think of the episode and their thoughts for the rest of the season! Our recap for the 10th episode features Troyzan Robertson! He discusses everything that happened during this episode and looks ahead to the rest of the season with his answers to the ‘World’s Apart 5!’

TIP TO WIN: Carolyn 
DARK HORSE: Mike    
NEXT TO GO: Shirin

Join us next week as we are joined by another former player to help us recap the eleventh episode of Worlds Apart!



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